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Reading Reviews for Learn To Love Again
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Aleine Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

30th September 2015:
Draco is a character I love. I don't know why, but any sort of ship, disaster or even a bad story about him is amazing for me to read.

So I've read hundreds of stories about him, and I really know what I'm talking about when it comes to this review.

You've captured his character excellently. A lot of people who write about Draco either overdo the Bad-boy or they overdo the new-good-Draco. You haven't done either of that. His carefree nature, his impression of himself, his aura and the general meticulous nature that runs in his blood were all nicely done. I'd have preferred it if you've made him fight more before giving in and agreeing to go for rehabilitation. But apart from that, his characterization was spot on.

you have built the atmosphere nicely. It was a good approach to start off with his feelings and attitude that morning. It gave us insight of his character as well as the atmosphere in the wizarding world as an impact of his actions. You hadn't forgotten the little details, such as personal hygiene, food and his self-conscious nature. These little details are what makes a story real and alive, as it gives the plot more realism and relativity. Job well done there :)

There were no grammatical errors that I could see. There was only one omission in this sentence;

I have no doubt that you’ve dried out a bit, you’ll be able to behave yourself properly.”

That "once" you've dried out a bit. The once is missing.

I do wish that you'd given us more context to who Draco really is when this scenario took place. After the war he went through some serious changes, and each author sees this change differently. Even though this story gives us a glimpse, it doesn't give context as to what he is doing and what stage of change he is currently in. If you had given that, this one-shot would have been absolutely spotless and perfect.

Apart from that there are absolutely no complains. Overall, this story is very well written. The plot selection for the one-shot is amazing, and you have nailed characterization. Your grammar is good, and you're sentence construction is meticulous.

Please do keep requesting reviews :) It was a pleasure reading your work!

With love and chocolates

Author's Response: Hi Aleine,

I enjoy Draco as well.

I do always try to keep my characters as in line with cannon as possible. I never want anyone to view my characters as OOC.

I'm glad you appreciate the details. Description is my favorite part of writing, so I always work really hard at that.

Thanks for catching that typo.

This story is going to be quite a few chapters longer, so there will be plenty of time to learn all about his prior history. I actually plan for this story to dig quite deeply into that.

Also, perhaps that's what led to the confusion. It seems that you thought this was one-shot, but it's just the first chapter of a 10 chapter short story.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #2, by Frankie05 Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

31st August 2015:
Hey Kaitlin,

I'd thought I'd give your short story some love in hopes that you will continue to work on it. You have such a talent for writing and I bed you had an idea for this that hopefully my tiny review will judge you to continue it :)

Draco has some serious issues that need to be dealt with. He cannot think it okay to live the way he has been living and think that money will get him out of it. Jail time seems like a perfect consequence to outing the magical world (but I'm surprised he is the first one to get drunk enough to do this- maybe we've all been obliviated). His lawyer seems like a good man who actually cares about Draco and his lifestyle choices. How can he threaten to rid of this man who had been with his family for years! But he just comes back with. I'm already well off. But I love the ultimatum. Give a spoiled kid an ultimatum that he doesn't like either option. Yes. Well done.

Your dialogue usuage is very good. Very well done. Not at all forced. It's hard to get that down and you nailed it ;)

Author's Response: Hi Frankie!

This was so sweet of you to stop by and read this. I definitely do have an idea for this (and really all of my WIP's) and I will be spending most of September trying to finish up all of my WIP Short Stories, so this should start moving soon.

Draco does indeed have some serious issues. I think most of them stem with guilt leftover from the war. His absurd actions have definitely crossed the point of no return this time and I think it's important that everyone take him really seriously.

You're so right about the lawyers ultimatum. I think that sort of rigid structure is something that Draco desperately needs.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review and for being such a kind person!


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Review #3, by Sarah Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

29th June 2015:
Very good start. Interested in seeing where the story goes

Author's Response: Hi Sarah!

Thank you so much for reading this. I'm glad you like the start. I am a dreadfully slow updater, but am hoping to have the next chapter up soon!


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

7th June 2015:
Hey Kaitlin! Here for our swap! :)

So, I don't really read Dramione. But, I think you've said they're one of your favorite pairings, which made me want to read a Dramione from you. Because if it's something you really like, I have a feeling it will be written phenomenally and might even warm me to the paring. :)

This was a really, really good opening. Once again your descriptive abilities leave me in absolute awe. I could almost smell the stale booze odor, eggs and vomit and actually felt my stomach churn a bit while thinking of all those smells mixed. It definitely brought back a few memories from my early 20's. ;)

Your article in the Daily Prophet was so, so, so well done! It read almost exactly like the Prophet articles in the books. Excellent job on that! :)

I loved the idea of Draco (even though it is pretty sad) as this spoiled rich young adult, who has fallen on hard times and developed this drinking problem. It seems totally legit. Like something you could see happening after the war in canon.

Even though what he did was serious, I actually found it kind of funny. I just imagined him all drunk on the broom with confused cops chasing after, as well as livid Aurors, and the whole situation actually made me laugh a bit. I know it's not funny, but my mental picture of it was. :)

This lawyer is great! I so love how he doesn't take crap from Draco and puts him right in his place! That's something I'm sure he needs. And spoken like a true addict, huh? "I don't have a problem" and all that nonsense. At least he agreed to go. Hopefully he'll get clean and sober and straighten himself out. Possibly with the help of a bushy-haired muggle-born from his school days...? ;) I guess time will tell, won't it? :)

This was good! I'm definitely intrigued and would love to read more, for sure. :D

Thanks for the swap, as always, dear!

Oh and... #WeHaveAKaitlin - just because. ♥

Much love,
Meg &hearts ♥

Author's Response: Hey Meg,

You're so sweet. :D Dramione isn't necessarily my favorite pairing, but I do enjoy a well-written one.

I hear that. I was recalling memories of my early 20's to write it.

I'm happy that you liked it.

I personally can't imagine Draco escaping the war without suffering some sort of damage. He witnesses too many awful things not to change or be affected.

I did want there to be a sense of humor to his antics, but sort of in the way one recalls their own drunken antics. Like it's not funny now, but years down the road it will make for a great story.

I figured that Draco needed someone to get him under control. His lawyer seems to hold some modicum of power over him so hopefully he'll make him get some help.

I won't say when Hermione shows up, but it might be a bit different than you expect.

I'm glad you enjoyed your foray into Dramione.

Thanks for reading!


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Review #5, by kenpo Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

4th June 2015:

So, I feel like I should start this review with the disclaimer that I'm not a fan of Dramione, and I really love Ron, so I might be... resistant. I'll try to keep an open mind about the entire fic, but... sorry if I can't be very enthusiastic.

Okay! So I don't have any queasy feelings in my stomach, because we haven't gotten to the ship part yet ;)

When you update, I'll keep reading! I like your writing, so I'll give it a chance. I'm glad that you're not writing some infallible Draco. I know that you're a better writer than that, but I still can't help but be worried whenever I read a Dramione :P

I'm interested in seeing more about the magical law. I can't believe that Draco did that!!! I've also never thought about how this type of thing could happen pretty easily, and cause so many problems. How would the muggles even take care of that?? "Oh CGI is REALLY good. Even though this is the late 90s. WE'RE GOOD AT SPECIAL EFFECTS, OKAY?"

And Kingsley having to get involved... man, Draco's gotten himself into some trrouuubble. I also can totally imagine him saying "My father will be hearing about this!" when the lawyer was threatening to quit. To me, that says to wrote Draco well!

I enjoyed this! Let me know when you update!


Author's Response: Hey Georgia!

That's okay. Although, just so you know, I don't hate Ron and I actually occasionally write Romione, so this won't be a Ron-bashing story at all.

On the rare occasions that I do write a Dramione, I try really hard to stay away from the cliches. Or if I use them, I try to do so in unique ways. But in this story Draco is far from perfect. In fact, he's quite damaged.

The magical law will really only play a small part in this story, but I'm excited to expand on it just a bit. And yeah, I imagine that since there's problems with drunk driving, there must be problems with drunk flying as well.

I'm glad you thought that I kept this within cannon in regards to Draco's character so far. As the story progresses, he will certainly grow as a character, but I will be doing my best to keep him in line with cannon.

Thanks so much for reading!


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Review #6, by Unwritten Curse Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

4th June 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!

I thought I'd check out this story because it's a Dramione AND a Ronmione… and those are (ironically) my two favorite pairings.

I really, really like this idea. I'm already excited for you to update. Draco Malfoy in rehab! Oh, the possibilities are endless! I can't wait to see this Slytherin bad boy brought down a few pegs by some strong-willed drug counsellors. I'm sure it will be equal parts funny and endearing and that I'll fall in love with Draco all over again. ♥

The way he acts in this first chapter… Oh how I love it! He's 100% the "my father will hear about this" spoiled brat like in the books. This is the Draco Malfoy we know (and, if you're me, love) and I cannot wait to see how he's stretched throughout the course of this story.

One thing I will say, and you can take this or leave it, is that I thought the introductory bit could've been shorter. Where he's drinking coffee and ordering breakfast from his House Elf. It felt a bit expository. As soon as he got to the article, I was completely engrossed--maybe you could introduce that almost immediately? Just a thought.

Ultimately this chapter really grabbed my attention and I'm excited to see where you go from here! How will Hermione come into the story? Will she be with Ron and then end up with Draco? (I hope so!) Oh my gosh, will Hermione be one of the counsellors? I have to know!

Great work again! Can you lend me your Muse? ;)


Author's Response: Hey Gina!

I know what you mean. I've written a few Romiones and I love them because cannon. But I also enjoy playing with the Dramione concept.

I feel like there's no way that Draco would've escaped the war without some modicum of damage, so this seems like a somewhat realistic scenario to me.

Ah. You know me. I tend to get a bit verbose over description. I really love to set a scene.

This will be a pretty slow burn, so it may be a little while before Hermione actually shows up.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #7, by Roisin Stale Firewhiskey And Vomit

4th June 2015:
OK, just going down your most recent stories. I've never read Dramione before or been drawn to the pairing, but I was really curious what you would do with it :)

This story reminds me a bit of CambAngst's "Detox"--they're very different, but it also starts with a post-war Draco who's been drinking way too much. I have to say, it's a pretty convincing idea, and totally my headcanon that he would develop a drinking problem.

My main hesitation with Dramione is that there seems to be just TOO MUCH bad blood between them to ever get over, and I doubted that Draco would ever do a total 180 in terms of his character. This, though--having him go to rehab. That's actually really convincing! It offers a context and explanation for him potentially going through a dramatic change and really re-assessing himself and his beliefs. Super clever!

As with your other stories there's a real attention to visceral detail here that I enjoy. I appreciate that you don't shy away from painful, ugly, icky things (nausea, vomit, etc) because I think it brings a level of realism to the story.

Thank you so much for the swap!

Author's Response: Hey Roisin!

I get that a lot. Dramione isn't my OTP, but I do enjoy a good story once in awhile.

I can't really imagine that Draco would escape everything he'd been through with out some modicum of damage. Him falling into a bad drinking problem seems perfectly reasonable.

I really hate stories where Draco and Hermione are super OOC and they just magically get over everything and fall in love. I'm hoping to make this a really slow burn and try my best to make them grow in ways that are believable. (And I'm going to try and avoid the cliche Ron-bashing as well)

I always try my best to be very vivid and clear with my description, even the icky stuff. Life isn't always sweet and pretty, so I feel it's just as important to convey the dirty and grimy too.

Thanks for the swap! I always appreciate your very detailed feedback.


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