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Review #1, by crimson quill When You're Late and I'm Alone

14th April 2017:
Capture the flag.

So I was really impressed by this. I do like fics that really tackle real issues to as I always find it quite brave choice.

Your OC had such a strong and clear voice within the story and her inner monologue was so well written because I really felt the emotions of the narrative and there were a lot of emotional moments in there. It felt quite private her thoughts like we were reading her diary or something. It was very raw and the angst in this one-shot showed in this story weren't over the top. It's very real concern for many people who love people with dangerous jobs. I think my favourite thing about your writing is how I really did connect with this character without even knowing that much information about her. Her emotions were enough for me to really engage with her.

I thought I was a pretty interesting dynamic between the two characters that we weren't together in a relationship but they lived together. it sounds like she wants more from him. I wonder how James feels? I enjoyed the little details about their pet's, very cute. I really enjoyed this. I thought it worked so well. Look forward to reading some more of your stuff soon! Xo

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Review #2, by Frankie05 When You're Late and I'm Alone

31st August 2015:
Oh this story is so sad. I can't tell if they are together of if they are just friends. But Gee seems to be having some serious issues. Like she needs to break away from James. Yes he is heroic and yes he has a dangerous job but it doesn't do anyone any good for her to just sit there and mope and live in fear. He is a Potter, of course he is going to do dangerous things.

But it sounds like James is just as dependent on her as she is on him. Or maybe he feels responsible for James. Either way- it is a sad story to read about.

Three months is a long time to get lost- was that from going into an unspeakable room or because he was on a mission. Or is the fact that her mind is all in shambles because of James showed via the way she talks about those three months. Like she doesn't know what happened?

Either way- as much as t was sad- it was written very well. Good job.


Author's Response: Hi, Frankie!

They're just friends. :( She does have serious issues, and James isn't necessarily healthy for her. But, like you said, Potters will do dangerous things.

He is definitely dependent on her. It is a sad story though.

He was on a mission, but she didn't know much more than that, which tortured her. She was desperate to know where he was. She knew he wasn't safe and it made her go slightly crazy.

Thanks so much!

- Leigh x

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Review #3, by AccioTeddyLupin When You're Late and I'm Alone

16th August 2015:
Haunting, yet real. I love it! Can't wait for more.

- s

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!

- Leigh x

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Review #4, by darkkid When You're Late and I'm Alone

20th July 2015:
Slytherin House Cup 2015

Hi I came back for another story!

Your writing is phenomenal, especially in this. I feel like I went for an emotional roller coaster ride (in a way, I guess I did!). It was kind of eerie, but not so that I felt scared while reading. Like a memory that you kind of what to forget but can't.

The ending was great. Waiting. Just waiting. Anxiety, in a way, has ruined her to the point where she can't do much more than wait. And wonder if everything is going to be okay. Day after day after day.

A very emotional story! I thoroughly enjoyed this!


Author's Response: Hi, Raisha!

Thank you so much! I went for an emotional roller coaster ride myself when writing it :) And describing it like a memory you want to forget is perfect!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! :D I'm glad you enjoyed reading!

- Leigh xxx

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Review #5, by rosiful When You're Late and I'm Alone

20th July 2015:
This is an incredible story. When I think about the piece itself, not a lot happened, yet I went through so many different emotions, it's really amazing. I could feel her anxiety, and honestly, I was quite terrified for her at one point. At another point I could almost feel tears coming as I was so determined to believe that something absolutely tragic was going to happen. It's amazing how you've managed to write her anxiety so well that I can completely feel it myself about a completely fictional character.

I just love how you've written her. On the outside she might seem like a weak character by just sitting around and spending her life waiting for her boyfriend to come home. But, you've digged deeper, and she is actually a very strong person. She has a very strong mental-disorder, which she has tried to seek help for, yet she never once told James to give up his job despite being the cause of the anxiety in the first place.

I also love the ending of this story. It is amazing.
There's no big cliched drama that I was expecting and waiting for, instead there is just a girl and her anxiety waiting for her beloved boyfriend to come back home. And when he left for work the next day, the anxiety returned. Just as it would.

I think the way you've written this story adds to the effect greatly. I usually do not like stories written in second person, but here, it made it so eerie and quite spooky. It felt like I was reading a letter (and at one point I was sure it was like a eulogy or something). It was really, really well done!

I never write reviews this long, so I'm sorry about all the rambling that I did!

Slytherin House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hi!

Can I just start by saying ahh thank you! This review put such a large smile on my face. :D Your words really mean so much.

You're right, not much at all happened in this piece at all. I wanted it to be a strictly feels sort of story, so hearing that I got her feelings across to the point that you felt them means so much! :D

Thank you thank you thank you! Characterization is such a challenge for me sometimes. And you summarizing her perfectly in this review just means so much.

Ahh I can't even say anything else but THANK YOU!! I purposely made the story almost anticlimactic, and I'm so happy you loved how it ended! I was afraid readers would be like... wait, that's it? So thank you!!

Thank you so so much! You definitely didn't ramble. You made my day! :D

- Leigh xxx

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Review #6, by evil little devil When You're Late and I'm Alone

20th July 2015:
I just came over here from your Monochromatic story - and gosh, you are really good at writing anxiety. Like, it is so accurate, but also it is so incredibly palpable - I can feel it. You weave it into the whole atmosphere of the story so that they become one and completely transport me into this character's world and her life.
I love how you've ended this! There's no big conclusion, no big "it gets better" or "it gets worse" - it just is. Which is fantastic, because mental illness doesn't go away, and it doesn't subside easily - and so this feels incredibly raw and realistic. It's the snapshot of a life of someone whose life is rather regular, even with magic, nothing magical is going to happen to magically "fix" her or anything. It's just, well, life - and I absolutely love that.
This was an absolute delight to read!

Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

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Review #7, by jessicalorewrites When You're Late and I'm Alone

19th July 2015:
~ for the 2015 house cup, the amazing race week 6, gryffindor

wow.. there was something almost--eerie?--about this piece. I read through it all with goosebumps up my arms. god, did I empathise with gee. I could almost feel the building anxiety about whether james would ever make it home, whether he would be safe, etc. I feared the worse too when the owl delivered that letter.

it seems so cruel that the ministry won't let him owl home to let her know about him doing some extra work. especially given the circumstances and her clear distress, poor girl. I'm really intrigued to know where and why and what happened during all these times he disappeared for days, weeks, months on end. I'd love a follow-up maybe exploring james one day, if you ever felt like it??

honestly the ease in which you captured emotion in this piece is incredible. amazing work!

- jess, xo

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Review #8, by XOdannieXO When You're Late and I'm Alone

29th June 2015:
Wow. It's an incredible piece of art. I haven't really seen something like this, in quite a while. I really love that it has this entire letter/retelling/memory vibe to it. I think that it fits this chapter and the words very well. I can't wait to see how this will continue. I'll be waiting... ;) Well done!!

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