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Reading Reviews for A Minor Key.
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Review #1, by merlins beard a terrible misunderstanding.

3rd August 2015:
Hey Joey,

I'm here reviewig this for the Addicted to Albus & Scoepius challenge.

Do you guys actually enjoy breaking me? You must be, because this oneshot is playing with my emotions far more than I wanted it to. This is just horrible (of course I'm talking about the way Albus and Scorpius treat each other).

It takes a lot to make me feel so strongly about something, and you really made me feel angry and sad and frustrated along with Albus and his painful realization that this just isn't worth it anymore.

It's been painful to watch them fight and deliberately hurt each other.

Can I just rant about Rose for a minute? Who does she think she is, supplying Scorpius with the potions? Isn't that illegal? How dare she play a part in ruining Scorpius' life? (And Albus' at the same time). If Hermione knew Rose would have to answer to her. I've secretly wished for Albus to report her to the potions guild or something for a while (when reading tfwms).

I love Scorbus and I ship them with all my heart. I'm usually sad to see them sink, but this time I actually felt relieved that Albus got out of there (that hasn't happened before).

Your writing is always so brilliant, and the story flows so beautifully despite the painful plot. I'm really happy that you entered this for our challenge. Thank you


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Review #2, by Pixileanin a terrible misunderstanding.

27th June 2015:
Hi there. This line you used for the summary is just so provoking. I had to read this. I really did.

Oh, and before I forget: House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Now that that's out of the way, on to the story!

There are several lines that hit me hard. Here's one:

"The word addiction was poisonous."

That resonates deep down. Such evocative language. Lovely and painful in all the right ways. You paint this picture of Albus and Scorpius ignoring the problem so clearly. It's like both of them want things to be okay, but they both know they're not, and they aren't through pretending yet, so no progress is made.

Sadness. I feel sadness over this.

It's hard to find an out when you've got an enabler. I can see why Albus is so frustrated with his family. He doesn't want to explain how bad things are, and he doesn't really do anything to fix it. He feels like it's not his place? I can't believe that Rose is doing all of that for Scorpius and thinking that it helps.

Even though it's sad, I'm glad Albus finally decides to exit the scene. I'm glad he's thought about it while Scorpius was away and that he made the decision and stuck to it. It was clear that Scorpius wasn't in the mindset to change.

All in all, I think this ship has sunk successfully. Good job on that! And great job on making me feel it.


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Review #3, by May a terrible misunderstanding.

24th June 2015:
Enjoyed your story it was great

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Review #4, by Fonzzx a terrible misunderstanding.

20th June 2015:
I think that this is actually really good! You wrote the characters really well, I genuinely thought I was reading ad astra for a minute!

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