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Review #1, by dreamgazer220 The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

31st December 2016:
Chiara! Here with your review ♥

Thank you so much for dropping this story into my review thread. I'm not sure it's something I would have read otherwise, and this is seriously one of the most unique and creative stories I've read thus far.

I loved so many things about this. I read the entire story in a very calm, soothing head voice, like one you would use to read a story to a child as you're trying to get them to fall asleep at night. The flow was just effortless and the premise is incredible. Seriously, how did you think of something like this??

Your characters. They're fantastic. I loved that when Brian and Shirley met, his natural instinct wasn't to scare her, but it's what he was used to doing so he couldn't help it. I loved the idea that not all Boggarts are the same and that he prefered warmth, sunshine, and happy feelings. And poor Shirley, I can't imagine being a Squib and having such a harsh and cold father.

I really hope that Brian & Shirley did live happily ever after. I liked that you kept it open ended and a bit mysterious, but also hopeful. Does this even make sense?

Anyway, I loved this. Thanks for sharing this story with me!


Author's Response: Jill! *wub* (one day I'll learn how to put hearts...)

Yes! I knew you would like it! :P
Jokes aside, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. :D

I honestly don't know where the story came from, it just formed in my mind all of a sudden... Glad you liked the idea behind it.

Glad you liked the characters, too. Brian and Shirley are both so cute, aren't they? And yes, poor Shirley, she didn't have the most affectionate of families...

It makes a lot of sense. That's exactly what I was trying to do. And they did live happily ever after. ;)

Thanks to you for coming here and for leaving such a sweet review!

Tons of love and hugs,

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Review #2, by victoria_anne The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

14th May 2016:
... I swear I'm not procrastinating.

I'm just haunting your author page. Be afraid, be very afraid.
I'd actually seen this story the first time I checked out your page and I have NO idea why I haven't read it before!

Because it is absolutely brilliant. Truly, Chiara, this story is outstanding.

Love love LOVE Brian. Honestly, the whole idea is just SO creative, and I love how you've created a way of life for Boggarts (like what?!) and that Brian does not fit into it. Especially when Shirley doesn't fit into her world either!

I would have loved to have read more! But I'll take your word for it when you say they lived happily every after, I hope that's true :)

I will most definitely be reading this to my future children before bedtime! After a chapter of Harry Potter, of course...

Amazing work Chi, I really really enjoyed this :)

Love Bianca ♥

Author's Response: I am very afraid!!! *couch*
And by the way... HPAEBTBBYMB...
Nothing wrong in procrastinating, anyway! ;)

Ah, thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed this!!!

Ahahah! Boggarts are interesting and highly misunderstood creatures, aren't they? And Brian is the sweetest!!! *wub*

None of them really fit in (and Shirley's parents are just horrible...) so it's a good thing for them to meet each other!

Well, I wanted to leave the ending up to the reader's immagination. But I can assure you that they did live happily ever after! :D (btw, which is your favourite ending?)

Aww... that's too sweet!
Thank you so much for another wonderful review!!!

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Review #3, by The Basilisk The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

21st December 2015:
I'm terribly sorry it has taken me so long to ssslither over to your page. My tail got caught in the last story I read and it took ages to get it out!

YOU MENTIONED ME IN YOUR STORY! I am so honored and happy! Although, talking about Basilisssk victims seem scary, but we, like Brian, can be different. I, for example, haven't taken any victims since the Chamber of Ssssecrets fiasco.

I really liked that you wrote a ssstory about another highly misunderstood magical creature, like a boggart! It'sss about time someone wrote our stories!

Poor Shirley! I hope she and Brian lived happily ever after! And I really liked your description of what Boggarts look like! Even I have always wondered that!

Author's Response: Hello, dear Basilisk! :)
I'm so happy to have you here!

Ahahah! I didn't remember that I mentioned you... :P I'm sorry, I didn't mean to judge you or anything... I'm sure there are a lot of nice basilisks out there! Hope you didn't find my analogy offensive... ;)

There are so many misunderstood creatures out there! I'm glad you enjoyed my version of boggarts! Maybe I'll write a Basilisk's story one day (I can feel a plot bunny coming... not good...)

They did have their happily ever after! I'm sure of it! ;)
Thank you so much for stopping by! It was a great pleasure!!! :D

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Review #4, by ReeBee The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

16th December 2015:
Hi Chiara!!

Here for our review swap! I'm sorry its late!! I've seen you a lot around the forums but never really had the chance to talk to you so this was a pleasure!! :D

First of all HOW ADORABLE!!! like actually so cute!!! I love the title as well like its so i don't know how to describe it but like quaint and just so cute!!! AND BRIAN WHAT A NAME FOR A BOGGART and SHIRLEY! I love how its sort of like alliteration with her name and squib and brian and boggart!!

First of all characterisation was so adorable. i know I'm using that word far too much but i don't know how to describe it otherwise!!! like what do I say! And shirley is the epitome of innocence with her little curls and blue eyes and brian well, he is too I guess in his own way but I love how they're both like cute innocent characters but one with a suiting physical appearance and another with a more scary physical appearance??

AND THE PLOT HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SO CREATIVE!!! LIKE REALLY HOW! I DONT UNDERSTAND WOMAN HOW!!! give me the secret to your creativity I beg!! It was so cute!!! The ending made me all warm and happy inside like omg. so so so satisfying!! I can imagine Shirley growing up giggling as Brian turns into different things to make her laugh and I can imagine brian being super good at looking after her and loving her more than her parents ever would have.

And i also like the touch where Brian's parents missed him and went out to look for him its so nice to see something usually portrayed as evil and horrible, being portrayed as showing love for family here. it was really really nice!!

Anyway I loved this!! Thank you for the swap!!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey, Curie! :)
It was a real pleasure swapping with you, too!!! And, yes, we should definitely get to know each other better!!! :D

Aww... This review... Thank you so much! Your entusiasm and sweetness made me smile so widely!!!

Ahahah! I did want their names to be sort of allitterations with Squib and Boggart respectively! I'm glad you appreciated it! :)

They are cute and innocent. And, yes, Shirley just has the looks. :) Brian, being a boggart, looks like... well, a boggart. ;) But he's so cute just the same!

Oh, my... *blushing* I'm not sure if I'm so creative... And I surely don't have a secret to share... Simply ideas spring up in my brain and I try to write them down. Nothing more than that, really.

Ahahah! I like your image! I'm sure Brian would definitely turn into funny things to make her laugh! :D (well... once he learns to control his scaring-people-instinct...) And he would definitely look after her in a much loving way than her parents would have!

I'm glad you liked Brian's parents being concerned for him and going to search for him! They were much better parents than Shirley's human ones!

Thanks so much to you for the swap and the absolutely adorable review!!!
Much love,

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Review #5, by marauderfan The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

11th November 2015:
Review swap! I was torn between continuing your Lily story or reading this one, but I've had my eye on this one for a while (because of the quirky title!) and decided now is the time :p

one line in and I'm already really curious because I've always wondered what a Boggart looks like when no one is looking at it! there was one scene in OotP when Moody can tell by looking through the floor with his magical eye and knows there's a boggart but HOW DOES HE KNOW!? /tangent but I'm excited.

And let me tell you, she was the most beautiful and terrifying unshaped creature I've ever met. Never knew nothingness could have such a glamorous shade of black. -- Ahahaha! XD I love this so much! Best line of the story.

Omg, the image of young Shirley helping Scandy the house-elf make biscuits and Scandy allowing her to eat the dough because he loves her company but then sticking his ears in the oven to punish himself... gah! this is simultaneously so sweet and so heartrending omg what are you doing to my feelinsg

Aw, I love how you pointed out it's a Boggart's reflex to assume the shape of the scariest thing, and that's what Brian does - but he doesn't really want to scare her. Their ensuing friendship once he goes back to his original form (a black nothingness... with a hand.. haha however that worked) was really sweet. Sidenote though, I can't imagine how scary it would be to be a 7 year old who's just been kicked out for being a Squib! That makes me so sad.

I also kind of wonder what happened to the house-elf, and now I have this headcanon that Shirley hid nearby and was regularly visited by the house-elf, who still cooked biscuits with her (because how would Shirley take care of herself at seven?) and so Shirley and Scandy remained good friends. I also vote for the second option in which Shirley and Brian joined the circus as trapeze artists because that sounds awesome haha.

I just loved this story Chiara - you know I really like stories that are kind of unconventional and this certainly fit the bill. Wonderful writing and I can certainly tell why it won a challenge too! :) I'm so happy I read this! ♥

Author's Response: Oh, Kristin!
Thank you so much!
It's always so lovely to receive your visits!!! :)

Ahahah! Our minds really work alike, because that scene in OotP is exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote this! :D

A lot of people loved that particular line, and I'm so glad because it was quite difficult to word it in a way that satisfied me...

Poor Scandy...sometimes I'm so cruel to my characters...

I imagined that it was more of an instinct and a defensive mechanism. Of course there is also a will component, but in Brian's case he was just caught by surprise and did what came natural to him. Ahahah! I have no idea how it works, actually...

I must confess that I was a bit doubtful about them just running away when they were both just children and living on their own... I like your idea of Scandy visiting her, it's really sweet! :) And yes, the circus sounds awesome indeed! :D

Thank you so much, honey! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story! And you can tell that I love unconventional stories too! :P

Thanks for the amazing review and for swapping!!!
Love you so, so, so much!

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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

12th October 2015:
Hi there Chaira!

I'm here for our review swap. Aw, this story was so sweet and I can see why it won the challenge. It was such an enjoyable read. I loved the idea of a boggart that doesn't really want to scare people and a girl born from one of the Sacred Twenty Eight being a squib and ostracized by her family.

The creativity just doesn't stop with this one. Your explanation of what Boggarts really look like was fantastic. And I also loved how they met and made *new* boggarts. And I'm wondering if all Boggarts have a first name that starts with "B" or was it just Brian's family?

It was also a nice contrast to see the Boggart family telling each other bedtime stories and the wizard family so completely awful to their own flesh and blood. Poor Shirley! Her father was downright evil - but that's to be expected of a purebloods, I guess :(

All the little details you put into this story really made it shine. The stories of Scandy the House Elf, and of Brian's brothers and Shirley's too. All of that made me just want to keep reading!

What a great story - but I'm beginning to learn that is typical for your writing!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Beth!!!
Oh, wow! Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled you liked this story!!!

I'm so glad you liked the idea! And also the idea of Boggart families and how they look like! :) Ahahah! I actually don't know... I chooses the names of Brian and Shirley because I liked how they sounded in the title (B for Boggart and S for Squib, it just sounded good). And then the I kept the B thing for Brian's brothers too, because I liked it. I think it was only their family, though! :P

I know... I felt so cruel putting Shirley through that... But yes, that's what happens with blood-purity-obsessed people... The Boggarts are much more human!

I'm so glad you liked the little details! Scandy is my favourite!!! :)

Aww, thank you so much! *blushing* I adore your writing too!

Hugs and love!

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Review #7, by 800 words of heaven The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

27th September 2015:
Heya! Finally popping in for our review swap!

Like you, I was also very unsure what to pick to read (so many choices!) but I saw that this had one first place in The Magical Creatures challenge, and that you'd also entered it into the Children's Story Challenge, so I couldn't resist.

Ah, this was just perfect! I really loved all the lore that you built around boggarts. It was really imaginative, and I'm so going to adopt this as my boggart headcanon, now! Also Brian is such an ordinary name and he's so scary! It was so cute how his own voice scared him a little - that was a very nice touch.

The way you wrote this story was just perfect. It definitely read like a fairy tale. There was the cherubic little girl who was hated by her family. A magical animal. AND A HAPPILY EVER AFTER YAY. And it was so mysterious, still! It really felt like reading one of the original Grimm's fairy tales.

All in all, this was such a lovely story to read, and now I'm smiling and it's just fantastic! Thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hi! Welcome to my AP! :)

I think it is a good thing that you chose this story! I'm quite happy with how it turned out! :)

Ahahah! I'm glad you liked my interpretation of boggarts! Poor Brian... Being a boggart and not liking scary things must be really hard...

So happy you felt like the fairytale tone worked! Wow, like the Grimms, you say? That's such a huge compliment! Thank you!!! (And of course they would get their happily ever after! Happy endings are the best!!!)

Oh, thank you! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this story!!! If I managed to make you smile, then I've reached my purpose!!! ;)

Thank you so much for the swap and the lovely review!


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Review #8, by RavenclawFTW The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

12th August 2015:
Heya Chiara! Here for the swap. :)

This was such a cute story! Aw! It made me really happy. I love the parallels you set up between Shirley and Brian throughout the story and how they turned out to be so similar!

I really enjoyed your expansion on Boggarts. I've never really thought about them before, but the way you've personified them here is very interesting. I really liked the idea that one Boggart was like "but I just wanna see the sunlight!" and abandoned the other ones. It's really sweet. I also loved the family dynamics of the Boggarts, and hearing about what brought his parents together in the first place-- it was really funny.

I was also interested in your portrayal of Shirley's parents and her family. The reaction of Shirley's parents to her Squib-ness seemed unfortunately in character for an old pureblood family, and I thought you really did a great job with Scandy. This line stood out to me: He would then punish himself by putting his ears in the oven with the cookies, but he still felt it was worth it. It just feels really on point given what we know about house-elves from the books!

Great job with this! It was really sweet, and I especially loved the closing paragraphs and then the final line. :)


Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!!!
I'm so glad you liked it!!!

I'm so glad you liked Brian and Shirley and the parallel narration! They are similar, mostly because they are so different from their families!

I'm glad you liked my characterization of the Boggarts, too! We know they are this scary things, just pure fear and darkness, but I wondered what they could be like aside from that. Brian is so cute!!! Ahahah, I love your sum up about him! Very fitting! Made me smile!

I think the life of a Squib in a strict Pureblood family would be really horrible. I'm sure something like that could happen. I'm so glad you liked Scandy too, and that you focused on that particular line!!!

I'm happy you liked the closing too! I really wanted to give them a happy and full life, even if I left space to imagination about what would actually happen to them.

Thank you so much for the amazing review and for the swap!!!
With love,

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Review #9, by SunshineDaisies The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

11th August 2015:
Hi Chiara! Here for our swap!

This is so CUTE. It's an absolutely lovely children's story. The tone of the piece is absolutely perfect! I can totally imagine a parent telling this to a child at bedtime. And it's got such a lovely moral! It's not WHAT you are, but WHO you are that's important. I think that would be a really important thing for a wizarding child to learn. Especially when it comes to being a wizard or squib. Plus they learn that you shouldn't be afraid of boggarts. Also important. :)

I'm so glad I got a chance to read this! It's absolutely darling!:)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!
Thank you for swapping!!!

I'm so happy you liked this! I put a lot of effort in making the tone right for a children story, so it's great to know you felt I managed it!!!

And I'm so happy you liked the moral! I wanted to show that, no matter how different you are, you can find your right place in the world!

So glad you enjoyed reading this! Thank you so much again!!!


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Review #10, by cherry_pop94 The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

31st July 2015:
Hello Chiara! I'm here for our swap!

This was just a creative idea! I've really never read anything like it before. There was humour, sadness, a little fear. Shirley and Brian are two perfect misfits for each other.

This really felt like a children's story. Your word choice, intonation, everything just felt like I should be using my special story time voices and looking at adorable painted illustrations.

I did notice a few typos amd areas where the grammar and word choice were not quite right. So you may want to edit again.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this!


Author's Response: Hi Stefanie!
Sorry for taking so terribly long with my reply...
Thank you so much for the swap!!!

I'm so happy you enjoyed this and you found it original!!! And I'm very glad the tone was right for a children story!!! I put a lot of effort in it!

I will check it out again. I'm planning on finding a beta to help me fix the grammar in my stories (English is not my mother language, so I tend to make a few mistakes...)

Thank you again for the swap and the lovely review!
Many hugs,

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Review #11, by merlins beard The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

26th July 2015:
Hey Chiara,

I know it's two days late by now, but unfortunately I had to work and only now had time to leave you a birthday review.

Happy Birthday again, even thogh it's late.

I have no idea how you came up with this story. It's so nice and inspiring and beautifully written. It's a perfect childrens story, and it even has a hidden message to accept everyone the way they are.

You said in your AN thst this just came to you and words flowed freely. It's the best thing when that happens. I feel like the stories feel much more natural when we really feel what we're writing.

I love that you wrote about boggarts in a way I have never seen before. Usually they're the bad guys in juat a small fraction of the story, no more than a footnote and barely important enough to be mentioned at all. You did such a great job making me see the other side of them. I really like that you made your characters different. I wish I knew what a Boggart looks like.

I think I'll put this on my favourites now, because it was just so beautiful.

Happy Birthday again,

~Anja xxx

Author's Response: Anja!!!

I don't mind the lateness at all! On the contrary, I'm so so glad you decided to stop by!!! Thank you so much for the happy birthday wishes!!!

I have no idea either... Thank you, I'm so happy you found it inspiring and beautiful! It's such a huge compliment!!!

And I'm so happy you liked the moral behind it (what's a children story without a moral?) That was exactly what I was trying to communicate, that everyone shall and can find happiness and their right place in the world, despite how different they might be!

I completely agree with you, stories written in the heat of inspiration tend to be so sincere and heartfelt, which is great!

I'm so glad you liked the boggarts. I wanted to explore a bit more these creatures about which we know so little. It was an interesting and amusing experience. :)

Thank you so much again for the absolutely adorable review! You are way too sweet!!! And thanks again for wishing me a happy birthday!!!

Tons of hugs, love and kisses!!!

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Review #12, by looneylizzie The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

25th July 2015:

I noticed that it was your birthday on the thread on the forums a bit earlier, and I thought I'd stop by and leave you a review!! (Sorry I'm a bit late... although it was still your birthday two hours ago in my timezone!)

Anyway, poking through your AP, this story instantly caught my attention, and I just HAD to read it. And I'm glad I did, because I absolutely LOVE it!

There's LOADS of mystery in this little story, and the way you've written boggarts is just fascinating. The way you've fleshed them out, and made them more than just the scary thing we all know them for, is wonderfully written and explored. And VERY cool. Boggarts have always been a very interesting portion of the wizarding world that I would have always wanted to know more about, and this story really felt like it was something that could have been canon! BRAVO!

Sorry to keep this review really short, I'd love to add more, but I've got to run. But, have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling! I hope you had a good day, and I hope you enjoy this woefully short review!!

Keep writing, because you're amazing!

Author's Response: Oh, Lizzie!!!
Thank you so so so much!!!

Don't worry at all about the lenght or the lateness, it's just great that you stopped by! And thanks for the happy birthday wishes, I had a pleasant day! :)

I'm so glad you liked the story!
It's one of the most random things I wrote, yet it turned out to be one of my better managed works... Strange...

It was interesting trying to imagine what a Boggart's life might be like. I'm so glad you liked the way I portrayed them! :)

Thank you so so so much again for the beautiful review! It totally made my day!!!

I suppose I'll see you around on Monday ;)

Many hugs and much love,

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Review #13, by Freda_and_Georgina The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

23rd July 2015:
Hello Chiara! Freda & Georgina here reviewing your entry in our Creative Creatures Challenge!

Love the opening to the story! Very witty. This is a very interesting and creative story; we've never read anything from the perspective of a Boggart before.

Poor Shirley! Such a sweet but unloved little girl. Her brother needs to be smacked upside the head or something. Brian's reaction that he doesn't hate her is so sweet!

Liked the boggart family dynamics, and how you showed that scaring humans is mostly (and in Brian's case, only) instinctual, and that it can be controlled, but it requires strong willpower.

Is "iper-gravitational" a typo? Also "She didn't understaNd the reason..", and you spelled Selwyn with an i the last time, FYI.

Great story! Very well written! Keep an eye out for the results to our challenge (after August 5th, of course)!

-Freda & Georgina

Author's Response: Hello Freda! Hello Georgina!
Thank you for stopping by!

I'm very happy you enjoyed the story! It was interesting trying to write from a Boggart's perspective. :)

Yes, I know... Poor Shirley... I've been a little cruel to her... And Ruben definitely needs to be smacked upside the head!

So glad you liked the Boggarts' family and my interpretation of their scaring instinct.

Oh, thanks for pointing out the typos, I'll go back and fix them!

Thank you so much for the lovely and kind review! Once again, I'm so glad you liked the story!

Can't wait for the challenge's results!!!

So much love,

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Review #14, by HeyMrsPotter The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

20th July 2015:
Hi, Chiara! Iím here reviewing for the House Cup :D

This is absolutely, hands down, the funniest, most random, and fun story I have ever come across on the archives. WHERE DID YOUR BRAIN FIND SUCH AN IDEA?! Seriously perfect.

I absolutely adore the narrative voice youíve used. When I first started reading it, it really reminded me of a childrenís story and I honestly felt like I was 5 years old and someone was reading this to me. Then I read your author note and it all made sense.

Your comedic timing is so beyond perfect. Like this line here And let me tell you, she was the most beautiful and terrifying unshaped creature I've ever met. Never knew nothingness could have such a glamorous shade of black is nothing short of hilarious and genius.

I totally fell in love with your characters. I love the idea of a Boggart who is totally anti-scary and dark. And then poor Shirley, her father was so mean to her when she wasnít showing signs of magic. Iím so glad that they found each other, and personally Iím believing the story about Shirley inventing a broom that could land them both on the moon :p
Love love LOVED this!

Hufflepuff House Cup 2015.

Author's Response: Dearest Dee,

First of all, thank you so much for this amazing review! I haven't received many for this round of TAR (only 3, actually) and it makes your special, also because it is so kind and full of enthusiasm! It really made my day!

I'm so happy that you found this so funny! Where did my brain find the idea? I don't know!!! My brain is a mistery even for myself... :P

I love writing (for) children. And I didn't even know before writing this story. If you felt that way, then I've reached my purpose. It is the best compliment you could give me!!!

Ahahah! That line amused a lot of people. And what's funny about it is that it was one of the passages I had more trouble pulling out the way I wanted. But it worked in the end, so... Yeah! :)

I'm so in love with both Brian and Shirley, too! They're both outsiders in their respective worlds, and they are just so cute!!!
It's fun to know which is everyone's favourite ending. I shall start a poll about it! :P

Thank you so much again for this absolutely adorable review!!!
Tons of hugs, love and kisses!

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Review #15, by aurevoir The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

14th July 2015:
Cassie here for review swap!

THIS. This was just so wonderful. I found myself getting drawn into it and I got angry when the cat tried to crawl into my lap for cuddles. I dumped him into the floor. (But don't worry, he's off in the corner chowing on catnip now).

But really - you should consider writing children's stories. Because I can imagine this actually being a child's story in the wizarding world. Especially the whole squib thing - it almost seems like a nightmare, but it would be like one of those stories where you think it's going to be sad and it isn't - like the Ugly Duckling. [that took a long time to explain].

You also have a very captivating writing style - I'm going to have to add you onto my list of authors I need to explore more. Especially because most of your stories are the genre that I never really have ventured into [except for the one story you read].

But I also really want to know what happened to them. Because I'm one of those people that likes to have endings ;) I like to think that they ended up on a farm or something and that she never had to deal with people like her father again. Because he's a butt. And I'm glad Brian the Boggart got to be himself, and didn't have to scare people when he didn't want to.

I'm really glad we did this swap so I could read this story ♥ ♥ You have a great writing style and I hope you never stop!


Author's Response: Hey Cassie!

Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing review!!! And sorry for the absurdly long time it took me to answer!

Ahahah, poor cat... They always choose the worst moment possible to come for cuddles, don't they? :P

Wow, thank you so much! I actually like writing (for) children a lot... The problem is finding the right ideas (unless they just pop in my mind out of the blue).
Oh, I didn't think about the Ugly Ducking, but this story has definitely a lot in common with that one!!!

Thank you so much! I'm just so glad you found the style captivating! I was so scared this didn't flow well enough...

I'd be honoured if you wanted to check more of my works (there are things I'm quite proud of, and others that I don't like too much...) And as I already told you, I love the Marauders and I think you should venture into it more often (your story was just brilliant!!!)

Ahahah! Yeah, I'm sorry... But I liked the idea of leaving it to imagination (plus, I was too lazy to really build a future for them...) But I can guarantee they managed to live their lives just like they wanted to. ;)

I'm so glad for our swap too! And I might be back again to your AP (even if I'm not the biggest Dramione fan... but I should try different things too, shouldn't I?)

Thanks a lot again and a huge hug!

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Review #16, by CassiePotter The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

3rd July 2015:
Hi Chiara! I'm here for our review swap!
This was so, so much fun. And so unique! I've never read anything like it before!
I loved that you wrote about two people (or beings, I guess I should say, since boggarts aren't really people) that find happiness and companionship in each other because they're different from their families. I loved Brian's character. He seemed so happy and curious, and I liked that even though his father worried about him, his parents weren't mean to him because he liked to see sunshine and wanted to get out of the attic.
I felt really bad for poor Shirley, though. I can't imagine what it would be like to be turned out of your own home at only seven years old, especially when your twin is getting love and praise.
But the end was very sweet. I'm glad Shirley and Brian were able to live happily together.
I really enjoyed this, and thought it was such a fun story!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie!
Thank you so much, I'm really happy you liked this, and that you found it so original and funny! I wanted to do something different for the Children Story Challenge and then the idea for this just popped into my head. I'm just so glad you enjoyed it!

I had so much fun in personalizing the boggarts, and Brian in particular was so much fun to write because he is just so un-boggart-ish! Ihihih!

I know... Poor Shirley... Being ostracized by her own family because she was born without magical powers... But I think it would happen in a Pureblood-obsessed family... In the end the boggarts were more "human" than the humans.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending. I wanted them to be happy together and to find their place in the world, even if in an unusual way!

Thank you so much for swapping and for the kind words!!!
With love,

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Review #17, by amuggle_ephemeral_tale The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

1st June 2015:
That was absolutely beautiful! The whimsical tone set the perfect stage.
Your story brightened up my Monday, thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks to you for the lovely review!
I'm so happy you liked it and it brightened your day!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day and week!

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Review #18, by LastMinuteLuna The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

31st May 2015:
Ciao! Ciao! Ciao!

I'm LastMinuteLuna and I'm dropping by to leave you a review for the Pass It Along Challenge! I know. I know. It's awfully close to the deadline. I am cutting it quite close, but they don't call me LastMinuteLuna for nothing!

But enough about me. Let's talk about your fabulous story!

I've been meaning to read this story ever since you posted it for The Children's Story Challenge. Just from the title alone I could tell it was going to be really unique.

I absolutely adore how you've characterized Brian and really boggarts in general. I had hoestly never considered what a boggart might be like in real life. I thought the way that you described them seemed realistic and believable.

Poor Shirley! Her family seems so awful and she seems like such a nice girl. I really hope her and Brian ended up somewhere happy and nice since they both seem to be misfits in their own worlds.

I do want to give you a bit of CC. There are some typos and improperly used words in this story. It didn't detract from the story you were telling as I could always understand what you meant, but you may want to do a good edit of this at some point.

Overall, I think this is a really good children's story. Good luck in the challenge!

Uh oh! Times up. I have to run. I've got a few more reviews to leave and the deadline is approaching! Thanks for such a haunting story!


Author's Response: Ciao Luna!
Ahahah! I don't mind last minute visits! I wasn't eexpecing a visit to begin with, so that's totally fine! Thanks for coming! ;)

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! It was really fun to write. Especially trying to imagine what the life of a family of Boggarts might be like! So happy you liked my characterization of them!

Shirley's parents are horrible... I felt so bad for her too... I'm sure they did end up somewhere nice! :)

I'll look into it (I think all my stories will need some editing sooner or later...) Thanks for pointing it out!

I won't hold you off any longer! Thanks for stopping by!
Lots of love,

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Review #19, by xinkheartedx The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

31st May 2015:
Hey there! It's MyChemicalFanFiction from the forums, here for our review swap, sorry this took so long!

Anyway, this is probably the cutest little story I've ever read! I felt quite bad for Shirley and I thought her friendship with Brian was so cute!

I also found it ironic that a family of boggarts, these horrible scary creatures, are more humane than Shirley's parents, so I was having a little giggle at that.

'Never knew nothingness could have such a glamorous shade of black' Oh god that set me off laughing, I had to take a little break because I just couldn't stop!

I just found this really cute (I think I might have already said that but whatever). I really think you should consider entering this into the creative creatures challenge aswell :)

- Ali

Author's Response: Hello Ali!
Oh, it's totally fine! Don't worry about the lateness!

I'm so happy to hear you liked this! Shirley and Brian are indeed cute!!!

It is ironic, isn't it? I'm glad I made you chuckle! :)

I'll definitely consider entering this for the Creative creature challenge too! I was doubtful, but since you're the second suggesting it, I think I will! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments! You made me smile!!!
With love,

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Review #20, by Dojh167 The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

30th May 2015:
Hello, Sam here with your "Thank you for your awesome review" review.

First of all, this is super cute. I don't normally read fluff, but I was definitely excited when I saw that this was for the Children's Story challenge. Your title did a fantastic job of capturing the cuteness, the fluffiness, and the children's story sides of the story.

I found that double spacing between paragraphs wasn't quite enough to show the start of a new section. At first I thought that you accidentally hit the spacebar an extra time. Try throwing in an asterisk or dash.

The opening lines did a wonderful job of setting up the children's story genre. I totally felt like I was a kid being told a story. It felt new and exciting, not over-simplified and condescending, which is a great distinction.

From the start you did a great job of characterizing boggarts in a new and exciting way: "Boggarts normally like solitude.. and why it is in their nature to assume scary forms to keep bothering strangers away." It was a completely new perspective, and yet sweetly believable. It is also a good gently humorous transition into some of the more ridiculous personification that's to come.

"And let me tell you, she was the most beautiful and terrifying unshaped creature I've ever met. Never knew nothingness could have such a glamorous shade of black." Agh, the humor is so delicious! And " A bit like a black hole, but without all the iper-gravitational field thing, otherwise Earth itself would be sucked anytime a Boggart came to be, and then there would be no world, and no Boggarts.." Okay, not going to repost any more funny things, because they keep coming.

Ruben's mother's reaction to his first magic was very d=believable in a disturbing way. This actually seems like something that would happen a lot i wizarding families, with parents so excited to see their children's first magic, which could often come from a place of childish cruelty that they go reprimanded.

Like most good children's stories, this turned out to be pretty dark. I was surprised that the two really did run away together at such a young age and couldn't help but seriously worry about them. But again, like a good children's story, you did a good job of softening that reality with fantastical possibilities.

There were a couple instances of omitted and extra words creating awkward sentence structures. You may want to have a beta look out for that in your future work.

Have you considered also submitting this to the Creative Creatures challenge?

Thanks for the accidental swap - I had a lot of fun reading this!

Author's Response: Thanks to you for deciding to come anyway!
Accidental swaps seem like a fun thing, don't you agree? People should do that more often!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. And most importantly that you think I managed to set up the children's story genre well, because I really put a lot of effort in trying to give this the right tone.

I do have an issue with formatting and session breaking... Mostly, it is because I'm never really sure when a break is necessary or not, so I tend to do it inconspicuously... But thanks for the suggestion! :)

I'm so glad you liked the personification of boggarts and the humour in it! It was so much fun to write!

Their mother's reaction was definitely disturbing... She should've tried and confort Shirley, and reprimand Ruben for his nasty behaviour... But as you said, this is something that would likely happen in a wizarding family, especially in a purity-obsessed like this one is!

Yes, I know... I was a bit doubtful myself about getting them to run away from home at such a young age... I'm glad the funny possibilities helped smoothing it. That was exactly what I was trying to do! ;)

Oh... I have a bad tendency to construct sentences in a too convoluted way... And English not being my mother language doesn't help... I've never had my stories betaed, but a few people suggested I should... I'll probably ask someone next time.

Actually, I did consider it... I'm not totally sure this is fitting... Do you think I shoild?

Thank you again for the amazing review! It made my day!
Tons of love,

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Review #21, by Gabriella Hunter The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

24th May 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and thanks for the swap! I have never read anything like this before and it was a unique way of looking at boggarts. It was probably the cutest thing that I've read all day to be honest, I had never given boggarts much thoughts but this was really heartfelt and sweet. I like that you switch POVs from the characters in this story too, we get to understand that Brian is not like his family while Shirley is an outcast in her own. It makes their connection and friendship all the sweeter by the time that they meet and I thought that I giggled too much. This reminded me of short stories that I read as a kid and I liked the whimsical feel to this, though I would like to know what happened to them. I hope that they DID travel the world and spend time in a circus, how fun would that be? Hahahah.

Thanks for the swap!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello Gabbie!
Oh, I'm really happy to see you here! Thanks to you!

I'm just so happy that you enjoyed reading this and that you found this cute and original! I really don't know what got into me when I wrote this, and I was so scared when I posted it, but it seems it's been received very well, and I'm just glad! :)

I'm glad you liked the way I portrayed the Boggarts, and the switch in POVs between Brian and Shirley. Yes, they do have a lot in common!

Thank you so much, I'm just so happy that I managed to give this the right tone. And that I had you giggle! It's just so great to hear! :)

Well, the good part of it is that you can imagine whichever ending you like! Oh, yes, I'm sure that would be a lot of fun!

Thanks for the swap and much, much love!

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Review #22, by pointless_proclamations The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

24th May 2015:

The title of this wonderful tale caught my attention right away. You've started the story splendidly. The style of narration here is just amazing in its being pleasantly hilarious. Boggarts know what boggarts look like, of course and so does Shirley, but who in the world is Shirley, I suppose I'll have to continue reading to find out, huh? :P To add to the effect of narration, you sometimes refer to the readers 'You've probably heard. . .' and 'Our story starts with. . .' and I really, really love that.

Of course Boggarts have names, too!! I love that you named the Boggarts because then the establishment of an emotional connection becomes easier, I think.

Tiny little thing here: the use of the word 'solitudes.' Maybe the use of 'solitary' + a noun such as 'figures' or 'beings' or 'individuals' or 'lives' or something of that sort would work better because 'solitude' refers to a state or an abstract place, rather than a subject.

Oh goodness, the poor little House Elf, Chiara!

Daddy-Boggart's vernacular is also fantastic. 'Never knew nothingness could have such a glamorous shade of black.' Chiara!! That's such a prettily-worded line! Daddy-Boggart's awe when he first saw Mummy-Boggart is evident. It's all so sweet.

I love your comparison of Boggarts to black holes without the hyper-gravitational field thing because 'there would be no world, and no Boggarts...' ♥ Bahaha! Chiara, you're amazing. :D

Shirley sounds like an absolute darling. You've written her to be instantly likeable and Ruben to be quite the opposite. Shirley and Brain sound like they've got quite a bit in common, don't they. BOGGARTS CAN LIKE COLOURS and WARMTH and HAPPY FEELINGS, TOO. YES! This is genius, Chiara.

:( Shirley's father is so mean. Poor Shirley. May I climb into your story for a bit to give her a hug? Please? I'll be quick. I promise. I'll be right out. Just one hug.

THAT WAS SUCH A SWEET ENDING!!! Even though we don't really know what happened afterwards for sure, but still SO SWEET!!

Chiara, this is such a novel and unique tale written brilliantly! I LOVE ALL OF IT!

Reciprocated hugs and love and kisses,

Author's Response: EM!!!
Oh, I wasn't expecting you! It was such a lovely surprise!
And you wrote such adorable things, too... Who is the sweet reviewer?!?

I'm just so glad you liked the style of this! I wanted it to sound the more children-story-like possible. I hope I achieved it!

I've always wondered what Boggarts looked like... There is that moment in OotP when Moody confirms that there is a Boggart in Grimmauld place (don't remember the details) and he saw it with his magical eye, so I imagined he saw it when it wasn't in any particular shape... What did he see, I always wondered? Now I know. A black hole without hyper-gravitational field :P

Anyway... I'm happy you liked the fact that I named the Boggarts. I wanted to humanize them as much as possible, because I thought it would make sense in a children story. I'm happy to hear it helped to create an emotional connection!

Erm... Yes, I suppose you're right.
Actually, I thought it could make sense to use an abstract concept there, but I can see why your solution could work better!

What would scare a house elf more than breaking his Mistress' most valuable piece of ornament? Ihihih!

Daddy-Boggart and Mummy-Boggart are indeed sweet, aren't they? I'm so glad you liked that line! I actually had some trouble getting it out the way I wanted...

Shirley is adorable! She's such a lovely child!!! While Ruben... He's just so nasty. I must admit, I don't like him very much...

Yes, they have quite a lot in common! :)
And yes, some Boggarts can like colours, warmth and happy feelings!!! Brian is special that way!!! ;)

I really felt bad writing that scene... I really, really did... Of course you can! You must! We're team hugging, remember?

Oh, I'm so glad you liked the ending! The "moral" in here is that anyone can find their call and their right place in the world... At least, this is my wish...

Thank you so, so, so much for stopping by and for leaving such an amazing review! I can't stop smiling from ear to ear reading it!!!

A snowball of hugs!
Con affetto,

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Review #23, by The Summer Snake The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

18th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

Ooh a children's tale! I love children's tales - though I'm a grown up snake and you know, being reptilian creatures, we don't really tell our snake eggs or snake infants any stories. But anyway, I really, really enjoyed this!

I loved the concept here, of a friendship between a Boggart and a Squib. It was very interesting and I liked how you showed the build up to that friendship - the lives of the two leading up to that moment.

Your conceptualising of the Boggart was also very interesting as a shapeless black form. I loved his "characterisation". It was very sweet how he was so full of curiosity and not like the other Boggarts. Similar to how Shirley was not similar to other wizards, being a Squib.

The parallel narrative worked really well here, showing both their point of views and their stories simultaneously. You had some great descriptions there and the narrative came across very children's tale-ish which was great. I loved reading it and I'm glad I slithered across it. *showers confetti and flowers*

I'd love to stay and continue telling you how much I loved and enjoyed this but I must be off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Hello!
Oh, I'm very happy you decided to slither around here! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed this story!
Why? You should tell stories to the little snakes... Even Boggarts do, why do you not?

I'm so happy to hear that you liked the concept. I suppose it is a bit unusual, but maybe that's what makes it interesting, isn't it?

We know that Boggarts assume different shapes based on whom they are facing, thus we could say they have no actual shape at all. So it just came natural to think about them that way.
I'm glad you liked my characterization of Brian, anyway. And yes, he and Shirley are both outsiders. They have a lot in common. :)

It's so great to hear that you liked the narration, because I feared it didn't flow well enough. And I'm even more glad that you liked the descriptions, cause I often struggle with them!

Thank you so much for slithering across! Hope you'll enjoy the summer heat!
Much, much love,

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Review #24, by Unicorn_Charm The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

14th May 2015:
Chiara!! :D Here for our swap!

Oh my gosh, this was one of the most original, unique and wonderful stories I have read yet! It's not often that you come across a story about a Squib, but you almost NEVER read a story about a Boggart. Especially a family of them! How in the world did you come up with such an amazing idea?!

So I love that the Boggart's name was Brian haha. It's just so normal for something so completely not normal, but it really helped humanize him. And it was another thing to show how different he was from the rest of his family, because they all had such non-conventional names. Brilliant!

Oh I felt so bad for Shirley. I'm sure being a Squib would be hard enough, but to be one in a typical Pureblood family... Well I imagine it would be very similar to how you've written it here. That part with her being forced to lift the bucket of water totally broke my heart. I can't even believe that any father would do that to their seven year old daughter. :( At least she had the house elf who was kind to her.

This was really great, Chiara! So, so, so wonderfully original and well done! I honestly loved this! Thanks for doing the swap with me!! ♥ ♥

Much, much love,
Meg ♥

Author's Response: Meg!!!
Oh, wow! Thank you so much!
I'm so glad you liked this story!
You have no idea how much your reviews always lift my practically non-existent self esteem up! You are just too sweet!!!

How did I come up with the idea for this? I honestly have no clue... All I know is that I was falling asleep on an airplane after reading a few pages of a children's book (which had nothing in common with this story), and something clicked in my mind. Anyway, it's great to know you found this so original!

I'm so glad you loved the name's choice for Brian! I love your interpretation of it (I'll pretend that was my purpose from the start... :P)!

Oh, I know... Poor Shirley... I felt so cruel while writing that scene... Her father is just so horrible!!!
Yes, the house elf was the only one in the family who actually cared for her. Ironic, how him and the Boggarts seem so much more "human" than Shirley's parents...

Thank you so much again! I'm just so thrilled that you liked the story!
It's always great to swap with you! :)

Infinite love,

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