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Reading Reviews for Into the Lion's Den
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Crescent Moon  Transformations

3rd January 2016:
Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of dentists and don't really believe what they say but I've decided to leave you a review anyway. (Loved the a\n!)
I feel like I'm stalking you a little bit as I'm reviewing all your stories but you're such a good writer I can't help it.
I love finding out more about all these characters in the universe as I haven't read HIMYF yet so I can't wait to find out how they all fit when I finally get round to it.
But anyway, I loved this one-shot and I can't wait to read more of your work.

Author's Response: HAHA! That's alright. I don't like dentists either, but I'm glad you decided to review anyway. :)

Awe! You're so kind! I'll admit, I really don't mind you R&R'ing all of my stories - it makes me so happy to see all of your wonderful reviews and is really encouraging me and my writing!

I'm glad you liked this story! THANK YOU so much for all of these wonderful reviews you're leaving me!

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Review #2, by A Partridge in a Pear Tree Transformations

1st December 2015:
chuk chuk chuk chukaa

One of the Nine Ladies Dancing suggested that reading the brilliant stories on this wonderful website would be a good way for me to pass the time when I am sitting in my Pear Tree this December, so here I am, and I am very glad to have come across your story!

Lee Jordan is one of my favourite characters, and now Ive definitely fallen in love with Leo Jordan too! His nerves at the start about the transformation process are so realistic, so real yet also humorous with his worries that he will be trapped in between forms: half-cow, half-human. The questions he pesters Professor McGonagall with really show his curiosity and I love his determination to do it and to break the rules if necessary, and his need to be extra rowdy in his other classes to make up for the fact that he was paying attention and working so hard in Transfiguration.

Your description of the process Lee goes through to become an animagus is wonderful. Youve built upon the information we know about the process and expanded on it and created something wonderful. The details like Lees struggle to hold a mandrake leaf in his mouth while he is commentating on Quidditch matches make it an incredible engaging piece of writing. And funny I cannot deny that I laughed at Its hard to transfigure ones own buttocks.

Your writing seems fluid and seamless a story woven together beautifully without fumbles or flaws, each sentence flowing smoothly into the next. Your description of the forest as Lee enters it (especially It was chilly, my breath hung heavy in the air like mist on a damp spring morning.) is gorgeous. And the description of the actual transformation is wonderful. Its just all really, really brilliant.

Thank you for a fantastic story. And no, I didnt know 8 out of 6 dentists recommend leaving reviews. Oh, and congratulations on becoming archive member of the month!

Love and pear blossom,
A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Author's Response: Well hello there!

It's so very nice of you to stop by! I'm glad you liked this story!

Hehe! Lee is certainly one of my favorite characters as well, and Leo is easily one of my favorite OC's that I've written (him and his sister Lia - creative names, I know).

Coming up with the different tasks in order to become an animagus was certainly difficult - although the mandrake leaf one is from JKR. The transfiguring each body part is mine though... The mental picture is just too funny not to include! ;)

Awe! I'm so glad you like my descriptions! It's easily one of my biggest struggles when it comes to writing, so thank you!

Thank you so much for R&R'ing, and I do hope you have a happy December up there in your pear tree!!

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Review #3, by Slytherin Eagle Transformations

30th June 2015:
Hey there!

I loved this story! It was simply adorable to see a character growing into themselves, and I enjoyed your ideas on becoming an Animagus.

There's something about the way you write which is just so fluid and entrancing. You don't tend to make mistakes in your writing, like mixed up homophones or other little things like that.

This was nice to read, and I'd love to see something about what happened after this.


Author's Response: Lea!

I think that Animagi are one of the most interesting pieces of magic in the HP world, which is why I wrote about this, and I'm so glad you liked it!! I kinda like Leo too. He's awesome.

Oh. My. Godric. That is one of the greatest compliments I have EVER RECEIVED! I'm doing some major happy dancing right now!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate you coming by!!

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Review #4, by greenbirds Transformations

13th June 2015:
hey! so im a little bit in love with shemar moore so naturally i was attracts to your banner, and when i read the description i was so excited! i haven't ever read any really like this before! and i wasn't disappointed!
you're a very talented writer, and a lesser person would narrate leo with a cluster of Oh. My. God. This /cannot/ be happening. Oh. My GOD's etc but i really enjoyed the rawness of your narration and how understated his excitement and transformation was. i also really liked the cliff hanger! i want to read more! im so happy this is part of a wider fic universe; im buzzing to read more of your work. great great great writing!!

Author's Response: Hi greenbirds!

I absolutely love Shemar Moore too! And you're not the first to stop by because of him. He's kind of awesome.

You are so kind, and I'm SO glad you enjoyed this story!!

Yes, if you keep reading some of my other stories, you will definitely see a reference to this story as well as Leo in quite a few places. Once I finish my novel, I'm considering turning this into a short story, so look out, you may get a bit more!!

Thanks so much for R&R'ing!!

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Transformations

25th May 2015:
Hey Lizzie,

I'm here for our review swap!

So I'm not going to even lie. I decided to read this story because Shemar Moore was on the banner and that man is a God. One of my absolute favorite men to look at. M.

But I'm not here to talk about a gorgeous man. I'm here to leave you a review! And so I shall!

I thought that this was an interesting one-shot. I personally haven't explored that Animagus idea to much previously (although I will be doing so for your challenge shortly). I really liked how much depth you put into the process of becoming an Animagus. We know very little of this process since in cannon we don't get very much information, but I thought your ideas on it seemed very plausible.

The descriptions of Leo trying to become his animagus form were very nice as well. I'm a sucker for description, so that part was really interesting to me. I could really visualize the changes as they were happening.

I thought it was interesting for him to run into not one, but four other unregistered animagus on the school grounds. I'm really curious to find out who else is an animagus besides Roxanne. I'm especially curious who the lioness was. Maybe she's secretly been in love with him and that's why the have matching animagi forms.

The only real critique that I have to offer for this is that the ending where he meets all the other animagus seems sort of rushed. I would've liked to know more about who those characters were and a little more interaction. I think the hare worked well, but the three at the end just seemed sort of random.

All in all, I really liked this little story. I think you've got a great concept for what becoming an animagus might entail. Maybe you could write a follow up story or two on Leo joining the other four and getting into trouble. *hint hint*

Good work Lizzie!


Author's Response: Kaitlin, I'm pretty sure you're eventually going to have read and reviewed every single chapter of everything I've posted if you keep going at this rate.

But it doesn't stop me from grinning like a madman whenever I see a new review from you. ;)

Mm, I DO love Shemar Moore quite a bit too. He is a most beautiful specimen.

You know, as I consider you Queen of Descriptive Writing, I couldn't be happier that you liked my descriptions here!! Of all the faults in my writing, descriptions are easily the biggest problem, and the hardest for me to write. *bangs head against desk* So if you think it's at least semi-decent, then I've got to have done at least something right!!

Mmm, yes, 4 unregistered Animagi. if I ever get the chance to expand on this (which I probably will at some point, once I've finished HIMYF), then you'll enjoy the fact that they aren't all unregistered, NOR all students. ;)

There's a spoiler for ya.

I guess the ending did get a little rushed because of that twist in a potential expansion of plot that hit me while I was writing this. But when I do write more, I think it'll be a good prologue, don't you think?

In the meantime, you'll get little hints and nods to this story and its potential plot line in HIMYF, as Dominique (not Roxanne) becomes an animagus during that story. It's a background thing, but it happens. This story actually takes place at the same time as HIMYF, except I haven't written that far, since this is springtime, not fall.

Look at me, giving away all sorts of spoilers!! I should stop now, before I go too far!

Anyway, thanks for R&R'ing Kaitlin, it's always a pleasure to read your reviews!!

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Review #6, by Kabuki Man Transformations

24th May 2015:
Hi, lizzie. I could finally visit here. I've hiddedn from massive frantic fans after my act as a Kabuki actor in the theater.

I felt the eerie atomosphere when I started reading this. You showed us how to describe, the uneasiness about the act of transforming, which reminded us of the fear of the students who took the apparation test. Until I found him, I wondered who was this person who got O in his O.W.L.s. Then I felt very happy to know it's Leo Jordan.

A damp spring morning and the nearly full moon emitting enough light to see are perfect setting for this story. I wonder spring has visited your country as well. The moon directs the mystic mood all times and places, 'kokin touzai' in my country's words which mean 'the past and now, in the east and in the west', so the moon suits the situation of transforming very well.

I found the beautiful expression here: A small pond, a few larger rocks scattered, the thick grass and the maze of trees. I love the sounds of crickets, too.

You suggested us how to describe the moment of transforming. It's awesome. Using the word, 'merging' is brilliant. I've been struggling with the way to express the 'Animagi', transforming process. You showed us, we can write about the sense of transforming, the pain may be caused by it, the feeling of changed skin, shape shifting of your mouth, and the awkward howling when you've done it.

When I play Kabuki play here, before the act starts, I do put on makeup. Whitewash suffocates my skin breathing, so I could understand how Leo felt when he transformed himself.

Lizzie, it's really another masterpiece. I want to play your story on the stage.

Author's Response: Hello Kabuki Man!! (I see you there Kenny, dressed up in his costume...sneaky sneaky!)

Your review made me smile like a maniac for about ten minutes!! Thanks so much for reviewing!!

I've always considered descriptions of just about anything to be a real weak point in my writing, so it's good to hear that you liked it! I love the little details you picked out and remembered, because I worked so hard to get those right!

The Animagus Challenge I issued was specifically because I absolutely love digging into the details of such an unknown, but extremely interesting concept. I SO glad that you liked the way I wrote it! There are so many different routes one could go with this idea, as I know that this is just one of many!

THANKS so much for reviewing! You're absolutely wonderful, and I hope I'll get to see you again!

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Review #7, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Transformations

22nd May 2015:
Hello Lizzie!

I don't know about the dentists, but I'll leave a review,just in case.

The way you described the transformation was really impressive. So much detail, so many confusing and new experiences for Leo. You must have put a lot of thought into the process of becoming an animagus.

I think your challenge is a good idea, too. I won't be entering because I'm too busy writing my blog about Sherlock's latest solved mysteries.

I have always wondered how the transformation works. One of the main questions has always been: do you chose the animal you turn into or is it like a patronus, taking the form that fits you best?
I like your explanation of all the steps necessary to become an animagus and I love that Leo became a lion (how fitting, i wonder if that was on purpose).
It's funny to that Leo worries about becoming a cow and then being stuck that way. That wouldn't be fun for him.

So Dom is an animagus, too? And the others - I guess I know them from HIMYF, too?

This was really enjoyable to read, thank you for sharing it with us.

Yours truly,

Dr. John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson!

Dentists totally recommend leaving reviews! That's what mine said last time I stopped by! :D

Yea, I definitely did do a lot of thinking about Animagi and how you become one. I also did some research and jumped off of what JKR had said as well, so I didn't come up with it from nowhere...

I issued the challenge just because I wanted to see what others' takes on Animagi were and how you could become one, which only got me thinking about it and eventually I came up with this...

Don't worry, I don't mind you not entering my challenge though...Solving crimes is a completely acceptable excuse.

JKR has definitely said that you don't actually choose your Animagus (I mean, do you think Pettigrew would have chosen to be a RAT? Honestly?) It's like a Patronus in that sense...but an Animagi and a Patronus don't have to be the same thing...

Dom is an animagus as well...that'll get mentioned in HIMYF...but the others aren't (at least, not yet). I may end up making this a Short Story if I get enough material to work with...but that probably won't happen until I'm done with the ten bajillion other things I'm working on.

Thanks for reading and reviewing Dr. Watson!

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