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Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin Swords and Pens

21st July 2015:

I'm genuinely intruiged by this, though the indroduction was a tease, being so short ;).

One of the aspects I enjoy most is the personification of Death and Life, giving them an embodied presence in the plotline. I always love that idea, wherever it appears. In the opening bit, the line, "Everyone was so scared of Death, no one truly realised that Life was the real villain" reminded me of Dumbledore's famous "do not pity the dead..." and it really played well into the story, for me, at any rate.

I'm interested to see just where this story will take Romaine and Harry. Also, kudos for the poetic writng, it was lovely to read!

Until the next,


Author's Response: It's really fun playing with the personification, I'm actually tempted to write from life's pov but maybe that should be at the end of the story as death was the beginning... I hope to make up for this short chapter though! Thanks for the review.

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