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Reading Reviews for Finally Reunited
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Review #1, by The Summer Snake Finally Reunited

28th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

This was a lovely little piece. I loved how this played out - showing Harry reuniting with his family after death. The idea of James reflecting on his life in the 'great beyond' was also very interesting and I enjoyed the glimpse of his life with Lily.

You made the after-death place sound very warm and nice and normal and that was great. I like how Harry was greeted at the end. The descriptions overall were good and I liked the flashback a lot.

All in all, good work! Your writing is nice and you certainly have room for improvement! Keep writing other good stuff like this =) I am glad to have slithered by!

*showers confetti and flowers* Have a nice summer!

Now I'll be off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: I know that it's late to reply but thank you for reviewing my fic. I'm really glad that you liked it :3

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Review #2, by marauderfan Finally Reunited

28th May 2015:
Hello! I don't think I'd read any of your work before so I'm very lucky you posted about reviews or I don't know that I would have seen this - and I'm so glad I found this story!

Ahh, this is just such a cool idea and what I love is just how entirely open ended it is. There are so many possible explanations for when and where this is happening and its making me think so much, which is exactly what good writing should do. Here are my guesses.

This seems to me to be set after the deaths of James and Lily, as in the beginning James is reflecting on the good and bad in his life. And then at the end they are meeting Harry - which, ahh, so many feels. So this could be after Harry's death and he has gone to join his parents wherever they are, beyond.

Or, and I think this is my favorite interpretation of it, this takes place when Harry is looking into the Mirror of Erised in first year. The group mentioned at the end is various other members of the family, and Harry is standing in the doorway (aka frame of the mirror!) to greet them and see their faces. I just love the idea of that scene from the other side, from those who are in the mirror. It's not quite a reunion, but it's almost. Ahh.

Am I close? :p Regardless, I really enjoyed reading this. Lovely work.

Author's Response: I left it open deliberately to let people decide for themselves just because imagination is the best in these scenarios. I personally wrote it in mind of Ignotus Peverelle, the third brother, and how he 'greeted death as an old friend and went with him gladly, and, as equals they departed this life'. So this is set, in my mind, when Harry is very old and lived a long life. He's just gotten to the afterlife and about to catch up with everyone and it's just wonderful. I do like the mirror of Erisid idea as well and it's definitely an option so you're closer with the first option but it is open to whatever the reader thinks.

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Review #3, by FriendofMolly Finally Reunited

28th May 2015:
That was sweet and interesting, but it sounded like the memory came from James, not Harry.
PS I would have like to have had actual contact with James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Dora, and Fred.

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought so and yeah it was meant to be from James' perspective I just didn't want that to be evident until the end. I was going to include it and, in my mind, if I had continued it there definitely would have been a lot more contact between all of them and Harry I just decided to stop it there to leave it to the readers mind to decide how it played out.

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