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Reading Reviews for Unaffected
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Review #1, by Unicorn_Charm Unaffected

29th July 2015:
Hi there! I'm here to review for the Between Two Wars Challenge! :D

First I just want to say, I LOVE how you characterized Quirrell! I just love the contrast between the man we see here, the man he pretends to be in PS/SS and the man we learn him to be at the end of PS/SS. I just love it!

Here is this indifferent, boring, snarky man. He obviously does not care much for people, which makes it very intriguing as to why he would have accepted a teaching position in the first place.

I love that he didn't even realize why the entire school was celebrating. Just another way to show his isolation and how he must shut himself away from everyone. James and Lily couldn't had been killed that late in the evening, if children were still trick-or-treating, so he must have hut himself in his rooms extremely early. Just not wanting to be bothered.

The breakfast scene was actually pretty funny to me. I just imagined this chipper little teacher prattling on and on with Quirrell almost groaning and just trying to tuck into breakfast; silently wishing she would shut up. He's so vanilla, it's really fantastic. Just this average, joe-schmo, antisocial guy. No one that you would expect to let Voldemort live in his body for a year.

The class at the end was great. I love his snide and sarcastic thoughts compared to his calm and detached demeanor. It's really interesting to see how he lets these children kind of bully him and push him around like that. No wonder he went off searching for bigger and better things and was so easily swayed by Voldy.

This was fantastic! I honestly loved it and thought you did such a great job with Quirrell here. Really well done! Thank you so much for sharing and entering the challenge! The results will be up soon!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hello Meg,

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful challenge. It was really fun to take a closer look at Quirrell, a character I had never thought too much about.

It was really fun to create a contrast to the older version we see of him in the books. The way I saw it, without Voldemort, Quirrell was just kind of a nobody. As I wrote him, he seemed to develop a natural sense of anxiety, which I really liked. Once he gains the power of Voldemort's influence, he chooses to take on a stutter as a mask, which in this context I see as a way of deriding the weak, pathetic man he had once been.

I did picture the castle rejoicing to be happening late, well after midnight. Even if James and Lily were killed early in the evening, it would have been a while before the word traveled to students at Hogwarts.

Hehe, vanilla is a good way to describe him.

Thank you!


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Review #2, by RavenclawFTW Unaffected

20th July 2015:
Heya! I'm back from Ravenclaw for the House Cup 2015!

You've certainly got an interesting story on your hands here! I liked the humor this piece offered with slightly darker undertones because of the obvious fate of Quirrell. I've never read anything about him before so this was new territory, and I'm intrigued by your characterization of him before he went over to Voldemort's side. He seems so...apathetic. It's morbidly hilarious to imagine Quirrell deciding that he needs to revive Voldemort to regain control over his classroom.

I love how he snarky he is about his students, especially the asides like "demonstrating his gift for pointing out the obvious." He just wants to get it over with! I don't know if you've heard of/read the story Muggle Studies by AC_rules, but I was kinda mentally comparing Quirrell with Archie, and that was amusing in and of itself.

Anyway, this really made me think about Quirrell and Hogwarts when Voldemort was around-- the idea that everybody was going crazy the day after Voldemort died even at Hogwarts isn't something I'd considered before.

Thanks for posting!


Author's Response: Hello!

I'm really glad that you chose to review this story for the HC. It's longer than some my other stories that people have gravitated towards, so I'm glad you gave it some attention. It has a special place in my heart as it's what finally got me started actively writing again.

I was assigned with Quirrell for the challenge and my first reactions was "What? No, there's nothing I can do with him." Then, of course I got over that.

It was really kind of fun to write him as such an old grouch when he's so young!

Of course, the moment in this story isn't him actually him deciding to throw in his lot with Voldemort, but the jaded apathy and lack of compassion that I explore he does certainly play a roll in that eventual decision.

Thanks for your kind review.


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Review #3, by TreacleTart Unaffected

17th May 2015:
Hi there!

I'm here for our review swap!

I can't say that I've ever read a fic about Quirrell before, so I was properly excited to see how this one would go. This seems to cover the time period in which Quirrell went bad and then helped the Dark Lord return, so there is a lot of potential to play with.

I love the idea of Quirrell teaching Muggle Studies, particularly because it's the only class that doesn't cause him to relive the embarrassing things that happened to him as a student. You've really done a great job of characterizing him as a man who on one hands resents all of the students, but on the other hand is afraid of standing up to them. It's very believable and seems to really fit what we know of him from cannon.

I also enjoyed his thoughts in regard to the end of Voldemort. I can see the subtle shift in him that might have been the cause of him going to search him out, although it's still hard to imagine that at this point he'd allow Voldemort to live in his head. I'd love to see a follow up chapter or two showing how his views got more and more extreme. I think there's a lot of untouched potential in the subject.

In regards to your writing style, I thought it was lovely. There was a definite ease to your writing and I could really imagine what was happening based on your words.

Good work! Thanks for an enjoyable swap!


Author's Response: Hey Kaitlin, thanks for the swap =)

I actually got the fact that he taught Muggle Studies and his inability to get over being bullied as a child from Pottermore. These were just small details that I hadn't thought of before, but from there it wasn't hard to develop a character for him at this age.

It was definitely deliberate that at this point Quirrell only subtly sympathized with Voldemort, and not even yet on a conscious level at this point. I had only thought of this as a stand alone piece, but that's a good suggestion - it would be kind of interesting with a couple similarly brief chapters, set a couple years apart and building on this development that ultimately leads him to Voldemort.

Thank you kindly for your compliments on my writing style. That's always great to hear.

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Review #4, by tangledconstellations Unaffected

17th May 2015:

I'm here for our review swap :) I absolutely loved this!! This was so awesome - I love that it's about Quirrell and that he's so incredibly grumpy and just, everything! This was really enjoyable to read, so thank you so much for sharing! When you posted this on the forums I was immediately interested too because I've had a pre-Voldie Quirrell plunny bouncing around my head for a while, and reading this has just encouraged me all the more to get writing it! :D

I really liked the tone of this one-shot - it wasn't too serious and here Quirrell isn't like inherently evil or anything. But at the same time he was sort of unlikable - like he's being unreasonably bitter about general happiness but you've explained his feelings in such a way that it's all very endearing and I can understand why he's feeling like he is. This really does work as a precursor to his later Voldemort years but he's not properly sympathising with Voldemort yet, which I think had you included it would sort of make this less believable. Instead, he cares more about himself and his rest and his studies, which is far more realistic, especially as I've always viewed him assisting Voldemort as an action taken more out of his own curiosity and his personal drive to achieve something big, rather than because he thinks Voldemort is a great guy, haha. I love the way a lot of what he thinks is quite dry and tongue in cheek and he really dislikes being around people. It's such an interesting mentality and it really works here. I love the line 'Maybe it was better when people were afraid. They were certainly quieter.' - because I really think he doesn't fully mean that, but at this point in time he is just so grumpy! :D

Your writing itself is really fluid and really interesting to read. I loved the classroom part - I could really picture it, with all the students' voices chiming in one after another. Your descriptions are really subtle and I think they work well for the length of this piece. One thing to mention is that I spotted 'inevitable' a number of times in the first half of this piece, so maybe it might be worth taking one or two mentions out. It wasn't a big deal, but just enough for me to notice it. But apart from that, this was a really engaging read and I thought it was totally fab! His thoughts, how he talks to his students, his coworkers...it was all very convincing and a really interesting take on the Quirrell we know from canon. Really awesome stuff!

:D Laura xxx

Author's Response: Hello, and thank you for the really lovely review!

Quirrell is quite a grumpy squirrel, isn't he? Yes, I decided that was the appropriate animal comparison before realizing how similar it was to his name.

Please keep me updated on your Quirrell story. Based on your writing style and my own interest in minor characters, I'd definitely be interested to read it, and I am flattered that I inspired you to keep working on it.

I'm really glad that what I was trying to do with the tone and Quirrell's character came across so clearly.

When I was first brainstorming this story, I considered giving him the realization that perhaps Voldemort had been on the right track and that he didn't realize this until too late, but I like the subtlety that came out of this better.

I'm also glad that you say the classroom part read well. That was the part of the chapter that I felt least confident in, as I really didn't develop any of the students' characters, and their lines felt a bit personality-less to me.

Thanks for the note on the overuse of the word inevitable! It was a deliberate word choice a couple of times, as I was trying to weave foreshadowing into this and subtly connect Quirrell to his inevitable destiny, but I'm sure I didn't mean to use it as many times as you said, and it's very helpful that you pointed it out.

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Review #5, by The Summer Snake Unaffected

16th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

Now, this was certainly a very interesting little one-shot! I have never given much thought to Quirrell so it was refreshing to read a story about him. You captured his personality quite well - what he turned out to be in the books could be built upon this so good work there.

I loved how believable and normal everything here was. Quirrell was just this average person, indifferent about the war because it doesn't affect him, irritated at his job, an annoyed teacher with the students and just someone who wants peace and quiet and lead an average life. He was your average man and you really got that across nicely.

There was some underlying humour here too which I enjoyed, such as the foreshadowing of him thinking the dark lord's death was the worst thing to happen to him, haha. You're a clever writer xD

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this. Your descriptions were great and you had this awesome plot concept here. The scenes were well-written and Quirrell's emotions came through nicely. The ending bit was quite interesting too with students wanting to know about the war in the Muggle world and it got me thinking too!

Good job! Hope you have a happy summer ahead and keep writing such nice works! *showers confetti and flowers*

Now, I'm off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!

I feel so special, having gotten a Summer Snake review! Thank you very much for stopping by.

You review is very sweet and the feedback you gave me helps reaffirm that I achieved my goals here - making Quirrell mundane and relatable, but also a kind of nasty guy.

Happy slithering!

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Review #6, by Aphoride Unaffected

13th May 2015:
Hi there - dropping by for our review swap! :)

Since you said that the other things on your page were older, and this was newer, I thought I'd stop by this one, since it was the more recent one :)

I love the fact that you chose to write about Quirrell for this - I'm a massive fan of minor characters in fic myself, and Quirrell is one of those ones who never gets written about but has kinda an interesting role in the series, you know, what with having Voldemort on the back of his head and all :P

The way you wrote him was so good, too - I loved how he didn't like the kids at Hogwarts, almost seeming to be afraid of them and just so nervous around people in general - it really fits in with his later personality from the books. Also, it's kinda funny to think he's a teacher but he's not fond of people, haha - and it's so nice to see characters who aren't people people, you know, and who don't end up doing their dream job, necessarily. Plus, it was just so realistic too - his wishing not to be noticed, being so irritated by the noise in the castle the evening Voldemort was defeated and everyone found out. Those are all things it's so easy to sympathise with, I think.

One thing I really loved which I didn't expect was the conversation with the kids in the Muggle Studies class about the effect of Voldemort's disappearance. It was so astute and so clever, and actually made me wonder about all of that, because it's true, it's something which would have some kind of effect, you'd think, given that it's such a huge event and all the politics surrounding the war in the first place. I loved as well how awkward Quirrell was about the idea of discussing things like that, because it is a really heavy topic, and he seems so out of his depth with it.

The foreshadowing, haha - that last line was so good. He's so wrong about it, poor man... well, right in a way, I guess, given what happens to him later on :P But yeah, it was a brilliant way to connect this to canon, further :)

Your writing in this was so good, too. You have a really lovely, clear style which makes it so easy for the emotions your character is feeling to come through and really shine - which is so great in this, because it really makes me get the awkwardness and irritation Quirrell feels about the whole situation. Your dialogue was fantastic too - gah, I wish I could write dialogue which sounded as natural as that!

This is a really great one-shot - thank you so much for the swap! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Agh, what a sweet flattering review! Really, I didn't expect so many compliments!

I love minor characters, and I'm really glad that you've got this in common with me!

I'm quite pleased that you thought Quirrell's personality came across so well. I love getting into the psyche of a character and incorporating that into the narration style of a character. I didn't entirely intend to so strongly focus on Quirrell's anxiety and implied mental dysfunctions, but it just sort of happened naturally.

I'm also really glad that you liked the foreshadowing. I was afraid of either making it too subtle or too heavy handed, but it sounds like you didn't take i that way.

Essentially all of the things that I wasn't sure would read well, you said did! So that's great to hear.

In future reviews, don't shy away from constructive criticism. I love compliments, but definitely want to be pushed to improve =)

Thanks again!

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