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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin Sneak

29th May 2015:
Here for our swap!
Too sad?!? Do you even have to ask?!? This was heartbreaking!!!

I never imagined I would feel sorry for Marietta... But since the very start you made me feel horrible for her...
You start showing how inadequate she thinks herself to be, how ugly and worthless compared to her mother's beauty. And that was already terrible to hear, cause no one should see themselves in such a light...

Then you showed her mother's cruelness. Worse, her violence. And it really killed me... Parents should be loveful and supportive. I can't even imagine to live in a family like that!

In the books we were led to hate her on principle, but now I feel horrible for judging her without knowing anything about her (oh, my... I talk as if all of this was real... I'm weird...)

I wouldn't expect anything different from the other students, but the teachers... I could've understand if they got a bit colder, but ignoring her altogether, not to say the flobberworms bit...

The end is just so tragic and heartbreaking... But inevitable, in a way... I didn't expect it, but once it happened I really couldn't imagine a different epilogue... I still wish she didn't do it...

Wonderful job! So sad, but so beautiful!


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Review #2, by Oregonian Sneak

26th May 2015:
Here for a review swap!

This story is an insightful look into the world of a minor character about whom we know very little, from canon. Sometimes I read stories about Marietta and the aftermath of her crucial incident in OotP, but I have never seen one in which she finally commits suicide.

You have certainly ramped up the pressure and anguish she feels from her home life, taking the little hint, in Chapter Eighteen of OotP, that her mother had forbidden her to do anything to upset Umbridge because her mother worked for the Ministry, and turning her mother into an out-of-control virago within the privacy of her home. The line in OotP has Cho mentioning Marietta’s “parents”, but I see that you have chosen to take her father out of the picture, no doubt thinking that, were he present, he would not have allowed her mother to abuse her so viciously.

The book doesn’t give us a good rationale for why Marietta finally revealed the information about Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge, but your supposition that she was succumbing to pressure from her mother to not associate with the Resistance makes sense.

Your descriptions of Marietta’s feelings, at home, with her friends, in the headmaster’s office, and afterwards, are vivid and well developed. I like the description of how it feels to be Obliviated. The book really doesn’t tell us much of the aftermath for her personally, except that she was in the hospital wing with no cure in sight, and a brief exchange with Ron in which he expresses the anger of the Gryffindors. You have imaginatively expanded these few hints to a drastic conclusion.

This is a strong story with many good turns of phrase, such as “feel the disapproval radiating off of the Hufflepuffs”, though I’m not sure that the professors would have deliberately treated her badly afterwards (they are adults, after all), but she would likely interpret their actions (accidentally dropping the flobber-worms) as deliberate personal attacks. The Slytherins cheering when she walked into the room was an appropriate touch.

There are a few editing points, which I will send to you in a PM so as not to clutter up the review.

Nice job.


Author's Response: Hi there,

Thanks so much for leaving such a detailed review, it always makes me happy when people take the time to leave a nice long bit of feedback so I can edit things and improve my writing so thank you again :)

To be honest, my favourite characters to write about are the minor ones. We know next to nothing about them and the possibilities are endless! I enjoyed this one particularly because of the negative view of Marietta because of the DA and I loved attempting to change peoples minds about her because I genuinely think that she must have had a good reason for going to Umbridge.

I'll make sure to edit the mistakes when you send them. Thanks again for the detailed review :)

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