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Reading Reviews for In Every Stitch
34 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Dojh167 Eight

6th March 2016:
For HPFF's Review-A-Thon

I don't know how I haven't read this story yet. I always assumed I'd get to it in a week or so, but no more - that day is today!

I feel like I already know this story so well, just from having heard all of the praises people have song it. In that way, reading it now is a real treat, because it feels like coming back to a favorite at the same time as discovering something new.

I love that the story starts out with Molly acknowledging the imperfections. Yes, her children whine, and the colors or sizes may be of, but that's not what important. That seems very like a mother, partiularly a mother of many children. She knows that she cannot be perfect on every front, but that doesn't make her give up for a single moment.

AND ALL THE METAPHORS. The hugs, and the shields, and everything. It is so much perfection.

I get chills as she looked at the emerald yarn to begin Harry's first sweater.

Molly has such a fierceness, and she brings it to everything she does, both fighting and knitting and loving, and it all really shows here.

The Weasleys become like family to Harry, and Molly is very important to him, though I sometimes get the feeling that he doesn't think that he matters to her as much as he does. Maybe he just categorizes her as an over-protective mother figure, but the truth is that he doesn't realize just how much that love that is. She becomes important to Harry eventually, but Harry was important to her first, and that shows in every tear and every stitch.


Author's Response: Sam!!

Awe! This review never fails to make me blush. You're so wonderful!!

I'm SO glad that you like the way I characterized Molly in this story. I was so worried that I would royally screw it up, but reviews like this make me feel so much better about it!

Anyway, THANK YOU for leaving such a wonderful review, Sam! It means a lot!

(Sorry if this answer is sort of short... it's super late and words are failing me at the moment) :P

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Review #2, by The Christmas Bilby Eight

8th December 2015:
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Whilst the northern hemisphere freezes into a block of ice for the holiday season, I, the Christmas Bilby, visit this story in my rusty Holden ute to spread some heat and holiday cheer! *throws red sand instead of snow*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. I read it for the first time when it was nominated for a Dobby this year and since then, I've read it maybe ten times. It's just SO GOOD. My feels are all over the place - in the best possible way. Stories about Molly are uncommon, and this is just a jewel among them. You've captured the entire spectrum of emotions so beautifully here, and expressed them in a way that is just so true to the character. It's very clear that you have a deep understanding of Molly and how she expresses her love. I'm crying happy tears. My heart is soaring. This is gorgeous.

I apologise for the rather inarticulate review, but I just don't have the words to tell you how great this story is (also the heat. IT IS SO HOT IN THE OUTBACK DRIVING OUT HERE WAS A MISTAKE). Thank you for sharing it!

CHRISTMAS BILBY OUT (and back down into its burrow until dusk).

Author's Response: Hello Christmas Bilby!

Okay, I'll be honest, I had no idea what a Bilby was until I looked it up after you left me this review and may I say, you're ADORABLE!!

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your fantastic review!! I've read and reread this review multiple times just because it never fails to make me smile. :D

"Stories about Molly are uncommon, and this is just a jewel among them." -- *faints*

GAH! THANK YOU for your wonderful and absolutely gushing review of this story! I gives me all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings. *hugs*

Thanks again for R&R'ing!

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Review #3, by Watcher Eight

13th October 2015:
For this story you deserve as many mars bars as you can hold.

Author's Response: Hey Watcher!

Awe! Thank you so much! This review definitely made me laugh! :D I shall try to get some mars bars and reward myself.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by TidalDragon Eight

17th September 2015:
Howdy Lizzie! I read this when you first posted it, but somehow forgot to leave a review - how rude of me!

Anyway, in the early going I was a bit iffy about the second person, though I loved who we were talking about and the task at hand, but by the end you really sold it to me. Those "Molly mantras" about the reason behind Harry's sweater were GOLDEN in that POV - so kudos (it takes a lot to win me over).

What was probably my favorite aspect of the story though, was our opportunity to see, as Molly, the way she felt about Harry and what drove it - what drove her - to as you so aptly put it, make him the 8th child. While it's always there in her actions in canon, putting us in her place while it was happening actually made us feel it and understand it that much better. And important thing for this character who feels so strongly (dare I say, fiercely) about others and helping them, especially those in need, even despite the difficulties of her own circumstances.

Thanks for sharing! Good luck in the voting!

Author's Response: Kevin!!

Don't worry, I do that all the time! I'm terrible at reviewing.

I found second person POV to be quite hard to write, so it really means a lot that you liked it in the end! I think the reason why I wrote in second person was specifically because of the "Molly mantras" (which I LOVE! I'm definitely calling them that from here on out).

That was exactly why I wrote this story! It's obvious how she feels about Harry in her actions, but I really wanted to get in her head and show how she feels from her POV.

Thanks so much for R&R'ing, Kevin! It means a lot!!

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Review #5, by manno_malfoy Eight

15th September 2015:
A Molly story about motherly feelings? That ought to be moving.

This is such a great idea, and you executed it beautifully. To see Molly's train of thought as she knitted, how much she cares about her children and Harry. That was just so lovely. And she does it with what she has to offer, so she makes it extra special by putting love into it. It's just so sweet.

I thought the reasons that you've chosen to include are just the loveliest. After all, Molly did know Harry's parents. And it's not she's trying to take their place or she thinks that she can make up for the loss. No, she keeps them in mind throughout the process. And she's just trying to make things easier for Harry. More normal. And boy, did he need that.

I think this such a nice story! I've never written anything so short before. I've tried and failed, so I know how much of a challenge it can be. But you've done such a great job, and managed to make it evoke emotion. So well done!

Oh, and congratulations on the Dobby nomination!


Author's Response: Hey, Manno!!

Oh, aren't all stories about Molly being the ultimate mother moving? :D

Why thank you! The idea for this story actually came from my own experiences crocheting blankets for friends of mine. It's something that I often found myself doing as I was working on each project, so I figured that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Molly to do the same thing!

Plus, I feel like everything that's handmade comes with a little bit of love in it. It's only natural.

The list of reasons was certainly the hardest part of writing this story, yet once I managed to come up with the first few, it felt like the easiest thing in the world. Somehow things just clicked!

I'm actually not sure if Molly knew Harry's parents, which is why I didn't specify it here -- I'd originally written that she did, but couldn't find any evidence to back it up (because I'm a stickler about things like that). But in the end, it didn't really matter! Like you said, the point wasn't that she was trying to replace James and Lily, but just give Harry something that he was missing in his life.

I actually intended for this story to be longer - I was going to write seven small sections about each time she sat down to make the Christmas sweaters she made every year for him, but I ran out of time and when I finished it, it just felt right to leave it as is.

Although I might come back and write the other sections as a short story collection at some point... I'm not sure. :D

Ah, thank you! I was so surprised when this story got nominated for a Dobby!! It's such an honor!

Thanks SO MUCH for R&R'ing, Manno!!

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Review #6, by LiveBreatheNeedHP Eight

11th September 2015:
You have done a really good job of achieving your goal in writing this story. I really enjoyed reading this, it was so sweet and insightful and I was really able to feel and understand what Molly was feeling.
I think the shortness of it makes it great. You don't drag it out for too long and it's not over too quickly. It's just enough to really make the reader understand the story and to take the reader on an emotional journey and really connect with Molly.
I'm not usually a fan of the second person, but you've used it really well in this, so good job.
I really enjoyed and believed this. Wonderfully written!

Author's Response: T-Jay!!

I'm so glad that you liked the way I wrote Molly here - I was so worried that I completely botched her character when I first posted this. And I'm glad that you liked the length of it as well... I'd actually originally planned to write Molly making each of the sweaters that she made for him every Christmas in the books, but I ran out of time for the challenges I was submitting it for, so I kept it to just the one. I really wasn't sure about it when I first posted it, because I'd never written such a short story before, but seems like it worked out well!

Ah! I'm glad you liked the second person POV as well! It's definitely a hard POV to get used to reading (and especially writing!), so it means a lot that you liked it!

Thanks for R&R'ing T-Jay!

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Review #7, by Ron 4 Hermione Eight

11th September 2015:
Hey there,

what a beautiful story! I love how you've managed to show such a simple moment into such a touching moment. I think the 2nd person pronoun is also really effective in this piece, as it really lets me/the reader get inside Molly's head which makes all those feelings so much more pronounced.

And wow, there are a lot of feelings! When she's going through the reasons why she is thankful for Harry, and then the reasons why she was making the jumper, each one just broke my heart a little more! But it does feel totally in character for Molly, who we know loves her family and this was just a beautiful way of showing that.

I haven't read a lot of stories that focus sorely on Molly Weasley but you've portrayed her in an amazing way, you can really feel just how much see loves Harry and wants to ensure that he is as looked after as one of her own. This is a brilliant one-shot!

- Shaza

Author's Response: Hi Shaza!

Awe! Thank you! I'm glad that you liked the second person POV - it was really hard writing it, but totally worth it! Getting in Molly's head is something that I've always wanted to portray, and writing this story was my attempt at it... which seems to have worked!

Oh gosh, those feelings were SO hard to come up with, but at the same time once they hit me, it felt so natural and easy and I'm glad that it came across in words.

You know, I've found that while there are a lot of stories that feature Molly, there are actually very few that focus completely on her, which is exactly why I wanted to write this story!

Thank you so much for R&R'ing this story, Shaza!!

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Review #8, by writeyourheartout Eight

4th September 2015:
Oh Lizzie. My heart.

This was just so sweet. I mean... it makes my heart swell. Molly is so lovely. She deserves more appreciation. This story is her at her best. She's just so wonderful. And you're so wonderful for capturing her wonder.

I love the way this depicts Harry, too. I've seen a lot of people say that Harry is one of their least favorite characters, and it breaks my heart because he doesn't deserve that. His life was so unfair, and some people don't want to cut him any slack for the moments he's selfish or has outbursts or acts stupidly. I love that Molly only loves him, right away, because he deserves it, and because she can.

Speaking of... the reasons you listed! Omg, they just kept getting more and more heartbreakingly beautiful! By the last few I was forcibly holding back tears, because they just pulled at my heartstrings.

Anyway, this was just truly stunning work. I'm so sorry this review isn't any longer, but you've left me near-speechless. I don't know what else to say.

Tanya ♥

Author's Response: Tanya!!

Okay, I'll admit, when I saw that you reviewed this story I just about screeched out loud. I was absolutely thrilled that you stopped by to read this little ol' story of mine!!

Anyway, I'm SO happy that you liked this story and the way that I portrayed Molly. The one thing that I was absolutely terrified with when I first posted this story was whether or not I managed to write her in character, so reviews like this definitely make me feel better about that! :P

You're absolutely right about Harry - he really doesn't get cut as much slack as he should. Especially because he's just a teenager in the books!

Everyone deserves to be loved, and that's what I really wanted Molly to show in this story, that even though she didn't know Harry very well, she could tell that he needed to be loved and that she could provide that for him!

I'm SO SO glad you stopped by and read this story, Tanya, and THANK YOU so much for this absolutely amazing review!

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Review #9, by Gossip Girl Eight

3rd September 2015:
Hey, HPFFers. Gossip Girl here. I know that you're used to me reporting the latest scandal or hottest gossip, but I thought I'd go a different direction.

One of my sources has just sent me the most heartwarming tip. I'm sure you all are familiar with the great Molly Weasley and if you aren't, well, you need to be paying more attention to my tips. For those of you who have apparently been living under a rock, Molly Weasley is the amazing woman who met everyone's favorite boy wonder on his first day in our world and basically adopted him.

But back to the tip, we finally get to see into the mind of one of the greatest women in the Wizarding World. My source has done a wonderful job at getting right down to why The Molly Weasley does what she does and how much she truly cares about Mr. Chosen One. Can you imagine that, readers? Putting in that much effort into a gift for someone you've only met once. With all of the little details my source put into this tip and the expert use of second person point of view (using "you" for those readers who may not know), it'd be impossible not to see what a fantastic woman and mother she is.

So dear readers, I know that this isn't my usual dish, but the tip was too good to pass up. Stay tuned for more of the usual gossip.

You know you love me,

XOXO Gossip Girl

Author's Response: Oh Gossip Girl, thank you so much for stopping by and reading and reporting on this story of mine!!! I feel so special! Especially since this isn't your usual gossip -- I know how much you love a good scandal.

Anyway, I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story! Molly really is such a special character and I loved writing her!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by LadyL8 Eight

31st August 2015:
Hi Lizzie.

I've been trying to review all the dobby rec. one-shots, and I figured it was about time I reviewed this one since it's been on my list for a while now. And since the dobby rec. fun ends tonight, I had to sneak this one in as quickly as possible. So if the review is a little short, that's why.

I love this idea. We all know Molly knits sweaters and that some of the kids don't always like them, but we never really get to understand just why these sweaters mean so much to her - why does she make them over and over again? And I felt like you really put that simple action in a different perspective, and I loved the way you described what knitting these meant to her. And it's definitely believable.

I actually got goosebumps towards the end. Molly's sorrow over Harry not getting presents because his parents have passed away, turns into this worry/fear over what would've happened if she had been the one who was passed away. And her unconditional love for her family is so obvious and so beautiful, and I felt as if I could actually feel how much it pained her to here about Harry and how he had not gotten any christmas presents.

But most of all I feel as if I can feel her love for her family and Harry. They mean a lot to her, that much is clear. Every stitch is filled with motherly love, and it so reminds me of my home (only partly cause I'm crazy homesick right now).

My mother actually knits a lot, all the time actually, and when I moved away from home last year she actually knitted dolls of everyone in the family so I could have them with me to my new home in a new city (I live far from where I actually come from, so I don't see my family that often anymore). And I feel like she and Molly is very alike in the way that knitting means more to them than just putting something together - it's a way of showing how much they love their children. So you really got me to miss my mother, but that's okay cause I'm going home this Thursday so I'll see her soon.

What really makes this story one of my favourites (yes, I did favourite it), is the descriptions. It's just so beautifully written, but at the same time you really get across what Molly feels - her unconditional love for her children. And I just loved the idea and your writing as a whole. It's so beautiful and definitely my favourite story of yours. I definitely see why it was recommended, cause it's really good. Good job, Lizzie, and have a wonderful day!

Lots of Love


Author's Response: Lotte!

Oh thanks for stopping by! I'm honestly still amazed that this story was even *recommended* for a Dobby, much less nominated!!

Maybe it's just me, but I've always read a lot into the sweaters that Molly makes for her kids - maybe it's because we have something similar in my own family (we have blankets!) that has the same level of emotional significance that I always believed the Weasley sweaters had -- which is what made it so easy to write this story. :)

Anyway, thanks again for reviewing Lotte! It means so much to me that you liked (and favorited!!) this story! You're amazing!!

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Review #11, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Eight

22nd August 2015:
Hey Lizzie!

So I was stalking around fellow Gryffies pages, looking for something to read and I stumbled across this, and gosh am I glad I did!! Story content alone I love second person so it was fun to read but the story. Well.

This. This is so gorgeously lovely and just made me feel all warm and snuggly like I was wearing a Weasley jumper myself (side note, how cool would that be!?!)

Molly Weasley. I love her so much as a character. From the moment she doesn't get Fred and George mixed up to the second she kills Bellatrix Lestrange once and for all. The woman is amazing and this missing moment you've put together of her knitting the famous Weasley jumpers is awesome.

The descriptions of the jumpers and each stitch being filled with all her motherly loved really got to me to start with. It was so so heart warming. Honestly, it was a beautiful bit of description. You should be so so proud if it. Even though the kids all whine about them, you know they want them really.

And then you went on with her creating Harry's jumper. Oh man, the reasons. A moment to appreciate Ron actually being attentive enough to tell his mother about Harry first, but then the way Molly deals with it, well. I was literally filling up. I could feel Molly's motherly love in each word and the way no child should go without and she was thinking how she would want someone to do it for her child if it was the other way around AND SO MANY FEELS LIZZIE. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THEM ALL. You even made me really sad about Lily and James all over again even though it wasn't about them.

Okay, sorry for the shouty caps and incoherence of this review but your story is wonderful. Honestly. I really loved it and I've added it as a favourite of mine. I'm so happy I came across it. Your really deserved the first place you got in the challenge ♥


Author's Response: Lauren!

Hehehe! You're so sweet! Thank you! (and I would love to have a Weasley jumper!)

Molly is definitely one of my favorite characters in the series. She's always been the kind of mother that I've kind of wanted to be.

Ron telling Molly about Harry is probably a pretty big deal for an 11 year old boy, isn't it? I hadn't thought of that before. :P

I'd say I was sorry about all of the feels, but that would be a total lie! ;) I'm glad that you liked it though! It makes me feel SO amazing!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review Lauren! I really appreciate it! It put the biggest smile on my face!

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Review #12, by Pixileanin Eight

15th August 2015:

There's something in my eye. Hold on, my vision is a little blurry, maybe I can blink it out.

Seriously, tears. Hear felt tears for the way that you wrote this. You managed to touch on the deepest bond of motherhood and capture it in these few words. And there is Story here too, so bravo!

You chose this so well, Molly doing what she loves for the people she loves. She feels the things that this boy needs more than anything else in the world right now.

And literary-wise, the imagery sticks so permanently, sweaters, shields, needles, and the tie between what she does and what she would want for her own children. The way you laid out the Reasons was also wonderful, almost poetic, yet pointed and real. Molly's character shines through her motivation. Every word was quintessentially hers. Coupled with the second person tense, it resonated deeply.

This was truly beautiful. You carried through with a singular focus, and I don't think that any more words are necessary. You nailed the emotion here.

So lovely.


Author's Response: Pix!

I'm sorry I made you cry (not really)! :P

But I'm glad you liked the way you've written Molly here, as well as the reasons behind why she made made the sweater for Harry. Coming up with those reasons were quite difficult.

Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful review! It means a lot!

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Review #13, by Owlpost68 Eight

15th August 2015:
I absolutely loved this, I felt myself getting all choked up. She really does stand for everything Lily would have wanted Harry to have growing up. I also couldn't help but think of Fred and that now there is one less sweater she's knitting. I can't help but think that when she started knitting for the christmas season after he died how hard that would be on her. Even when there are new members of the family it'll always be one less then she'd have to make if he were alive... sigh. This had so much love in it, this is one of my favorite interpretations of Molly. Great job!

Author's Response: Heather!

I wish I felt bad about you tearing up, but... I'm not. :P

I'm glad that this story touched you though. Molly really is the kind of person Lily would've wanted for Harry.

SERIOUSLY? You had to bring up Fred? Doesn't this story have enough feelings attached to it? Although that is a good idea for a sequel to this...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Heather! I really appreciate it!

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Review #14, by Roisin Eight

11th August 2015:
Oh man this totally made me cry! GOOD JOB.

This is really, really beautiful Lizzie! I love the way that knitting becomes sort of spiritual to Molly. It's almost like prayer or something. There was something very relatable about her listing out the reasons why she's doing what she's doing. I've absolutely done the same thing every time I'm up to something I know is worth-while.

I also love the way you expanded something about her from canon (her wanting to be sure Harry had presents), and re-imaging it from a more mature/adult perspective. All the bits about how it's what she would want if she died were very, very moving.

All in all, this was just PERFECT.


Author's Response: Roisin!

Awe! Thank you!

I like how you put that - that knitting is almost spiritual to Molly. What a great way of putting it! And you're absolutely right, when you're doing something worthwhile, remembering why you're doing is SO important. :)

Hehehe, that's exactly what I was aiming for. I'm glad you liked that!

Thank you so much for your review, Roisin!


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Review #15, by Tonks1247 Eight

10th August 2015:
Oh my goodness.

So. I previously read this while looking over some of the entries for the Second Person challenge. And I didn’t review it at the time because I started too close to the time I needed to go to work but even reading this a second time…I’m just blown away by how sweet of a moment this is and how sweet Molly is.

Her determination that Harry deserved something good, deserved to receive something as his parents would have made sure he was loved and got things…well, just…it made me a little emotional. Especially when it came to her thinking about what she would have wanted for her children, and how each moment and each stitch made her open her heart and pour love over a boy who grew up in a world that was very clearly lacking it…like, you really characterized Molly well here and caught the essence of her feelings for Harry and her feelings that everyone deserves to be loved.

I also fell in love with the way she thought about these sweaters and how, despite her son’s complaints about them, she continued to make them and even made one for Harry. Like, having these eight sweaters for these eight children…you’ve seriously found an emotional point to write and I really love it and apologize for rambling but this was really sweet and I’m glad I got the opportunity to read it. It really was lovely!


Author's Response: Hi Mikaela!

:) I'm so glad that you like Molly here! She's one of my favorite characters in the books and writing this was hard in the sense that I was terrified I wouldn't do her justice - so thank you!

Molly is so amazing in how easily she opens her heart and her family to Harry, and it's always something that I've really admired about her as a character, so it just felt right to write about how she accepted him into her family.

The sweaters! I do love the sweaters. I always thought they were such an essential part of being a Weasley, and in my mind they really were a way for Molly to feel like she could connect with her children when they were away from her. Especially since they always complained about the sweaters, yet still wore them. It's like the kids knew how important they were as well.

Thank you so much for your wonderful review Mikaela! It definitely put a smile on my face!

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #16, by EnigmaticEyes16 Eight

10th August 2015:
OMG. Wow. Just wow. This story literally brought me to tears, as Molly got more and more emotional, so did I as a reader and I couldn't help but let that emotion out. This one-shot is so heartwarming and emotional. Molly is such a great mother, especially to Harry even though he's not her son, she knows that if she were in Lily's shoes she would want someone to be there for her son, and that's why she does it. It's just so sweet and I might start crying again...

But I thought this was a wonderful little story and I'm so glad you wrote it. I was a little surprised when Harry received his first jumper from Molly, I mean she did only meet him once, and I doubt she made sweaters for all of her children's friends, so it was such a sweet touch that she chose to bestow this gift on Harry since his own parents were unable to.

Again, this was so great and I loved it and I don't really know what else to say so I will wrap this up here. Wonderful job, lizzie, this was so beautifully written!


Author's Response: Nix!

Awe! Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! I still tear up every time I reread this, so you're not alone. :)

I was also surprised when Harry received a sweater from Molly in the first book, so when I started writing this it made perfect sense to highlight a moment that I felt explained an awful lot about how Molly accepted Harry into her family so quickly.

Thanks so much for R&R'ing, Nix!

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Review #17, by ScorpiusRose17 Eight

9th August 2015:
The second person POV always has a way to draw out more relatable emotions in characters and I think this was a great representation of that.

You truly did a great job capturing Molly and her natural instincts to protect and love those who may not be hers. She has a large heart and sees things as they are. You kept her true to her character.

I think you did an awesome job here with conveying the proper emotions, characterizing your character and for taking on the challenge to write in the second person. Molly's thoughts throughout this one-shot were amazingly powerful and brought a tear to my eye as I thought about Harry.

Awesome job!!


Author's Response: Jenn!

I've written 2nd Person POV a couple of times, and I agree, it does an amazing job with conveying emotion than I'd expected.

Awe! Thank you! Keeping her true to character was always my biggest concern, and knowing that you feel like I managed to do that makes me SO happy.

Thank you so much for R&R'ing, Jenn! It means a lot!


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Review #18, by nott theodore Eight

7th August 2015:
Hi Lizzie! I'm here on Anja's recommendation, and I'm so glad that I came to read this! I have tears in my eyes because of how sweet and lovely this story was!

For such a short story, I'm really impressed with the way you managed to convey so much emotion in so few words. It's really impressive to do that - to manage to move me to tears because you just told a beautiful story in a little over 700 words? I can't think of many people who can do that - I certainly don't remember it happening very often, if at all, before now!

I also absolutely loved the premise and plot of this story. It was something so simple really - covering one short moment, a couple of hours at most - but there's so much packed into it that I really loved it. Molly Weasley's presented to us in the series as this mother figure, and she shows herself to be that in everything that she does, but I've never really thought about the way she came to think of Harry as her son before she even really knew him that well at all, and certainly before he'd had anything to do with Ginny.

Telling this story to me really emphasised what an amazing woman Molly Weasley is. I think that in the series that's something J.K. Rowling really wanted to show - how powerful and strong a mother's love can be, and what a brilliant woman it takes to love someone else's child as your own and provide for the family, building a happy home, even when there's not much money available. She never seems to complain about her lot in life and she's clearly so happy as a mother; I really loved seeing this moment when she decides to take Harry in and become a second mother to him, because he doesn't have anyone else to fill that role.

I really liked the way that you began this - because it's so true. Even if Ron and the boys complained about the jumpers they got each year, you just know that they're the sort of things they'll look back on as adults and feel grateful for, because it was their mum trying to show them how much she loved each one of them, and give them something to protect them even when she wasn't there. You managed to convey all of that - much more poetically than I have - in so few words, and it was really poignant.

I really liked the way you went from that to the choice of wool and then the different reasons that she wanted to knit the jumper for Harry. I can really easily believe that she'd begun the jumper just because she didn't want Harry to be without presents on Christmas Day, but as she stitched, her love for him grew because there were so many reasons for her to do this for him - far more than him not getting presents.

The reasons that you chose were really fitting - they were so touching and sweet. Each one of them seemed so simple in itself but all together, when put into the context of the story and the fact that Harry had nobody to love him, it becomes something so much more - a really brilliant moment when a wonderful woman adopts someone who's alone in the world as one of her own.

I think this: Because I have room in my heart for one more child. was probably my favourite line - you conveyed so much about Molly in that single sentence!

If you couldn't tell, I really loved this, Lizzie - you've done such a fantastic job of telling a really sweet and beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!

Oh my heavens, look at this fabulous review! It might even be longer than the story itself (just kidding)!

I'll admit, I was just as shocked as you are at how moving this ended up being. I'm still incapable of reading it without choking up!

Molly was always one of my favorite characters in the series, just because she's always been the kind of mother I want to be when I have my own kids. I mean, I know she's a fictional character, but there's so much about the spirit of who she is that I sinseriously (yes, that's a word) hope to emulate that in my own life eventually.

I guess that somehow managed to show itself in my writing!

The way that Molly takes Harry in and chooses to be a mother to him is so incredible. I feel like there's never really a moment where you see it happen from Harry's perspective, but I always felt like it'd be a bit more poignant for Molly - a much more conscious decision since she did it so quickly.

Hehehe, I always loved the scenes where the Weasley boys complained about their sweaters, because it was obvious that they loved them underneath all the whining. And you're right - it's the sort of thing I imagine them looking back on and really treasuring later on in their lives.

The whole change in how she sees Harry while she's knitting is actually something that I've personally felt when making gifts for others. I crochet a lot, and every time I've made a gift of some sort for someone else, I find myself so much more appreciative of them as people and as a friend because of the fact that I do exactly what Molly does - I think about why I'm grateful them with every stitch. And it can get HARD to come up with reasons after a while! Especially when you're making a full size blanket! :D

I think that's how I came up with the reasons as well. Once I got in Molly's mindset, it didn't take much for me to imagine all of the her reasons for being grateful for Harry. And I had to narrow it down from a LONG list of them that I'd come up with. ;)

That's my favorite line too! When I first wrote it I knew that it HAD to be in the story, because it's so perfect for Molly! I really think it's something she'd say!

Thank you SO SO SO much for your review Sian! It means so much to me that you took the time to say all these wonderful things about this little story!

You're amazing!

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Review #19, by Infinityx Eight

29th July 2015:
Hi again! here to review your second entry for the second person challenge! once again, please excuse the lack of capitalization. (although, if in any future reviews you'd rather i capitalize properly, just drop me a message and i'll keep that in mind.)

this was such a change in tone from your first entry but just as effective. i love how you're focusing on molly's motherly side and bringing out her caring nature through such a short fic but such a powerful scene. and something tied in so closely with canon as well! i think it's even more powerful because we all know how harry reacts to his present and this is just beautiful.

i love how you've characterized molly and the way you've brought in her thoughts. especially that final line Because I have room in my heart for one more child. aah that was just so lovely! molly is the best and i love how you've written her.

i think you could have focused a little more on molly's feelings in here though. there's a lot of emphasis on her thoughts but not exactly on how she felt. for instance, there's that part - When Ron had written to you and mentioned that Harry wasn't expecting any Christmas presents, you were outraged.
^i think for this you could have gone into some more detail about her outrage. you're stating it but not describing it. such details really add another layer, especially when you're writing in second person.

overall, this was great and i really enjoyed it. :) i hope you write about molly again because this was darling and her characterization was so on point. ♥

Author's Response: Erin!

Yay! You're back! (No worries about the capitalization. I don't mind!)

So, I'll admit, I entered this after Not One Line because I loved writing from 2nd Person and there was still time to enter this, AND because I wanted to make sure I could write 2nd Person and have it be happy instead of sad.

*blushes* o many people have complimented me on the characterization of Molly in this story that I don't even know what to say other than THANK YOU! :) I was so afraid that I'd screw it up, and nothing reassures me more than hearing this!

Once again, you make an excellent point! I should definitely go back and take a look at that when I get a chance.

Descriptions aren't my strongest suit, if you haven't noticed - emotional or physical. I don't know why, but that's much harder for me than dialogue or actions.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! And for the awesome challenge!! 2nd Person POV is definitely something I'm going to revisit and write more of! :D


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Review #20, by HeyMrsPotter Eight

28th July 2015:
Hey! I'm here to drop you a birthday review (I know, I'm late but here's hoping it's still your birthday somewhere in the world :p )

I knew from the summary that this was going to make me cry, and I was absolutely right!

You have Molly's character absolutely perfect. The fact that she takes Harry in as one of her own without a second thought is exactly in line with what we know from the books, but it was so refreshing to read her actions behind that. Her kids just expect their jumpers every year without ever giving a second thought to the time she has put into them, and more importantly the love. I adored the way each stith of Harry's jumper meant something to her, that is so Molly.

A absolutely adored this!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Dee!!

Thank you so much! I had a really great birthday - especially because of all the reviews I received.

Awe! I'm sorry I made you cry! I do hope they were happy tears though.

:) Hearing you say that I got Molly's character right on is SO AMAZING! Thank you! I was so afraid I'd ruin it - but I think I did a pretty good job here.

This was definitely intended to be a missing moment - Molly was so underrated because she gave Harry his first REAL Christmas present, but it gets looked over (by him and by the readers) because of the invisibility cloak.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Dee! It definitely made my day amazing! :)


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Review #21, by alicia and anne Eight

28th July 2015:
Ooo a Molly story! I haven't read a Molly story in quite some time :D

I wish that I had a Weasley Jumper, I'm so jealous of her family for getting one.

I love her reasons for making them, and how much love she puts into them. And she's putting all of that into a jumper for a boy that she barely knows. That is why she's such a fantastic mother! She takes in others that need love.

Awww I want to cry over what she thinks when she's making the jumper for Harry, and she's already considered him to be her eigth child. And I am actually crying now! :( So many tears are swimming in my ears.

This was so amazing! And you got her motherly emotions down so well, it was easy to see just how much she cared about Harry and how much love she has to give.

Author's Response: Tammi!

I do love Molly - I haven't actually read many stories about her here.

I'd LOVE a Weasley jumper! One of these days, I'll make one for myself (because I'll magically learn how to crochet - not knit, I can't do that - a sweater) and pretend that Molly made it for me.

Her reasons are definitely my favorite part of this story. They were so hard to come up with, but once I did, they were perfect!

She's the kind of mother I've always wanted to be.

Yep! This story is definitely all about the moment when she decides to take Harry in as one of her own. I don't think he ever consciously noticed it, but I think Molly definitely did - and this just seemed like the perfect moment, because it's SO Molly. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Tammi! I really appreciate it!! :D


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Review #22, by Penelope Inkwell Eight

27th July 2015:


So merlins beard pointed out that you are on the birthday thread for today, and I had seen your status the other day talking about how Molly's sweaters were like reverse horcruxes, so of course when I came to your page I knew I had to read this one.

I started out like, okay, these are jumpers. I can tell there are going to be some FEELINGS but surely I can control myself, right? Because they are jumpers?

Wrong. I don't know what kind of fell sorcery you worked into this, but I am 85% sure I teared up at some point! Molly! Adopting Harry! Via jumper! Because she knows it's what she'd want for her kids, and what his mother and father would want, and how her jumpers are like a hug when her kids are far away and how she wants to protect them because she's already seen so much and she's stitching in her love and he's part of the family like the rest of them and this is the beginning of that and waaah!!!

It was really *sniffle* sweet. I love the jumpers on a whole new level now. I didn't think you could do it (well, not you in particular. Just anyone). But you did. You made me tear up over yarn.

Fell. Sorcery.

Good job. :p

Oh, and happy birthday! You should get good presents, too!


Author's Response: HAHAHAHAHA!! Don't worry Penny, I'm pretty sure even Slytherins are allowed to have emotions once and a while.

"Molly! Adopting Harry! Via jumper!"

I'd never thought about it like that, and it makes me giggle like crazy. That's such a great way of putting it.

I'm so glad you liked this though! I promise there wasn't any sorcery involved in writing this story. Just lots of feels. ;)

Thanks so much for the review and the birthday wishes Penny!! It definitely made my birthday even better!!


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Review #23, by Felpata Lupin Eight

27th July 2015:

Oh, darling! I loved this story so much!!!
It's just so cute. So sweet and moving.

Molly is a wonderful mother and you captured her perfectly. The idea of her jumpers being a way for her to always be there for her children, to hug them and protect them from a distance, is just so adorable!

And her thoughts about Harry are so sweet too! She wants to give him a bit of the parental love he should receive but never had, and that's such a generous and sweet thing to do. She really has a big heart!!!

I loved your writing style, too. And the 2nd person pov in particular, because it really helped to feel like Molly is feeling.

Wonderful work on this, honey. Such a delightful reading. Thank you for this beautiful story!

Really hope you're enjoying your special day!
Hugs and love,

Author's Response: Chiara!


I'm so glad you liked this story! It's definitely one of my favorites. Molly being one of my favorite characters as well.

I've officially fallen in love with writing 2nd person POV stories, although it's hard to use it all the time.

Thanks again for stopping by! I love it!

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Review #24, by Mrs. Claus Eight

16th July 2015:
Hello, Lizzie. I'm Mrs. Claus, here to spread the Christmas in July cheer!

What an absolutely lovely piece! Molly is such a strong woman, and one I think should be admired. She has much less than others, but she also gives more as well. Santa and I, of course, have no children of our own, but I imagine it might be the same way we might feel watching all the countless little ones during the holiday season and throughout the year, grinning just as big as they do as they open a gift box on Christmas morning.

Don't you worry about the shortness, I swear to you it was lovely! (Much better than Nicks poor attempt at writing me a poem a few years back, but just like here, it's the thought that counts.)

You are a talented writer, and I'll be sure to put in a word for you when I get back to the pole. However, before I leave to spread the joy to the rest of this magical site, could you be a dear and pass along a message for me to your friends on the forums? I'm not leaving another hint just yet, but I do have something.

Now, a little bird tells me they've been trying to puzzle out my identity. That's all well and good now, and that's why I left the clues! However, I'd like it if they didn't tell anyone should they find out, keep it hush hush until I decide to show myself on my own. Also, if they ask me if I'm Mrs. Claus, I'll of course have to deny it. I'll be showing myself on August 1st, so everyone will just have to wait until then.

Also, since they've puzzled out my clue about my location origin, I won't be reviewing anymore members of that house until the end. I can't make this too easy, can I? ;)

Author's Response: Mrs. Claus!

Why thank you so much for stopping by! It really means a lot!

I'm so glad you like this story! To be honest, I'd always imagined that you and Molly Weasley would be very similar people. People who are charitable and kind and full of love for others, which are very admirable traits!

Thank you for stopping by and reviewing!!

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Review #25, by May Eight

12th July 2015:
I like this story a lot I can just see Molly sitting there doing Harry's jumper

Author's Response: Hey May!

YAY! I'm so glad you liked this story! It's definitely one of my favorites! :D

Thanks for reviewing!!

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