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Reading Reviews for Serendipity
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Review #1, by Enigmaticrose4 Serendipity

28th November 2015:
I wondered about the details of the adoption. Thanks for writing this! :)

Author's Response: you're welcome!

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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Serendipity

26th August 2015:
Hey there! Here with the review I promised!

I really need to get on with reading TFWMS, because this was fantastic (your writing really is incredible) and I felt like there might have been some things I didn't get because of not reading it. But even with that, I still didn't feel lost. If that makes sense?

This was just as interesting as it was heartwarming. I've never really read many fics set outside of Britain, so it was really cool to read about the different Ministry and how far behind the Ministry of Magic that we know. Even for the 2030's, they still were pretty behind the times.

I really loved that Al and Scorp were in these awful conditions helping all of these poor refugees. I know that I don't really know your characters from this universe, but it seems like they're really great people with huge hearts. I very much like them. :)

I'm a total Al when it comes to becoming too attached to patients. I worked in health care taking care of people with developmental disabilities, and I had a few residents that I was way too attached to. It's hard to leave work at home and not want to take care of them like they're family. That really hit close to home with me. There was one in particular who I wanted to basically adopt, even though he was 2 years older than me. But if I could have, I would have.

I loved how Scorpius just automatically said yes. My heart squeezed and I felt so happy for them both in that moment.

All of the paperwork and everything they had to go through was terrible. Just because of who they are and where they're from, they had to go through much more than a man and woman would have had to I bet. Stupid prejudices. I'm glad they got there in the end.

The ending was so sweet, with Al giving them Malfoy as they're surname. All the warm and fuzzy feels. And the little bit of humor with Lucious spinning in his grave made me laugh. :D

This was really, really great. Your writing is honestly phenomenal. I'm sure you'll be seeing me back soon for TFWMS, because that had been in my reading list for far too long now. Thank you so much for suggesting this! I loved it! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Serendipity

23rd August 2015:
Happy birthday!!!

Ok, I'm having some trouble right now thinking about something proper to write in this review, except that I found this story really beautiful and incredibly interesting! I've never read a fanfic with this kind of setting before!

I really loved your characterization of Albus. He really seems born to be a father. And I found his relationship with Scorpius so sweet.

I also loved all the details about the adoption. It was interesting your focus on all the difficulties derived from both communicating with a different culture and the simple fact that Albus has an "unconventional" marriage. I found Fatima's character very interesting, by the way. She is such a strong woman, very pragmatic and without prejudices. I really liked her.

Sorry if this review doesn't make much sense... Just know that this was a really great story in my opinion!

Have a nice day!!!

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Review #4, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Serendipity

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

You know, at first I didn't have any clue why there were so many Arabic names in the story, especially for their kids, until you explained that they were actually in Syria and adopting. I love how you explain the story of how it all went, without letting it go on too long, and hand out details like Arabic not being that good, or the stuff Britain went through in regards to Gay marriage. However, while I get that this is part of a Universe, it would have been nice to give some extra information about characters being mentioned, like Aroha. From what I get, they're the children of James, but the fact that it's not explained in great detail, only a slight mention of them carrying the Potter name, it makes it hard to read it as a stand-alone fic, even while getting what it's all about and understanding what's going on in that Universe. That being said, I really like the story and it gives great insight as of why he can't recall those first times with them.

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Review #5, by Fonzzx Serendipity

20th June 2015:

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Review #6, by InkStainedFingers Serendipity

3rd June 2015:
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. This is so, so beautiful and such gorgeous scorbus (though all of your scorbus is beautiful; haunting and heart-breaking, yes, but also beautiful) and I cannot work out how I somehow missed you posting this.

There is something so powerful about this. You’ve written Scorpius and Albus getting together, coming out to their parents, almost breaking up, proposing, getting married, and, now, becoming new fathers. These are an older Scorpius and Albus. They’ve made their dream – the Hopping Pot Foundation – a reality and they are actually making a difference and changing lives. I’m reminded of this scene from PFI: “In Britain? Why stop there? We can Heal the world.” – because that’s what they are doing, in a small way. They are Healing the world. And that is amazing.

Wait, I side-tracked myself there – I set out to say something entirely different. Specifically, how incredible your evolution of the characters is. They’ve evolved and grown so much, but they are still in love. They are still Scorpius-and-Albus, and they are still the same people but older and more mature... I think I have a point somewhere here, and I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. (Basically, your writing is amazing. Obviously.)

Your narrative (if that’s the right word?) is incredible. You put so much into this short one-shot – you tell the whole of this beautiful story in a way that makes it flow perfectly. I love your opening line: “Albus couldn’t remember the first time he held either of his sons.” – that feels so powerful. This is Scorpius and Albus becoming fathers. And it is so impressive how you tell this story – this sweet, happy story – without diminishing or disregarding the horror of the war that is happening around them.

I think that Albus not knowing the first time he held either of his sons makes everything so much more realistic. I love how, in just a few paragraphs, you give such a strong sense of the devastation of the war and exactly what the Hopping Pot Foundation are trying to do. It’s terrible how Fatima had to choose to give food to her sons over her sister’s sons – understandable, in this awful situation, but terrible.

I love the connection you build up (beautifully) between Albus and the boys. You have some exquisitely haunting lines in these paragraphs: “it felt like every part of his soul ached”, “a feeling that cut through him like a knife at the sight of this child who had no one left in the world”, “he also knew that the day Nadir and Salim left would be the end of him”... Albus telling them Muggle and Wizarding fairy-tales (I love the line “told by Albus a dozen different ways due to his translating it off the top of his head” – there’s something very Albus about that somehow). Albus staying by his bedside when the clinic runs out of Elixir for Dreamless Sleep. Albus, as Scorpius says, was born to be a father.

Then you have that conversation between Scorpius and Albus... I know I’ve said this a thousand times (figuratively, anyway, if not quite literally) but you are a genius for dialogue. And there is a gorgeous balance to this conversation. It’s dangerous in a way, what they say here. Scorpius telling Albus that he’s too attached to them; Scorpius reminding Albus that he could be with a woman and have children if he wanted to; Albus saying he knows and admitting that he has thought about it. Albus’ declaration of love: “I’m not going anywhere,” Albus said. “I love you, I always have and I always will, and I would choose a life with you over anything else in the world. Don’t you dare suggest otherwise.” – that is so wonderful and so very Albus. Albus desperately wanting to do more for them; Scorpius saying that even what they’re doing is more than they do for everyone else.

I love how it is Scorpius who struggles with Arabic. It is Scorpius, who is the linguist, who speaks eight languages, who struggles with Arabic.

Your world-building (I want to use that word a lot when I’m talking about your writing, but here it is justified better than when I’m talking about Wizarding flats pots-Hogwarts) is fantastic, and the line “Most Muslims draw the line at magic beyond Healing and you need to give her the choice.” - it’s fantastic how you’ve considered the view other cultures hold of magic. And then FATIMA ASKS ALBUS TO ADOPT THE BOYS. (That totally deserves capitals, right?)

Albus tells Scorpius, and there’s that awful moment of fear when you cannot tell what Scorpius is going to say. But the turning point, possibly the most magical part of the story, is Scorpius’ “Yes.” That one word changes absolutely everything.

Albus’ determination here is brilliant. He is so passionate and focussed and completely set on adopting Nadir and Salim; he doesn’t let anything stand in his way, not paperwork and not unhelpful Ministries (I really like how the Syrian Ministry doesn’t like Albus and Scorpius because of what they’re doing, but how they can claim diplomatic immunity because of Hermione’s Patronus Act). And you link to the wedding chapter of PFI when Albus uses the Malfoy family crest instead of Scorpius’ signature.

I love how Albus uses the Malfoy name for Nadir and Salim. That’s one of the most beautiful parts of the chapter – Albus tell Scorpius that he’s done that and why. And that final line: “Tell them the truth,” Albus said. “That you’re a new father.”... that’s so magical and powerful, and it’s beautiful and perfect and you are so so good at this.

(‘This’ being writing beautiful scorbus. You are going to write more about them and Nadir and Salim, aren’t you? Lots more? ♥)

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Review #7, by BBWotter Serendipity

26th May 2015:
I love this so so so so much. I want more on Nadir and Salim now omg. I love the tfwms-verse so much. Your writing is amazing!

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Review #8, by merlins beard Serendipity

23rd May 2015:
This made me smile so much! The other people on the train must have thought I was doing drugs or something like that.

I LOVE how you give me more insight in Albus' and Scorpius' lives with every oneshot yoh write. This is so amazing, it almost brought tears to my eyes.
The fact that Albus picked up Arabic so much faster than Scorpius is really funny, considering Scorpius is fluent in all the languages no one speaks anymore, and knows words that the average person would'nt be familiar with.

The tough reality of a civil war is shown in this chapter, as Fatima would rather let her sister's kids starve than her own, and is desperate to let Albus take them just so she can take care of the others better.

Albus will be a wonderful father (as we already know), and even though Scorpius hasn't shown his potential yet, he will be equally as amazing. Their only problem could be that they'll let the kids get away with far too much.

Albus is so considerate and amazing. How he thinks of Scorpius' wishes in the middle of all the annoying paper work he has to complete is so perfect. He does the most romantic thing he ever could do for his husband, and I love him for it!
Obviously, Scorpius is so very happy about this! They are incredibly lucky to have each other, and now two great boys as well.

I was so happy when I saw in your status that you've written this, and it certainly didn't disappoint. You made my day so much better! Thank you!


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Review #9, by mymischiefmanaged Serendipity

23rd May 2015:
This is beautiful. It's so lovely to see the way they've grown up together and the way their relationship has become healthier as they've aged. Their care for each other and for the children is really heartwarming, and you've really managed to portray the lovely moments that can spring from the most awful situations. I'm very impressed by how you've managed to make this a happy, sweet story but haven't undermined the horror of war in doing so. This is wonderful. Keep writing Scorbus!

Emma x

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Review #10, by Veritaserum27 Serendipity

23rd May 2015:

Reveling at being first to review!

Lisa - this is too cute and so positively, beautifully Scorbus and I just wanted to hug them through it all.

I loved seeing Albus in action here. He was passionate, but controlled and focused. Nothing, nothing, nothing was going to stop him.

So full of love and the ending was great!

♥ Beth

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