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Reading Reviews for Healing is a Two Way Street
18 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Oivie Chapter 5

2nd February 2016:
This is very enjoyable

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #2, by Slytherin Eagle Chapter 4

8th October 2015:
So I quickly read through the first three chapters as well so I had an idea of what the story was about, and once I finish doing all the reviews I owe people I will likely review them for you too. But for now I will review this chapter.

I think this story has a lot of potential. You haven't really rushed things. There is still a lot of character development with the plotline that could be done, but for a fourth chapter this was very well paced.

I quite enjoyed reading this, and there were no little errors that I noticed when I was reading it. You have set the lot up well, and as I said previously, there is so much that you could do.

I will be keeping an eye out for future chapters in this story.


Author's Response: Lea,

This story is so exciting and nerve racking for me. It makes me so nervous to keep writing and my muse is flaky. But thanks again for reading and reviewing my stuff. It really does mean a lot to me!


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Review #3, by annie Chapter 4

8th October 2015:
this was so precious

Author's Response: Annie thank you for the review :) I'll try to update soon enough.

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Review #4, by Pixileanin Chapter 3

1st August 2015:
Ah, here we are in Draco's study with a drink in his hand. I don't know if you meant for this to be a cliche, but I'll give you points for setting the scene. Oh no, there was a picture!! Of course they were going to be spotted in the middle of the street, why didn't I expect that? I must be getting slow. OKay, more points for surprising me. :) And all the thoughts! I'm glad you're tempering this side of him with his excuses of being in Azkaban instead of the head-long rush into things. Dare I say that it makes this a bit more subtle, and also plays up the brooding character that Draco is.

I love that he doesn't even drink the stuff and just throws it down the drain, more of a habit than anything. Nice. He has some self-control, but there's danger brewing under all of that deliberateness. Also, kudos to the deliberate thoughts, the specifics that paint this picture of the woman he's thinking about. It keeps the story on a very personal level. The extremely terse note and the eagle owl!! I'd read more into Hermione's reply, which was short, and late... like she's had to think it over... Nice way to show us things!

But man, the Three Broomsticks... they certainly aren't going incognito for this, are they? I suppose that they have no reason to at this point. I wonder where you're going to take this from here. So far, it's been reasonable and completely not outrageous, while still addressing the main cliche'.

This was fun!


Author's Response: Your kind words make me want to write more of this story but it is just difficult. :) thank you for all that you've said, I want to give the characters justice and write them worthy of words, and your nice thought out responses have helped me- not a lie.

I for sure want this to be fun! Thanks for reading it!

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Review #5, by Pixileanin Chapter 2

1st August 2015:
Ah, okay here it starts, doesn't it? Hermione and that aching, niggling idea in the back of her mind. She compares his height and his features to the people she's closest to, and you can feel the curiosity and the intrigue from a mile away. Hello.

Interesting that she disguises herself, but it makes sense. Hermione is probably hounded by people who recognize her just like Harry and the rest of them. I haven't actually read a story in which Hermione is bothered that much by the public, but I can definitely see it.

Uh oh. There's a bloke that looks like Ron and he's with another woman. And then later, double uh oh. This looks... okay, it's worse than bad. Cue the music...

Oh, she makes them stay there. Good on her. And then she sends Harry in after them. Yes, good move. Let Harry sort it all out with the embarrassment and the shame.

"Not Hermione, it's Stella."

Heh. Well it is NOW. I hope Ron's happy with that, because Hermione's not going to recover for a long, long while.

Wait. He shows up so soon? Ack! Well, there's a thing to be said for timing, and he's there at the right moment, and she can't help breaking down all over him. Good thing Draco understands grief and betrayal like no one else in the world. I was sort of hoping that Ron wouldn't be vilainized (is that a word? I'm going to pretend it is) in this, but hey, it's for the cliche challenge, so completely acceptable here. I really like how you give them a moment to breathe here, to let Hermione get out her anger and frustration. But they can't stay there forever. They're right out in the middle of the street, so I wonder where this will lead. Are you going to throw more crazy cliche's at us in the next chapter? *turns page*

Author's Response: Haha you crack me up!
Sometimes I hate that Ron is villainized as you put it, but he is one of my least favorite characters (sometimes- I go through phases) so I don't always hate this happening to him.
I also thought it was really clever that she froze them and then let Harry deal with them. (Is it prideful to say that one of my own ideas was clever?)

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Review #6, by Pixileanin Chapter 1

1st August 2015:
Hi there, I'm here for our swap. Oh my goodness, what
have I walked into?? A cliche challenge with a
dramione??? Alrighty then, let me wrap my head around
this one. I'm going to set aside my prejudices for this
one. I wrote a Mary-Sue challenge piece once, and it was
loads of fun incorporating all the Mary-Sue things I could
think of, so I'll just put that hat on for this and roll
with it.

*switches hats*

Wow. This feels weird. Embrace the weird. Okay, ready.

"He scoffed at the idea, she was too good for Weasley."

Yes, set that up right away. Especially under
Verataserum, which is a brilliant move, by the way. I
don't think that potion gets enough use in trial fics, and
I'm glad you clarified that it's now common practice. It
only makes sense. LOVE how the potion just takes over and
makes it okay for Draco to just spew everything out so
straightforwardly. That was actually a REALLY brilliant
move, because his candor is justified in this scene. I
have not problems accepting that. And this:

"What happened next?"

"I vomited."

Excellent dead-panning, and it made me chuckle too. For a
prologue, this really cleared the air and set us up for
whatever is to come. Bravo for making is succinct and
believable. He's going to get his own flat, never to
return to the Manor. Good on him. He's been freed of
several things at once, and he's won over Harry and
Hermione, or at least they have visibly changed their
opinions of him. I like the "you can't win them al"
comment too. It's that kind of dry wit that I associate
with Draco, so well done on the characterization.

Hey, hey, this is a promising start.


Author's Response: Pix!

Thanks for keeping such an open mind with a dramione story! I had a lot of fun beginning this and I'm glad you are enjoying it as well!

I just want to squish Draco :)

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Review #7, by blackballet Chapter 2

1st August 2015:
I like this chapter as well!

The only major thing I had a problem with was Hermione seeing Ron when she was out for lunch. I think it was a little too predictable and easy for the story. The scene might flow nicer if Hermione didn't immediately recognize Ron. It might be better if she saw a familiar gait or habit, but it doesn't really catch her eye. Something along those lines may make it a bit more subtle and make the next scene have even more power.

Other than that, I really loved the chapter! I'm so excited for Hermione and Draco to interact in he upcoming chapters!

Author's Response: Thanks for the second review!

Yeah I didn't know how to set that up, but again it's a story full of cliches and that's a huge one :)

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you like it!

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Review #8, by blackballet Chapter 1

1st August 2015:
Hi there, it's me from the forums!

I really like how you've begun the story. His stint in Azkaban really helps explain his softened behavior. I think his characterization was spot on for the purpose of this story! I'm really excited to continue reading.

I think the interactions with the trio were well placed, but I think that there were a few too many times where Ron was giving a disgruntled look or acting bored. With a dramione story, it is almost built in that Ron is the antagonist, so I think that it might have been one too many times that Ron was being disrespectful.

Other than that, the story is lovely so far! I love how you explained his journey as a death eater through vertiaserum. It really worked with how he acted through HBP, and I was really invested in that. You created a great backstory for your characters already!

I can't wait to read and review the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks for the review and the swap! It's a story built around cliches so naturally you'll find many in here! Including Ron being the Antagonist.

I haven't read much of the Veritaserum being used in courtrooms and I think that should be practiced - to find out the truth!

Thanks again,

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Review #9, by aurevoir Chapter 3

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

We move onto our cliche in just the right order and it is all perfectly. Why does she so mysteriously just accept it?! BECAUSE CLICHES. It just has to happen. I am really curious to see what is going to happen here in the future - what she's going to say about being in the newspaper. If she'll tell him about Ron cheating on her. And in retrospect, I love that she froze them. Back to this chapter. I agree Draco needs a job. I feel the desire to have it be more cliches. MORE CLICHE. I just need all the cliches rolled up in one because they make me happy. And I really need this happiness because this movie I have on is being completely and utterly depressing. THIS IS NOT THE ROMANTIC COMEDY I THOUGHT. So I am going to absorb the happiness of the cliches. Because I am not crying. I am happy and need to absorb this.


Okay. I want to know more about his apartment - I don't know why - but I want to know if its modernly furnished or if its the old style furniture in the Manor. What happened to his Mom? Where is she? So many unanswered questions. I'm sure I'll get all the answers in the short future. But.

Please post more soon!


Author's Response: Cassie,

I'll update soon. All of this positive feedback has inspired me!

Sorry about your sad movie..

I'll take all of those thoughts into consideration as I move forward with the story! I am so thankful!


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Review #10, by aurevoir Chapter 2

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

HOLY SMOKES. I wanted to smack Hermione when she decided NOT to follow him - she was in disguise! It was the perfect opportunity! Why did she not. HERMIONE. WHY. WHY. I am glad that she caught him though. And can we talk about how perfectly cliched this story is moving along. I LOVE IT. It's like I resulted back to a high school fanfiction reader who is overly cheesy and hasn't seen everything that the world has to offer. I WAS SO OPTIMISTIC. But. I like this. I feel like I'm reading a Dramione Disney story at this moment in my life. I know only one more chapter is posted, but I shall be back in the future ;) I'm very glad I creeped Carla's reviews in order to find more stuff to read [we have similar reading preferences]. Onward to the next chapter in my story! And see you shortly.


Author's Response: Cassie!

That is a good idea - maybe for another cliche filled story! Maybe sometimes we all need a nice little "Disney-esqe" story. Thanks for all of the nice words :)


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Review #11, by aurevoir Chapter 1

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

I CAN SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. I too am doing a Dramione for the cliche challenge ;) They are the most cliche-able couple, in all actuality. And seeing Draco played up as a nicer guy than JK Rowling would have him be always makes me happy - I like to think that deep down, he was just scared and doing what he thought he had to in order to save his family, especially his mother. I always write him most concerned about that. I think it's important. But moving on - I'm really excited to keep reading this. As cheesy as cliche stories get, I always keep reading them. SO ONWARD - even if this wasn't for the House Cup, you can rest assured that I would be reading this story in the same amount of awe. This is also making me feel better about the really sad movie that is on the TV right now. ♥


Author's Response: Cassie!

*hugs* You are very kind. Dramione is SO cliche and I love it! Also, I have a huge soft spot for Draco, he's misunderstood!

Good Luck to you as well!


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Review #12, by bittersweetflames Chapter 3

11th July 2015:
OKAY. I could not resist. I am here for chapter 3 and I have no shame or regrets. Let's do this. Okay, so you really started this chapter strongly, I think. I could clearly picture Draco in his study, drink in hand and thinking deep thoughts. It's a vivid and clear photograph that you painted so well just with words. And OF COURSE there would be paparazzi in the Wizarding World. Pesky paps! I can't wait to see how Weasley would misconstrue that picture. It's going to be precious. -rubs hands together in evil glee- And OMG OMG. Is he thinking about her? THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF LOVE. YES!
And he still has nightmares. Ok, good. I did not think he left the war completely unscathed. I am happy to see that he is not a robot in that aspect!!!
AND YAY DINNER! WAIT. You ended it there?! How could you end it there? And why was Hermione's reply seemingly so cold. Cliffhangers are evil. I demand that you continue this story. NOW. Because I want to know what happens next. Especially with Ron. I am very interested to see what Ron would do. Call it that evil glee again. HAHA.
Much loves, darling. Much loves.

-- Carla
House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Seriously Carla,

All these of reviews make me want to think long and hard and get back to writing! Thank you so much! Seriously I am inspired.


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Review #13, by bittersweetflames Chapter 2

11th July 2015:
Next chapter because, like I said I can never resist a good Dramione. (I THINK I MIGHT HAVE DISCOVERED MY OTP!? Hahaha, IDK about THAT. But I do love them.) Anyway, I love that Hermione is suddenly filled with compassion and pity for the man that is Draco. I mean, I know that Hermione could be a kind and loving person but I love it when she's this kind and loving, you know?
Your Hermione is perfect in that she didn't want to be distrubed by people while she's outside. So, of course, she employs a disguise and here we have Ron cheating! UH-OH! Ron is cheating with the textbook definition of someone that a dishonest guy would be cheating with. AND ON HIS WORK DESK? God, so precious. Poor Hermione. My heart breaks for her. But then again, she gets to be with Draco! Not too much pity then. :) (btw, BIG HAHA here for the fact that secretary would go. Not Hermione, Stella. How much of an idiot could you be?)
AND OF COURSE, she would meet Malfoy when she's in complete and utter despair and OF COURSE he would comfort her... It's just another step to that perfect relationship that would be theirs. You just really reminded me the main reason that teenage!Carla really loved Dramione. The nostalgic feels... -huggles close-

-- Carla
House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi again,

Ship them hard! Once again, thank you for all of your words!

Huggles you back


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Review #14, by bittersweetflames Chapter 1

11th July 2015:
Hi there! Who can ever resist a cliche? And a cliche involving Dramione? Sold, like half-price off shoes. (And I LOVE SHOES.) And GOD I love it when Draco is acquitted of all his crimes. I know that after war people can't be AS forgiving especially given trauma, death and injury but I just have a soft spot for Draco and I love it when he's given a second chance. Given that chance I've always believed he could be.
I think your choice of using Veritaserum is a smart choice because it really does help strengthen the fact that he would deserve that second chance because, obviously, no one can beat that potion so it's not only the testimonies of the Trio (as honest and trustworthy as they are).
Your story of how Malfoy took the Dark Mark is very realistic. I think it's obvious that poeple, in dire straights, would really have no choice and resort to bold (and sometimes wrong) choices. So well done on that.
"I wanted Potter to win." He simply stated. -- My favorite LINE. With this you practically guaranteed that him saying this under Veritaserum would mean that he would be acquitted. Just, amazing! :) I can't wait to see the next chapter and how a Draco/Harry friendship would develop and Dramione, of course!!!
(Oh, and Ron bashing, I suppose? It's a cliche for a reason.. Even if I do love Ron. :))

-- Carla
House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Carla,

Thank you for all of your words. Some of them had me cracking up! You are awesome and I am thankful of them!


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Review #15, by TreacleTart Chapter 1

11th July 2015:
Hey Frankie!

Back for the House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor!

I've seen Draco's trial played out a number of ways in a lot of different fics, but I have to say that this is the first time anyone has ever questioned someone under Veritaserum. It seems so obvious too that I wonder how it isn't used more frequently in Death Eater trials. That was a brilliant idea.

I liked that you set up the glances between Draco and Hermione. I haven't quite figured out why he seems so drawn to her yet, but it's very clear that her opinion really matters to him. I think coming out of the war, it would be natural for Draco to feel very unsure of his role and think that everyone would judge him harshly, so Hermione's reaction seems to help him realize that not everyone hates him.

I love that you went this route for the Take A Cliche Challenge and I'm so anxious to see how you handle it. Dramione's that involve trials and cheating seem to fall into the cliche category quite well and so far you're doing a great job with it. Keep up the good work! And good luck in the challenge!


Author's Response: Kaitlin,

Thank you! I haven't really seen any Veritaserum either so I figured, why not. Your words are so genuine and kind.

Actually I enjoy this Cliche - as much as I hate to admit it!

Thanks again!

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Review #16, by Panacea Chapter 3

9th July 2015:
I like this D/H fix , it's different from the many out there ! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks! I am enjoying writing it!

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Review #17, by Quinn Chapter 2

7th June 2015:
Despite the proposed dilemma between Ron's and Hermione's relationship being a bit cliché (I am not saying it is terrible, because it is a valid reason for Hermione to end it, if she so chooses}, I am intrigued! I honestly cannot wait to read chapter three. Thus far has been a drama-filled read.

Author's Response: Quinn!!
Thanks :) This was written for a Cliche challenge where my prompt was, "Cheating to break up a canon pairing for a non-canon pairing".

Chapter three will be up soon.


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Review #18, by ArtsyTigs Chapter 2

31st May 2015:
Very well done. I like where this is going. Thank you for Sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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