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Reading Reviews for Angel of Small Death
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Review #1, by Enigmaticrose4 the wretched and joyful

28th November 2015:
Really, Hogwarts needs a guidance counselor. Not that a counselor ever helped me in school, but I know having one helped others. Your story about Harry and Ginny was very realistic.

Author's Response: hogwarts definitely needs better systems in place when it comes to mental health. thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell the wretched and joyful

31st August 2015:
I can't even. Everything you post is SO. WELL. WRITTEN.

Seriously, the quality of all your stuff is just insane.

I'm here checking out yet more of the Silver Scales nominations, and I was actually looking through the plot twist nominations--and it was definitely a surprising twist! But what caught me most about this was the dialogue. It was all good, but the bit with Harry and Ginny was really outstanding. Their characters are already established, and you just truly captured their voices. Like, nailed it. And everything Ginny described was so believable, and the way they interacted with Albus was a very realistic parenting style for them.

Albus' heartbreak was just, well, heartbreaking. I'm not sure how I feel about their getting back together--it doesn't seem *the best* time to propose. But I suppose sometimes desperate times may call for desperate measures? I don't know. I just really hope Scorpius is gets the help he needs and is able to heal. I'm kind of iffy on clinging to relationships that look broken, though I appreciate commitment, but some things are on a case by case basis. I'm reluctant to credit change until I see it, but healthy relationship or not, this story definitely brought on the feels.

And it was just SO well-written. I feel the need to mention that again. The polish of your words and the tight weave of all your plots never ceases to amaze me.

I noticed this one really small thing--

Hermione found a Muggle counsellor and saw her every holidays
--it seems like it would be "every holiday"? But maybe that's a British colloquialism-type thing I'm just not familiar with.

Anyway, good work, as always, and congratulations on your nominations! You certainly deserve them. :D


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Review #3, by rosiful the wretched and joyful

18th August 2015:
Holy Moley, you sure know how to flip a situation on it's head! I felt so heart broken for Al at the start of this. The poor guy, I could literally [i]feel[/i] his love for Scorpius and his pain of not being able to help him. I was breaking out the tissues for the inevitable waterworks, but then you really surprised me! They got engaged instead? I really wasn't expecting that. And what's mostly unbelievable, is how you managed to twist it around so much and make it look and feel 100% natural! That takes a lot of skill.

I love how this wasn't a typical fluff getting engaged fic, there was so much angst and heart-break and trauma in here, even when they are engage there's still that lingering of know how much they still have to go through. You've managed to create so much different layers to your characters in not a lot of words!

I also really loved Harry and Ginny and their story. It does make sense that they wouldn't just live 'happily ever after' after Voldemort died. They would have to go through a lot before they finally felt like they could move on with their lives and leave the past in the past. I think their back-story was really well done, and I can definitely imagine something like that happening to them!

And finally. Your writing is so beautiful. All your descriptions and the imagery they create is amazing. Everything just flows so perfectly together. Amazing.

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Review #4, by merlins beard the wretched and joyful

2nd August 2015:
Hey Lisa,
I'm reviewing this for Molly's and my Addicted to Albus & Scorpius challenge.

I've read the stories this is related to and this is just the perfect addition to them. I think you've mentioned in one of your review responses or ANs that you were going to write something like this, and I'm very happy that it coincided with our challenge.

It really is a lot more than I expected. There has been a short mention of how Albus wanted to break up with Scorpius and proposed instead in one of your earlier chapters set in this universe, and I loved getting the details here.

You wrote Albus' conversation with his parents so beautifully. You never once tell us how worries Ginny really is about her son, but it's obvious from the dialogue. This is showing instead of telling on the highest level.

The story flows so well, it's like the words are calling out to me as I read through this. Your prose is very poetic and beautiful even in those kind of situations that leave me as a reader feeling sad and lost and desperate.

I'm very impressed with this.


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Review #5, by crestwood the wretched and joyful

27th June 2015:
hi lisa - finally gonna review this. i wrote a companion piece to it, so i figured i should start here.

I am in love with your descriptions. You kind of put me to shame with some of these lines. I mean, 'Scorpius was never home, or if he was he moved through it like a silent ghost trailing an arctic chill in his wake.' You give me imagery in unexpected places and it blows my mind every single time.

You basically do everything that I want to do in my writing. You use interesting, fresh verbs and your dialogue doesn't drag and your ability to write canon characters like Harry and Ginny sort of astounds me. Neither one of us write super canon character heavy stories, but when you do give them a try, the things they say always feel very much how they're supposed to.

I honestly just adore your ideas. You never seem to run out of thought provoking plots to place your characters into. The story of Harry and Ginny breaking up is just an anecdote within this story, but sometimes I mis-remember it as a fic of its own because it's just makes so much sense to me. I'm a big fan of a realistic post-war world where people have been affected in the longterm.

The proposal scene here is my favorite proposal scene in all of written history. Just gonna throw that out there. I love this story so much. It gives me a lot more hope than a fictional story should, but I'm grateful for it. Amazing work.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #6, by ginnypotter242 the wretched and joyful

27th June 2015:
Gahhh! This was so cute :P I just love the way you write Scorpius and Albus. I felt so bad for Al at the beginning of this! He's so lost, and I can tell that he loves Scorpius so much- it has got to be so difficult to love someone so much, and not be able to do anything to help or be able to fix it.

Ginny and Harry's conversation with Al was perfect. They were both so in character to how they would be at that age, and the story of their breakup after the war was great. It seems like something that totally couldn't happen (and I totally wouldn't mind getting a fic of that entire story, if you ever feel the need to write it ;) ) But they were both so supportive of Al and his decision and were so comforting- well Ginny was. Harry was, as she said 'useless'. They were exactly as I pictured them being as parents- supportive and comforting but not overbearing or telling Al what he should do.

I just loved Al's and Scorpius' interactions in this story. Al was so understanding when he saw Scorpius having a panic attack, and it was precious that he didn't even notice that he was kneeling in broken glass at first. And then Scorpius cleaning him up afterwards was adorable!

And the proposal! I was not expecting that to come! I think I actually squealed out loud when that happened, it was so incredibly sweet! (And especially after what happened yesterday in the U.S- I was extremely happy to read that!) I'm so glad that Al didn't leave him! I could just imagine Scorpius' expression when he heard how close it was. I don't know when I started loving these two- I used to be a hardcore Scorose shipper- but I can't get enough of them now, especially your versions of them! The talk at the end about dreams and all that was just delightfully charming as well :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #7, by Fonzzx the wretched and joyful

5th May 2015:
Only Albus and Scorpius could come THAT close to breaking up and get engaged instead!

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Review #8, by InkStainedFingers the wretched and joyful

4th May 2015:
This is so, so beautiful.

I mean, it’s actually not very beautiful. It’s mental illness and broken relationships and drinking too much and potion dependency and shattered glass and panic attacks, but you made it beautiful. Not in a romanticising-mental-illness way, in a there-is-hope-even-in-the-darkest-of-times sort of way. (If that makes sense? I hope that makes sense.) And your words are beautiful; your writing is really, really beautiful.

This is also heart-breakingly sad.

Poor Scorpius. Poor Albus. I feel so sorry for both of them. They’re both struggling so much and everything is falling apart and...

“he was clinging to something that he should have given up long ago”

Heart-wrenchingly sad. Why are you putting them through this?

“It’s always nice to know we’re still capable of instilling a healthy fear in our adult children.”

This is a gorgeous line, and I love your Harry-Ginny dynamic. You really capture them as parents here. And even though they’re teasing Albus and being so open and relaxed with each other, they’re doing something that is probably really hard to do. And I have so much respect for them for having this conversation with Albus and sharing their story with him.

“And I’m biased – of course I am, I’m your mother – but you haven’t been happy for a long time.”

You show Ginny-as-a-mother in PFI and you emphasis that aspect of her here. Their conversation with Albus is an intervention (or seems to be). And she is biased, but she just wants the best for her son. She just wants him to be happy.

“Those were the words that broke him”

Seriously though, why are you putting them through this?

“So I started picking fights with him so I could sleep on the couch, casting Silencing Charms to make sure I wouldn’t wake anyone up with my nightmares”

Harry and Ginny’s story is similarly heart-breaking. But that is what would have happened. They had survived a war. They had fought and lost people they loved. They would have suffered from PTSD, and have struggled so much. And Ginny, returning to school on her own... you really can see how it happened. Poor Ginny. Poor Harry. They don’t have a fairy-tale love story, but who does?

“you can’t fix someone with a mental illness”

This is the reason your writing is so good. Not that you don’t write beautiful prose, because you really, really do, but you also talk about stuff. Important things, things which matter and don’t get discussed enough. This is the one-shot where Scorpius and Albus switch from boyfriends to fiancés but it’s not light-hearted romance but the desperate last-ditch attempt to pull them both back from disaster. It’s not only that it’s angsty instead of fluffy, but that even in here you’re talking about PTSD and panic attacks and mental illnesses and giving people relatable characters and educating people about the world through your writing. And that’s amazing. (I have no idea if this is coherent. I hope it is.)

“it wasn’t a relationship he was giving up but the mere possibility of having one again.”

This is beautiful. I mean, it’s actually really sad and heart-breaking and shows just how ruined they are, but it is also beautiful. (There is something beautiful about the word ‘possibility’, even when it signifies the nothingness, don’t you think?)

“the despair in his eyes hit Albus so hard he felt like he couldn’t breathe either”

Again, beautiful and terrible and so, so sad.

“ignoring the glass around them that Scorpius was probably trying not to see as a metaphor”

I love Scorpius.

“the difference in their next kiss – less desperation, more promise, like all their yesterdays and all their tomorrows rolled into one”

This is the turning point from despair to the possibility of hope and redemption, and your. writing. is. beautiful.

“We’ll just pretend that’s true,”

But you leave a reminder that everything is still falling apart and they still might not make it despite their promises and Albus’ proposal. It might not be enough. They might already be too broken to repair.

“I’ve called you the light of my life. And my reason for being. And your favourite is poet.”

This is an incredible line. And so very them.

This is heart-wrenching and so, so sad and raw and beautiful... but it has a happy ending, or the possibility of a happy ending. Again: your. writing. is. beautiful.

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