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Reading Reviews for A Ripple In Time
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by nott theodore cast a single stone.

7th August 2015:
Hi Joey! I'm here on Erin's recommendation!

I have to admit - though you probably already know this about me - that I don't really read non-canon pairings. So I've never read a Theo/Harry story before, but I found myself really enjoying it! It fit really well with canon, too - there's every possibility that this could have happened, especially the way that you wrote it, and I liked that.

One thing which struck me here was the way that everything seemed to happen gradually. There was so little drama about it - no big realisation, sudden falls into love or massive changes in character. If Theo and Harry ever had been together, then nobody knew about it and we certainly didn't see it in the books, so it can't have been something that caused a lot of drama at the school, and you really stuck to that. I liked seeing them slowly take more interest in each other, watching from afar and then finally making the step to talk to the other.

It was nice that they regarded each other as equals. I think that was one of the first things that really caught my attention as you wrote about the start of their relationship - the way that Theo had come to view Harry differently from the way his housemates did. It was really interesting; it marked Theo out as different straight away and created a lot of potential for a relationship.

One thing that really struck me was your characterisation of Theo. I've been interested in him for a while because I've never really read that much about him, and even though we know his father was a Death Eater and his mother died, we know very little else. I always wondered what would become of him when I read the books and I love stories like this one which make the most of the lack of detail about his character. I really liked his determination not to become a Death Eater and the way he really didn't want anything to do with that side of things, or with the Slytherins who did. It must have been very lonely for someone like that, especially at this time, and it's great to see that tie in again with how he first became interested in Harry.

It was so mean and heartless of Harry to go off with Ginny suddenly without telling Theo anything about it beforehand and just announcing it like that when it had already happened. It makes you wonder whether or not Theo really meant that much to him other than being someone he could talk to when he was struggling with different things. I felt so sorry for Theo when that happened.

I really liked the ending to this, though - even though you sank the ship and there was never any chance for the two of them to be properly together, you still managed to end it on a bit more of a positive note. I feel like you really showed what a good person Theo was with the ending - he went looking for Harry even though Harry had abandoned and hurt him, and he'll keep the secret even though he doesn't have to. It says a lot about him.

I really enjoyed this, and I'm glad that Erin recommended I read it!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by alicia and anne cast a single stone.

29th July 2015:
I'm not prepared for this at all because I know that you're about to kill me!

Please don't break them! I am begging you on bended knee! *sobs already and I've only read the title*

Oh Harry! Being your usual lurking self and watching Theo whilst pacing around.

I really love your Theo! How he doesn't care about the opinions of those beneath him, doesn't really have a preference for a side, or a hurry to choose one.



Awww I loved it Joey! And there's going to be a sequel! Awww I'm so happy right now! You're the best! And I got this lovely gift of an epically written Tharry! You're the best in the whole world and I love you so much for this!

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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16 cast a single stone.

28th June 2015:

Just kidding. At least this wasn't so heartbreaking it was tear-worthy. I did really enjoy it though. The way you opened it reminded me of Sam and Tammi's Tharrys but was still different. I like how they finally confronted each other in the corridor, that was really good. I also loved how before that, Theo kept trying to come up with elaborate plans to meet him and then all of sudden you're like "What ended up happening was not according to plan." I don't know why but that line made me laugh. I also love how Theo alludes to the possibility that Draco might "have a passion" for Harry and that's why he's constantly seeking out his attention.

I hate how Harry just broke it off though by dating Ginny. That was very rude and inconsiderate and Theo had every right to be mad at him. But I did like the ending where they'd reconciled even though they couldn't be together because Harry just has to go and do the noble thing all the time... *sigh*

Poor Tharry. And poor Theo.

And ooh, there's going to be a sequel? I'm very excited! Please tell me they get back together in the sequel!? Because that would be amazing. Just saying.


Slytherin, House Cup 2015

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Review #4, by Infinityx cast a single stone.

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Joey you are such an amazing writer. I think this was the first Theo/Harry I read and I really love the pairing now. The way you've characterised Theo is interesting. He doesn't seem overly emotional or one to reveal his thoughts and feelings in a very blunt manner. He's more composed and while he does have all these problems and things he's thinking of, it's like his feelings are brimming under the surface. I'm not sure whether you did this intentionally (you probably did, it's you after all) but it kind of relates to the way his Pureblood upbringing was. And that undertone is really amazing whether you meant to do it or not.
I love the way Theo and Harry watch each other and are able to share things with one another since they have so much in common. and that moment when they kissed, i had a huge grin on my face even though i knew you were going to sink the ship. that moment was loaded with passion and you wrote it so well. as usual, your dialogues are brilliant and i love the story flow. i didn't spot any mistakes and you totally made me tear up a bit in there when i read the placeholder part. I SHIP HARRY AND THEO THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. :O

See ya on the next fic! :D

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Review #5, by Diogenissa cast a single stone.

28th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review!

Hello Joey!!!

I have wanted to come and check out some of your stories for awhile now but time has never been a friend of mine :( .

But here I am for House Cup, ready to rock and review! :-D

I haven't written slash in 8 years or so but it is something I have always nevertheless enjoyed. And this story--wow it's just beautiful! You did a really good job of laying down the groundwork of their past and initial meeting, as well as the emotions--very real and tangible. I could almost see that first kiss they shared and it just made my toes curl!

I don't blame Theo in the slightest for feeling the way he did for being subsequently ditched by Harry like that! I felt so awful for him and I could feel his heart breaking.

The ending is what touched me the most: that despite the dire situations then and in the near future, that both of the boys recognized just how much they still cared for one another. It may not have been a reconciliation but there was, a sense of mutual understanding and acknowledgment of that caring (and a touch of forgiveness--at least that's how it came across to me). There seemed a sense of closure.

I really enjoyed this story very much Joey (I hope it's okay if I can call you that?). You did a fantastic job capturing such a brief but heartwrenching love. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they were able to stay together (oh great now I'm intrigued lol).

As I said earlier, I'm just now easing back into slash and in by reading your story here, it reminded me of not only how much I enjoyed reading it but writing it and just how beautiful it is. Thank you so very much for that as well as an awesome tale. I hope you enjoyed your review! :)

Karen xoxo

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Review #6, by ephemeryst cast a single stone.

27th June 2015:
First off, this is a very unusual ship. I've never even thought of Tharry before, but this was still a very refreshing read. I liked how mysterious the beginning of the story was, since I didn't know who the narrator was. I was guessing it was Theodore, and I was thrilled when I found out I was right! He's such a minor character who is more of a name than an actual character. This was written very well, I could almost feel Theodore's heartbreak at finding out that Harry was dating Ginny. This was of course a short one-shot, but you still managed to develop Theodore as a character. I thought it was very interesting how Theodore and Harry together was described as a fleeting yet beautiful thing, because there are also many relationships in the real world that are like that. Overall, this was very well-written and I enjoyed it very much. :)

House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

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Review #7, by jessicalorewrites cast a single stone.

19th June 2015:
hey! jess here, reading and reviewing so that I can (finally lol) get the results out for the diversity challenge. the results should be out within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled over on the forums!

plot/written value:
AH MY GOSH JOEY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??? I'D NEVER EVEN /THOUGHT/ OF THIS SHIP BEFORE AND NOW I'M READY TO SELL MY HEART AND SOLL TO THARRY WHAT IS THIS WHY DO THIS. alright for real though you're crazy amazing brilliant with descriptions and writing in general and this oneshot was no different. it was written beautifully with just the right balance between description and dialogue. it was sharp and clipped where it needed to be and more eloquent and flowing when not, a perfect reflection of theo's thoughts and emotions at each of these stages. I can't believe you sunk this ship though for real that last part is so heartbreaking, seeing theo potentially get his hopes up that harry and ginny are over but ultimately being left alone. it's heartbreaking :\ all they have left to remind them of each other are a handful of memories. ~I want to cry pls hold me

we don't know much about theo in canon here but I'm really glad you went down the untraditional non-death eater route ya know?? he seems like a stoic boy but one who, with a little chipping away (as harry manages), is willing to reveal all. I'm also pretty happy that hey noT EVERYBODY LIKES DRACO IN SLYTHERIN and that even though theo is indeed a snake he doesn't let the stereotypes define him, instead just being his own person. harry is very in character which is an amazing achievement because wowow is it hard to get him right. but you did, so congrats! and I like that ginny/harry weren't discredited but that harry loved them both (or so I presume hah).

I love how the relationship between theo and harry developed quite slowly and naturally. the way it is confined to secret reflects a lot of factors going on in the context of this piece and I just think it was super well done, showing the natural progression of their relationship ^.^

favourite line/bit:
fo real though "but there was one thing that I could make an educated guess about, based on, well, just about every year I’d spent at hogwarts—it had something to do with harry potter"
- jess, xo

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Review #8, by The Melodramatic Muggle cast a single stone.

30th May 2015:
Oh, hello. Here is the Joey we all know and love. WHY MUST YOU BREAK HEARTS SO, JOSEPH? Do you find extreme pleasure in making people who read your stories cry? If you do, then yes, I cried. If you don't, well, I STILL CRIED.

This was so good. I really had to SCREAM while I was reading it. Who cares if I had to scare the dogs and make the entire household think something horrible was happening to me? I SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. and, well, it's all your fault. You have made me into this. You have made me into a puddle of emotions, a soul exploded into a million little pieces at the sheer emotion of this piece.

Did you hear me? The SHEER emotion. -cries- -sniffs- -sigh-
Theodore and Harry. Mhmm. I've never read a Tharry before and I was very pleasantly surprised by this. The way you weave words together into flawless sensory details and heart-melting lines filled with raw emotion? I almost forget that Harry ends up with Ginny and that I actually start to cheer for Theo and Harry not to JUST be your aforementioned ripple in time.

But, the last paragraph comes and, well, -sighs- I think it is so sad. There are so many words for me to describe how that last collection of sentences made me feel. Allow me to demonstrate in actions:
*lips tremble*
*one tear escapes and falls silently down the cheek*
*eyes track back up to reread paragraph again*
*teeth bite into bottom lip to stop tears*
*tears fall anyway*
*wipes away tears*
*sighs deeply, thinking long and hard*

Although, to be fair, I spent almost the entirety of this story in that sort of loop back and forth and in different order but as I could not describe in words how I felt and pictures were impossible so I hope you know how I really feel.

I see that you are going to be writing a sequel to this story and this fills with incredible happiness and JOY and UGH, I LOVE YOU.

Keep writing more.

--The Melodramatic Muggle

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Review #9, by HufflePuff_Blitz cast a single stone.

6th May 2015:
I can call you Joey right? I don't think we've ever properly communicated.
But to the point, for randomly looking through stories I am really glad that I clicked on this one. While I don't usually read Harry stories I've found myself partial to Harry/Theo and this one definitely did not disappoint.

The writing on this was really good and flowed quite nicely. I also like how it lined up with the book. Also A+ communication in the scene where they first talk to each other. Loved it.

"We were a grand display; a single ripple in time, but nothing more." I don't know why. But I just absolutely loved this quote.

When it moved onto the second half I was terrified. I knew it was coming but I really didn't want it to. I don't know if you wanted it to be incredibly sad or not, but I didn't see it as being too sad. Which I was grateful for. I liked how it ended on slightly good terms.

Overall 10/10 Great Job.
I definitely plan to read some more of your stuff now.

Author's Response: You can definitely call me Joey! We haven't communicated before, but I see you around :P

I'm not much of a Harry writer honestly. He sort of terrifies me. But Tharry has practically taken over my life and I was talked into writing this. That first conversation was totally winged on my part. I'm glad you liked it!

That ripple in time line was the first thing that I wrote for this story. I sort of based this story on it, but I got carried away and forgot about it halfway through. Blaise was supposed to be a main character of this, too. Clearly I am not in charge of my stories at this point.

I didn't want this to be sad as much as bittersweet. I've got a lot of very, very sad stories for the Sink Your Ship challenge coming soon, so I decided to give people a break with this one.

Thank you so much for this review. It made my morning!

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Review #10, by pointless_proclamations cast a single stone.

4th May 2015:
Dear Joseph,

Okay. Joseph.

Let's sit down for a moment. And have a wee bit of a chat, yeah? About this--this story.

When I say a moment I mean a bit more than that. And when I say a week bit of a chat I mean, of course, this mostly one-sided one for now consisting me raging your ear off. . . Though I can't really do that what with you not being able to hear me at present and all.

Moving forward. Continuing on.



It was a perfectly good ship. Maybe. Okay, it had some obvious setbacks from the very beginning, but it was good, you know? So you take this perfectly good, wonderfully well-written, highly empathetic ship--it's a lovely one--THEN YOU BOMB IT. . . With Ginny Weasley.

Then! As that last soldier on said ship floats on ship debris, a last bit of hope, as Harry and Theodore hold each other, YOU BOMBARD SAID SOLDIER WITH MISSILES FROM ALL SIDES! From a U-Boat, from a warship, and from one of those aircraft a meant to drop bombs on things. That sea now floods he earth because the tears won't stop and the clouds block the sun from evaporating any water and it's cold so now thanks to you the world has become an inhabitable place--DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?

As your friend, perhaps I am morally obligated to like you, but that's becoming increasingly hard with fics like these.

Love, (and hate, and love)

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Review #11, by Cannons cast a single stone.

30th April 2015:
Joey, you know me...start mentioning 'time' and I'm there straight away! ;D I love the line ' a single ripple in time' it's really poetic and has a certain depth to it.

Worrying about the opinion of those beneath me was laughable even then. - This line really stuck with me, for a Slytherin to have the self assurance and maybe even the audacity to view Voldemort/Death Eaters beneath him is a powerful thought to me. I've read/know next to nothing about Theodore Nott, the only thing I was sure of was that he didn't exactly 'follow' others, but this was a surprising level up and I liked it.

Okay, I'm reviewing as I go along by the way so if it seems a little choppy then that is why. So the way I have read is that he feels Malfoy might be masking his feelings for Harry with hatred. That is something I had never ever thought of before, but it put a little doubt in my mind.

Love this line -
For the first time, Harry Potter became a person to me. He’d always seemed like an abstract concept; The Boy Who Lived. But he was real and he was so very alive. His vibrancy could not be understated.

Typical Harry - But I don’t mope about it or take it upon myself to defend the school,” I said.

So to sum it up, you've taken an odd (to me) ship and made it relatively believable, but I think you could do that with any ship with your writing ability. I thought the way that you pieced each section together was clever and I enjoyed the ending, tied in with the ending of HBP which made it work in my head.

Until next time :P


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Review #12, by merlins beard cast a single stone.

28th April 2015:
Hey Joseph!

I'm gonna make this short because - for once - I don't have a lot to say.

Somehow, you made this work for me. It feels like once you do your magic, everything you write turns out to bw so much more than I expected.

I really like this, but the ending is so sad.

Did it hurt when your ship sunk?


Author's Response: Hi Anja!

I'm so excited that you liked this even though you weren't sure about the pairing! I haven't written Harry as a main character in roughly four years, so I was pretty nervous about this story. It honestly did hurt to write the ending, but I suppose I signed up for this. (with four entries, not to mention)

Thank you so much for a lovely review! :)

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