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Review #1, by True Author Madness

12th November 2015:
Hello! It's Ashwini with your review for the challenge! Sorry for being so late! I hope you'll understand. :)

Wow, this was certainly very surprising. When you picked the lyrics and the character a different plot had popped into my mind and I was quite sure you were going to write exactly the thing I had on my mind. But it was refreshing to read something so unexpected and so good! I loved it!

Now coming to think of it, it had never really occurred to me that Luna would have a taste of fame too after the war. If you think of it, Luna has the potential to be quite popular with her quirky personality and attitude. Well done with the plot!

I think you captured the dark side of being famous perfectly. It seems like a dream to most of us, but of course being well known is not as great and fun as it seems. It can get a little irritating sometimes and I can understand what she was going through in this story. You did an amazing job with describing her feelings. They were real and vivid.

The lyrics! Aren't they beautiful? This song is one of my favorites from Taylor and the words are simply outstanding. "Everybody loves pretty everybody loves cool" was my favorite lyric from the fifty lyrics I picked for the quote challenge and I think you have done a wonderful job with it.

So overall, I simply loved this story! It's beautiful and I can easily sympathize with Luna. You have managed to get under her skin perfectly. I feel too bad for her. What happened to her was too terrific and made me think about how we often discuss such "scandals" about different celebrities in real life too. Quite an original story! Amazing!

Ashwini :D

PS- Sorry for being late again! I hope my little review makes up for it! Bye!

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Madness

4th August 2015:
You know, reading about the lack of privacy in the wizarding world makes me think there may be some truth in Ireland's boast about "giving people their privacy". Well, it more just sets me thinking really and it does seem like the personal lives of people like politicians gain more attention in other countries. I have an idea of the names of Barack Obama's kids, whereas I don't know the names of our President's or Taoiseach's.

Love the way people are assuming there's something between Luna and Neville when they're only friends. It fits with the way Rita was making out Harry and Hermione were dating. And people do have a real habit of assuming romance when a guy and a girl are friends.

Poor, poor Luna. I was thinking she didn't really sound like herself in this story. It's sad that she's been changed so much by the effects of fame. And not fair.

And yeah, the way that event is treated as a "scandal" rather than as a crime being perpetrated against her is pretty horrific.

The end is really ominous. It seems like she's really not coping and who could blame her. I think it's particularly sad that she seems to have dealt so well with being held captive and probably tortured by the Carrows and being bullied at school, but that being a heroine led to the events that have traumatised her.

I love the way this seems so believable. Nobody means harm, everybody is behaving in a way that is natural enough under the circumstances (except that guy who broke into her house), but it's making it virtually impossible for her to live her life. And Luna does seem like a pretty private person, so it makes sense she'd find that level of intrusion difficult to deal with.

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Review #3, by aurevoir Madness

30th July 2015:

You'd never listened to Taylor Swift?! But she's everywhere! [I'm also a closeted Swiftie. Not so closeted. I've actually been singing her all day].

So I picked this story because it had few reviews and because I love Taylor.

I really like this story - it's one of the things that I think nobody ever thinks about. Which we have had this conversation before about them not thinking of things. But I never have really focused so much on the tabloids hounding them as much.

I think you did a really good job with Luna as well - I like that she's sort of ended up losing her sparkle. Something that is unique about her. It makes sense though - and I like that. I also like that you address the Neville/Luna thing. I think I might be a little bit of a closeted Neville/Luna fan, but I like that you kept this canon and addressed those at the same time.

On the constructive end - there were a few times the tense changed between present and past. I don't write in first person because I always have problems with that, so it would just be something to consider. Just one example:

I quickly tried to sign the napkin that she held out for me, but by the time Id finished a crowd had surrounded me. This was really the first time that Id been in a crowd since the paparazzi had broken into my home and I began to panic. [the second sentence comes off more present].

But really - the tense change was something I just barely noticed. I liked this story - I really hope you get more reads on it. It flows really well and it addresses important matters. I hope you keep writing these type of stories ♥ ♥ ♥


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Review #4, by ginnypotter242 Madness

28th July 2015:
Hello, here for another review swap :) And this one was a Taylor Swift songfic, so I had to read it.

Oh my god, I feel so bad for Luna! She's changed so much! I can't believe how much the press is hounding her, and how famous she is. That has got to be so incredibly terrifying- I would hate being surrounded like that! I can totally empathize with her anxiety with being surrounded by a big group of people though- it can get rather suffocating, and I'm sure it would be even worse if they were all calling your name and shouting at you to sign an autograph!

That's horrible! How did that reporter get in her house?? Taking pictures of her while she was asleep is just so incredibly creepy- who does that?! That's just disturbing, I feel so bad for Luna! I don't know how she's gotten through that! Oh, poor Luna, she really does need to go to a different country and just get away from everything for a while!

I think you wrote very well to fit in with the prompt! I love his song, and I think you fit the quote in well, and the story fit in really well with the feel of the song. I really enjoyed reading this! Luna's characterization was so different than it is in the books, but you gave a good reason for her to have changed so drastically and I think your characterization fits very well with everything that she went through! Great job :)


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Review #5, by bittersweetflames Madness

23rd July 2015:
Hiya, Kaitlin! I swear, I just blink and there are 5 new stories in your AP. It's a sight to behold!

So, I had to choose this story because I see no one has reviewed it yet AND because I just LOVE Luna.. And you really managed to paint a picture of her that's interesting and different from how she is normally written but this really works. Yes, she does sound different but it's within that realm of reality... Since you did such a good job of explaining why and how she came to be that way, I really believed it was Luna.. And it really made me sad...

Although there's been some evidence on Pottermore that Harry and the rest of them are hounded even after YEARS since the war ended, I try to imagine that it doesn't affect them much... But you showed the really harsh side to fame and in a way that really makes you sympathize with people that, normally, we admire and are jealous of.

The interaction with the girl at Madam Malkin's was really brilliantly written as well! The contrast with how the girl seems to really like and idolise Luna and her less than enthusiastic reaction is a good way of showing us how much she's been through that even such a small thing is irritating to her. In the same interaction, you manage to show how the paps/tabloids really do tend to twist words in order to make them more scandalous/sensational when you mentioned Neville and Luna's terrifying ordeal!

All in all, I really thing you did this TSwift song (which I love, btw) justice and I really enjoyed this one shot. :) I find myself really rooting for Luna and hoping she can find peace and solitude one day.. Mhmmm.. Hey, maybe this is why she went off around the world to become a naturalist/magizoologist? Could totally work. :)

Thanks for the swap, hunny! :)


Author's Response: Hey Carla!

I was worried that this Luna would be too hard for people to imagine, so I'm glad you can see how she got to that point.

I've seen many celebrities in real life be just chronically hounded by the media and I think that lack of privacy really could do a number on someone's head if they weren't prepared to deal with it.

Yeah. I think that's just it. A lot of fans in the real world have good intentions and aren't trying to harass anyone, but they forget that their idols are constantly surrounded by paps and people. Sometimes they just want to go dress shopping without being bothered.

I'm glad you think this fit with the song. And I love your theory on this being why Luna took off around the world.

Thanks for the swap!


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