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Review #1, by Unicorn_Charm Godric's Hollow

4th April 2017:
Dan. Omg, Dan. I mean, Dan. Wow.

So this is a CTF Review, now let me begin.

My heart is in a million pieces on the floor right now. I WASNíT READY! Harry absolutely broke me while reading this. I mean, it's bad enough that he didn't have his parents during his entire childhood/adolescence, but I never even considered how it would have been for him not having them when he first became a father. Like he said, it's not just for him anymore, but now his child, too. The part where he mentioned how Molly and Arthur said they'd love James enough for all four of them really got to me. Of course the Weasleys would love him, and love him hard, but it's not the same as having his other set of grandparents, too. *sobs on the ground* That whole conversation, just ugh! And the comment about Teddy, you just had to put that in too, didn't you?

Now if that all wasn't bad enough, then you sneak Ginny in there, and again, I WASNíT READY! Everyone knows that you're a ridiculously talented writer, so when you write emotional scenes like this one, it just hurts. so. much. I do like that you threw in a little humor, like when she made the comment about Jamesí middle name, and how Harry wanted to name him after Severus (ha little does she know that that is going to happen). And then her talking about Harryís nightmares, and how she understands how Lily wouldn't step aside for Voldemort, and how she wishes she could ask when Harry first started sleeping through the night. I'm broken, Dan. You've broken me.

Now that I'm a crying mess, I just have one question. If Ginny thinks that Harry is home, and Harry thinks that Ginny is feeding James...WHO HAS THE BABY?! XD

Dan, this was so good. Like so, so, so good. However, I'm going to go now and try to put back together the broken pieces of my shattered heart.

Great job!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #2, by adluvshp Godric's Hollow

4th April 2017:
Hey! Here on behalf of Slytherin.

So many feels, this story makes me want to cry forever. I wrote a similar tale of Harry visiting his parents' grave (but it was also very different) ages ago and it made me cry like a baby while writing it. Reading this was just as heart-wrenching if not more. Your narrative is really so beautiful with amazing imagery. The descriptions really breathe life into the words, and I can imagine it all happening as I read, such as the scenery with the fall leaves being swept away to the little spot of dirt that Ginny wipes on the marble.

The concept of this itself is so beautiful and sweet, with Harry and Ginny visiting Lily and james' graves separately without telling each other and pouring out their hearts. The mentions of little james made me smile, and the way you described how everything feels just right for Harry, and like he doesn't get nightmares any more, all of those details made it stand out just how much fatherhood means to him and how much his son is able to make him happy. That little mention of Ginny being against naming the child after Snape made me chuckle, especially when we know the next one it's exactly what's going to happen.

Overall, this was a beautiful fic. Very well-written. The writing flowed amazingly and the emotions were superb. I teared up. Loved it.


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Review #3, by Marshal Godric's Hollow

1st April 2017:
This was so sad and emotional! I mean I was starting to tear up as Harry talked to Lily. I have a friend who just had a baby and in watching her I understand all the more the emotions that both Harry and Ginny are having and feeling. I mean you have it pretty dead on.

I also like the idea that Harry likes to visit his mum particularly on Mothering Day. I also found it cute how Ginny beat George and Angelina. That was a nice humor moment in the sad and something that is very the characters.

I kind of wonder now how Harry won the naming children thing when it came to Albus Severus after Ginny's line that you have here in the story. Also I kind of wonder where James Sirius is as Ginny is not with him as Harry thinks she is. Did she pass the baby off to Molly so that she could visit as well? Sorry my logic is probably ruining the story some and I don't mean to do that. While I think the story is great I think it would do well to have one line from Ginny hating to leave James with X person but she had to come - I know my friend hates leaving her baby but does when needed. Still without the line and my logic getting in the way I enjoyed the read.

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Review #4, by MalfoysAngel Godric's Hollow

1st April 2017:
Way to make me cry! This was absolutely beautiful! You gave Harry a moment with his mom and dad (mostly Lily) that I think he really needed. And to include Ginny coming to visit too, my heart can only handle so much at one time and this was almost too much!

I liked how you gave them each unique moments with Harry not realizing that Ginny was there and I love the mention of Snape and how Ginny made a joke about Harry picking the name for James Sirius. I can almost picture Lily sitting there listening to every word, crying, and laughing right along with them. I can see her beaming with pride at Harry and Ginny and the name they chose while her heart breaks that she can't physically be there with them.

I wish there was a companion piece to this told from Lily's point of view just for the purpose of learning her feelings about the events and her grandson. Yes I know she's dead but dead people should still have feelings right? No? Okay then.

Once work and school slow down for me some. I'll have to come back and read some of your other fics. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get to this one.

Author's Response: Aww... Sorry about that. I never start out trying to make anyone cry, but I will take it as a compliment.

I imagine Lily would have felt all of those things. So many happy moments in Harry's life end up being just a little bit sad because he's unable to share them with his parents.

That's an interesting idea, retelling it from Lily's point of view. Could be even more sad. You're giving me ideas. :p

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Veritaserum27 Godric's Hollow

26th September 2015:
Hello Dan!

I thought it was clearly past time that I reviewed this. I've never had anyone dedicate a story to me before, so this was a great honor. I have had someone write a song about me - but that's a story for another time... ;)

Let's start this off proper: Nailed it with the emotion and description here. I can't read this without tearing up because you so perfectly characterized what it's like to be a new parent. Family was everything to Harry - and I always recall the scene in DH where he chews out Remus for trying to leave Tonks and go on the run with the trio. That said it all. Once Harry actually became a father, he felt grounded and justified in his existence. Fighting Voldemort was something he had to do for everyone else, but having a child was something that was just for him and his parents.

And the way he described his son as having "Ginny's eyes, but Dad's hair" is just perfect. Harry doesn't think about it in terms of baby James having Harry's hair - that's just not Harry.

Iíve always missed you and wanted to have you back, but it isnít just for me now, you know?

Love this line. So true. Nothing, nothing, nothing is "just for me," as Harry puts it. It's a wonderfully terrifying set of mixed emotions and you've captured it beautifully with such a few lines.

But I think my favorite line in the whole story is this one of Ginny's:

Anyway, on to what Iím sure you really want to know. Harryís doing better.

Gah! Ginny as a Mum is beautiful. She knows (as she describes in the subsequent paragraph) that she and baby James are tied together in a way that can't ever be undone - and she knows that while Lily would be thrilled to be a grandmother, the well-being of Harry is always at the forefront of Lily's thoughts. Also, Lily isn't going to get any information about this from Harry, so it's up to Ginny to report out on how he's doing. What a great way to show such love between Ginny and Harry and such understanding between Ginny and her mother-in-law.

And as always, you put just the right touches of humor into your stories to lighten up the mood when we most need it. My personal favorite was here:

Itís definitely not happening again. He told me he was thinking of naming the boy after Snape!

Oh, Ginny - I have a very intense feeling you're going to lose that battle with Harry too :)

Great story, as always!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi, Beth!

I **definitely** want to hear the story of somebody writing about you. I bet that's a good one.

Whew! I'm so glad that you thought the emotions and the description were on target. Getting into Harry's head is tricky sometimes, especially when you read too much crack fic for entertainment. Emotions don't come easily to him. He tends to push them aside until they become too much for him to ignore. Once that happens, the results can be a little unpredictable. He's also British, however, so you can't go overboard like he's some emo teenager gushing for the cameras on a daytime talk show. Finding the right tone was hard.

I think you're right in that he doesn't tend to make things about himself, hence the comparison to his father's hair. That's one of the reasons that the deaths of his parents take on a different meaning after James is born. Harry was never much into feeling sorry for himself. If he was, I don't think he would have made it to age 11.

I'm sure that Ginny's understanding of Lily's life and death changed a lot after she become a mother. Her priorities would have changed and she probably would have seen a lot of things differently. You're absolutely right, she would have realized that Lily would never find out what she wanted to know from talking to Harry. "How is your life, son?" "It's alright." Not the level of detail a mother wants to hear! ;)

Humor is important in a heavy scene. You can't drown a reader in feels without throwing them a lifeline.

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #6, by rosiful Godric's Hollow

12th July 2015:
Ah, someone must be cutting some red onions around here or something. I have so many FEELS after reading this! It was so touching and heartbreaking. I loved Harry's conversation with his mother, it was so sweet and beautiful, but when he said 'I think I miss you more now than ever' I started to really feel his heartache for not having his own parents. I do love that the Weasley's will of course be there for him and his son, but it's just not the same.

When Ginny had her conversation though, that's when I got a bit chocked up, and I'm not even a mother or anything! It was so sweet and absolutely heartbreaking hearing Ginny speak as a mother to another mother who was taken way too soon and never got to see her son grown up. I loved that Ginny could understand exactly what Lily went through and how she felt the same, that bit was beautiful.

I also loved the part about James' name, and how it was 'definitely not happening again', I chuckled a bit at that. It was nice to have some light-hearted humour in such a serious and emotion fic.

This was such a nice story that pulled at the heartstrings, you're a very good writer!

Slytherin House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Those onions, they get you every time. ;)

There's nothing quite the same as being able to share time with your children and your own parents. There's a sense of completeness to it, and as close as I'm sure Harry became to the Weasleys, it's never going to be exactly the same. In some ways, I'm sure that made it hurt even worse.

I really liked the scene with Ginny for exactly that reason. It adds a sense of continuity to a story that would otherwise just be about the loss of continuity. A little balance, I hope.

I'm still not sure how Ginny managed to loose seemingly every battle over naming the children. I suppose Lily's middle name could have been her idea, but you can't really call that a loss for Harry. Unless he wanted her name to be Lily Dobby Potter. ;)

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by bittersweetflames Godric's Hollow

11th July 2015:
Oh my GOD. The feels. I swear to GOD, I had all these FEELS. And I rarely ever have feels that end in me actually crying. GOD. GOD. I never cry. And you made me cry. I hope you're proud of yourself. AND GET THIS... I am not even a mother. NOPE. Just imagine HOW FULL OF FEELS I would be if I were. Moving on to the actual story. Obviously, it is beautiful and wonderful and just so GREAT because I had all these feels. There are parts that I loved most. Harry talking about James. I could just FEEL the love he had for him along with the sadness that his mum could never meet his son. It's so heartbreaking to think about. Then. Then. YOU DO THE UNEXPECTED and it's GINNY. This really pulled at my heartstrings. The way she explains what it's like to be a mother and I DID understand. I haven't felt like that yet but the way she said it, you just FELT it along with her. -sniffs-
ďI wonder when Harry started to sleep through the night? I guess Iíll never know.Ē - THIS LINE. THIS LINE. This was where the water works really started because WOW. It was so painful and poignant and just perfect and I love this fic so much that were I not in a hurry I would reread it. As it is, I am favoriting and reading at a later time when I am in the mood for a nice little cry. Thank you.

-- Carla
House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi, Carla,

Aww, I hate to make anyone cry, but I'm glad that you felt such a connection with the characters. As a father, I enjoyed putting a little of myself into Harry's words about his son and the relationship that will never exist between his parents and his children. It's very sad.

One of the odd things I've discovered about being a parent is that people try to draw a lot of inference about how their kids will turn out based on the way that they were as children. Ginny and Harry will never have that, at least on Harry's side of the genetic ledger. It is pretty sad.

Again, sorry for the tears, but I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by TreacleTart Godric's Hollow

11th July 2015:
Hi there!

I'm here for the House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor!

Wow! I'm so glad I stopped by to read this one. What a touching, intimate moment. I'm sitting here at work reading this, trying my hardest not to start crying and make everyone think I'm crazy.

The words that Harry says to his mother are very sweet and I could really feel his heartache at her not being around to see his children grow. That must be tough to know that he not only got robbed of his parents, but his children got robbed of their grandparents as well.

Ginny's conversation was what really killed me. The moment where she admits to understanding why Lily did what she did was beautiful. It's impossible to understand the depths of a mother or father's love until you've actually been there yourself. I'm assuming you must be a father because the way you've handled these feelings seems very authentic.

The only tiny little bit of concrit that I have to offer is that you mention James being the Weasley's first grandchild, but if I remember correctly, wasn't Victoire quite a bit older than James? I think that would make James their second grandchild.

All in all, this was very touching and really made me ache for both Harry and Ginny in a way that I hadn't before. As always, your writing is superb.


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin! Thanks for stopping by.

Aww, I hate to make anyone cry, but I'm glad that you could feel the emotions in the characters.

My kids have been lucky enough to get to know all of their grandparents and even one of the great-grandmothers a little bit. I think that continuity is so important to give a person a sense of stability and permanence in the world. I feel badly for James, Albus and Lily that they'll only ever know their Potter grandparents through stories and pictures, although I'm sure they spent a ton of time with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

I agree that it is sort of hard to really understand some things until you've lived them, but that's part of what's so magical about writing. You get to put yourself in different shoes and try to understand all of the thoughts and feelings. It's an experience that money can't buy.

So now I need to go back and check. I *thought* I wrote that James was Arthur and Molly's first grandson. If I wrote "grandchild", I was definitely mistaken. The way I have always had it in my head -- which definitely should not be confused for canon -- is that the order goes something like this: Teddy Lupin, Victoire, Dominique, James and Freddy, Molly, Albus and Rose, Louis, then Lily, Hugo and Lucy bringing up the rear.

Again, sorry for the heartache but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter Godric's Hollow

21st June 2015:
Hi, Dan! Happy Father's Day!

It occured to me today that you wrote this on Mother's Day and tweeted me the link and like the total ditz I am, I never came to review it. Better late than never, right?

When I opened this story up I certainly wasn't prepared for the total sob-fest it would cause. This is just so heartbreaking but happy all at the same time and my poor heart just can't take it. Harry talking to his mum was so perfectly Harry. I think his dialogue is really tricky to get right, he's a man of few words but says a lot with them and you got the balance perfectly. I love that he said James had Ginny's eyes and his dad's hair, not his. It shows how much he still thinks about his parents. And of course he would mention Teddy in there, always thinking of others. And just when I had stopped tearing up after Harry's speech, Ginny's goes and sets me off again. She was also brilliantly in character, loved the little dig in there about naming the baby after Snape :p I really liked that she told Lily how she understood now about that motherly love and protection, you described that feeling so well. I also really appreciated how realistic it was that she talked about Harry's feelings about the war, and how even years later, he was still having nightmares. It's something I don't think he would ever fully get over but it makes sense that James would be a good therapy for those feelings and fears.

Your description is so incredibly beautiful. That first paragraph just throws the reader into the story with such a vivid picture of Godric's Hollow. You create such beautiful imagery all the way through this. This whole story was absolutely gorgeous from start to finish.

I hope you're having a great day with your kids and that they're spoiling you with love!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hi, Dee! Thanks for stopping by.

I, um... I guess I made a fair number of people cry. That wasn't my intention, I promise! I'm glad that Harry's limited dialog seemed like the right choice to you. I obviously could have had him go on a lot longer, but that didn't feel right to me. He would have stuck to the important parts.

Ginny was more of a balance between fun and emotional for me. I liked to give her more of a spark, like when she thought she was going to win the battle over baby names with Harry. But she also had her somber moment of realization.

Whew! I really had no idea whether this story had enough detail to give the reader a good picture of the surroundings. I tried to keep everything very short and focused. I guess I did alright. ;)

I had a great day with my kids! Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Shadowkat Godric's Hollow

19th June 2015:
Here (late) for the swap!

I really liked how you went with this. The way you set up the scene and just the overall feel of it. It felt very believable.

ďTell Sirius heís welcome for me letting Harry pick out Jamesís middle name. Itís definitely not happening again." I thought this was pretty funny. I also couldn't help but laugh at the irony of her other comment about Severus. Him being Lily's childhood best friend, and how Rowling also said she was going to ask him to be Harry's second Godfather after they could come out of hiding.

I also love how awkward Harry sounded, which makes complete sense. He doesn't remember them at all, not from first hand experience. Now he's kneeling down, talking to her grave. I feel so bad for him, all he's gone through.

Honestly, in a few places this brought tears to my eyes. I'm really happy I chose this to read.

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for the incredibly slow response.

I'm glad that you liked the setup and the scene. I didn't want to go overboard with detail and imagery because it's such a short piece.

It constantly baffles me how Ginny comes from such a huge family, but all of the Potter children ended up named after somebody significant in Harry's life. That's not to say that Sirius and Dumbledore weren't significant to Ginny, as well, but come on! How did at least one of the kids not wind up with "Bilius" or "Arthur" as a middle name?

Harry is always awkward where feelings are concerned. If you lose sight of that, I feel like you've lost something that helps to define the character. So I'm glad he sounded right to you.

I'm really pleased that you chose it, as well. Thanks for the swap!

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Review #11, by Dojh167 Godric's Hollow

5th June 2015:
I really like how you right away set this up as happening in the winter at Godric's Hollow. This creates a very powerful emotional connection to the cemetery scene in Deathly Hallows, and does a good job of setting us up for the physical and emotional setting of this story.

I liked how you portrayed Harry. The nervous way he talked to his mother was reminiscent of a nervous young boy talking to his mum, but it also highlighted the fact that he had never really spoken to her and the uncomfortable emotions there.

I enjoyed the detail you put in about the competitive aspect of Ginny having a simultaneous pregnancy with her brother's wife. Speaking as someone with a lot of brothers, that's a very realistic touch.

The reference to Harry wishing that his parents could be there for their grandson along with the Weasleys was very touching. Feelings happened.

Ginny's appearance is very sudden and a little confusing seeing as we were just told she's at home feeding James. I found her dialogue to feel very jarring. Perhaps because there wasn't enough description to accompany it?

Haha, love the little reference to Harry wanting ot name his kid after Snape. You won't win forever, Ginny ;)

Nice job, I enjoyed reading this =)


Author's Response: Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by.

I assumed that Godric's Hollow would always be a powerfully emotional place for Harry. Mother's Day would also likely inspire powerful feelings in him, given the different experiences he had with mother figures in his life.

I tried to portray Harry as a slightly older version of the character I remember from the books. To the world, I'm sure he seems more mature and confident, but he probably feels comfortable baring his insecurities to his mother.

I'm sure that Harry missed his parents even more after James was born. I know I appreciate my own parents in a whole different way since I had kids of my own.

I tried to make Ginny's appearance mirror Harry's inasmuch as it's not clear right away who's there or why. I guess it didn't work as well as I was hoping.

If you look at all of Harry and Ginny's kids, I don't think Ginny won ever. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by alicia and anne Godric's Hollow

28th May 2015:
Hey!!! Thank you for doing this review swap with me :D I haven't had a chance to read your beautiful work in quite some time, so I'm pretty excited right now. :D

I love the fact that Harry thinks that Ginny went into labour early so that she could be first :P Sounds about right ot me!

Harry's words were so sad and so beautiful, I wish so hard that he could have his family with him too.

And oh my! I almost cried at the sight of Ginny being there too, she's so special for going there herself and talking to Lily.

Oh Ginny! You say that now, but you know that Harry is going to pick all of your childrens names haha.

I love that Ginny is updating Lily on Harry, and how James is helping to ground Harry and help mend him and get him through everything he's suffering with.

*cries* Her mentioning about how she wondered when Harry started sleeping through the night. It makes me sad to think about how much he woke up through the night with nightmares. If he slept at all sometimes. It really makes it stand out just how much he is going through.

This was absolutely amazing, and I am so glad that I got a chance to read this. I do enjoy your work so much, and you are one of my favourite writers.

Author's Response: Hi, Tammi! The pleasure was all mine.

Yes, I think Ginny is more than competitive enough to *want* to have the first grandson, whether or not her desire had anything to do with it. After a lifetime of -- mostly -- being the last to do everything, I'm sure she has a strong desire to finish first.

I think we all wish that Harry could have had just a little more time with his parents. Some things just aren't to be.

I like to think that Ginny would have sought some kinship with her mother-in-law, at least in a spiritual sense.

Yes, Ginny hasn't given in to letting Harry name the kids at this point. But as we know, she will come around to his point of view.

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it. I wrote this in next-to-no-time, at least by my usual standards. It just felt like a good thing to do for Mother's Day. Thanks so much for the swap!

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Review #13, by kayt Godric's Hollow

10th May 2015:
Lovely. I liked how you gave hints about the future of several characters in just a few words.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. I always imagine these characters living mostly happy lives, but with some lingering sadness about all that was lost.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by After Always Godric's Hollow

10th May 2015:
Hey, Dan!

It was a short and slow-paced fic which isn't necessarily bad. The tone seemed rather grave (get it? I tried to make a pun there. haha. awks.) but this was an enjoyable casual read just in time for Mother's Day! I don't know if it's the flow or the pace, but when you mentioned you wrote the entire story in about 90 minutes, I thought it made distinct sense.

I liked your descriptions, especially the way you set the scene in the beginning. Everything looks really neat except for maybe the occasional awkward phrase here and there. Nothing drastic, just minor stuff that might be more a matter of personal preference, actually.

This for example - 'all (of) debris surrounding it was swept away' I had to reread. I thought it might flow better were it arranged in this way - 'all (the) debris surrounding it was swept away' or 'all (of the) debris surrounding it was swept away'.

For characterisation, I thought it was good. It was a nice touch the way you had Harry leaning to transfiguration and Ginny later adding to that with conjuration as their differing preferences. I'm not sure if it is a canon trait, but it gives the writing and the scene sprinkles of personality - small habits weaved in - which is always welcome to a reader for a story.

I remember thinking towards the end with the implication that Harry didn't know James started sleeping through the night since -weeks- ago, if perhaps they didn't take turns with getting up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby? Or perhaps James can't drink formula yet so it would be pointless for Harry to get up and Ginny did most everything instead? I don't know if that was intentional, but it was a small question I remember noticing.

'Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are over the moon. He was their first grandson. We beat George and Angelina by three weeks. I think Ginny went into labor early just so she would be first.' - that was my favourite part of the fic because it put a smile on my face thinking about Ginny's competitiveness and how excited Mr. and Mrs. Weasley must have been.

Well done on writing again. I hope muse will come easier for you now that you've turned the creativity faucet on again. I'll see you around.


Author's Response: Hi!

It's been a horribly long time since you left this lovely review and I feel bad for making you wait so long for a response. So without further ado...

"...when you mentioned you wrote the entire story in about 90 minutes, I thought it made distinct sense." -- Ha! I'll take that as a compliment. Random ideas for quick stories pop into my head all the time. I love it when I'm able to convert one into something worthwhile.

Thanks for pointing out that issue with the debris around the tombstone. I went in and smoothed that over.

Ginny's preference for conjuring over Harry's preference for transfiguration wasn't canon, but it seemed like a small detail to add some depth to the characters.

Given Harry's career -- and the fact that Ginny gave hers up to be a mom -- I just assumed that she would be a lot more familiar with James's sleeping habits than Harry. It also allowed for a fun explanation of why she was able to secretly follow Harry to the graveyard.

Yeah, I think Ginny would be competitive enough to take a measure of joy in James being born a few weeks before Freddie. Seems like her.

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by DougA Godric's Hollow

10th May 2015:
Really well done. I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #16, by 1917farmgirl Godric's Hollow

9th May 2015:
*sniffles like crazy - determined not to cry because I don't have tissues by me*

Dan, this was amazing! I loved every word of it! Your amazingly powerful description set the tone and painted a vivid picture, and then the heartfelt emotion you piled into the characters was just so perfect! It pushed away all the fluff and crap that we so often dump into our fanfiction and got right to the heart of what HP is all about - family. It really, really touched me and I wanted you to know that.

Thank you as well for returning to the roots of the Harry Potter world and writing Harry and Ginny. They are a growing rarity in HP fanfic these days and I find myself missing them greatly.

I love the idea of Harry keeping his parents up to date on his life, sharing things with them. And I absolutely adored that Ginny was there as well, of her own accord, to speak to her mother-in-law. Her realization that she now understands the concept of loving someone so much you're willing to die for them is a poignant full circle and really completed your story.

Glad inspiration struck you tonight and you wrote this little gem! It's one of my favorites!

Author's Response: Hi, farmgirl! Sorry I caught you without your tissues.

Thank you for all of the compliments. I wrote this on the spur of the moment, which is apparently the only way I can write lately. I'd love to claim that I had a master plan to keep the story stripped down and focused on their feelings, but the truth is that I wrote it so fast that I didn't have time to go into a lot of description. Family was the major theme, though.

I loved Harry's visit to Godric's Hollow in DH and I felt like he would have wanted to visit his parents again after the war was over. Ginny's visit added a little more depth to the story. Being the youngest of her family, Ginny wouldn't have been able to watch her parents tend to younger siblings. I've never felt like she would have really understood that bond between mother and child until she had children of her own.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review and all the kind words. It means a lot!

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Review #17, by Infinityx Godric's Hollow

9th May 2015:
Hello! I came right over once I saw your status on the forums. I'm not a mother but I really wanted to see what you'd written.

And this was lovely! It's so simple and to the point without any elaborate descriptions or extravagant words but that made it perfect. It's really touching and so apt for Mother's Day.

Your characterizations of Harry and Ginny were spot on, at least according to me. I love how they've both matured so much, especially after entering parenthood. And you've done a great job of portraying each of their thoughts, especially Ginny's. It was so touching to read about how she would do anything for James and her promise to take care of Harry. The love that she holds is so strong and so clear through your writing.

This was a beautiful one-shot and I'm so glad I read it. Your writing is amazing. And sorry for the weird review, I'm quite sleepy at the moment so I'm not completely sure if I'm forming proper sentences. :P

I'll be back to read more of your stuff. Cheers!


Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm glad that you liked how it turned out. After I set up my wife's Mother's Day surprise, I just felt like writing. The whole story came together in about 90 minutes, so I'm really pleased that you liked the characterization and their thoughts.

Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for the lovely review!

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