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Reading Reviews for Loyalty
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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny Loyalty

17th April 2017:

This was so chilling. It's always really interesting but also pretty weird and unsettling to read things from the point of view of someone who you regard as evil, or at least as someone who made evil choices. Seeing the ways these people (fictional characters though they may be) justify their actions and/or their point of view... just always wigs me out haha.

Poor Helga. It's funny how he's almost blaming her for caring for him, calling her a fool and stuff. I wasn't quite sure how to read it, if he genuinely thought that or if he was trying to assuage his own guilt.

Going back to my point about this being chilling, what was especially frightening was that at the end he seemed to realize he was wrong. Throughout the whole first half of the story he was adamant that the other Founders were the ones who were wrong, and that he was never wrong. But then at the end he talks about how he almost righted his wrongs. And what's so scary about that is that he didn't. Even after realizing he was in the wrong and even after his monster had killed the woman he loved (or, at least, the woman who loved him) he made the decision not to kill it. The thought of that chills me to the bone.

Great job on this piece!


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Review #2, by melian Loyalty

17th April 2017:
Well that was a really interesting read. I don’t think I’ve ever read Founders era before, which is probably my loss, but I confess I never even thought of a romance between Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff. This is probably really common in Founders era fics, but yeah, it took me by surprise. Again, probably my loss. It was a very interesting premise, though, to have Salazar thinking about his legacy at Hogwarts and whether or not his relationships with the other founders were irretrievable.

His dismissal of Helga’s love was, too interesting. He laid the blame on her – she should not have loved that part of him, she should not have seen him as a candidate for redemption. She should not have looked upon the Basilisk. Okay, it might be a bit much, blaming her for her own death like that, and you probably didn’t mean for it to come off like that, but it did strike me as that. Perhaps because it felt like Slytherin was trying to absolve himself of responsibility. Yes, he was horrified that she had died that way, that the first person to succumb to the Basilisk’s stare would be her, and he returned to the castle to close up the Chamber, but there wasn’t really much regret there. He could have killed the monster. He could have redeemed himself to the spirit of Helga Hufflepuff. But he chose not to.

Overall this is a really powerful piece, and I’m glad I’ve read it. And now I probably need to seek out more Founders fics to see if any others are like this. Great job!

Cheers Mel

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums Loyalty

6th March 2016:

After reading 'Black', I decided to check out some of your other stuff. I don't usually read Founders era stuff, but this seemed like it would be a great read since Helga and Salazar seem like such opposites.

It was such a powerful one shot in such few words. You managed to get a real sense of who Slytherin was, his ambition and hunger for revenge, as well as his love for Helga. There was a certain volatile nature to his words, one that mirrored his actions and his ideals, that I loved. My favourite part was the closing sentence, however. It was just so chilling and absolute, a real testimony to how far beyond reason he became. Despite feeling intense guilt at being the reason for her death, he still clings onto this thirst to exact revenge (or at least, that's what I'm getting from it).

As I said, this was a great read and I don't regret taking a leap into this new era. Salazar seems like such a complex character and you manage to capture that extremely well here. Well done.

Plums xo

(For the HPFF Review-a-thon)

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Review #4, by SingingForRain Loyalty

6th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

I saw that you had written a sequel to Cowardice, I hope you don't mind me coming back to read this. I really liked the way that you wrote Helga in the last story. It was interesting to see the story and what happened from Salazar's perspective because it was so different. Maybe the differences in their perspective show how different they were as people, that they shouldn't be together? They have the qualities of their houses although I'm a Slytherin and I wouldn't ever be like that!

Salazar seemed kind of sorry for what he'd done maybe? It seemed like he'd done what he did in anger so he regretted it a bit because he probably didn't mean to kill Helga. Although I don't think he loved her like she loved him if he loved her at all, because he doesn't care enough to change anything. Yes he will close the chamber but not change his ambition even though he has seen what results it can have.

The ending was really good because it was clear that there was no going back for Salazar now. It'd be cool to see what he did after this!

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Review #5, by wolfgirl17 Loyalty

20th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff

Hey Leigh!
I've not spent much time reader Founders Era fics before but this one was absolutely love. I really enjoyed the way you portrayed Salazar's struggle between his pain over losing Helga to his actions and his yearning to continue on with his blood purity beliefs. The way you had him seal the chamber but keep the monster alive really drove the point home that he did love her, in his own way, but also that he couldn't simply let go of his ambitions and his dreams for creating a world where only those pure of blood could be taught magic at the finest school for witchcraft and wizardry in the world.

The motif of acting upon his loyalty whilst simultaneously betraying her was a really lovely way to express this fic. After having read the first installment - Cowardice - this was a brilliant sequel and I really enjoyed it. Overall a fantastic story. Are there any more in the series?

Keep up the great work!


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Review #6, by LastMinuteLuna Loyalty

3rd June 2015:
Hello! Hello!

I'm LastMinuteLuna and I'm dropping by to leave you a review for the Pass It Along Challenge! I know. I know, the deadline has passed, but they don't call me LastMinuteLuna for nothing!

But enough about me. Let's talk about your fabulous story!

This was a lovely look inside the internal thoughts of Salazar Slytherin! I thought it was beautiful how much he cared for Helga and how much he regretted her death at the hands of his basilisk. You really illustrated how conflicted he felt brilliantly!

It's a shame that he couldn't have found just a touch more courage to kill the basilisk and confess. It would've obviously saved lives in the future had he done so, but alas, he just can't bring himself to it. He has too much pride.

I would love to see you continue this thread of stories and include a Salazar/Rowena and Salazar/Godric story. You handle this time frame so well and these characters so accurately that I think it could be a really fantastic one-shot collection.

Uh oh! Times up. I have to run. I've got a few more reviews to leave and I’m already late! Thanks for such an interesting story!


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Review #7, by BuckBeakLover Loyalty

30th May 2015:
Every time I read something of yours for secret Santa, it leaves me speechless. I really can't praise this enough. It fit very well with Cowardice and was so very realistic. I love how the summaries of these two are so short and brief, but they are also the perfect length. Overall, this piece was beautifully written, stunningly realistic, believable, and just wonderful.

I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into Salazar's mind. I love how realistically he is portrayed, how he's not all evil, but still is riddled with flaws. I also liked how underneath all his cowardice and hatred, there is still a shred of loyalty and love for Helga, as well as a tiny amount of loyalty to his friends.

My favorite part was definitely the last part about how he almost did the right thing. I love how how the whole story is centered around loyalty, but it is only mentioned in some parts, if that makes sense.

-Secret Santa

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Review #8, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Loyalty

3rd May 2015:
Greetings Leigh, I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, an elusive and mysterious inhabitant of the northern boreal forest who, contrary to popular wizard belief, does in fact exist. While I normally hide away in the trees far from humans, today I've ventured out of the forest and onto the internet to explore some wonderful stories like yours.

I really enjoyed Slytherin's POV here; as twisted as it was, it was ultimately honest, and the way his heart breaks as he realises the extent of the damage that the basilisk has caused was just so sad. He let out a monster only thinking about the consequences that he desired - killing Muggle-borns - but failing to consider that he might lose someone he loved instead.

You've done such an incredible job with Salazar's state of mind, how it's a combination of self-hatred, hatred of everyone else, and a shred of him that's still in love and loyal to Helga. A complex variety of emotions (especially to a Crumple-Horned Snorkack who only knows one emotion: the happiness caused by successful hiding from humans) but you wrote it in such a wonderful way that brings out all of these emotions and makes his character feel real - and makes a reader simultaneously pity him and detest him. Well done.

Oh, and all of that is contained in 500 words - that itself is such an accomplishment. Well done! This is such a well written and powerful story. But I must depart now to meet the Loch Ness Monster for tea.

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Review #9, by CassiePotter Loyalty

18th April 2015:
Hello again!
This story was really different from the last one, but I enjoyed it just as much! I think reading them back to back really highlighted the differences between Helga and Salazar. He's totally focused on self-preservation and getting what he wants, whereas she's ready to sacrifice herself for her friends.
I loved the struggle he's dealing with in this. You did a really great job showing how torn he feels, since he did let the monster out, but also had a moment where he almost killed it. I think his thoughts about Helga loving him were really fascinating, because I don't get any sense that he ever loved her back. He knew about her love, but also knew that it was very one-sided, since he didn't reciprocate the feelings. Another moment that stuck out was when he considered going to Godric and begging for forgiveness. That really stuck out in my mind.
This was a really nice sequel to Cowardice! I loved getting Salazar's side of things after seeing Helga's.
Cassie :)

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Review #10, by Oregonian Loyalty

17th April 2015:
Hi, Leigh.

This is Vicki of Slytherin House, responding to your request for comments on this latest story. So I read “Cowardice” first, to get the background, and then read this one.

Salazar certainly sounds like an extremely conflicted person here, and you have captured that quality well. He is torn between his love for Helga, to the extent that he is able to love, and his contempt for everyone (including her, I suppose) because he is always right and they are always wrong. Or so he believes.

On the one hand, he condemns her for loving him in spite of what he momentarily refers to as his weaknesses, and then he goes back in the other direction, closing up the chamber, but not going so far as to kill the monster. I love the way you have him swinging back and forth like a pendulum, vacillating between following his own “hunger” and being loyal to the original vision that the four founders had, back when they were co-operating instead of conflicting (is that a verb? It is now.)

This story provides some good explanation of why Salazar acted as he did, creating the monster and then walling it up before he made his final break from the other three Founders and left Hogwarts entirely. You know, the seven books never really explained that point well; the readers were left with this apparently arbitrary act on Salazar’s part, without a lot of insight into his thoughts when he did it.

So thank you for writing and giving us this view into his mind at this crucial point in Hogwarts’ history. You have crammed a lot into few words. Nice job.


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Review #11, by 800 words of heaven Loyalty

17th April 2015:

Okay, so if you're expecting a coherent review, you'll be much disappointed because THIS WAS FANTASTIC OMG I WANT MORE.

I'm really not one for sad love stories, but for some reason Helga and Salazar have pulled on my heartstrings so hard and I don't want the pain to end. I'm probs going to come back and just read it again and again and again because I love the way they love each other so much.

I didn't expect Salazar to love Helga the way he does. I expected him to be far more distant from his feelings, more wrapped up in himself, and to feel just a twinge of remorse about what he did.

BUT NO. He just feels so much. In the end, it's this depth of emotion that's his downfall and his saving grace. He loves Helga with this fierceness of spirit and all of his being. That's an aspect of his personality that I've never read before; there are many stories of romance involving him, but he's always portrayed as this dude who's too self-involved to really care. But here, that iron will, that endless drive that defines him is focused on her and his love for her and that's just... OMG. Beautiful.

But he's still so complex! He loves her, but it's not enough to make him turn away from his path. He's still who he is, and he accepts that about himself. He makes no apologies for who he is, even for Helga, and that shows a depth of understanding of self that is just breathtaking.

AND THAT LAST PART WITH THE BASILISK JUST KILLED ME. He didn't want her to die! And he feels absolutely horrible that she does, but he can't help it. This is who he is. But he still closes the Chamber ONLY FOR HER.

In so few words, you've encapsulated such complex characters and such a stark depth of emotion, and I'm just... in awe. This is fantastic you are fantastic. Thank you so much for this story!

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Review #12, by Shadowkat Loyalty

17th April 2015:
It's really good, though I have never liked the Salazar was evil stereo type. History has a way of twisting things, after all. But for something so short, again, it's good. :)

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