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Review #1, by AlmaVK Intellectually Equal

9th February 2017:
Hi! I really enjoyed this story, there is so little we know of Madam Pomfrey! TBH I enjoyed it until "Iíll go by Poppy Pomfrey." From here in, I got a bit bored, but the first part was deffinitely a good read - thank you for posting!

Author's Response: Thank you! We know the idea is a little weird, but we hope you could enjoy the backstory.

Thank you so much for reviewing! It means a lot to us!

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Review #2, by looneylizzie Intellectually Equal

19th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor!

So, Iíve had this on my reading list since the results for the Unsung Hero Challenge came out, and now Iíve finally got a reason to read it!! YAY!

First of all, Iím absolutely AMAZED at the way that you portrayed Poppy. I absolutely loved her backstory. The relationship between her and Riddle, and the fact that she saw right through himÖ I love it. Itís a wonderful way of taking such an unknown character and bringing her to light.

I did want to mention one thing - the fact that Riddle revealed everything to her so easily feels a little off. I can understand him revealing it to her, since they were such good friends, and since he saw her as an equal on an intellectual level, it makes sense that he would try to recruit her. But I think he gave it away too quickly. He told her so much in just a few short sentences - which doesnít feel like Riddle - he was too private for that.

Then again, it makes sense that, in revealing his motivations to her, and it ending badly, the THEN became more reserved and refused to tell anyone else.

I can also understand her keeping it all to herself, instead of telling Dumbledore right away. That makes plenty of sense, especially since it gives Dumbledore time to figure it all out himself. I did like that.

Anyway, this story is PHENOMENAL. I love, Love, LOVE the backstory. Itís incredibly creative - very out of the box from what Iíve seen before - which is a really good thing! You did it very well and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I kinda wish that this was longerÖ maybe a multi-chaptered storyÖ itís such a good idea, and itíd be really cool to see everything in more detail.

*sighs* But alas, I must be satisfied with this fantastic one-shot. *Adds to favorites*

Absolutely wonderful job ladies! I can definitely understand why this came in second place!!

Keep writing!

(And sorry for this ridiculously long review. It seems that I'm incapable of writing short ones.)

Author's Response: Don't you love it when things work out like that? (even if Gryffindor beat Hufflepuff in this round of the Amazing Race) ;)

The idea for this story came up to me (Georgina) of someone close to Riddle being against his plans. It was very complicated in my dream, but I used a (strong) reality filter to create this little beauty.

Yes, it seemed quick even for us, but we assumed over the years we didn't write about Riddle found he could trust her on more magical issues. Besides, I can hardly keep the things I'm excited about from my best friend (oh, and Freda too :P), I can't imagine anyone being so private they share NOTHING with ANYONE.

Yeah, that way it stays canon.

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, for the Unsung Hero challenge it had to be a one-shot. We can't thank you enough for making it a favorite!

Again, thank you so much for the feedback on this; you are too kind!
And we love long reviews, even though it seems I'm incapable of writing a long one.

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Review #3, by wolfgirl17 Intellectually Equal

29th June 2015:
Hey Freda&Georgina,

Wolfgirl here to check out your entry for my challenge. And WOW! This story had so much too it. I find myself left with so many questions, like what Poppy's name was before and why Tom was so intrigued by her? Were they ever an item?

This was a really powerful story and I really enjoyed reading it. Awesome job on showing Poppy to be one of the Unsung Heroes of the series. I will be posting the result for the challenge just as soon as I have everyone's entries in and through the queue.

Great story you too. You did a good job writing Tom too =)


Author's Response: Freda here! Georgina gets all the credit for this idea. Wow/jaw drop was my first reaction too!) But for answers: 1. it's so secret that only Poppy and Riddle and Dumbledore knows (not even us authors know!) and only Poppy survived the series of those three. (Uh, spoilers if you somehow didn't know that.)
2. Only as much as her quick wit and intellect went. If they were the same age they might have been friends; as much as is possible for Voldemort.
3. Uh no just "friends" with a high respect for each other and mutual intellectual curiosity. But for Voldemort being incapable of love, this is probably as close as it can really get.

Thanks so much for the review!! We look forward to seeing the results!


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Review #4, by lilysprayer Intellectually Equal

16th June 2015:
That was brilliant! I love the concept, Rowling never really talked about Madame Pomfrey so your story meshes in really well with the original story. You guys wrote the interchanging between thoughts and flashbacks well, which is a really hard thing to do.
The only thing I would say is that your story didn't come across as a letter, it seemed more like Madame P thinking over things, maybe after the war, so when you talked about the reader giving the note to Minerva etc it took a moment for me to figure out what you meant. I think that making it more clear that the story is a letter or note would help. Other than that, I definitely agree that you wrote the young Tom Riddle well!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I (Georgina) had a dream about someone Voldemort was close to disagreeing with his plans and used the concept to create this (I don't recommend using dreams for plunnies, it only works occasionally).

Alright, we'll remember that for the future.

Again, thank you so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

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