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Review #1, by maskedmuggle give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

28th June 2015:

AHH! I loved this! I've never read a Louis/Lysander but I'm totally shipping it now. Your characterisation of both were great, and I loved how you portrayed the two together. It was lovely seeing them progress during their relationship. I was really sad to hear of Lorcan dying, but it made me think how often we need big things to shock us into action, and I can totally imagine Lysander going to Louis/one going to someone they love for comfort. I loved how realistic this felt - with them being really unsure what their relationship was exactly, and it was so cute and fluffy when Louis asked Lysander to be his boyfriend - I squealed very loudly in my head. The lyrics also worked well with this story - tying it back to the idea of mourning and having someone help you get over your loss. The plot of this was fantastic and must I say it again - I loved Louis/Lysander. ♥

- Charlotte
Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

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Review #2, by kenpo give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

27th June 2015:
Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

I’m glad I’m getting this chance to read some of your stuff! I always enjoy it a lot, so I’m happy about this :D

I love the line about how he hasn’t lost his lanky figure to adulthood. I know a guy in his mid-thirties who still has those awkward, lanky legs of a much younger guy. Your words perfectly described what I’ve been trying to get together in my head.

The months passed, unforgiving and tortuous, as time tends to be.
That line is fantastic! And so true sometimes…

AHHH That was marvelous. Really, just... marvelous. Ah and I love this Louis, and Lysander. Especially Louis. This story might've started a little bit of a love for Louis in me, as well… There was so much I really loved about this. I keep saying that, but AHHH SO TRUE. The way that you wrote might be the best part. I had to keep stopping myself from literally just copying every other line and saying “Oh man this line is great”.

Another thing I thought worked really well was the way you incorporated the poem into it. I didn’t think that it would have a happy ending, because of the way that you used the lines. Once I got to the last end, though, it really tied the entire thing together really well.

You also do a great job adding to diversity on the forums without that seeming like the point. Sometimes when I read fics that don’t feature heterosexual characters, it sort of seems like the author sat down and said “Okay I want to write a story about a male/male ship”, and the story and characters come later.

This story really was just fantastic! Great job!


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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

27th June 2015:
Hi Joseph!

I'm here for the Amazing Race House Cup '15 #TeamGryffindor! ♥

So another one of your stories that totally breaks my heart, yet manages to warm it also. How do you do it?! I will forever be amazing by your ability to write such sadness but also add a little bit of happy with it as well. My emotions! My. Emotions! :p

I think I might have told you this before, but my younger brothers are twins. Any time I read something with a twin dying... I just can't. I mean yeah, losing a sibling would be horrible. Just the worst thing ever, but with it being a twin. Poor Lysander. :(

Louis was a great source of comfort for Lysander. He didn't even question it, he just immediately took him in and tried to make him feel better, in his own way. Just another way that you write such real and human relationships. They're always so realistic, Joseph. You can always relate to your characters and here is no exception. Amazing job once again!

I can tell that your head canon for Lysander is that he's a bit damaged. Between this and other stories we have seen him in. But I'm glad that Louis didn't take no for an answer and asked him to be his boyfriend. Louis will be good for Lysander I think. It's a horrible way that they got together, kind of because the death of Locran, but at least he won't be alone, as you said. ;)

Another great story from you hun! You honestly never, ever disappoint. Ever. :D

Much love and many hugs,
Meg ♥

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Review #4, by randomwriter give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

27th June 2015:
House Cup 2015! Gryffindor!

Hello Joey! I've been meaning to read your stories for quite some time now, but I've never actually made it here, so this was the perfect opportunity to chip away at my reading list.

When I began reading this, I was quite surprised. Lysander/Louis isn't something I've seen before, and yet, it made sense on some level, especially with the way you've characterised the two of them. I love how events in their lives, independent of their relationship, actually affects their relationship in the end. It's how real life often plays out.

This was also very relatable. As someone who has been in an on-and-off relationship before, I completely understood where these two were coming from. It's really easy to fall back into old patterns or seek the other person because you're comfortable relying on them. I think you've captured that aspect really well.

I also like how your inclusion of diversity was quite subtle. Sometimes, I find that authors tend to pack a lot of diversity in their stories without giving much thought to how to effectively weave it into the story so that it doesn't stand out in an obvious manner. I didn't see that here. It was well written and was seamlessly connected to the plot and narrative.

I enjoyed how you managed to capture a vast timeline in so few words. It gave us a more complete understanding of their relationship without coming off as too expository.

Your writing is gorgeous. The descriptions are so vivid and I loved how you included mentions of seasons. I love it when writers do that. I think it's a beautiful tool, and works really well as a metaphor. I also liked how you interspersed your narrative with those italicised lines. They were really meaningful too! :)

Rolf's selective mutism was a nice inclusion. It was really heartwarming to see how you included more diversity. While some may say that Lysander was harsh in his dealing with it, I think it's quite natural for him to not fully understand/or to have lived with it so long that he's gotten used to it.

Overall, this was a lovely one-shot. I'm afraid I can't hang around and say more like I'd have liked to. You know, stories to review! But great job :) Especially on the ending. Put a smile on my face!

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Review #5, by jessicalorewrites give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

19th June 2015:
hey! jess here, reading and reviewing so that I can (finally lol) get the results out for the diversity challenge. the results should be out within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled over on the forums!

plot/written value:
the poetic and lyrical quality to this oneshot is astounding. I love fic that flows across the page like this one does, the words spooling out of the mouth so easily I can lap them up in a second. similarly, how quickly you jump into the plot and lorcan's injury helps get rid of what could have been a wishy-washy start, instead plunging the reader straight into this beautiful terror. the whole first section I was fearful for lorcan's fate and (unfortunately) these worries were valid. I'm glad that lysander had somebody to turn to in louis though as I imagine it is difficult enough to lose a sibling, never mind a twin.

louis' care and complete adoration of lysander is heartwarming and is making me insanely jealous of a fiCTIONAL CHARACTER DARN IT. this isn't supposed to happen!! (why isn't louis mine? he's so cute ♥ ) really you showed how much love these two boys have for each other in such a beautiful way. I love that louis is there for lysander and even when the relationship becomes unhealthy, I'm glad that they found a happy ending in the end. I mean, they both just seem like easy and simple characters who don't care for embellishment, just each other. it's beautiful and I think you portray both lysander and lorcan wonderfully!

I've probably covered their relationship enough already tbh (and gushed about it QUITE ENOUGH ALRIGHT SORRY) but this is such a beautiful relationship I'm so in love with it and the way you paint it so amazingly.

favourite line/bit:
"the months passed, unforgiving and tortuous, as time tends to be."
I COULDN'T PICK ONE SO THIS TOO "autumn had arrived overnight, clandestine and aesthetic."
OKAY AND THIS JOEY YOU LYRICAL GENIUS "louis couldn’t bring himself to piece together a tired cliché out of the fragments of his scattered thoughts."

- jess, xo

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Review #6, by LastMinuteLuna give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

31st May 2015:
Hello! Hello!

I'm LastMinuteLuna and I'm dropping by to leave you a review for the Pass It Along Challenge! I know. I know. It's awfully close to the deadline. I am cutting it quite close, but they don't call me LastMinuteLuna for nothing!

But enough about me. Let's talk about your fabulous story!

Lysander and Louis? I can't say that I've ever read this pairing before, but I'm a big sucker for unusual pairings, so this seemed to be right up my alley. I'm curious to see how they work together.

The way you played with emotion in this was quite beautiful. There's a sort of detached, hollow tone throughout it, like someone sort of reciting facts, but it also holds quite a bit of melancholy. Even at the end when Lysander agrees to date Louis, it never truly seems happy to me. Maybe it's because tragedy and death is what brings them together.

I love that Louis is stubborn and continues to pursue the man that he loves. Sometimes when you know it's right, you just have to work through all of the issues to get where you want to be. Louis seems to realize that and is patient, allowing Lysander to get to the right place before pushing him into a relationship.

The technical aspect of your writing is lovely in this. It's very polished and smooth and it flows in such an easy way. It was very nicely done.

Uh oh! Times up. I have to run. I've got a few more reviews to leave and the deadline is approaching! Thanks for such a melancholy story!


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Review #7, by Dojh167 give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

27th May 2015:
Your opening was well written. You did a good job of capturing sensory details of the world concisely and in a way that was relevant to the character's emotional state, effectively launching the reader into the world of the story.

This is a really interesting ship. I had never thought of these two together, but you did a good job of building their personalities and emotional worlds in few words, and their attraction made a lot of sense.

Try playing with more interesting dialogue tags. You have a lot of "said" and "asked," which becomes repetitive and doesn't give us much additional information.

There were also a few instances when the frequency of similar pronouns made it difficult for me to tell who was speaking.

There is a definite poetic quality about your writing, and it is very enchanting to read. With this kind of style I think it is most effective to very carefully choose your words, as anything that feels irrelevant can pull the reader out.

Beautiful words: "long after Lysander had submitted to fatigue’s gentle caress"
"While doubt had danced in this bed"

I actually really enjoyed the choppiness of this story. The sections were so short that the reader barely has time to get comfortable in them before time and the characters' emotional states change. It created a feeling of instability that was very relevant to what the characters were going through

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Review #8, by alicia and anne give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

27th May 2015:
You had me at Louis *Swoons* I am loving the idea of Louis and Lysander!

Oh no! The drama has started already! :( This isn't good, poor Lorcan!

No!!! Why must he die? Now I'm so saddened, I can't believe that Lorcan died!

Your words are absolutely beautiful! You really know how to paint such a vivid picture with your amazing descriptions. I could seriously read your writing all day everyday. I am so envious! *squishes you*

Oh Louis and Lysander have had quite a hard time actually getting together. I'm rooting for them so badly! Please stop putting them through such tragedy! They need each other! They need to be together properly *cries* they're just stringing each other along and I need a big declaration off of one of them! Or both!

I want them together so badly!!!


This was so amazing! I was just screaming at them to get together and stop breaking my heart! And they're finally together! Yays all around! *People cheer in the distance*

This was absolutely amazing! I loved it so much! :D

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Review #9, by Sydney give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

22nd May 2015:
This is absolutely lovely. Could have done without the whole Lorcan dying part but it really was a very moving story, SO I'll forgive you ;) Thanks so much for sharing!

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Review #10, by TheHeirOfSlytherin give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

21st May 2015:
LORCAN!!! ;(

There are just some things in my Harry Potter world that I can never recover from. Lorcan dying is one of them. But Louis (LOUIS ♥ ) and Lysander coming together is quite a brilliant start. I am so in love with them already, there are no words to describe how amazing this is.

Seriously. The way you describe them and their relationship and everything that goes on around them and the way you added in the lyrics and just everything. As saddened as I am by Lorcan's death, I am so beyond happy to have been able to read this.

And the end, I just wanted to hug them and then have them hug each other because Lysander totally deserves love with Louis and you go Louis for not backing out before the door opened.

Thank you for the dedication, Joey. You are so awesome and amazing and the coolest bestest person in the whole entire world.


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