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Review #1, by Graline Lions and Snakes

10th August 2016:
HOORAY! You're back! Great to see Harry really thinking and using his natural Quidditch talent. Great match, great chapter.

Author's Response: Oh yes, I am! Thank you for coming back after the long wait.

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Review #2, by siriusfan1990 Lions and Snakes

10th August 2016:
A Long wait... But good comeback chapter

Author's Response: Way too long, I'm afraid. Thanks for sticking with the story, though! I can promise you that you won't have to wait this long for an update again.

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Review #3, by Graline If You Weren't Good At Quidditch, You'd Be Rather Pathetic

21st January 2016:
Ah, poor Harry. He's so clueless about some things! It's a good thing that Tracey is around to help him out. I like the way she assessed the motorcycle's usefulness for Harry's social standing. Harry trying to gain attention could be a slippery slope, though... and I wonder if Snape will break him out of it. After all, he'd hate Harry developing arrogance.

Author's Response: Clueless is definitely the right word. The relationship between Harry and Snape is incredibly challenging to write, but I love it. I think it's very interesting to picture how Snape would act concerning Harry if he were in his house. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Graline Expecto Patronum

27th November 2015:
I'm a little disappointed that Slytherin Harry wasn't able to keep the map safe from confiscation, but I guess even a more cunning Harry is still a kid at that age! I was happy to see him get back out on the Quidditch pitch, and I'm curious to see if he's able to reclaim his Seeker position in the future. It could definitely be some interesting personal growth for him to come to terms with being an excellent Chaser instead, though.

Author's Response: Yes, even a cunning Harry is still a kid and makes mistakes. That definitely didn't have to happen for the plot to evolve... Haha. But I think it's still plausible no?

There will be more Quidditch later, with some surprises hopefully. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Graline Incendio

28th October 2015:
Poor Harry really doesn't have many good memories in this version, does he?
The choice of saving Ginny is actually a very interesting one. Our perceptions of our memories - and our memories themselves! - can be changed by how we later think about them. I do think that a memory that is only borderline happy enough could be shifted over time with concentration, so the spell caster remembers themselves as being happier than they actually were. If Harry concentrates at length on how fantastic it was to rescue Ginny, enough to cast the Patronus, it could both make him like Ginny more (because he associates positive emotions with her), and become more concentrated on either rescuing or helping people. Of course, if he later has a falling out with Ginny, it will probably ruin his ability to cast a Patronus based on that memory...

Author's Response: You're very perceptive! It can still go very different ways, but the relationship between Harry and Ginny will definitely be an interesting one. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm always happy to hear your thoughts.

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Review #6, by Graline If You Say Courage, I Will Throw Your Books Out The Window

22nd September 2015:
Not many specific thoughts on this chapter, but it's as good as usual!
Snape's patronus did make me wonder if Harry's patronus will have a different form in this version. His character is different, so I could see it happening.

Author's Response: That's very perceptive of you! Your review is, as always, very much appreciated. I hope you like what's coming next.

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Review #7, by Lizzie No Sandbagging

19th September 2015:
So I just read all that you've written in this series and I really like this. I'm interesting in seeing where you'll go with it. I like how Harry is still a recognizable character but also has differences, smarter perhaps haha. Keep up the awesome work! I'll keep reading!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the series so far. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Graline No Sandbagging

10th September 2015:
I like that the availability of another good seeker forced Harry into the chaser position. Not sure why it suddenly "clicked" for him, but that was an interesting change to the storyline. Maybe he's better off as a chaser!
Lupin is a good guy. I like to think that canon Lupin wouldn't have discriminated against Harry for being a Slytherin - I think you got that right.

Author's Response: I think Harry has a good understanding of Quidditch in general, and his father was a Chaser, after all! Thank you for your review. I hope you continue to like the story.

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Review #9, by Graline This Is Becoming A Tradition

22nd August 2015:
Great chapter. I really enjoyed the magical theory, as well as Harry being sensible enough to take the broom to Snape without flying it first.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by poobear This Is Becoming A Tradition

21st August 2015:
A very good all round chapter and glad harry has something to look forward to and have fun now everything is ok with his firebolt.
I very much look forward for more to come by for now and have a good weekend.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you for all of your reviews. I really appreciate your comments and I'm glad you are enjoying the story.

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Review #11, by Graline The Mere Presence of a Glorified Bathrobe

8th August 2015:
You did a great job of portraying that feeling of sheer betrayal and shame and anger that Harry would be feeling in this situation. I think we've all had a moment kind of like this. I liked Pansy calling Draco to task for being insensitive... and also offering to take Harry back to Slytherin house to binge on chocolate. Definitely laughed at that.

Author's Response: Pansy isn't a bad person. She just doesn't always realize what the important things are. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #12, by poobear The Mere Presence of a Glorified Bathrobe

6th August 2015:
Hi Again
Poor harry he is not getting much luck is he and to take away his fave thing would just be heart breaking for him poor lad and as for draco rubbing it in kind of doz not help matters eather but at least pansy is trying to be nice to him.
All in all a top chapter again and look forward to seeing the next one up soon yours as always.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your reviews! I'm glad you like the story.

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Review #13, by Graline Oh Boy, Parchment

4th August 2015:
Very happy to see two updates! I enjoy the conflict evident in Snape - his initial reactions to Harry, tempered by corrections when Harry doesn't act the way he expects. And I'm looking forward to how Sirius works out in this version. It would create some very interesting twists if he doesn't become an outlaw in this version, and he takes over as guardian for a Slytherin Harry. Poor Snape wouldn't know how to cope... and that would put quite a strain on Harry's relationship with the Malfoys. Oooh, conflict.

Author's Response: I love writing Snape. He's just a character you can do so much with. Sirius being the guardian for a Slytherin Harry would sure be something. But of course Harry's relationship with the Malfoys is in danger of more than Sirius. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #14, by poobear Oh Boy, Parchment

30th July 2015:
God that was quick lol. Top chapter and made me giggle with the banter with fred and george good one.
What's happening with sev being nice ? go figger lol but all in all a good rounded chapter look forward to the next one , Yours as always by for now.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Fred and George are always fun to write. Thank you for your reviews!

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Review #15, by poobear Joking Would Be Absolute Lunacy

29th July 2015:
Hi There
I'm so sorry for not reviewing for ages i know what it is like not to get a review so i'm truely sorry and hope you forgive me.
Since i last did a review this story has gone on to be such a great read even better than before such a different plot than the norm.
I'm still trying to work out if that harry is that gullabull or wishful thinking on his part to be part of a family or the lies that the malfoys are feeding him or sirius is as bad as you makeing him out to be in this story ie the bad guy is him and tom got me thinking a lot which is defo not the norm but prob me just being thick as two short planks lol.
Anywhoo which ever way you play it it is a top story and like it very muchly , So will say by for now and will do a lot more reviewing take care and have a good week and weekend to come.
Bruce x

Author's Response: In this point of the story, Harry has no idea that Lucius Malfoy was/is a Death Eater and is under the impression that Lucius was acting under influence of the Imperius Curse during the war. He has no reason to believe otherwise, as Lucius has always been nice to him and has taken him into his home during the summer holidays. To children, people who act nice to them are good people. But as Harry gets older, he will start to see who the Malfoys really are.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I appreciate every comment.

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Review #16, by Graline Pansy Dear, Why Don't You Give Us A Kiss?

16th June 2015:
Ha! The idea of Pansy attempting a mind-body switch sounds like it could go delightfully wrong. She doesn't seem the type to be able to do a good job of that.

Author's Response: Pansy would certainly be the person to make a bad situation even worse. All in good intention, of course. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Graline The Art of Seeking

1st June 2015:
Seems like Draco is starting to enter that moody phase we remember from canon. I wonder if he feels threatened by Harry for his father's affection? Poor kid (did I actually just call Draco poor?) can't seem to meet his father's expectations no matter what. Though I wonder how much Lucius cares about Draco being a seeker versus chaser.

Author's Response: Draco certainly feels threatened by Harry for his father's affection. The way I see it, Draco grew up with very little to none praise or appreciaten by his father. I think it would be very hard for him to see Harry receiving it from Lucius instead.

Lucius probably wouldn't mind Draco not making seeker that much, as long as he makes the team. But it certainly is a big deal to Draco, as in his opinion, seeker is the position where there is the most glory for him.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I hope to hear your opinions in the future.

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Review #18, by Graline Silver and Green Lining

28th May 2015:
Ha! I love the inclusion of the Blaise-as-a-girl joke, given the great debate about his/her actual gender. I was a little surprised Harry's pureblood friends couldn't tell him more about dementors. Lovely chapter as always.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked girl-Blaise more than Blaise did! I think that not much is widely known about Dementors in the wizarding world. Even Ron, who comes from a pureblood family, knew very little about them in Prisoner of Azkaban. But perhaps people like Draco would know more about them.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you like my work and I hope you continue to enjoy the story/stories.

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Review #19, by poobear Narcissa's Tale

21st May 2015:
Hi There
Another top story from you again realy like this as well as your others your very good. Not sure what kind of different spin your going to do but look forward to reading it muchly. I have started writing myself not sure if its good or crap as no reviews so far so carnt tell if iam going wrong some or all of it. If you have a spear 5 mins would you take a look for me please and see what you think would realy like your advise and opinion on it i would be most greatfull. Its under the pen name poobear and ive called it "taking back my life for my own". I have been thinking of doing it for a wile but never got enough balls to do it till now so would realy like some advice if thats ok ?. Anyway realy look forward to more of this story and others to come i hope ? Take care have a good week and weekend by for now.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #20, by Graline Back to Malfoy Manor

20th May 2015:
An interesting start. I look forward to seeing how Harry reconciles Lucius's increasingly troublesome actions with the man who has shown him kindness.

Author's Response: It's not easy to face the fact that someone you have put on a pedestal, isn't really the person you thought him to be. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Ohpl Back to Malfoy Manor

18th May 2015:
I enjoyed your first chapter and am looking forward to your future twists .

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you still like the story.

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