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Reading Reviews for Baby Blanket
17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by acidic_raindrops Confusion

11th August 2015:
Hello Kaitlin,

I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but a while back on the forums you greeted me with such kindness and welcoming. I kind of left you without explanation but I'm back, hopefully to stick around a while longer than before. Before I left I told you I would leave you some reviews that I never ended up doing, so here I am. Anyway I'm sorry, onto the review...

First of you really made me feel like I was there, living the story with the characters. I really believed that this was happening right next to me.

Secondly, this was also a very good piece because I had several strong emotions running through me that had been brought out as a result. I felt surprisingly angry towards the culprit who caused Alice to become this lifeless figure who couldn't connect her thoughts to reality. I also felt a sadness in the beginning as I began to put this situation into the real world, I also realised that Neville's suffering when seeing his mother and father in this state is a little bit underrated in the books as Neville is not one of the major main characters, so many readers tend to forget what he's gone/going through during childhood to all the way right throug the books.this made me think about how strong Neville's character must have truly been as we do see hints of it (when he stood up to his friends in first year, and obviously when he killed the snake).

The last thing I felt was joy, as in the end Alice remembered so Neville and his family finally got one happy ending that they very much deserved.

I loved your choice of character, as Alice stories are not very -common as far as I'm aware - on the archive. I think you wrote her very well, as I felt her struggle to remember important things. I think you showed how someone who once was a loyal member of the Order, and who I always had the impression was a very determined and strong-willed woman, could be broken down into such a vulnerable state. The fact that I really felt for Alice and Neville during the story shows how good this is.

I would've loved it If you'd have added some more memories in more detail or extended the one that Alice remembered before the ending.

Since this review is very long, I'm going to leave it here. I loved this story very much.

a_r :)

Author's Response: Hello my dear!

Of course I remember you! Thanks for dropping by to check out one of my stories! :)

I'm so glad that you were able to imagine this vividly.

You're so right. Neville's families' story is so tragic. It's almost worse in a sense because they are still alive, but completely unaware of what's going on in their world.

I don't know if the moment of clarity is permanent, but it was nice to see them at least have a spot of joy.

The most common Alice stories seem to take place in the Marauder era when she was still healthy and sane. I have seen a few stories written about her later in life though.

Thanks so much for this review!


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Review #2, by Frankie05 Confusion

11th July 2015:

Here for House Cup 2015- Gryffindor

This made me cry. It is so beautiful. I've never read a story from Alice's point of view, especially after being Hospitalized. I enjoyed the innocence you gave Alice- which was so sad. She had no idea about Neville and Luna and this was so beautiful. I love how they completely trusted her with their newborn and they named the baby girl Alice. Tears everywhere! Alice is so deeply loved by her son that it moved me. I liked how the baby was the one who brought Frank out of his thoughts and the baby was easily snuggled by her grandparents.

The end was amazing. The blanket is what truly did me in. And her lucid memories. Everything was so sweet but so sad. This story deserves some kind of award.


Author's Response: Hey Frankie!

I'm sorry for making you cry. :hug:

I haven't read many stories from Alice's point of view either or at least not during St.Mungo's. I've personally seen in people with dementia that sometimes they have a grandoise view of what's happening to them instead of it being scary, so I wanted to convey that with Alice.

Also, to be fair, after all of the horror they've been through, I thought it would be nice if her illusion was at least a pleasant one.

I'm glad you liked the ending. I was worried that maybe it was a bit overly emotional.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your lovely review!


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Review #3, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Confusion

21st June 2015:
First things first - Happy Birthday!

Second of all. I am sobbing. Right now, I am an absolute mess, and that is all thanks to this one shot. - And for the record, that doesn't happen often.

I mean it's just so... sad. And you know that Neville and his wife know they don't recognize them but even then they come to visit and introduce them to their granddaughter and then the naming after and then the blanket and then suddenly the remembering and oh my god. The remembering part hit me so, so hard and made the tears flow freely. This is absolutely a stunning one-shot and I'm glad it gave that much more insight in them all and I really think you portrayed them as I think they should be portrayed. That loving, gentleness despite them having been Aurors and then the way they go on about children and all the while going on about the confusion it's just... Amazing.

I really hope you're able to follow my train of thought as I'm well aware that I am rambling but even then... I love it. So much.

Thank you.

Author's Response: Hey there!

Thank you so much!

I'm sorry that this one-shot made you sob, but glad that it had emotional impact.

I feel like this is more bittersweet than outright sad since the ending is a bit more hopeful.

I can definitely follow your train of thought. :D I'm glad you enjoyed this.

And thank you so much for the birthday love!

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Review #4, by MadiMalfoy Confusion

10th June 2015:
Hello! :) I've popped over from the forums for your requested review :)

Firstly, FRANK AND ALICE!!! I remember when I first read the books I wanted to know what had happened to them and what kind of people they were before they lost their lucidity. Plus, I haven't seen a whole lot with them being the focus of the story and what it's like to be inside their minds.

You were concerned with the plausibility of the scenario and Alice's characterization. With Alice, I think you've done a beautiful job in capturing how her train of thought and her perception of the world around her works after being tortured so extensively by Bellatrix. Her confusion as to why Neville continuously calls her mum is a great example showing the effects of her memory loss.

As far as this being a believable scene, I would say it is one hundred percent plausible. The fact that Alice still has some memories--if faint and slightly altered than reality--and utilizes them to do something in the present speaks to her fight to interact with this young man in the only way she knows how. You clearly did your research for this piece, and your talent in turning a phrase elevates what could have been just a simple story about just another day in Alice's unchanging world.

A truly thought provoking read! Great job on this! Please feel free to request another review in the future! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hi Madi!

Thanks for dropping in!

Frank and Alice have always been really interesting to me. I've actually written a couple of stories about them now, but this might be my favorite.

I'm glad that you think my portrayal of Alice seems realistic. Insanity can work in funny ways and her story is always portrayed in such a depressing light. I just wanted to sort of make her happy.

It's a relief to hear that this seems plausible. I was so worried that it would be too happily ever after and I wanted it to retain at least an element of reality. I'm ecstatic that you like where I went with it.

Thank you so much again for your time and your kind words! I definitely will.


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Review #5, by CassiePotter Confusion

1st June 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
This was absolutely lovely. I really don't read many stories that focus on Frank and Alice, so I wanted to read this as soon as I saw it on your author's page. I loved the way you wrote Alice. I liked that she had a very clear stream of thought, and knew what was going on around her, it was just a slightly different version of reality than what everyone else was experiencing.
One line that really stuck out to me was when she referred to the hospital as a palace, and the healers as servants. The fact that she didn't realize she was in a hospital was really fascinating to me.
I loved her and Frank's interactions with Neville and with baby Alice. They were so sweet together.
I was not expecting her to remember her son, but I'm so happy she did! It really made this story so much more emotional. It also really gave me hope that they could all be a family again.
Thank you so much for the review swap!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie!

Frank and Alice are some of my favorite characters to write about! They have such a heartbreaking and interesting story that I feel like it provides a lot of material.

I'm glad you liked her palace. I always like to imagine her as happy, not realizing that she's trapped in a hospital.

I'm glad my little story gave you a bit of hope for the Longbottom family!

Thanks for reading!


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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 Confusion

27th May 2015:
Ok Kaitlin.

Now you've made me tear up TWICE in one DAY. This is not fair.

Oh, I'm so, so glad I picked this one. It was so incredibly sweet and I'm just filled with warm blanket fuzzies over this one. I read your author's note and I'm really, really glad you decided not to make this darker. It had the perfect tone, just the way it is.

It is definitely a challenge to write from Alice's perspective. Her brain's been addled and she can't quite remember things. She just has a hint of memories here and there. I was so saddened at the beginning of this when she didn't think she'd ever had a child. As a mom, that really got to me. I loved they way you wrote Neville and Hannah's reactions and interactions with her. Again, this is difficult when you're writing from the POV of someone who is legitimately crazy.

And that ending! Gah! I thought they were going to leave and Alice would just settle in and feel content, but not remember anything - but the blanket and aah! I'm completely overwhelmed by the simple beauty of this. Neville's reaction was perfect and the baby was so sweetly written.

What a beautiful story.

Thanks for doing a swap!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I'm sorry for making you tear up (well sort of.)

I am happy to hear that you got some warm blanket fuzzies from this.

I actually really enjoyed writing Alice's POV because it was so unique. She's still her deep down, but it's locked behind all of the madness.

I'm happy that you liked the ending. I really debated between making it happy or making it sad.

Thanks for the lovely review.


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Confusion

27th May 2015:
Well... I'm already heartbroken from the summary alone... *cries*

Please don't break my heart anymore... *is terrified*

Awww I have to say that I love love LOVE how this is written from Alice's pov, that we get to see Neville from her eyes. Even if she does only vaguely recognise him, BUT she does notice the similarities between her husband and Neville. *Wishes so hard she remembers Neville*

AW OH MY GOD!!! NEVILLE HAS A BABY!! I AM SO HAPPY! THESE ARE TEARS OF JOY. I have goosebumps at that alone, and my heart has swelled to the size of a house! Just awww, he's so happy and I love it!

Awww no! He's not trying to scam you! He's trying to wish you a happy mothers day! And she thinks that they live in a palace. I'm actually so happy that's where she thinks she is, and not in a hospital.

Oh my god! Neville had a daughter! My heart can't take this! You're going to make my heart burst from this happiness and I love it!


AND NOW FRANK IS THERE!!! *Collapses into a gooey mess of feelings on the floor and never wants to get up because this is so adorable and my heart can't take anymore fluff, but I want more! I WANT SO MUCH MORE!!*


I'm actually crying so much! Oh god! This is beautiful! This is breathtaking! This is going to stay with me forever! I am going to think of this story for such a long time! It needs to win all of the awards in the world for everything!

Just. gah!!! I have so many feelings and I'm sorry that this is basically just me talking in capslock but ... just oh my god!

I just... I can't get over this happiness!

Thank you for writing this amazing and beautiful and fantastically written one shot. I . wow.

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

I'm so sorry for the heartbreak. Really I am.

I know. I know. I was cheering for her to remember Neville too!

I had to give Neville at least a little bit of happiness and I figured him having a family would be a good way to do that.

I thought that even if Frank and Alice couldn't remember that they had a child, they might still be excited about a baby. I think it's sort of instinct based.

I'm thrilled that you liked the blanket. I really wanted their family to have at least a little bit of happiness.

Thank you so much for your kind words! And thank you for reading! It so sweet of you to leave all of these reviews.


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Review #8, by Infinityx Confusion

27th May 2015:
Hey Kaitlin, here for our swap! I really wanted to read Charity - the summary was just so intriguing - but then I saw it was for my challenge and I'll be coming to it anyway so I decided to stop by this one, and I'm SO glad that I did!

I love how you begin without revealing who the characters are. It gave it an air of intrigue and suspense about what was going to happen. And the way you've described the whole setting was really interesting. Did you do that deliberately because that's the way Alice views the room, or was it just a normal description to explain. It made so much sense that Alice would process everything slowly and would take in each part of her surroundings one after the other, so if you did it deliberately for that purpose, it was a brilliant idea!

I just got a little confused because of one thing. You've written that Alice sees a baby in a blue blanket. Usually, baby boys are the ones in blue blankets and girls are in pink (unless I'm mistaken, and if so, please correct me.) So, when I read about the baby in the blue blanket, I guess my mind automatically thought that it was a boy, and then it's revealed that she's a girl. It was just a little bit of a discrepancy but it's nothing major.

I love how Alice falls asleep with the baby in her arms! And the way you've written her thoughts - so slow and confused in the beginning before she understands what's happening - it's great that you've taken care to characterize her properly and your writing is beautiful!

However, there were a couple of places where I felt like you could have lingered a bit more on Alice's feelings and thought processes. For example, when Neville and Hannah first enter the room, it seems like Alice's thoughts are quite sharp with the way she describes them. And when she finally remembers that moment, it seemed like it happened a tiny bit too quickly. (if you decide to edit this) Maybe you could take some time and have both Frank and Alice ponder over what was happening and struggle a bit more to understand, before they do what they do. (i hope that makes sense)

But i really LOVE the ending. It's such an uplifting, hopeful way of ending the story and the whole thing is just so poignant and beautiful. I've read a lot of stories where the ending is quite dark and heartbreaking so this was a really refreshing change and I really loved it. It was incredibly brave of you to take on such a difficult main character and you've done a fantastic job overall! :)

I hope you don't find this review too harsh. All CC comes with chocolate and love. :D I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hey Erin!

Thanks for dropping by to read this!

There was some definite deliberation in how Alice viewed things. I wanted her to be slow and almost a little foggy, but not quite crazy.

How to answer the blanket color question? My baby blanket was blue. I guess I didn't really think of pink being a girls color and blue being a boys color. I just sort of picked my favorite color and went with it. Maybe someday, color won't correlate with gender?

I'm glad you like Alice's characterization.

Thank you for the suggestions on how to improve this. I did want the ending to be sharp and quick because I sort of imagined it as a flood of memories coming back rapidly, but I certainly didn't mean for it to come off that way in the middle. I'll take a look at it when I get around to editing this.

Originally, I wrote this with a dark ending, but really after everything the Longbottom family has been through, I just couldn't not give them at least a bit of happiness.

I never find your CC anything but helpful. You couldn't be harsh if you tried. But I won't say no to chocolate. :D

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #9, by HermyLuna2 Confusion

25th May 2015:
I always love stories written from an unusual point of view and with Alice you have chosen a great narrator. It was very interesting to read something from her viewpoint. I haven't read something like that before. She came accross as very believable here, and the way I have always pictured her and Frank (as gentle souls). It is very interesting how through Alice's viewpoint, you also managed to capture Neville's sorrow. The end was absolutely beautiful and moving, though the sobbing detracted a bit from it (I am a strange person I guess, but what I mean is that the main person I felt for here was Neville. Having him show emotions made me suddenly not connect with him anymore, because he was feeling for me. Sorry if I'm sounding completely crazy right now..the narrator was, after all, Alice) I always love me some story that leaves me in a sad mood afterwards, and this one did the job perfectly. I don't really see it as light-hearted as the others did because the feeling I got in the end was just that Alice would forget again soon anyway. I am still kind of interested in your initial idea about the darker story though! What was it like?
Anyway, very original and heartfelt oneshot.

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed Alice as the narrator. I feel like she has a really unique perspective.

I'm sorry that the emotional content caused a disconnect with Neville, but I think that most people in that situation might feel slightly overwhelmed and I don't think tears would be unusual.

I definitely didn't want this story to come across as solidly dark or solidly light. It's sort of up to the reader to decide what they think happens to Alice from there.

Thanks so much for reading and for the lovely review!


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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter Confusion

24th May 2015:

I'm here for our swap and it's good to be back trading stories. How have we never done this before? Shame on us both!

So, I may have just collapsed into a puddle of feels after reading this. I'm not sure what touched me the most because the entire thing is lovely but I really enjoyed that you wrote this from Alice's POV. That's not something that we normally see on the archives and while most of the stories I've read featuring her are quite sad, this actually left me feeling happy. It's clear that she doesn't understand much about the world she's in anymore, she's in a dream-like state that's transported her somewhere else entirely. I like the way that you wrote her illness, it was less heartbreaking but genuine enough to make me nearly cry.

Neville and his family coming to see her for mother's day was nearly too much for me. I'm a complete wuss and by the time Alice napped with the baby (Loved her thoughts about the baby too, very well-done) I was sniffling. I had to clutch my heart towards the ending too, it was a powerful moment for all of them. I wish that Frank would have been able to enjoy this as well but the fact that Alice remembers her son after years and years is enough to give me some hope as well.

Beautifully written and engaging, I have no CC's to offer. :D

Thanks for the swap!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie!

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed Alice's POV. I haven't seen much from her perspective after she lost her mind, so I wanted to experiment with that a little bit. Her mental illness is always portrayed in such a dark light. I wanted to show that there is still the potential for happiness even with a mental illness.

I really wanted to write Frank engaging with the situation a bit more, but I thought that might push it into too fluffy and overly optimistic. This really is supposed to be bittersweet.

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #11, by looneylizzie Confusion

23rd May 2015:



Here I am having a perfectly nice Saturday afternoon, thinking that I'll start a bunch of R&R'ing with this cute sounding little story about the Longbottoms.

And then I'm holding back tears because of HOW BITTERSWEET THIS STORY IS!!!

This story is so heartbreaking and so heartwarming at the same time!! How do you do that?!?!

I LOVE that you've written this from Alice's POV. I think that can be really hard to approach and do well, and you've written her beautifully. Especially because you've written her in such a way that she doesn't seem like she's been tortured to insanity, but yet, knowing the context, you can still tell that she is. That's great!!

At first I thought that the blanket she'd knitted for a friend was meant for Lily and Harry, but I was SHOCKED when it was Neville's! But I like it much better that way, even though it's about 10x more heartbreaking.

And that moment at the end, when she remembers...don't tease us!! Do you think she REALLY remembers? Or does she just remember for a moment at then it's gone?

Regardless, this is a great little story Kaitlin! I absolutely LOVE it!

Author's Response: Hey Lizzie,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't hate me.

I really wanted to show that mental insanity isn't always dark and depressing. I've known people who were delusional, but completely happy within their delusions, so I figured that if Frank and Alice couldn't have sanity, maybe they could at least have peace.

I feel like at her core Alice still recognizes Neville. To me, her giving Neville bubblegum wrappers always signified to me that she knew that there was something special about him even if she couldn't identify why.

I will leave that decision up to you. That's why I cut the story off there. I want the reader to decide if she begins to heal or if she reverts back to her previous state.

Thanks for such a great review!


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Review #12, by Castiel Confusion

22nd May 2015:
Hello, here for the swap with Lotte :)

I'm really impressed at how you managed to take such a potentially depressing idea and turn it into something so light and hopeful. Writing from Alice's POV definitely brought a lot of intrigue to the story. The idea that Frank and Alice would still have a natural, almost muscle-memory ability to handle a baby was a great one. And man, that Alice remembers her former-self as a "friend" is quite a crushing thing :/

The whole concept actually reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favorite one-shots, "Jigsaw Memory" by Red_Headed_Juliet. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Here though, you did a really fascinating thing with the whole multi-generational aspect. It also worked really well, to maintain the lightness you had, to make Neville and Hannah very relaxed and not upset at Alice's memory issues. It also makes sense that they would have adapted to managing it, as they both would have had time to get used to it. In a way, that was sort of a hopefulness in and of itself. Like, in canon, Neville was visibly upset by his parents psychological damage, whereas here, it seems like he's come to appreciate those good things that still remain. It's still sad in a way, but there is a real poignant sweetness to his commitment to emphasizing the positive.

Thank you so much for the swap, and for writing such a moving story!

Author's Response: Hello again Castiel!

I'm so pleased that you didn't find this completley depressing. I've known a few mentally ill people, but some of them were lucid in ways you wouldn't expect, like being able to care for a baby. :D

Hmmm...I lvoe Red_Headed_Juliet's writing, so I'll have to check that out.

I sort of figured that by this point in life Neville would've come to accept that his parents were damaged and just tried to make the best of it. Definitely by this point, he's matured enough to understand that it isn't going to change and to just try and make the best of what he's got.

Thank you for the swap and for such a lovely review!


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Review #13, by cherry_pop94 Confusion

21st May 2015:
Hi Kaitlin! Here for out review swap!

Okay, first of all, I am ugly sobbing right now. I was in quite a fragile mood today (Buzzfeed posted a list of some tragically sad Marauders headcanons), so this has got me right in the feels, so to speak. In fact, I'm ruining my makeup.

What happened to Alice and Frank is one of the most tragic things in the entire Harry Potter series in my opinion. To be tortured so much that you no longer remember your child... that's just heartbreaking. I can't imagine what Neville must go through every time he goes to visit his parents in the hospital and they don't recognize him.

I'm so glad that Alice remembered Neville at the end. A mother who loves her son that much would never be able to forget him. And the emotion at the end when she pulled out the blanket. It felt like a stab in my chest when Neville saw his name on it. And then Hannah was crying and Alice was probably crying and I was crying. The only thing I'm still a little sad about is that Frank didn't get to join in on the happiness. I am certain though that he will also remember soon.

Anyway, Kaitlin, this was beautiful! Never stop writing, it never fails to amaze me! Also, adding this one to my favourites!


Author's Response: Hi Stefi,

I'm so sorry that you are sobbing. :hug: *hands over tissues*

Alice and Frank's story is incredibly tragic. Death really is better than what happened to them.

I agree that Alice's love for Neville is strong and I imagine that deep down somewhere she knows who he is whether she's able to express it or not.

As for Frank, I don't know if he'll remember or not.

I'm so happy that you liked what I did here.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #14, by Shadowkat Confusion

21st May 2015:
Once again you blow me away.I love how you put this in first person, it really works well with how Alice is represented. I love how you create her voice and personality, and it's so different from what we normally see in stories about Neville and his parents! Normally they don't have any idea what's going on, and she was surprising aware and logical here, even if her memories were muddled and she thought they lived in a palace. Funny, mistaking a hospital for something like that. XD

Once again the flow and style was great. I loved how they named their baby Alice, and that was so sweet how she fell asleep in her arms. And the baby blanket? Such a amazing touch and way to end this. I just hope she doesn't forgot again.

You know, I really admire how you're able to juggle so much. Not only are you a cool, but you're writing all the time, reviewing with advice, in EVERY SINGLE challenge on the forums. I'm out for summer now, have nothing to do, and I still can't keep on track with things. Man, you have to have some super power to keep this up, I swear. Tell me your secret! XD

Author's Response: Hi Kat,

Thank you for the review.

I'm so happy that you liked my choice of character and POV. I always imagined that she would sort of float in and out of reality instead of just be constantly insane.

I couldn't resist throwing in the baby blanket.

And thank you so much for all of the kind things you said about me, but I promise you there is no secret. Just determination. :D


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Review #15, by kayt Confusion

21st May 2015:
Beautiful story. It was incredibly sad even though Alice was happy to count her blessings, and when she finally remembered Neville I could feel tears prickling behind my eyes.

Author's Response: Hi Kayt!

Thank you so much for dropping by to leave a review. The Longbottom's story is indeed very tragic, but I hope that this little moment will bring around some healing for them.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #16, by Aleine Confusion

20th May 2015:
Hey you. It was nice reading about Neville after a long time. I wrote one fic of him once, but that got lost in a hard disk deletion :(

I'll finish the baddies first and be done with it.

The only mistake I saw right away was that there were some typos. But that's nothing that a spell check can't do, so not your fault :)

I love how you've portrayed the love between Frank and Alice. Even after all she had gone through, she still remembers her husband. She forgot that she has a child but she still remembered her husband. It's amazing how simply you have implied it, but with an enormous impact.

The other thing I love about this is how you've traced her thinking process to pinpoint the exact moment when she remembered her son. I also LOVE the way you have shown her coping mechanism. Everything about her child was delegated to either a friend or something, to make her mind forget what the Death Eaters would have done to him.

Simply amazing.

You really triggered emotion there.

You should write more Alice stuff. You really know our way around her brain.

Author's Response: Hi Aleine,

I'm sorry to hear that you noticed some typos. I read it over again and didn't see anything, nor has anyone else mentioned them, but that definitely doesn't mean a few didn't get overlooked.

I'm happy to hear that you liked my version of Frank and Alice. After everything they've been through, I've always imagined them crazy, but still happy.

The thinking process was really important for me. I wanted to show that just because her thoughts are incoherent at times, doesn't mean she doesn't have moments of clarity.

And thank you. The biggest compliment you can give me is that I triggered some emotions.

Thank you for reading.


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Review #17, by fwoopersong8 Confusion

20th May 2015:
I've never seen a story from Alice Longbottom's POV before. Thank you so much for making her happy where she is! I know it's horrible what happened to her, but the thought that at least she thinks she's happy and normal makes me feel better.

This must have been quite the task, taking this on for the Parent's Day Challenge. All pictures I've seen of Alice after she went insane depict her as miserable and in pain, and they make me so sad.

"since we live in such a magnificent palace with servants to care for our needs..."

I loved this line. It was sad, but I still loved it.

I'm so glad she remembered in the end. It would have been a fine ending if she hadn't, but definitely way sadder.

I only caught one spelling mistake: "he tells me that it's mother day." It should be Mother's Day -- possessive and capitalized, if you want to get technical.

Anyway, props to you for tackling this difficult challenge! From now on this will be my headcanon Alice. It comforts me for some strange reason. And of course I loved what Neville named his baby. :')

Write on, my friend!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Never seen a story from Alice's POV, eh? I've written her twice now. :D

It's interesting. Everyone always writes her in a really dark light, but just because someone has dementia, doesn't mean they don't have happy moments. I wanted to show that there was a possibility for her to be okay.

I'm glad that you liked how I turned St.Mungo's into a palace and the healers into servants.

Thanks for pointing out the typo. It was just a case of my fingers moving to fast, but I will definitely go and fix it.

Thank you so much. I'm really honored that you think this is good enough for a headcannon.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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