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Reading Reviews for Areopagitica
80 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sushmita Cabaret Voltaire

24th May 2017:
Ana is just a great new character and I would love to read more about the experiences she's had at home to have a change of heart about the cause.

Please keep updating and writing more of this story! U are such a brilliant writer.

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Review #2, by Sushmita Republikflucht

24th May 2017:
Typo " could any truth
before the left"

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Review #3, by sushmita Republikflucht

24th May 2017:
Love the new characters and congrats on your nomination! U totally deserve it.

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Review #4, by sushmita Room 101

24th May 2017:
This chapter deserves a Dobby! It was truly fantastic and something JKR would write. Every snippet on each one of them was simply breathtaking! I cannot describe how well u portrayed their emotions, their vulnerability, their sorrow. U leave the reader speechless just like u left them speechless in their pain in the end. I'm a fan of your work now. I also appreciate the part where u said the Carrows would torture but not spill magical blood at this point by killing them.

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Review #5, by sushmita Trojan Horse

24th May 2017:
Loved how they all got in with the disillusionment charms to rescue Dobby! This is edge of the seat excitement stuff.

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Review #6, by sushmita Glavlit

24th May 2017:
I really like how u bring out all the suffering the students are going thru. Starvation becoz of the stopping of muggle imports. Making the war and the effects on Hogwarts so real. I'm surprised these kids had any strength to fight at all in the final battle after having suffered so much thru the school year. I mean Parvati can barely stand!

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Review #7, by sushmita Affiche Rouge

24th May 2017:
I love the creative aspects of your story and chapter names! So perfect for the message they're trying to get across. Your story is so gripping and has just pulled me in to Hogwarts!

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Review #8, by sushmita Prologue

24th May 2017:
I'm actually very intrigued by the beginning of this story and what Luna's friends are trying to discover when they cast their blue light spell. Love it so far. I've also been reading this story called the "Witching Hour" on Ginny's last year at Hogwarts and your story seems like the perfect story that goes hand in hand from Luna's POV.

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Review #9, by Dirigible_Plums Glavlit

17th March 2017:

I came to review this since it was nominated for a Nargle and decided I should post this review now before I get. It's just too addicting!

In the previous chapter, I saw that you were implementing parallels to WW2 and I think it really gives another level to the war. In the books, we don't get to see the way the rest of the wizarding world is affected by Voldemort's regime since the Golden Trio are in hiding, so the detail here is truly astounding. Mentioning the horrific reality of children starving even at Hogwarts and the sort of things that happen to those caught escaping to France - all of that truly makes this war real. It's not just an epic battle at the end of a book: it's propaganda, it's fear, it's the backlash in response to even the tiniest hint of defiance. This is truly amazing.

I suppose I should talk about Luna now since she is the character who was nominated! Though there hasn't been much of her since the trio disappeared, I think you've done a wonderful job with her. She's still Luna Lovegood: whimsical, optimistic, a little ray of sunshine - but she's also grounded by the war and she's matured into someone who can hold her own. You've paired her natural gentle nature with the grittiness of the war and it's a beautiful blend of the two.

Excellent stuff so far!

Plums xo

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Review #10, by AbraxanUnicorn Affiche Rouge

17th March 2017:
Continuing on from Chapter one and oh blimey! Straight into the thick of the action, starting with a very strong-minded Ginny Weasley! Gosh, the girl has got some sass!!

Yikes :( The Carrows really don't hold back, do they? Poor Ginny. Poor watching, traumatised students too. I love how Neville, Ginny and Luna have formed a trio and are fighting the cause from within Hogwarts' walls, which is very exciting, but I do also have that horrible element of fear of something awful happening to them because of their rebellion.

Brilliant chapter which is well-written and engaging.

Best of Nargles luck :)

Brax X

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Review #11, by AbraxanUnicorn Prologue

17th March 2017:
Hello! I'm here to review this story as one of the nominees for The Nargles awards on HPFT (Luna Lovegood - Best Ravenclaw Character).

This is a very interesting start to a story! Immediately, I'm intrigued as to what could possibly be going on with the box of quills and gloves (and socks/ink before that). What's the significance of the number ten? The blue light? If there are any clues in this chapter, I've missed them(!).

Luna is already cementing her reputation as a model Ravenclaw by charming various objects and distributing them to stuents (well, at least to Hufflepuff students), all the while maintaining a dreamy demeanour. Clever :)

I enjoyed this chapter - and now I need to read more to find out what's going on! I might not have time to review the whole story before the reviewing window closes on the awards, but I'll try to cover as many as I can :)

Brax X

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Review #12, by SilverMoonFairy Affiche Rouge

13th March 2017:

Rita Skeeter and her purple prosed lies. In a long list of messed up villainous characters from Harry Potter, I think it goes Umbridge and then Skeeter. What is absolutely amazing is that my friend, dreamgazer220, has a similar story to this. At least, it takes place during that year of Hogwarts for which we know little.

The Quibbler! Of course! I'm so upset with myself for not figuring it out in the prologue! What an ingenious way to get them to Hogwarts during a time when hey were banned! Bravo, that it some snazzy storytelling and ingenuity!

Ah, and so it begins. They'll have to hide in an extra special way to keep from getting punished this time. I wish Minerva could give it to them good, but I understand her hesitancy. She is out numbered at the moment. She would lose her own life, possibly, and the students would suffer even worse. That's such a hard decision to make.

Your writing is amazing, by the way. The description is on point and thus far, the characterization is great. (I love sassy, rebel Ginny.)


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you for reviewing this story! I had no idea it was up for an award. Wow... I really should start writing again if people like it so much...

Rita Skeeter is quite a piece of work, isn't she? Much like Umbridge, she's the kind of villain we've all seen before, especially these days with everything going on.

Thank you again for the review and I hope you keep reading (and fingers cross that I keep writing, I have, it's just going at a glacial place)


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Review #13, by SilverMoonFairy Prologue

13th March 2017:

Greeting and salutations! My name is Liz and I don't think I've reviewed you before. This is exciting! I am here in the name of the great Ravenclaw house to leave some gnarly Nargle reviews for you.

Well, this is a post intriguing prologue! The ten things, most mundane and seemingly ordinary must, of course, be extraordinary, but WHY? What is the spell that "activates" them? What does it activate? What does it do? To know, I know I must read on, but a few more comments before I go, I think.

It is very sweet of Xenophilius to go through the trouble of making the presents lovely though he knows they will be destroyed. I also think the attention to it must be past of the ruse, like they might think something is up if it was wrapped as carelessly as Filch already leaves it. It's not like Filch could fix it if he wanted to, anyway...

Anyway, curiosity beckons me forward so I bid thee adieu until the next chapter.


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Review #14, by Flower n Prongs Glavlit

12th March 2017:
Me again!

First and foremost, I want to touch on your chapter titles. The way you are using words and phrases from real-world dictators and totalitarian regimes is brilliant. The parallels between what Voldemort and the Death Eaters were doing to the Nazis, Stalin, and the like is so clear that using parts of history in your story is very smart and unique.

I forgot to mention the poor food in the last one, but the way you built on it here was really cool. It makes perfect sense that people like the Carrows would be reluctant or flat-out unwilling to get food from Muggle farmers. The avoidance of groups and not economically supporting groups you hate are such staples in regimes like this that I feel silly for having never thought of it before. At the same time, I totally buy the fact that wizards were not the biggest on farming. We know that rules of magic don't apply to food in the way that they apply to other things, so for somebody who relies on magic it would not be a natural career choice.

Poor Dobby, being used as a pawn. =( It would be a good way to get Ginny and Harry's other friends out, though, since they know how much Dobby means to him. Unfortunately, I predict that this will all contribute to him and Luna being in the basement dungeon of Malfoy Manor though.

Good luck with the Nargles!

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Review #15, by Flower n Prongs Affiche Rouge

12th March 2017:
Here for chapter 2. =)

Ugh, that newspaper article. It seemed like something that would actually be written, from the claims that Kingsley was a serial killer to the totally-true-and-not-at-all-exaggerated-or-made-up claims by his supervisor. The advice for purebloods to stick together and to not travel alone because they were targeted seems so true it is uncomfortable. The same can be said for turning things that were done by Voldemort (I forgot the "Head Death Eater" stuff!) into crimes committed by the Order. This is so accurate to what a certain President is doing, always accusing people of doing things that he himself is up to, that I actually checked when this was published.

Turning to Luna, she seems so true to book Luna. Her father somehow having a decent source despite it all is canon, but also makes me really want to know just how Xenophilius Lovegood became the reliable news source for the war. Luna herself was also good. The fact that she was prepared for things (like with the ditany) and seemed to know how the right way to go about things (taking to McGonagall, distributing papers) definitely seems like her. She is out there and definitely unconventional, but despite all that she knows what is going on.

I also wanted to make a quick comment on McGonagall. The fact that she is a part of this information distributing and counter attack is great. I do not doubt for one second that she was actually a big part of that from within Hogwarts. As Umbridge taught us (perhaps the only things she taught us) was that McGonagall was willing to go to bat for her students.

On a bad note, the Carrows. Not that you didn't do them justice, but reading about them made me so angry. I know you have to cover them because they were such a big part of the school culture that year and their torture and attempts at brainwashing played a big role, but it was hard to read. Poor Ginny, Neville, and all the others. =( I feel bad saying good job after reading all that but it was well written!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you for the lovely reviews you've left! I'll get around to replying to them all eventually. And writing this again... I have been writing. It's just going at a truly glacial pace.

I think the current climate is actually a reason it's going so slow. This was started in mid 2015, before the world ended, so to speak. Things are jumping out of the story I created into the real world and it kind of makes it hard to write when real life is much more pressing...

I'm so happy that people like Luna in this story! I find her very difficult to characterize, but I really do try. I'm glad the effort shines through.

Thank you again for the review!


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Review #16, by Flower n Prongs Prologue

12th March 2017:

When I saw that the reason you were nominated for the Nargles was because of your portrayal of Luna I just had to check this out. I have loved her ever since she first appeared in OotP, but she is such a tricky character to write and to get her correct. Since you have apparently mastered her, I'm eager to see how this story progresses.

This is a very good first chapter for a longer story. You have given us some intrigue with Luna's packages. Why every Monday? Why ten items? What did she do to them - did she enchant them? Do they all somehow tie in together... gloves, ink, quills, etc? I want to continue reading to get the answers to my questions, so in that sense this has been very successful.

Xenophilius's making his packages colourful, sparkly, and a bit over the top even knowing that they will be destroyed before getting to Luna seems so right. For a man who went to a wedding dressed in all yellow with a seemingly myth-based symbol on his neck, I would expect no less.

The fact that you say this takes place in the year at Hogwarts Harry missed is cool. There is so much potential for what happened there and we barely even got hints of what happened.

Onto chapter 2. =)

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Review #17, by gryffiegurl213 Republikflucht

28th July 2016:
I absolutely love this chapter! Excellent job! I'm a Slytherin (I was in denial when I made this account) and I love reading about "good" Slytherins!

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Review #18, by Gabriella Hunter Room 101

1st May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! Gah! I tried to get here as quickly as I could and I'm so happy that I made it in one piece. Real life was kicking my butt.

Anyway, this!

My feelings! How could you? I was so worried about all of them! I wasn't sure how to react in the beginning when Tracey let them all go though. What's going through her head? Is she going to try and say that she was overpowered later on to get them beaten up by the Carrows once more?!

I'm so fishy about that whole thing. Man.

I thought that when Seamus and the others got back to the dorm, things would settle down a bit and they'd be able to comfort one another but everything turned so sour! No! The others turned themselves in and now they're being tortured in horrible ways!

On that note, I think that you did a really good job of writing that. There are so many elements to writing this sort of material and I think you did an excellent job. Each fear was different and more personal than the last, which is not easy to do.

Ginny's fear just really set up the other's so well. You knew that something was suspicious from the beginning and then when she picked up that diary...Ugh, I just got the chills. That part of her life isn't really spoken about that much in the HP books and isn't mentioned nearly enough in fanfiction. I'd imagine that she would be really scarred from the experience and I'm sure that having Tom Riddle in your head is a nightmare no one could possibly understand, save for Harry.

Neville's experience took it to a whole new level because I was biting my nails by this point. Each fear and experience showed something very different about the characters and we got to see the true depths of them. I loved that about this section because Neville had his parents taken away from him in such a horrible way and he can't even protect them now that he's stronger. That is some powerful stuff and I just felt so sorry for him.

I want to punch the Carrow's in the face.


Luna's moment really tore at me because outwardly, she seems like the sort of person who never even gets sad. What's great about this last part is that you show that she does have deep rooted fears. Her personality might seem off to most people but I believe the trauma of what she went through really shaped who she became. Just great visuals here, wonderful emotion being written and a fantastic ending.

That last line is pure magic! Phew. Update soon because I am freaking out and I need to know what happens next!

Much love,


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Review #19, by NPE Trojan Horse

11th April 2016:

Here with my review from the swap. Which I forgot about. My bad. Please forgive me :)

So all in all this chapter was well imagined and I think you have a pretty good sense of action timing. It was riveting in places.

The Trojan Horse analogy is a bit obvious, though as a historical relations go, it is to the point here so I can't claim that I think it is poor chapter title.

So, as I have established I liked this, and rate you as an author and forum member, I thought I'd try and go through chronologically what I felt worked and what I felt didn't work.

Obviously it's just opinions.

"A large barn owl swooped into the Great Hall at dinner and circled the room once, twice, thrice. Clio the owl perched on the rafters and peered down at the dining children in confusion unable to find the recipient of her package"

Ok - so introducing it from the owl's perspective is a cool idea. In fact I think you juggle the multi perspective thing well, so well in fact that I think you emphasise the team nature really well. I get a sense of the theme here of a group of brave, talented but extraordinary individuals working together in defiance against evil - you pull it off really well. The least glamorous, unsung aspect of a horrid conflict.

There are some things that jar for me as a reader here however. On a nitpicky note, referring to the owl, and then saying Clio the owl creates an awkward repetition. On a broader note, you need to commit to the owl's p.o.v. The prose isn't detached enough as a perspective from the owl to be an omniscient third person. Your writing here suggests we are seeing it from the owl's perspective. If that is the case - then I need more descriptions and character actions that make me realise we are reading this from the point of view of the owl.

The "large stick and grubby hands" observation, which is how an owl would judge a human being as that is where they have contact with the bird is a good example of what there should be more of in this section.

The weirdest bit is you revert back to omni 3rd with the owl standing up etc. It couldn't observe the feathers falling.

It also lacks the descriptive vigour I am always used to with your great work. For me this bit below is very derivative action writing, it isn't bad but I gloss over this...

"Clio felt an invisible force pull her suddenly away from the children and backwards. Clio let out a loud screech, attracting the attention of all the children in the Great Hall. They watched as the great barn owl fought back against the invisible hand that grabbed her, but to no avail."

I have heard so many books use descriptors like feel like "to no avail" "invisible force" etc. Furthermore, would an owl know it lost all those feathers?

This review is by no means a flame. I really liked the story, just saying this bit was a bit awkward. I really enjoyed this observation:

The woman shoved Clio off the table and she had no choice but to fly away again, out of the Great Hall and away from the once happy children in yellow and black.

The fact that we observe the change in the childrens' faces, they were 'once happy'. Also the whole conceit of what Carrow did here to the owl really established her wickedness and I really liked the way it set the scene.

Another bit of smart dialogue was the fat lady, even in this situation, demanding standards and her traditions are maintained. Plus she is always a petty person in the books, I like how the paintings have those personalities and yoy portrayed it well. So kudos for this - and the segment surrounding it - I like the idea of the houses and their strict boundaries breaking apart

“My dear boy!” the Fat Lady cried waving her hand at Ernie to stop. “Must you yell?”

I kind of am in in two minds over the introduction to Gryffindor House. I would have loved some monologue or some description, but your story is so slick I am happy it keeps its actions beats and its a fair trade in my view.

Susan suddenly remembered the spells she’d spent her summer practicing with her father. Ever since her Aunt Amelia’s murder, the Bones family had been on edge. Her father had ensured that his only daughter knew as much defensive magic as possible, but still, Susan went to bed every night plagued with fears and nightmares. If someone like Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement couldn’t survive, what hope did she have?"

I think you could have expanded on this and attached a greater microscope to her fears and insecurities. Though I like that you sowed the seed in my mind. Your ability to make me interested in characters that get less attention from JKR due to the Harry-centric nature of the tale is marvellous. So well played there.

Ok, then we get to the Padma/Parvati scene. The construct set before us was so strong it worked and I felt emotion. I think here you could have gone into more detail, or more dialogue between the characters or given me more inclusion in the suffering. That sounded sadistic, but what I meant was I needed to understand Padma's fragility and have the horror of what the carrows were doing emphasised. I think you described Parvati's emotions better, but I did think the "Parvati felt it again, her heart ripping out of her chest," was cliched. There is more ways of showing this emotion than heart references in my view. It doesn't tell us anything specific about Parvati.

But it does enough, and I like how the multi perspectives keep me on my toes and see everything as part of a greater whole.


“Thank you Professor Carrow,” Tracey smirked at Seamus as she composed herself again. “Looks like you won’t be going after all, Finnegan.”

This was brilliant. The whole trade off. The dialogue of Finnegan, Dobby, Tracey and the trick with the carrows.

I think it was nigh on flawless and explained the reality of how they ended up in Room of Requirement really well.

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Review #20, by TreacleTart Room 101

11th April 2016:
Hey Stefanie!

I'm so excited that you've already posted the next chapter! After the last one left me on the edge of my seat, I truly just had to know what would happen next.

This chapter is by far the darkest one yet. I almost feel weird saying that I really liked it because it's about some of my favorite characters being tortured, but I think the inspiration/concept for it was genius. Psychological torture is often times far more effective than physical torture. You demonstrated that very clearly here.

I think that in my opinion Neville's particular torture is the worst because it's been something that has haunted him since he was a baby. At least Luna and Ginny have some happy memories to hold onto in the darkness, but Neville never had any positive memories with his parents. And something about the imagery of four death eaters hitting his mother with a cruciatus curse was just heart breaking. And then imaging his father scrambling around, all tied up trying to save her. It's just agonizing. It truly made me feel uncomfortable, which is what a scene like this should do.

Part of me is really mad at Parvati for making Luna, Ginny, and Neville turn themselves in because this is the result. But on the other hand, I understand that she was trying to save her friends. Even if she hadn't gone after them, I bet they would've turned themselves in anyway after hearing Seamus scream. That's just the kind of people they are.

I can't imagine that Seamus, Lavender, Ernie, and everyone else will just sit around while the three of them suffer. I firmly believe that once they are healed up a bit, they'll go and start a rescue mission.

I do have a tiny bit of CC for this particular chapter. Normally, I notice that your writing is really polished and clean, but in this particular chapter, I noticed a few typos. None of them are anything major, just little things to clean up when you have time.

helped Ernie get Seamus onto on the soft sofa before slumping down herself. – either onto the soft sofa or on the soft sofa

, she didn’t run him like before. – run to him
it seemed to move, swirl around him. – move and swirl

To wispy, not real enough – too

, her wild, curly hair waving in the wind wild around her face. – maybe change one of the usages of Wild to something else

The other hooded figures, the reach raised their wands and pointed them towards Alice until four – each raised

All in all, this chapter was excellently done. You spared us the gruesome physical torture and did something far worse by playing on fears and psychology. This story is by far one of my favorites on HPFF so far and I have high expectations for future chapters.

Let me know when you have the next chapter up.


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Review #21, by PaulaTheProkaryote Room 101

10th April 2016:
Hello lovely person! I'm here for the BvB and because my soul couldn't stay away.

Just like that Tracey let them go? That's the most suspicious thing I've read all day! I'm so happy that Seamus is okay though. I've worried about him ever since I read the last chapter! Of course they turned themselves in though. They had to! I really think it says something about each of their characters though. Yes, they are looking out for the greater good, but they are also looking out for each other. Maybe even more so at this point.

I really like that you added the window in the cell because I think if you can see the stars, see the free world, there's always hope. No matter how dark the things they experience, it's going to be okay and the world is worth fighting for.

Oh no, Tom's diary is next level torture for Ginny. You are so evil. You really have a mind for this kind of stuff! I felt myself internally screaming at her to just not even touch it! You did a really excellent job writing that though. I felt her anxiety and desperation.

I never really thought much about what Tom would say to her until now. The words you chose make perfect sense now though. Of course he'd be manipulative and emotionally abusive.

The 'just a boggart' line really outlines how intelligent Ginny is because I don't think too many people can think rationally when facing their worst fear. I'm fairly afraid that this encounter with this boggart might set her back considerable with her progress in sleeping.

My favorite line was "His voice dripped like thick honey over her, coating her, freezing her like a bug in amber." Not only is it incredibly descriptive, but it's just so poetic. Gorgeous word selection!

I really enjoyed each of the perspectives and how different they were for each of the characters. You really seemed to put some thought into what would most torment each of the characters and how they would handle it.

Neville's experience was much worst to me though. Not to diminish Ginny's trauma, but Neville had to see his mother going through that kind of torment I think would end up haunting him even more than it already does.

Luna's was something I hadn't anticipated. Sometimes, despite her oddness, she just seems so put together. It's hard for me to imagine her in that kind of emotional pain.

I know that I harp on and on about characterization, but it definitely is one of your strengths. The characters are so very dynamic and just real.

I LOVED the tie in to 1984. I recognized it when I first read the chapter title and I can say that it truly lived up to my expectations. You did such an excellent job. I desperately hope that despite how effective this tactic probably is, it doesn't break them down too desperately. Even if it does, I think when Harry, Ron, and Hermione comes back it'll reawaken their hope. The chapter was up wicked fast just like you promised! I can't wait for the next one!

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Review #22, by victoria_anne Glavlit

10th April 2016:
Hello my darling ♥

Uh oh... We got the Slytherins out! I'm glad they can't find the Silver Trio though, they must be hiding in the Room of Requirement!

Argh oh no, Tracey is clever, I'll give her that :/ I like how we get to see the bad guys planning their plans instead of them just happening! Ooh, Tracey is scary!

Aw the poor Patils! It's awful that they have to deal with what's going on with them in the castle, but also their family outside. You do a great job in capturing the horror and desperate times of a war.

Oh God! So they actually have Dobby?! Argh! This is terrible!

What a heart wrenching, dark chapter, but you still handle it so well. Can't wait to keep reading!

♥ B

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Review #23, by oldershouldknowbetter Trojan Horse

9th April 2016:
Hello I'm here for our swap. I'll skip over the proceeding chapter, and come back to review it some other time - there will be future BvBs.

The flight of Clio the owl is a good connector into the first two chapters. It also serves to show that the Carrows have some intelligence when they intercept the owl, they may be evil, but they are not stupid.

Ernie and Susan - both good inclusions from the ranks of whom we know from the books - leave to find their remaining Gryffindor mates - the ones that want to be found. They are informed of the development from the previous chapter - the abduction of Dobby.

It is good how you have them all mucking in and wanting to help each other and people in need (albeit, that it's a House-elf in need). It shows a camaraderie that would develop between people in such times. But for once it's not the Gryffindors who want to rush in, no they want a plan first.

The way you have Susan Bones knowing some advanced defensive magic is very well done. I really like it, it's perfect characterisation for her and for her family as well. Having past family members fall to the Death Eaters and current ones too, the Bones would be as on alert as the Weasleys and other members of the Order too.

We see things for a time from the perspective of Parvati. It's good to do so and puts us more in touch with her feelings and how she sees things. It is good the way you are doing this, sharing the POV around, as it allows us to touch bases with a lot of the people left behind at Hogwarts at this time, It allows us to see a fuller picture of all the events that you are detailing.

One thing this passage does is bring up the conceit that you started in the last chapter: that of the lack of food, and the poor quality of what they have. As I've said in my other reviews, I don't have any particular head-cannon associated with this area and time at all. So I'm open to anything that you are including. I'm not that sure about this severe lack of food that you have established. It does fit in though, the reasons you gave in your last chapter were sound and logical. And furthermore, we know from the books of JKR, that Harry, et al, were not living high themselves. I hadn't really thought about it, but it does make sense. And the best thing that can be said about it, and this reason trumps nearly any other, is that it is good for your story. It provides another avenue for drama and will throw necessary elements into the plot to come.

Parvati has been reduced to a wraith of her former self by the shortage of food (and her twin's punishment) and it's unsettling to read about - probably your intention as this is going to be a harrowing tale. Luckily we know it has a happy resolution ... eventually. But for now, the kids are going to suffer.

When Parvati finds her twin however, it gets even worse. She has to stay with her, and the others can see that there will be no drawing her away and that she might not have been the best continuing with them, in her weakened state.

The others leave in search of Dobby.

I like how, with an economy of words, you have differentiated the different characters of the Slytherins. Tracey is nasty and tetchy, Pansy is bored.

The plan is a pretty good one, and seems to work on the other students.

Yes it is, until the Carrows arrive. I like how you have them complimenting Tracey - they would reward loyalty to their sick aims. The action scene is well done and has a surprising ending - Dobby escapes.

He goes to and rescues the twins and takes them to the Room of Requirement. Parvarti lashing out at the trio that she knows she will find there is a bit harsh, but is not unexpected from someone who has endured what she has. She is interrupted by the sound of the doom laden bell of the plot, ringing to bring them out of their place of safety and into the arms of their persecutors.

There will be a lot more harrowing times to come, I feel, before things get better.


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Review #24, by Gabriella Hunter Trojan Horse

8th April 2016:
HELLO! >:)

Thank you a ton for the lovely review that you left for Marry Me! You already know who this is! *Dances around to disco music*

Argh, what are you doing to me?! I don't think I can take it! I've been waiting ages for this chapter to come out and I'm so happy that you've started writing again because this is one of my favorite stories. I was so tense reading this, you did such a good job of layering the impending fight!

I like the varying POV in this chapter too, I thought it was interesting to start this off from Clio's. I mean, when do we ever get an owl's perspective on anything? What I liked here though was the innocence in her observations, she knew something was wrong and the only thing she wanted was to see her Luna. It really makes me hate the Carrows more when they take something personal from the kids and defile it, simply for the sick pleasure it gives them.

Totally not cool, man.

And then we have our little band of fighters! I don't see Ernie or Susan being used often in fanfics but I like that you included them here. It was great to see the others through their eyes and I was seriously worried about Parvati. You really took an interesting turn with her character, I think.

You had me thinking that when they rushed to save Dobby that Parvati, because of how weak she was, would be the first one captures. I liked the twist that you went with! And poor Padma! The Carrows are terrible and I got the chills reading that particular sequence.

The following fight with the Slytherins and later the Carrows themselves was very well written. It was bloody, desperate and I could just feel the Carrow's hatred for the children. Writing this sort of thing isn't easy either, so well done!

But that ending! Parvati, I think has a valid reason for being angry with Ginny and the others but I don't think they're going to have time to sort through it right now. Seamus needs them and argh, my heart kind of stopped beating for a minute! How could you?!

Update soon! Like, tomorrow or I'll get ya.

Much love,


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Review #25, by dreamgazer220 Prologue

8th April 2016:
Hi Stefanie! Here for our review swap :)

In less than 1,000 words, you've managed to hook me into this story. There's no dialogue, but it doesn't matter. This chapter doesn't need it.

I love the idea of Luna's father giving her gifts, and her distributing them. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the DA, but since you never specified, it leaves an air of mystery and intrigue which I really, really like.

You have some great descriptions here too. I could feel both Ernie and Susan get excited over the quills, and I love that they seemed to know what it was/it didn't matter because it was a meaningful gift from Luna.

I have a feeling these gifts have some kind of greater significance, and I can't wait to find out what that is!

Really, really great start here. I'm definitely adding this to my reading list, though it might take me a little while to get back here.

Thanks for the swap and the great read!


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