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Review #1, by ZarraT 3

11th December 2017:
Girl u alive or nah :,(

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Review #2, by naughtforreal 3

21st December 2015:
Juliaa! Hi! I haven't read something of yours in a while so I'm really glad I stumbled upon this!

It's Draco/Luna! I almost died! I remember shipping them ages ago just because they had the same pale blond hair and well, got myself into dozen arguments about how it won't work. My friends aren't supportive. Hmp.

ANYWAY!! It's just the perfect mix of angst and dreamy and Luna!!! A tattoo artist!!! I'm thinking that she gets to at least tattoo in a wrackspurt or nargles into possibly one of her customers. That is, if Martha even agrees.

'I like people'--> that's such a Luna thing to say! And she's bisexual/biromantic? Doesn't matter. I love it! (I'm sorry I'm dumping all the reviews into one single review) And I love how you wrote them post-war because that's the real problem, isn't it? I mean, the epilogue showed them as already moved on but how did even they move on from something so traumatizing?

So I'm really glad I get to read this! Puts a lot of things to perspective~ I've missed you~ Don't stress too much in art-ing. I'm sure you're amazing!

Happy Holidays, Juliaa *squishy hugs*

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Review #3, by Shinicha 3

2nd September 2015:
Your characters manage to be utterly confusing but consistent at the same time. Draco isn't really likeable, but in a way relatable.

I can honestly say that I have NO idea where this is going, but I definitely want to go on reading it.

The dialogues are without any doubt totally whacky; where did Greg suddenly come from? (laughing hard)

I like Draco's Herbology talent, it's somehow very fitting, and I also immensely enjoy Theodore's company. I'm really hoping very much for an update soon, because this is very lovely!

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Review #4, by Shinicha 1

2nd September 2015:
Ahh, this is SUCH an interesting story idea and SUCH a good first chapter!

The interaction between Draco and Theodore was very well done, I thought. The bluntness, unexpected turns in the middle but still easy to follow.

I generally enjoy your style of writing, it's down-to-earth but thoughtful at the same time.

Your Luna was just perfect, I think she's one of the hardest characters to write if you don't want to overdo the "weirdness".

The magical tattoo-procedure was really cool, I'd LOVE to have one of those!

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Review #5, by MrsRobot 3

5th August 2015:
Really liking this! I hope there's more.

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Review #6, by crestwood 2

8th July 2015:
Hey Julia, back for the second chapter.

Honestly, an evening with Draco would be significantly interesting. I feel that's an overwhelmingly accurate way to describe him post-war. Which isn't really to say that he's wrong about the confusion and disgust, but curiosity can pretty much trump those emotions sometimes.

You've got an otherworldly grasp on Luna's speech patterns. I have no clue how to describe it, but I know it when I see it. And 'You're the one I would blame the least' is it.

This cafe sounds like Luna Lovegood if she was distilled into a restaurant. And for some reason, the fact that the place has a flimsy paper menu felt like the most important description ever.

The food in this scene really strangely is able to sum up these characters so effectively. When I go to write people eating, I'm like 'and then they probably ate oatmeal' and I don't know where to go from there.

I had to take a lap around my room after I read about Draco Malfoy giving a compliment sincere enough that he had to drink about it. That was the most clever thing.

I'm sort of dying about how fanciful the Fwooper thing is, but it really makes sense to me, as far as the way her mind would work.

I'm impressed with how casual you've managed to make Draco and Luna hanging out like this. It should have been an awkward mess of a night, but you've made it work and made me buy it.

How did you describe this flat in such a comprehensive, idiosyncratic way? Luna Lovegood lives here and nowhere else. The openness of it, of course, and also: it reminded him of childhood. I love it.

The second Luna told him to look into her mind to see what the war was like for her, I knew that this could not end well. I knew that it wasn't likely to end well before I started reading, but this is gonna do it. (the fluff was nice while it lasted)

The actual Legillimency scene is even better than I thought it would be. I'm not sure I even have the vocabulary to discuss it as I'd like to. You've placed me inside of a scene more effectively than I think anyone ever has. To the point of my being kind of emotionally drained after reading all of this. (in the best way possible) Description is the thing I struggle the most with and often the thing that manages to impress me the most. These lines are just spectacular. More than I can quote--but to start: 'beside him was a feebly stirring lump that was all snarls of flesh and blood and cloth' and 'felt every knot of the wooden floorboards beneath her hands, every prickling hair on the back of her exposed neck.' were particularly good. That was, overall, some of the most captivating writing I've ever read.

This is a really, really tragic end to this chapter. I'm only glad you didn't decide to write this as a one-shot or something and end it here. It would have been incredible still, but with what is probably the most desolate ending of all time. This way I can at least hold out hope that things will get better, even if they don't.

I admit, it did seem like they'd have a hot and steamy evening, but I didn't think that would happen. I'm not sure what I expected, but I doubt I would have bet on this. I've still no clue where this is headed. I literally only know that I'm going to enjoy it and I think that's enough for me. The chapter three teaser author's note is totally working on me. Thank you for this story--it's such a pleasure to read!

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Review #7, by bittersweetflames 2

5th July 2015:
And back!! :D

Interesting. This could also be a good word to describe this chapter. And I actually think that's a good thing. It certainly isn't full of fluff and bunny rabbits (I certainly didn't expect it to be) but nevertheless, I did find it fascinating.

You did warn us in the last chapter that things would go on to be more bleak and that certainly is the case. The fact that you started this chapter with a seemingly thin ray of hope in the horizon was in parts evil and brilliant of you. It made the latter parts a more uncomfortable read but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I think the way you've portrayed Luna is just spot on. There's the light and fanciful to her still but tinged by the heavy damage she suffered in the war. She's still, at the core, very much Luna Lovegood but with more weight -- you'd want to spend a lot of time with her for the first and you'd feel more sympathy and admiration for her due to the second.

Anyway, their time at the cafe really aimed to show us more of these two characters. I'm not too surprised that Draco could have possibly gone into the Department of Mysteries, it seems befitting that he would know Legilimency and Occlumency. (Inserting the bit here about how I love that you would use fwoopers as Luna's Occlumency technique. It was brilliant and just uniquely, sweetly Luna)

The second part. Finally, getting to the second part and I'm at a loss on what to say about it. After all, it wasn't an easy read... I can only imagine the horror of living (and reliving) through the words that you'd written. How heavy and painful the experience must be.

Then the end. The end was... wow, I broke my heart. There was something so painful and powerful in that one statement that Luna said. That look she shot him. His simple, almost nonchalant way of acknowledging that it was just right that she remembered that she hated him.

I don't know how you're going to end this fic, darling, but I can just imagine it's not going to be pretty (but I am sure it's going to be brilliant!)


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Review #8, by bittersweetflames 1

5th July 2015:
First off, I am here for our swap! :) I am so sorry it took so long. :)

Anyway, to start off, you really managed to paint the picture of the surroundings so well. I can almost smell, see and hear the place you're describing. Not too pleasant, really, but I can tell it's exactly what you're going for! Your description of Draco is also brilliant. With a few strokes, you managed to show that life has not been easy for him and this just intrigues me so I'm going to keep reading.
(May I also insert here that I love the way you describe nose-picking. It made me laugh. Very loud.)

So, we finally get the juicy part.. The part where we see what is actually happening in Draco's life.. I am actually quite surprised that Harry would not display compassion towards Draco. Then again, I can't blame him. You portrayed him so much more as a real human living after a war would be than how he was shown in canon. Both seem possible but yours is much bleak but there's stark realism to it.

Anyway, the fact about how he's going to Azkaban. I stop and think to myself.. GOD, how must that feel? To know that your life is going to end in less than 24 hours? Not through death but through the end of freedom. You've drawn Draco in the cusp of those two moments. He seems so much more calm than I could be. I can feel the hopelessness I am sure I would have been feeling had I been in his shoes.

Finally, on to the tattoo. I think that the fact that he is honest about what the tattoo is for is refreshing. Of course, he'd do it so he could stay alive. What other reason could there be? I loved the first Draco-Luna interaction. There's no fanfare, no shouting or needless things. It's like they both acknowledge that, post-war, they're different human beings. And, of course, that ending has me wanting to go on and read the next chapter... So I will and ending this to say that you say that you say the writing is a bit clunky but I think that actually fits the entire mood of the story.. It helps set the atmosphere for how bleak the fic is.

Gina is very luck to get this as a bday gift. :)


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Review #9, by crestwood 1

4th July 2015:
hi Julia! I'm so interested in Luna/Draco as a pairing. I've not read much of it and it seems that it'd be difficult to pull off, but if I trust anyone to write it, it's you.

I love that there's a lane between Diagon and Knockturn. I don't believe that canon shows us all of the Wizarding world and new places are always fun. The way you write about the clientele is so perfect. You use the BEST phrases. Like, your diction could not be better. I'm a big fan of 'scummy' being used to describe tea. And the description of Draco is awesome too. You definitely make it clear that he's looking horrible.

Theodore Nott is my favorite barely-a-character character. He's so hilarious and flippant here, I love him. I love the detail about Draco being banned from apparating and THE FLOO NETWORK HAVING A RUSH HOUR.

I adore that you've had Harry just choose not to pardon Draco. That's not something that you see most people willing to do, wanting to paint Harry as sort of a forgiving beacon of virtue. But I like a slightly vengeful Harry every now and then. Although he could still come and save him at the last minute, so I won't assume anything just yet.

I've never thought of The Dark Mark being a safety hazard in Azkaban, but Theo makes such a good point. Obviously not everyone in there is a Death Eater. Somehow that obvious fact has never really occurred to me.

The 'Weasley twin. Singular.' line was just cruel. I'm not even a huge fan of the twins, but that one hurt.

The use of Salazar as an exclamation is great. I've recently adopted 'Sweet Salazar' from my friend Lisa as well. This may be a Slytherin thing.

The 'Take it easy, Draco' exchange was SO GOOD. I wasn't expecting that, but it worked on so many levels.

Can't believe how effective your description of the Dark Mark is. I'm talking a lot about description, but that's because it's just so remarkable all over the place.

I really like Martha. She clearly takes no nonsense and I am here for it.

The pin-up girls stylized as Inferi got a belly laugh out of me. The Wizarding world is so funny sometimes. That said, nothing is funnier than the image of Draco with a tattoo of Pansy in a little heart on his arm. And the Hippogriff patronus! This is such an angsty story, but also, this is hilarious.

Your introduction of Luna is perfect. You've captured her personality so spot on. Which is just about the most difficult thing in the world to do. She seems more mature, but she's still got that sort of whimsy about her still. This pairing is always going to be kind of sad, considering everything that happened during the war, even though it seems sort of funny at first.

Luna's way of speaking here is perfect. 'I rather think you wouldn't have known that.' Exactly how she'd word that.

I am so here for bi/pan Luna. I need more of this in my life.

Draco describing the pain of a tattoo as just a scratch in comparison to the war got me a little emotional.

His thoughts on Luna are so good. It's so strange seeing someone's assessment of her that has never really known her besides when she was held captive in their cellar. I find it so believable that she'd always smile at him, regardless. His 'certain scars don't show' revelation was amazing. And Harry with PTSD is one of my favorite headcanons.

Their final conversation about the repaying of certain debts is such a profound bit of back and forth. And Luna is the kind of person that I can buy would go off and have a meal with Draco Malfoy hours before his sentencing on a whim. That was so well done, how you came to that point.

Basically I loved this so much and have no idea how you saw this as a bit clunky! I'm definitely gonna make my way over to the second chapter soon. I can't believe that this has so few reviews! It's absolutely amazing. I can do nothing but wonder how you managed this so perfectly. Thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #10, by justonemorefic 2

2nd July 2015:
I am still ever amazed at how you write Luna's dialogue because she would totally say things like "That meant a lot, actually. You’re the one I would blame the least." and she just tells it like it is, really.

heheh rolf. Ew Draco why would you order olives. "even - somehow - Herbology." - "somehow" herbology I see.

How do you describe flats so succinctly??? Because that is a talent. I'm like, this is a room and it has furniture. I looove the mess that is her flat; it's got her personality in it, with the scarves and childish trinkets and the olfactory grenade!!! tangerine. I love that term.

"All those colours really drain you!" - i am now imaging a black and white Draco with a neon tattoo.

Ooh OOH, LUNA YOU'RE SO BOLD. also laughing at the fwoopers that keep coming up, now *I'm* thinking of fwoopers. Draco you have to steel yourself or you'll never become Inception!Draco.

The kidnapping is agony. I love how he remembers the manor in HER vision of it, Also: "His dream-sister, his prisoner, whose spindly, clammy hands would jerk him awake" and the ‘Have you come to kill me?’ line WHICH I REMEMBER.


"the evening up until that moment seemed garish, false, staged, as if the drinks and the smiles and the friendly chatter had been a performance." NOPE. I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE THE CASE, BUT I FORGOT UNTIL THE END AND PUNCH. TO THE GUT.

♥ why do you do this hurt

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Review #11, by justonemorefic 1

2nd July 2015:
JULIA YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE except you should have, because then the world has more Julia writing.

Clandestine meeting with Theo, are you sure this isn't Inception!Draco. Poor bb, he is all the colors that he shouldn't be ;^; GREY like his moral compass.

THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Harry would be too busy to mind Draco. You know I kind of live for the recap-paragraph in Draco stories that tell me exactly how miserable his life has been in recent times. I'm like, ok let's see how much the author likes watching Draco suffer. AND DRACO WOULD NOT SURVIVE PRISON, NOPE NOT ONE BIT. Omg get a love heart over the Dark Mark, great idea Theo.

ok I guess it isn't tattoo artist luna but I'll take this businesswoman tattoo artist!! Oh please no, not a Pansy heart Draco. Maybe a rainbow butterfly. Those are cool. "Somehow he felt he would prefer to be seen as a Death Eater than as the man with the Hippogriff patronus." -- Draco stop having fashion issues and just get a tat already you are going to jail, this is not the time to be self conscious about your patronus! Ah yes, a dementor to suit his personality. He too likes going around kissing random people and sucking their happiness from them.

"It wasn’t like he could ever ink over the fact that he had been a Death Eater." ;_;

TATTOOIST'S ASSISTANT HUZZAH! I always love your Luna, so to the point, exactly as quirkily mysterious as canon Luna, and you know no one ever gets that quite right. BISEXUAL LUNA YAAS! "‘I don’t like girls,’ Luna said. ‘I like people. But I rather think you wouldn’t have known that either." I just love everything that comes out of her mouth.

"it was a scratch, really. It was a scratch compared to the pain upon pain of the war." ;A;

"she resembled a pallid, pliable plant of sorts, like something potbound that had grown spindly for lack of fresh soil." also ;A; and A+ plant metaphor, I'm sorry bonsai!Draco will never die

"She didn’t like to be touched, he suddenly thought." WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME JUILA.

AND THE ENTIRE APOLOGY SCENE IS PERF, you know how to make Luna's and Draco's lines hurt respectively because of the characterization you set up for them and you can do so much with a few lines of dialogue and a desperate tone.


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