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Reading Reviews for Monochromatic
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Review #1, by Mikayla ur biggest fan Just an Epilogue

6th November 2016:
Please please write a sequel I've never been this obsessed with a story before, in all honesty it's the best fanfiction I've ever read and please please write a sequel soon 💗💗. Also this is the first ever story I read on this site 💖

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Just a Nightmare II

3rd May 2016:
(Oh no how is there only 2 chapters left?!)

Hallo Leigh!

No no NO NO! Freddy! Lily! Erika! Are they really gone? Can they really be gone?!


Wah. Just stomp on my heart, Leigh. Stomp all on it. I had to go back and read this chapter again because I was reading so fast the first time! It was so intense and I found myself getting sucked in, feeling sad all the while.

But in a good way.

Kind of?

Anyway. That end scene is a nice one to end on. James is just so so so sweet! Oh my God I'm just in love! And Kyla sounds so amazing and I'm really sad we only get to see her in Cara's thoughts and flashbacks :(

Keep up the amazing work, sweet one, I can't believe this is nearly finished! At least you have plenty more on your author page! Muahaha!

Love B ♥

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Review #3, by victoria_anne Just Lily

11th April 2016:

Omgomgomg I nearly forgot to tell you - I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews that (when I'm working at the café) the next time I say "just the coffee" I'll think of your story, AND I DO! :D

Of course, you put the sad eerie spin on it but that's okay.

Oh God that Gordon Zabini! That's awful! But he died of the sickness, ohhh the way you wrote that was just amazing.
I love love love just that first bit. Especially what you wrote about James. I feel like I kind of know the relationship he has with Cara.

Oh that scene with Freddy!


*don't worry that's just the sound of my heart

HOW DO YOU WRITE SO GOOD! You suck me in so much I can just feel Cara's emotions in my chest and I had to hold back sobbing along with her! You are so incredible!

Okay, I've got a cup of tea now, I can do this.

The mirror! ♥

Ha ha James likes rap, that's a nice detail. I like the way he described it.

Argh I love how James and Cara's relationship is developing, even though it's in such a heartbreaking way. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to this story - I don't even know, because it's so amazing!

Lots and lots of love

♥ B

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Review #4, by marauderfan Just an Epilogue

31st March 2016:
Leigh! How dare you! :P haha but really. I now have far more questions than answers and please tell me there is a sequel in the works?

This chapter was terrifying though, how she is aware of everything that's happening but totally paralyzed. That's such a scary idea to me, not being able to move at all and having no control but aware enough to perceive everything that's going on around you. *shudders* it just freaks me out. That'd be like the most claustrophobic situation imaginable. And you really went into that here, with all the scary details and what she feels and hears as she just lies there.

How did she get better? What was the secret? What happened to everyone else? If you don't write a sequel at least write a blog post saying what happened because I can't handle the suspenseee!

Also, N chamber. Was there never an F at all? What are N and P, and what's the other one? I'm not ashamed to admit I have literally sat here for about five minutes brainstorming possibilities for what the chambers are. But I've come up with nothing.

This was an incredible story. It kept me guessing up until the end - and even past the end! You told it in such a captivating way and I really admire how well this is written. Great work and I'll totally be looking out for more!

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Review #5, by marauderfan Just Like That

30th March 2016:
this may be a useless review because I'm one click away from the epilogue and akjdfkajdfka!??!? it's over, just like that? But... so many questions! Also, if I were Cara I would not have let James go alone, I'd be terrified that people were lying to me and that they were going to take him to the F chamber instead.

I have a lot of feelings but also a lot of questions and I will be back on the last chapter! Sorry, I can't wait :P It's all because you're a fantastic writer and your story is addicting.

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Review #6, by marauderfan Just a Nightmare II

30th March 2016:
Leigh!! I'm here with a very long-overdue review. Truth time, I actually read the first five chapters of this during nominations for the Puff Story of the Month, but I did it all in one go and didn't stop to review (the story is hella addicting) And now I see you've finished it, so I had had to come back and read the rest! So very sorry I didn't review the first five chapters, but now that I have a bit more time I'll try to make up for that here when I read the last three.

The tone you've set up in this story is really incredible and haunting. I particularly love how you've structured it with each chapter opening with a bit set later in the future, when things have improved in terms of the plague being gone but have stagnated in terms of Cara's personal life and her inability to move on from what happened - she's clearly still struggling with PTSD and has isolated herself in a world where she is anonymous, which is not helping her cope. Escapism is only getting her so far, because her demons are still there. And it's the same for James it seems.

So the future bits are dark and sad, but the sections set in 2022 - these are downright scary. And you've cultivated this scary mood so well by revealing just enough information to tell the story, but left out so much. I think the scariest thing about it is just how much is unknown. Why did the school get into this weird militaristic culture? Why will no one tell them anything? How did the plague start? And above all, what happened to the people in Room F and are they still alive? What happens to the sick people? So much information is being concealed from them. Actually, it reminds me a bit of the Orwell novel 1984 in how everything is told in secret through rumours and no one actually knows what's going on for real. (also 1984 is one of my fave books so that's a huge compliment fyi :D)

Lily's disappearance hit hard in the previous chapter, because it was the first one since the quarantine. And here, people start dropping like flies, with both Erika and Freddy. It's really interesting how you've pointed out how little Cara does in her free time. Sometimes she reads, but mostly she just survives. Surviving takes work. And yet it's not fulfilling, leading to her feeling so empty.

And that last line. Ah! I really love your writing. I am so intrigued by this story and there really isn't anything else like it. Looking forward to reading more.


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Review #7, by victoria_anne Just Waiting

30th March 2016:

ALL the cuddles for you! *hugs* because you are amazing.

But this chapter! This story! Those chapter titles! (I love those so much by the way!)

It reads like a published novel, I swear. It has a real, teenage, dystopian, Maze Runner kind of feel and I love it so much!

I love how you're balancing the present with the past. We see Cara wrestling with emotions now. We see what happened. And I don't know - it just works so well! Nothing is overwhelming but it leaves me wanting so much more! The fear, the confusion, the grief, it's so real and terrifying and (I know I've said this before) it's just so different from anything I've ever read.

AND JAMES! He makes me so sad but there's just something about him that's drawing me in! I think it's just this desire to find out what went on between them, why Cara chose to run away, what he's been going through in between.

So sorry for the gush, I'm just really enjoying this story eee!

♥ B

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Review #8, by victoria_anne Just Lying There

23rd March 2016:

Oh, right, hi Leigh,


I am loving this idea of a magical plague - I've never seen anything like it before! This whole story honestly reads like a TV show or a movie or something! I'm enjoying it so much and can't wait to see where it goes!

I love James (in a sad way). I mean, all the characters are quite dark and sad, but again, it's something I never really see in a next-gen fic and it's probably what's drawing me in so much.

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while we’re still alive" - That's haunting, that is. Actually all of it gave me goosebumps. It's got an amazing haunting dark vibe that I'm loving more and more!

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Review #9, by SilentConfession Just a Nightmare II

23rd March 2016:
Review exchange!

I can't believe it had to end right there at this point. I feel like this is unfair and you should get to updating this right away!! I was unsure of this story when I first begun and there is an element to it that I had to suspend my disbelief (which is true of many dystopian tales in all honesty) and told myself to just enjoy the story. I mean, I don't think McGonagall would have dealt with it the way she has, which seemed quite cruel and heartless for her. I mean - would she have let equality go so far that it harmed the students? I don't think that's in her character. I'm also left wondering about the wider society (Harry Potter or Hermione, Kingsley for example) and if they could have let it get like that. Would they let their children live that way? So, for that to exist I'd have liked some hints from the last 19 years of what changed so drastically in them for hem to allow this. So that part I sort of gaped at, but the story itself is unique to me.

It's terrible what's happening and how the wizarding world is getting wiped out and the survivors are so broken that they turn away from magic! It was really pungent to me that one day the person is there and the next it's like they didn't even exist. No explanation, no goodbye's. It all seems like a horrible nightmare to have to go through that and know that no one is there to help you. I also think that you drew some nice parallels with our society now. It didn't seem like there was a jump with how the world could possibly become this 'only equality, no differences exist'. It's the dark, dystopian side of equality where people think that taking out how we're different will solve the problems.

I'm also always half wondering if this is really the 'pass' chambers or if it's something else entirely... maybe the P means 'plague'. They all are seeming to die (i'm assuming). So ominous and I don't trust the Healers, but I think she made a point that maybe they are crying on the other side because this is happening and they can't find a cure and all they can do is watch their patients fade away.

I really like your writing style here too. It is compelling and interesting. It also makes me want to continue reading (and suspend my disbelief which is saying something!). There were various times while reading these chapters that I thought your description was vivid and clear. I could not only see what you were writing and play the scene in my head, but I could feel it too. You really made the tone of the story spring to life in your descriptions.

You also have a nice page turner on your hands too. It's jammed pack with action and you leave these annoying breadcrumbs in each chapter that make the reader just have to push the next button!! Maddening because I had things I needed to get done today! However, very well done there. I was hooked!

I could feel throughout the whole thing that Cara liked James or loved him. That whole sparkling eye thing gave it away. At least she loved someone who wasn't awful to her like Gordan. She's a very interesting character and I liked how you characterized her as simply as 'survivor'. I think this runs true through the entire thing so far. She isn't living, she isn't happy, she isn't moving forward, she's simply surviving. Treading water and getting nowhere. I hope that she learns to keep moving (on a side note and somewhat unrelated I wonder how James lost track of her in the first place? When he got ill did he get taken away so they lost each other?)

I am really happy we got to review exchange for Hufflepuff because this is a really neat and interesting idea. I felt like it was a bit AU, but the writing, the characterization and the plot I really enjoyed reading and you've done a really neat job with this. You must let me know when the next chapters are up! :)

Author's Response: Hi!! Don't worry I'll be leaving your review soon. Quidditch and Kecker noms have side tracked me.

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the AU. And honestly I've thought about changing McGonagall to just an OC to make it more believable. Honestly though that's the only part that bothers me. equality is something Harry Ron and Hermione risked their lives for and in the beginning, they supported it. However, it got out of hand because people were afraid and well, Harry isn't a politician. He doesn't hold the power. And sure Kingsley could stop it but he's one man and who's to say he's still around in 2022/2023? But yeah I totally see where you're coming from and I'm so happy I kept you reading! You obviously didn't have to and could have reviewed just the first chapter :p

You're the first person to assume that P stands for something else!! And it might ;)

Awe thank you so so much! I've been trying really hard to capture everything properly. It's been a struggle and I'm glad you think my writing is up to par!! And I didn't even realize it was a page turner because of the suspense. Thank you so so much for the compliments!!

And the side note, it will be answered in the end of the flash backs :) the flash backs haven't quite reached that point yet but don't worry they will.

Thanks so much for the amazing review!! :)

- Leigh xx

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Review #10, by victoria_anne Just a Nightmare

20th March 2016:

Wee this is getting good! And, I mean, sure you answered a couple of questions...


Plague, muggle world, bruises, James, ahh so many! This story is fascinating!

Kyla honestly gives me chills. Like, not in a bad way, she just seems like a really dark character. Again, not in a bad way. Am I making any sense here?

Anyway, another great chapter, plots revealing and unravelling everywhere!

Excellent... *rubs hands like Mr Burns*

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Review #11, by victoria_anne Just the Coffee

20th March 2016:
Hey Leigh! *cuddles*

Okay, so, yes, I'm starting reading week a little bit late, but I've seen this story come up quite a bit and I've been meaning to check it out.


Goddammit, I'm already addicted. The way you write is beautiful, with the perfect amount of hint dropping and character building. You've left me wanting more, gurlfrand.

Also, I work in a café. You know what's going to happen the next time someone says "Just the coffee"? Yeah. I'm gonna get goosebumps.

And aaamazing first chapter, Leigh!

Love Bianca x

*so tired but drags self to next chapter*

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Review #12, by MuggleMaybe Just the Coffee

6th March 2016:
Hello dear! I'm here for the HPFF Review-A-Thon.

WHAT a way to start a story! I really, really, REALLY want to read chapter 2. But I will stop to review because you deserve it. :)

The set up of this chapter, to have Cara working and James catch her off guard, looking so worn down - it really got me curios right away. Cara has abandoned the wizarding world, and James is clearly a mess, and Kyla died, and there was a plague?! And, somehow, you are going to rap this up within 6 chapters? They must be 6 really jam-packed chapters then. I'm psyched to read this!

I hope you reveal more backstory in Chapter 2. This is fascinating. I mean, really, you totally deserved the Puff story nom!

xoxo Renee

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Review #13, by Felpata Lupin Just the Coffee

3rd March 2016:
Here peeking at your story since it was nominated for February SOTM... and I can totally see why!
This start is just so intriguing! I really loved what you did so far (need to get to chapter two soon!)
I'm so curious about what happened in the wizarding world. And I'm so curious about James and Cara. And so sad about Kyla... Eating disorders are so awful...
One thing I really loved was your description. You really have a talent in picturing the scene. The way you described James as he entered the bar. And the scene of the mug falling on the ground. Just perfect.
This was brilliant! Such a great start! Loved it! So much!
Good luck for SOTM and all my love!

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Review #14, by Laura xx Just Lily

20th February 2016:
Wow! I just found this fic today and I haven't been able to put my phone down since I first started reading. Your story is so unique and well written and it has me biting my nails in anticipation. The way you write it is perfect this VIPs of emotion magical world that I'm not used to reading. It's truely amazing and you are such a talented writer! I don't think I can handle the wait for the next chapter so please update soon!

P.S who would you say you imagine the face-claim of James being?

Author's Response: Hi Laura!

Thanks so much! It's so flattering to hear you couldn't put your phone down. The next chapter is already written, I'll post it soon! It was hard to write this with emotion and I'm happy you find it nail biting and full of emotion! Thanks so much!!

- Leigh xx

P.S. As for a face claim, on the banner I have Dylan Sprayberry. But I actually recently discovered Grant Gustin and actually prefer him now :)

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Review #15, by ♥ ♥ ♥ Just Lily

15th February 2016:
Cupid here! ❤ ❤ ❤

I'm back for the final posted chapter of this amazing and very unique fic of yours! I do hope the other chapters are put up soon; I think you've got such a great story here, and it's the perfect mix of suspenseful and heartbreaking.

James and Cara definitely don't have the healthiest of relationships...not because they're bad for each other and such, but because they only came together out of so much pain and hurting; there's so much history between them, and much of it unresolved.

In the present day, the wizarding world seems to have all but faded away, and the only things remaining are pain and bitterness. It's such a bleak reality. :(

I love the way you wrote the P chamber scene where Cara and Freddy go to tell James about Lily's fate. It's agonising to read how their hopes are being quashed bit by bit, and their friends and loved ones are being taken from them one by one. Poor James! The scene was incredibly difficult to read, and I just /felt/ Cara's intensity, how difficult it must have been for her to be the harbinger of such news to James. And Cara can totally relate...after all, she had lost her sister as well.

I suppose all the tragedy did bring James and Cara a little closer. Some sort of barrier has broken between them, but I also feel that new walls are being put up all the time, and that before James and Cara have a healthy honest relationship, they'll definitely have to sort out all that unresolved history between them.

Well, like I said, AdinaPuff, I do hope you continue posting the rest of this story up! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this; I was utterly engrossed throughout the five chapters. I think you're an amazing writer and you've written one beautiful heartbreaking story here.

❤ ❤ ❤

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Review #16, by ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Just Waiting

14th February 2016:
Hello again AdinaPuff!

I'm back for this fourth chapter of yours, as I'd promised! This is such an intense chapter. The waiting, the agony, I don't think I can imagine what Cara and her schoolmates had to go through in that quarantine chamber. I feel quite indignant that they would be shut in there for /months/ and not even be brought any news of the outside world, not even by those Healers or McGonagall. McGonagall is quite a scary authoritative figure here. She's always been like this in the books, but she's also always been on the side of the students. Here in your fic, however, she doesn't seem to emanate much warmth or concern. Most of Hogwarts, in fact, has turned to this nightmarish, authoritarian institution.

David is such a sweet guys; he's so supportive of Cara, so understanding of her. I love that he brings her hot tea and Tylenol!! ♥ I'd love to read more about his character! And James...I wonder how James and Cara are going to deal with each other...

Wonderful chapter! I'll be back for the next one! :)

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Review #17, by ❤ ❤ Just Lying There

14th February 2016:
Hello again!

I'm back for the third chapter (I also do apologize for spamming your second chapter a little...I hit the 'Submit' button one too many times!!). I'm so excited to continue reading this fantastic story!

And I think it's great that you've revealed more about the mysterious plague that kills off only people with magical blood. I find this so intriguing and horrible. The way the poor students were treated was awful. :( They received so little support, and were pretty much prohibited from contacting their families. I thought Kyla died because of the severity of her eating disorder, but it seems that she contracted this magical plague. I'm guessing that her weakened immune system (as a result from her eating disorder) made her more susceptible.

The Room of Requirement being transformed into some place which is pretty much a quarantine or prison chamber for the students is so so effective and so unnerving. The Room is always that kind of 'good' place, the place that gives you what you need, and to think it can be turned into such an awful place...

I'm also loving how you're slowly developing James and Cara's relationship! And poor James has lost his magic?? Side effect of the plague? That's just incredibly sad. I can't imagine any of the Potters or Weasleys losing their magic like that; it's such an important part of who they are.

This was a fabulous chapter, AdinaPuff! I'll be back for more! ♥ ♥

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Review #18, by  Just a Nightmare

13th February 2016:
Hello AdinaPuff!

❤ ❤ ❤

Back for the second chapter!

Great to see more and more of Cara's past being revealed. Great, but incredibly heartwrenching! :( :( Both sisters have suffered so much, Kyla with her eating disorder, and Cara presumably with her abusive ex. The whole brooding atmosphere around the school was done very skillfully. All the houses being done away in the name of 'equality'? Students covering up completely at all times? The school not caring a whit for sick students? I can't wait to find out how things descended into such a grim state of affairs!

This was a brilliant chapter. I hope James isn't going to succumb to the same disorder that presumably took Kyla's life. It was a huge breath of relief for me (and a tiny victory for Cara) when James ate a bit.

I'll be back for the next chapter! ♥

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Review #19, by  Just a Nightmare

13th February 2016:
Hello AdinaPuff!

❤ ❤ ❤

Back for the second chapter!

Great to see more and more of Cara's past being revealed. Great, but incredibly heartwrenching! :( :( Both sisters have suffered so much, Kyla with her eating disorder, and Cara presumably with her abusive ex. The whole brooding atmosphere around the school was done very skillfully. All the houses being done away in the name of 'equality'? Students covering up completely at all times? The school not caring a whit for sick students? I can't wait to find out how things descended into such a grim state of affairs!

This was a brilliant chapter. I hope James isn't going to succumb to the same disorder that presumably took Kyla's life. It was a huge breath of relief for me (and a tiny victory for Cara) when James ate a bit.

I'll be back for the next chapter! ♥

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Review #20, by  Just a Nightmare

13th February 2016:
Hello AdinaPuff!

❤ ❤ ❤

Back for the second chapter!

Great to see more and more of Cara's past being revealed. Great, but incredibly heartwrenching! :( :( Both sisters have suffered so much, Kyla with her eating disorder, and Cara presumably with her abusive ex. The whole brooding atmosphere around the school was done very skillfully. All the houses being done away in the name of 'equality'? Students covering up completely at all times? The school not caring a whit for sick students? I can't wait to find out how things descended into such a grim state of affairs!

This was a brilliant chapter. I hope James isn't going to succumb to the same disorder that presumably took Kyla's life. It was a huge breath of relief for me (and a tiny victory for Cara) when James ate a bit.

I'll be back for the next chapter! ♥

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Review #21, by :10084; :10084; :10084; Just the Coffee

13th February 2016:
Hello AdinaPuff,

'tis I, your Secret Cupid! ♥

This is such a haunting beginning to a story. I'm utterly intrigued by the whole premise, and by the hints of the chaotic ruined wizarding world mentioned in this chapter. I really commend you on the strong introduction of both characters, concept and setting. You reveal just the right amount of detail, and you write with restraint, so there's an air of mystery to the whole chapter.

Cara and Kyla-I can't wait to see how you'll further shed light on the twins' relationship and past. I'm so sad to hear that Kyla is no longer alive; eating disorders are awful and uncomfortable to read about, and so far you haven't shied away from details or glamorised anything. There are some very raw glimpses into Kyla's suffering. James, too, is a mystery. I wonder why he's turned out to be so broken, and I'm sure you'll reveal more as I read on.

Fantastic start to your story! I'll definitely read on.

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Review #22, by Karianneeee Just Lily

3rd February 2016:
You're a really good writer👏🙌🏼

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Review #23, by maraudertimes Just Lying There

24th January 2016:
Agh what is happening???

Okay, this was really great. The first part explained a bit more about Cara and David's friendship and it was really nice to get that bit of background about them. Also, the background info on Cara was really cool, especially about breaking her wand. Of course, that just makes me ask myself even more questions because it's so confusing and I don't know what's happening, but then again, I guess your A.N. dealt with that. :P

The whole James waiting outside for her kind of has me hoping that in the middle of all this despair maybe they can find each other and find some comfort in each other. For some reason I think they would work well together.

The second part of this chapter was absolutely devastating. So the plague affects only those who have magic, although I'm still left with so many questions about it! But you did answer so many and of course, the whole quarantining Hogwarts seemed true to form and the sorting the kids based on their health also. The fact that she lost both her sister and her friend - that's so harsh.

The end of this was so sad and you've just created this really bleak world. It really is so monochromatic - so kudos for that kitting name!

This was really great and I'm glad we swapped - I'm so hooked! Thanks again!
Lo :)

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Review #24, by maraudertimes Just a Nightmare

24th January 2016:
OMG!!! Hi again for the review swap!

Okay, so this was really cool. I loved how the first part of the chapter was really centered around Cara and David's relationship. It's very cute and it's so sweet that she has a friend who'll bring her breakfast. When he picked up the photograph, it was so sad, especially when Cara mentioned that she had never told him about Kyla.

The facts you gave about the picture were amazing. You simultaneously gave background on Hogwarts and the Wizarding World, as well as showed a calculating and perceptive side of Cara that I really liked. It was so subtle too and I applaud you for it!

The second part of this chapter was really sad and really scary. The fact that the Hospital Wing no longer really takes care of the students is heartbreaking. When Kyla wouldn't wake up and Cara went to go find James, I was absolutely hooked and I was so scared along with them. Also, I love how you made Cara a bit out of shape - so relatable.

Now the ending has me wanting more because what are those scars on Cara's arms? Did she have a rough time when she was younger as well? AND WHAT IS THIS PLAGUE??? Darn, you're so good at this suspense thing, it's killing me.

Thanks so much for the swap, I'll be right back this is so good.
Lo :)

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Review #25, by maraudertimes Just the Coffee

24th January 2016:
Hello! Review swap! I might have to review all five if it continues like this! (also, my reviews might be a bit short only because the chapters are a bit short, I'm so sorry about that!)

Okay, so I really liked this first chapter, albeit it made me a bit sad. The whole eating disorder thing is not something I've personally dealt with but I know people who have dealt with it in the manner that James and Cara have. You've really managed to show their sorrow in such a short chapter and it's really powerful.

The fact that you've mentioned a plague and that Cara isn't using magic is really scary and a bit confusing, although I know I'm going to read on, as your author's note says, so I don't think that will be much of a problem. :P

This is a really cool concept and I've never read anything like it and I'm really enjoying it! Great job on the first chapter, I'll get to the second in a moment :)
Lo :)

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