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Reading Reviews for Chandelier
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by adluvshp Chandelier

22nd February 2016:
Hey Nix!

Ooh I really enjoyed reading this! Your characterisation of Pansy is very good. Her actions and thoughts make sense. The way you started this off with the end of the battle was really good. And how Pansy couldn't believe anything was real - it was a very natural reaction. And then her sister leaving, merlin, I felt bad for Pansy. She really did lose everything, and you got that across very well.

Draco breaking up with her was another brutal move. How you showed Pansy breaking apart was perfect, and then I loved how sweet Blaise was throughout, trying to be there for her. It made sense for her to keep pushing him away.

The manner in which Pansy became a 'party girl' was again realistic. Sometimes, it happens that you want to be a whole new person, and after everything she went through, it came across naturally why she'd behave the way she did. I liked how you didn't go into explicit detail about her lifestyle but told us enough to understand what she was doing and what was going on. The whole "being numb" to everything was perfect.

Gah I loved the ending bit. I am so glad everything came together. Blaise confessed he liked her. It was so adorable that he hung around all these years for her. And her contemplating on this ordeal was cute. I was happy she decided to take his advice, turn her life around, and be with Blaise - he is a good guy. Loved your portrayal of him.

All in all, this flowed smoothly and had a brilliant narrative. Your dialogues were great and the overall plot and characterisation was superb. As always, I loved your writing. Great take on Pansy!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review, Angie! I'm so glad you liked this story! Even though I am planning on completely rewriting to make it flow better and add more backstory to it.


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Review #2, by merlins beard Chandelier

7th January 2016:
Hey Nix,
I'm here for the review swap I asked for as Tammi's secret santa :)

This was great... I've wanted to come here and read your stories for a while now, but life has the tendency to get in the way sometimes.

I really like how you write pansy, but what i like even more is what you did with Blaise here. He's really a sweet guy and he shows determination and a will to fight for what he wants, to stick it out for as long as necessary. Not many guys would do that. I think after Pansy's childhood, it's only natural that she reacts like this to her parents' deaths. She isn't sad that they're gone, but relieved that they can't hurt her anymore and lonely because even though her parents always yelled at her and tried to change her, make her something she doesn't really want to be, even though they only sent her letters to tell her how she's a bad daughter... the fact that they did yell and send those letters means that they must have cared about her enough to want her to change for them.
I really don't like Primrose. She's a self-centered... you know what...

There's one thing that confused me a little - how do draco and his parents end up in the great hall after the battle? And why isn't draco being punished for his crimes?

I loved reading this, thank you for swapping with me.

♥ Anja

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so happy you finally stopped by! Even though this story is definitely not my best and needs to be completely rewritten...

Although, I've had a lot of conflicting comments about Blaise, and Pansy's childhood, and I'm glad that you kind of get what's going on with Pansy and Blaise. I honestly don't think the parents cared all that much about her personally, just about how she could better the family name by marrying into a better family name. Primrose is definitely not meant to be liked, lol. I would be concerned if someone did like her.

I don't know about the Draco bit. Like I said this does need to be rewritten so I may have to remove Draco and his parents from the Great Hall if they really aren't supposed to be there when I finally get around to doing that. This was written in such a short amount of time and the rewrite will hopefully be a lot more in depth and bring a lot more of Pansy's situation to light. I am by no means done writing Pansy, I have multiple stories in the works for her, some connected, some not connected at all. I think there's just so much one can do with her character and I really enjoy exploring her personality and changing the way people view her.

Thanks again for stopping by! And for being such an awesome Secret Snowflake to Tammi!


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Review #3, by notreallyblonde44 Chandelier

18th September 2015:
Hiya Nix! Review, review, reviews for you part III :)

*drool* banner. Really sets the high class tone of this one-shot! And a Sia reference, yes!! Love her to pieces, and anything with a Slytherin-focused cast.

Oof, poor girl losing her parents! I bet she didnít see that coming indeed. Sheís very warped about her surroundings: / Though they didnít seem ideal, losing someone that youíve always had around and likely taken for granted isnít easy. Sheís, she so cold about it though. Very scary! Her observations were interesting. I donít think she really would have connected Crabbeís death, but maybe sheís more intelligent/better at deductive reasoning than I give her credit for.

Pansyís sister, who? Curious. There scene was very awkward and they were not remotely sisterly or affectionate. Which is very pureblooded of them, but Iím curious why you gave Pansy a sister? I donít know if it really added another layer to Pansyís characterization. To be honest it didnít give her any further depth or deepen my understanding of her behavior. Maybe itís because the sister is just mentioned casually and already leaves? I guess I donít get it, sorry. Also, wasnít she not supposed to talk about her, telling Draco and Blaise seems very off to me, but maybe Pansy doesnít care at all. That wouldnít shock me. Does she not have a Houseelf to be around here at all?

Pansy really doesnít get that Draco doesnít give a fig for her, delusional much? Yup, sheís brainwashed. Iím glad Blaise called her out on it, she needed a reality check. Your summary is spot on, sheís not handling it well. I think itís a very accurate portrayal of her character post-War. All the shocks are a real blow to her system. Poor thing. Uhm, people couldnít recognize her from her hair color? Interesting as well. (Itís creepy that she chose blonde, I must admit lol)

Lol, are those two dudes still in the room during the Blaise/Pansy? That was an interesting plot-twist/reveal. Hopefully Blaise will help restore Pansyís sense of self now thatís sheís got someone to turn to again. Sheís very insecure, and itís so sad to watch her drown herself in alcohol :( I think her quick jump to Blaise shows how lost she is, and what sheíll do to ensure sheís not alone or without someone to guide her in life. Not the best reason to start a romance, and she was quick to be like ďOKĒ, but weíll she show she fairs, I guess. At least sheís not alone anymore. She does seem some comfort, sheís been through an awful lot. Hopefully Blaise is good for her and understands her in a better way than Draco for sure.

Overall I think you picked an interesting time and character post-war. I love post-war and Slytherins, so I enjoyed seeing your take on these events. I think you were realistic with events, but, some CC, maybe not so much with the emotions/feeling in the prose. Granted you choose a character with limited emotional depth/understanding, but she seems to do things without like any thought all around. Which maybe thatís just Pansy, and Iím off base here, but the thoughts and actions lack any feeling to me. Even her sad collapse about being alone in the house, there wasnít so much build up there that it fell kind of flat to me.

Again your command of language and pacing were really good. The short snippets really felt naturally broken out and showed a full view of everything! I hope Iím not being too harsh :/ I think you have a solid backbone for writing and characterization, just a few hitches on the delivery. The hopeful ending is great too and I think you captured a Slytherin post-war reality accurately.

xx Ellie

Author's Response: Hi! I'm slightly afraid to read this review and I'm just gonna say it upfront that I know this is not my best work. This was written with very little time and did not turn out at all the way I wanted it to, and I've been meaning to rewrite it once the challenge entries have been judged and the winners announced but I'm not quite sure when that's going to happen.

But I don't think you're being harsh in this review, there definitely are a lot of issues with this story, and a lot that hasn't been fully fleshed out. I really wanted to include more with her family. I have a whole headcanon set basically on what Pansy's parents are like and how they and her sister treated her growing up, and why she is the way she is. There's just so much that's been left out and hopefully once it's rewritten (I'm planning on turning it into something with multiple chapters) it will all make more sense.

Thanks so much for all the reviews! I really enjoyed reading all of them!


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Review #4, by Gabriella Hunter Chandelier

30th July 2015:

This is Gabbie stopping by with another review for our swap! I thought that I would read and review this story for you since I was such an awful person for not getting to our swap from earlier sooner.

So, Pansy! I really, really love reading stories about her. I think that there's alot going on with her character that can be explored and I never get tired of all the interpretations people come up with. I like this damaged, hardened version of her too, she's obviously very good at hiding her true emotions and I like the eventual break down that happened later.

The story started off so dark and I liked how you weaved all the events in Pansy's life afterward. I don't think I've read a story where her parents were actually hard core Death Eaters and died during the Battle. I thought that was something unique that you did here, it showed that Pansy really didn't know much about her family. From what she was saying, they were incredibly cruel towards her nd I can only imagine what she was feeling, seeing them lying there like that.

I also can't believe that her sister just abandoned her! I would love to find out what happens to her. That was beyond cold and poor Pansy was left alone to reevaluate what was left of their family. That's alot of pressure to go through alone and I was sympathetic with the break up scene. Pansy probably thought of Draco as her last chance at a normal life but he tore that down.

I wish that he had just been honest from the start about seeing Astoria though. I actually had a little grin on my face because we both know that the Draco and Astoria from my stories would rather eat worms than be anywhere near each other. Hahahaha. Anyway, I think that Pansy handled seeing them together well--it was shocking of course but she held her cool until Blaise arrived.

Oh, Blaise.

*Sighs dreamily*

I really thought it was very sly of you to include him in nearly every scene. Pansy reflects on him occasionally but you get glimpses of him here and there, the most powerful scene being that he stops her from self-destructing. That spoke alot about him as a person and I really loved that angle of him, he wasn't this haughty beast that decided he was going to, "Save" Pansy. He genuinely cared about her and wanted to see her happy again, I think that you wrote the final interaction with them so perfectly.

So...Pastoria? Pastoria for life!



Author's Response: Hi! It's totally okay! You got here eventually, lol.

I'm glad you enjoyed this! I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm planning to rewrite and include a lot more scenes, from Pansy's childhood with her parents and sister, to scenes during her Hogwarts years, the war, the aftermath, the partying and fitting the song into the story better, Blaise. It's going to be a much longer thing once I get around to it.

Yes, even though it's a very quick glimpse this Draco and Astoria are very different from yours lol. There's no comparison really. And yes, Blaise. I think I actually did make a point to sort of mention him in most of the scenes, because originally I didn't do that, and when he came in at the end, it just seemed very out of nowhere. So, I wanted to show that whether or not he was actually in the scene he was around basically. And I'm glad you enjoyed his interaction with Pansy at the end. Some other reviewers didn't like it, or thought he came on too strong or controlling, and I didn't see it that way, but maybe I need to tweak it a bit.

Pastoria? When did we get there exactly? lol. That'd be interesting though. If Astoria and Pansy ditched Draco to be together... I'd read it.

Anyway, thanks so much for this review! I really enjoyed reading it! And again I'm so glad you enjoyed this story! Look out for the rewrite, if it ever happens. I think that might be even more up your alley.


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Review #5, by pointless_proclamations Chandelier

28th June 2015:

I love that you set up the time and place immediately and in the most natural way. It got me proper excited about where this story is going because POST-BATTLE-OF-HOGWARTS-SLYTHERINS! WOO.

"I can only imagine how many of us would have survived such an ordeal." Is such a wonderfully self-preserving sentence for someone to think and seeing now that that someone is PANSY PARKINSON. I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED NOW. I think this is one of the most beautiful portrayals of Pansy Parkinson I have ever seen. In her, you've developed such a novel character. She is absolutely delightful to read the way you've written her. Her reactions to her friends crying, the dead bodies around her, all these emotions. . . priceless.

Pansy's conversation with Blaise was wonderful and did well to open Pansy's character up more to readers. That establishes ground for so much empathy for her character. I LOVE IT! Every emotion that Pansy feels, I feel. Your writing is emotional effective that way.

You have made me into goo with that last scene. SO MUCH ADORBS. :P Nix, all these feelings!! SO MANY FEELINGS IN A ONE-SHOT. I ADORE THIS. You write fantastically well. ♥

Much love,
Em (your new fan)

Author's Response: Aww Em!

Em. Em. Em. Em. EM!

You're so nice, it's ridiculous, and I love it. I don't even know how to respond to this it's so freaking nice. And I'm so glad you love the story, even if I think it needs a lot of work and will be much better once I have the time to rewrite it into a short story.

But alas, you are amazing and this review is the sweetest thing ever.


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Review #6, by rosiful Chandelier

27th June 2015:
Hey Nix!
Since you always read my story, I though I'd pop over and read some of yours!

This was a very interesting read. I never really thought of Pansy Parkinson's character too much -I just always remember her as the mean pug-faced girl always with Draco, but I think you've made her quite likable in this story, without making her OOC -which is awesome!

The first half of the story I thought was really great. Since we never see during/straight after the war from the Slytherin's perspective, it was definitely a great time period to expand on. Pansy acted exactly how I would image her to in that same circumstance. Even though she always keeps a cold demeanor, she was still in shock and disbelieving of what had happened. I felt quite sorry for her then.

I don't know how I feel about Blaise's character though. I want to like him and be happy for him to be with Pansy, but he just comes off a bit too forceful.

Overall, it was a good story.
I like the idea of making it a short story, there are quite a few different scenes here, it would be great if they were expanded a bit more!

Slytherin House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by and checking this out! I really enjoy writing Pansy, and there's a lot I want to say about her, but this story just did not turn out the way I wanted. I was super rushed trying to finish it and I just wanted able to put my words into writing properly. But I do really hope to do better when I finally rewrite it into a short story, then I can focus more on the different scenes. I especially want to rewrite Blaise because I think he did come off too strong and just out of nowhere really. Thank you so much again for the review!


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Review #7, by Dojh167 Chandelier

4th June 2015:

The way you started the story with all of the Slytherins being freed and seeing the castle after the battle was very interesting. I had never thought about this, but it was a scene that must have happened unless the Slytherins escaped during the battle (which some of them did, to fight). It was a very interesting scene to read. The idea of locking the Slytherins up in the first place has always bothered me, and I really like the emotional nuances that you added to it and Pansy's thought that maybe it had been the best place for her after all.

Your first sentence reads a little awkwardly and is not the strongest start for a story as interesting as this. Just from a grammar standpoint, it is weird because it makes it sound like McGonagall is he subject: "After hours of sitting in the common room with my fellow Slytherins, ..., McGonagall finally came down to release us from the dungeons."

Your dialogue in this really varies. I felt that Pansy's lines all felt extremely natural an clearly showed her character's voice. However, some of the minor characters' dialogue came off as sounding too stiff and lifeless, particularly Primrose and Draco. Whatever you are doing to get into the emotional mindset of the major characters is working - maybe you can apply that to your minor characters as well.

I would have liked to see the story title more directly incorporated. I get that it's the name of the song that you reference, but it still feels very disconnected, especially to those of us who aren't familiar with the song.

I personally found Blaise very aggressive and demeaning. To me it is always a red flag when a man tries to judge and take control of a woman's lifestyle choices in that way. Especially when she tells him not to. I don't think this is the effect you were hoping to have with his character, so I thought I'd let you know.

I think it's an interesting idea to expand this into a sort story with different chapters for each encounter. It would be nice to be able to get a little deeper into each scene. At the same time, the first half of the story in which Pansy systematically loses everything is very effective in one-shot form.

Good job wit this one - it was a very interesting read!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for reviewing! This story does need a lot of work, I know. I was very rushed when writing this and was not really able to get my point across. It was very hard for me to get into this story, but I hope I have better luck in the rewrite. I think making this into multiple chapters could make it so much better and really fill in the reader on Pansy's life.

Draco and Primrose could definitely use more work. And Blaise did come off a bit strong. I need to work on him.

I'm glad you thought the story was very interesting and different. Thank you so much for the advice!


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Review #8, by Infinityx Chandelier

1st June 2015:
Review swap and FIRST REVIEW YAY.

Okay, I'm going to be gushing a lot, but before I do so, I'll get the small negatives out of the way very quickly. Quite a few typos to clean up, Nix. Just read through this, you'll spot them. I don't do much of britpicking but certain things that stood out to me:
Mom is American. Mum is British.
wanna, gonna, stuff like that are American. Want to is British. Although people are talking this way and maybe Pansy could, it just struck me as a little odd.

Now for the squeeing.

I absolutely LOVE that this was written to fill in the gap after the war. We don't see Pansy at all after the Slytherins are sent away and I've always felt that that was a potentially great time period that could be written about and I'm so glad you did! I can totally picture Pansy behaving in this way, trying to drink away her sorrows and get rid of her loneliness by partying and hooking up with random guys. My head canon for her is kind of similar as well when it comes to her being with Draco because her parents wanted her to. And I also love that we see the new side of Draco after the war, that was a great bit of detail.

Pansy's voice is SO interesting in this one shot. When she enters the Great Hall, it seems like she's so detached from the rest of the world. Even when she's given the news about her parents, she'S only shocked that they fought in the war for Voldemort's side, and she didn't have any strong emotions about their death. That makes me really wonder just what her relationship with them was like. I would love it if you wrote something about that! :D

Ooh, and this is the first time I've read her having a sister and that was BRILLIANT. It makes sense to have her abandoned by her sister as the final thing that breaks her in the end. And of course, add Draco to that and SO MUCH ANGST. I LOVE.

BLAISE IS TOTALLY AMAZING AND LOVABLE. My Blaise is gay but I think I'll be okay with him dating Pansy after reading him in this. :P
Haha, seriously, I love the way you've characterized him here. The way he's been hanging out with Draco just to be around Pansy and watch over her is... kinda creepy, but sweet too given the condition their world was in. :D

You've incorporated that quote into the challenge really well too! And I love that this is a happy ending!

Your writing, of course, is lovely. Everything flows smoothly and it's easy to read and visualize. There were a couple of places where it seemed a tiny bit rushed but they weren't too much so that's not much of a problem.

Great job here! Thank you for the swap! ♥

Author's Response: Okay, so I am finally attempting to reply to this. First of all, this story was very rushed and not done at all the way I originally wanted so that is why it sounds rushed and there's so many typos. When I have the time I do want to go back and just rewrite this from scratch, and really show her childhood, too, along with the post war stuff.

My Pansy is always a much more heartbreaking story than what we see in the books. We know nothing of her really. And I know Jo hates her and she's just this flat character, but I think there could be SO MUCH MORE to a character like this.

So yeah, I want to rewrite this into a multiple-chaptered story when I get the time. I'm glad that you love her detachedness from her family though and her sister. And Blaise is very lovable I think. I need to kind of work him in better though, I think. He came into the story kind of poorly. I'd prefer it if he didn't seem creepy, lol.

I hope you come back to check this out when I finally get the chance to rework it into something hopefully much better.

Thanks so much for the swap!


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