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Reading Reviews for Rediscovery
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Review #1, by looneylizzie i. stolen glances

15th July 2015:
Hello! Iím here reviewing your entry for my Animagus Challenge!

Well, I have to say, although there isnít anything in here specifically about Animagi, Iím extremely interested in the little things you did mention. I liked the details about the library you came up with - the ďMagical Library of the British IslesĒ - thatís really cool. Not many people come up with stuff like that.

The same goes for the title of one of the books Hugo was reading - ďRecent Developments in Self-TranfigurationĒ - it sounds just like the kind of book someone would study before attempting to become an Animagus. I like it when authors come up with specific details about something in the Harry Potter Universe that arenít canon, but seem like theyíd fit in just perfectly. Itís awesome.

Anyway, Iíll definitely be following this as you add to it! Itís VERY intriguing and I canít wait to find out more!

Thanks for entering! This was a great story and I really enjoyed reading it!
Keep writing!

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Review #2, by Veritaserum27 i. stolen glances

9th July 2015:
Hi there Katie!

I'm working my way through my promised reviews for the "Whose Line is It Anyway?" challenge issued in the Ravenclaw common room! I hope it's okay with you that just picked the stories on my own?

I admit, I wasn't sure about this pairing at first, but now I'm totally into it! It makes so much sense - Ron and Hermione's son - and yes with the unruly brown curls! I'm so down with this Hugo. I really, really hope you're planning to continue with this story because I want to know why Hugo's there in the library and why Scorpius won't be in tomorrow. I need more of this couple.

I did find one line that seemed a bit off to me. Here:

The pair of witches Ė one with long, ginger hair, who had been excitedly explaining the story of the Iliad to her mousey-haired friend, who had ignored her Runes translation to listen Ė who had not only provided a welcome distraction with their conversation but had also been sitting directly between Scorpiusí desk and the table Hugo was working at, had left twenty minutes before, and there was no longer anything blocking his view.

This one seemed like a bit of a run-on. It only stands out because your work is always so well done, technically speaking.

And I love the fact that they were from Ravenclaw and Slytherin - and I think I love it even more because I can't be 100% sure who was in which house. Great job writing this pairing and I can't wait to read more!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by tangledconstellations i. stolen glances

19th June 2015:

Wow, this is a super cool first chapter! I love the idea of Scorpius working in a library, it's really satisfying somehow - perhaps because I don't imagine Draco would ever do the same :P I love the way Scorpius spoke here - he comes across as quite sharp and catty, but obviously we know that inside his head he's totally freaking out about not letting on that he was watching Hugo! I suspect this is a guise he's put up - and their quite cutting exchange a moment ago is really exciting, and makes me keen to see how the rest of their interactions will go.

You've set up a number of questions in this chapter, which is always good because now I'm looking forwards to read on. Why is Huge reading up on transfiguration? Is there a reason Scorpius has got a sort of barrier here? I love that already his thoughts are lingering on Hugo though, as though he's drawn to him and he doesn't *really* know why.

This was a great first chapter and I'm excited to see where it will go in c2! Thanks for sharing! :D

Laura xxx

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Review #4, by merlins beard i. stolen glances

16th June 2015:
I'm here for the review I promised.
I already put this on my currently reading list and I'm anxioysly awaiting the next chapter!
This has been great to read. It's clear right from the start that Scorpius' interest in Hugo is more than he admits to himself. I love how much detail you included. The part with the two witches was great. You could have just said something like 'everyone else had already left' but you put a little background story in and I love that so much.

I really can't wait for an update. Thanks for helping me find this amazing story!


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Review #5, by ad astra i. stolen glances

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Katie! What better excuse for me to finally read and review your work than a good old fashioned HC prompt? I apologise in advance because my reviews are going to be nowhere near as detailed and wonderful as yours but I digress

Okay I am so excited for this story and let me tell you why

a) Library dorks.
b) Library dorks in a library that isn't the Hogwarts library be still my heart. please write an entire fic universe about wizarding libraries and archives and universities and other institutions of knowledge
d) scorpius is such a dweeb I love him. dweeb in every universe. bless his soul

And that in turn meant that Scorpius would need to pretend that he hadnít spent the better part of an afternoon staring at his unruly brown curls. this is it. this is the line. the line of perfect longing and no-of-course-i-wasn't-looking-at-you-why-would-i-look-at-you-you're-pretty-help that gives me life. scorpius is a library dweeb and hugo is pretty with Unruly Brown Curls and that is all that matters, ever.


i want to know everything there is to know about this library and the nerds who spend their time there and why Hugo's so interested in self-Transfiguration (Animagus? I assume? intriguing) and I am so excited for this story. This genre suits your writing style down to the ground and I expect wonderful things

also, FIRST.

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