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Reading Reviews for Illegal Lovers
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Review #1, by Moradin Cheating

9th September 2015:
Hermione is kind of gross. Of all the people to cheat with, a short, skinny, Death Eater with a sharped pinched face who is a known racist.

Way to go Hermione, just sleep with the ugliest possible guy.

Author's Response: Draco is portrayed as a pureblood, death eater, git in the Harry Potter series. However, time has passed since the last book and Draco has changed. He is now a kind, sensitive guy.
Draco is not "the ugliest possible guy." There is no whatsoever proof that Draco was ugly. He might not have been that attractive when he was younger, but now that he has grown up, he has become attractive.

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Review #2, by Crazy Girls Suck Cheating

2nd September 2015:
No way Ron ever forgives her. She cheated on him with a Death Eater guilty of numerous violent crimes including nearly killing Ron. Nor even Shakespeare could write a believable reconciliation now that her has turned intoa cheating skank.

Author's Response: I never said that Ron knew.

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