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Review #1, by Nhaz Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

11th August 2016:
Ohhh poor Ron. :/ I guess he's now going to head straight to Playwitch's office and offer himself as a model. All in all, it's hilarious. :D

I love Ginny's teasing, it's exactly what I would expect of her. I wouldn't mind a baffled Harry either.

I'm glad my Bulgarian accent tutorial was of some use after all! And I have to say, you've done a nice job (I tink dis is sometink Stan Ianevski would agree on). Finally I'm able to read Viktor's lines with a hard Bulgarian accent instead of cringing. Congrats!

Looking forward to seeing more from you,


Author's Response: Nhaz!
Oh, my stars, THANK YOU so much for posting that tutorial. After reading it, I most certainly wanted to "get it right." LOL! I even had people commenting that it wasn't and I should change it. But instead, I kept it because of you! Haha! I'm so very happy that you found this little one-shot and thought it funny. That was the goal... and how dreamy was Stan, oh my? Such a shame they cut him out of the DH movie. Ugh! Anyway, so happy to hear from you. Thank you sincerely, again for helping us all with his wonderful accent!

Most sincerely,
Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by AlwaysAddicted Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

24th July 2016:
Haha this was adorable! Loved it completely.

Author's Response: AlwaysAddicted,

Oh, that wonderful, gorgeous, perfectly delightful KRUM! I loved his character as well as the actor who portrayed him. Lovely beast, I must admit. LOL! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by Debvfr Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

26th March 2016:
Fab short story
But I want to know more about krum and hermione in your light hearted writing.

Author's Response: Debvfr,

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. And yes, it is very short and doesn't have much of them, only a tiny bit. I just loved Krum and his adorable ways.

Ron who? :)

Thanks for the comment...
Dark Whisper

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Review #4, by pyscobabydoll Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

29th February 2016:
this story was oddly perfect

Author's Response: pyscobabydoll,

Ah, Krum and his underwear deal. LOL! Thanks so much for reading and for the compliment. Hope it made you laugh...

Dark Whisper

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Review #5, by Fion Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

18th December 2015:
I love the ending! I'd like to read another chapter 😊

Author's Response: Fion,
Oh, this was so fun to write and "see" in my mind's appreciative eye. LOL!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. So happy you enjoyed it. :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #6, by Dee Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

5th December 2015:
short story but make me having a wide smile.. :)

Author's Response: That was so fun to write and a "micro-story" compared to my usual wordy ramblings. :)

So happy it brought a smile to your face. Krum was so easy to look at. LOL!

Thanks for commenting!
Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

14th August 2015:

Ohmygosh, bwahahahahaha!

Krum. Viktor Krum. Underwear model. Oh my.

This was such a brilliant idea!

Why wasn't this in the movie? I demand they add this to whatever expanded edition they come up with for whichever significant HP anniversary is next.

Trust me, this will please them immensely and get the magical world talking about you on a scale far grander than World Cup Quidditch.
--A grander scale than World Cup Quidditch *laughs, cries* :D

“Besides,” his lawyer added, knowing what would sway him. “People need to talk about something other than the after-effects of war. We all need help to move on. You will create a buzz heard ‘round the magical world. A bit of fun and amusement… good gossip,” he shrugged.
--Oh, Viktor. You're such a giver ;) This bit is the best.

CC: Krum's voice is, I know, pretty tricky to write--I tried it once and was like, "NEVER again!" It's so hard! But I did notice that here it seems to be a tad inconsistent: “I must go, gentlemen. Leave your box of samples and I will let you know.”

All the other sentences up till then were in broken English, but that one is perfect. It might be good to accent it up, a bit. Also, in the books, his W's are always replaced with V's. I don't know if that's an accurate Bulgarian accent, or anything, and I think it's fair to make your own adjustments, but I thought I'd throw that in there in case it was helpful.

This story really made me smile so big. What an excellent idea! And that bit with Hermione and Ginny at the end? That was inspired!


Author's Response: Penelope,
Hello there! Thank you so much for trying out my funny Krum story. I always thought he was absolutely adorable!

Needless to say, this was quite easy for me to visualize. LOL! XD

On writing his accent, someone from Bulgaria actually wrote an informational blog on the correct accent of their nationality on the HPFF Forum. They said they pronounce "w" as "w" not "v" and that it is the "t" they pronounce instead of th (like think is tink, not zink, this is tis, not zis), etc... So, I tried to be more authentic. :D

And of course I had to paint Hermione's reaction as she saw him practically naked. LOL! That was so much fun. And poor Ron, right? As if he needed that hit to his own self esteem.

thanks so much for reading and commenting. I'm so glad it made you laugh.

Dark Whisper

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Review #8, by 800 words of heaven Krum Lands an Underwear Deal

28th July 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! I'm here spreading some HC 2k15 love to my fellow Slytherins!

Ahahahaha! I clicked on this story because that title is was everything I didn't know I wanted today. I don't know what I was expecting - obviously not what the title said, but this was just too fantastic! It had me giggling like crazy.

Ah, Viktor was just too cute! He was shy and worried about modelling only underwear, but he does it anyway. And the executives were right! His popularity shot through the roof!

It was actually perfect that you picked Hermione to show the effect of the advertisement on the public. That scene between Ginny and her was just very funny. And poor Ron! He's just like "oh no. Not again." I bet you he decides not to go buy the underwear out of spite :P

Thank you for this unexpectedly funny read. It's made my day :)

Author's Response: 800 words of heaven,
Hello, my dear fellow Slytherin! You are very welcome! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

This one was so fun to write. I thought Viktor was an adorable character and of course, gorgeous!

Long, long ago, Marky Mark (Walburg) was in a Calvin Klein underwear commercial and caused a big buzz amongst the womenfolk. Hahaha! It was the true inspiration for this short story. XD

Thanks so much for taking a chance and reading/reviewing.

And Oh, I think you are so right. There is no way Ron would be caught with Krum's undies. LOL! Hilarious, but so true!

THANK YOU for commenting!
Dark Whisper

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