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Reading Reviews for Remember My Last
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by The Ninth Month Remember My Last

30th September 2015:
Hello, my dear child!

It's me, September, the month of grape harvest, Autumnal Equinox and, most importantly, your birthday!

And so I'm here to celebrate with a review this very important occurrence, even if I'm a bit late for it.

I was a bit unsure about what to pick, but the summary of this story made me curious. And I'm happy I picked this one, because it was an interesting reading.

I liked the carefree atmosphere you set at the beginning, with the summer heat from outside and Dumbledore relaxing with his crossword puzzle. And how the atmosphere suddenly changes to a tense one once Ellen's portrait brings the news.

I loved your Dumbledore. I think you captured the different aspects of his character brilliantly. I loved how he could foresee everyone's reactions. It showed his great talent in understanding people that we know from canon.

And I loved his thoughts about Petunia, how he knows that she won't leave Harry unprotected, as much as she despises magic, and her sister and nephew as a consequence.

I also loved how you managed to include a tiny bit of humour as well, with the portraits and their gossiping. I think that was a nice touch.

A nice job with this, my dear. I'd love to stay longer, but unfortunately I can't... I still have to visit so many of my sons and daughters before I have to give way to October.

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a lot of fun.

With love,
The Ninth Month

Author's Response: Thank you! There is a lot of pressure to writing Dumbledore so this makes me happy to hear!

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Review #2, by wolfgirl17 Remember My Last

28th June 2015:
Hey Rhaenyra,

Wolfgirl here checking out your entry for my challenge, finally.

I really like missing moment fics and this one was most intriguing indeed. Dumbledore is an enigma to us all and it's fascinating the way you've delved into his psyche just a little to display his thoughts during this moment. I'd never really considered before that he was probably doing ordinary things when Harry got into trouble again. For some reason I always imagine Dumbledore in his office plotting about things or holding Order meetings, attending Wizengamot meetings. Occasionally sitting on the loo doing some knitting...

This was a really interesting look into one of the many favours Dumbledore did to keep Harry safe with Harry's knowledge. A great story!

I will be posting the results for the challenge on the forums just as soon as I have everyone's entries in. Thanks so much for participating and I'll keep you posted.


Author's Response: Hi Ellie. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this.

Dumbledore is certainly a challenge, so getting him as a prompt was what made me finally get around to writing him. Like you said, he usually is pictured doing big things so I wanted to show him helping Harry in a more subtle way with him being more "normal" about it all.

Thanks for reviewing and for the challenge! =)

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Review #3, by HeyMrsPotter Remember My Last

12th June 2015:
Hello again! Back for more house cup reviewing!
I couldnít resist this one, I love a missing moment story and this was such a great idea for one. I always wondered exactly what Dumbledoreís Ďlastí was and I think youíve got a really plausible version of events. I like that you painted Petunia in a good light too, despite all of her flaws I think she really did love her sister.
I am totally in awe of how amazingly you write Dumbledore. I hardly ever have him even as a minor character in a story because I canít seem to get his voice right and here you are having written a one-shot with him as the main character, and so effortlessly! I loved that he was sitting doing a wizard crossword, and his thoughts about Fudge are beyond perfect, and his dialogue too, which I think is the hardest part of him to get right. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015.

Author's Response: Another missing moment lover! I never thought I was drawn to writing (and reading!) them until somebody pointed it out to me but it's totally true.

Your comments about Dumbledore made me blush. I was so scared to write him at first but since it was a challenge I gave it a go. Hearing that I did such a great character justice makes my day and makes me think that maybe I should attempt another idea on him I've been kicking around for a bit. *ponders*

Thanks for such a sweet review. It truly made me smile and was so nice to read. =)

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Review #4, by Katie Wallenby Remember My Last

30th May 2015:
As I have read your stories, I've noticed that you quite enjoy writing missing moments. Given the circumstances of my departure from Britain so many years ago, I've often found myself wondering about the same thing. Most often that's whether the world would have been saved if I hadn't fled.

Alas, this is no time for nostalgia, so I'll return to your story itself. This moment itself was strange in some senses in that as I read the series, it isn't one that stuck out as particularly momentous. The howler itself did of course - for a number of reasons - but how it came to be sent? Not so much.

That said, you seized the opportunity in a big way to underscore just how important a moment it was. Harry's situation was very precarious and given the people involved and their existing attitudes, it probably did take quite careful thought and firm self-expression to accomplish the goal that Dumbledore wanted to achieve.

More than that though, you continued to demonstrate a real precision with your characterizations. Dumbledore is an incredibly challenging character to write because of his complexity, intelligence, and mannerisms, but you wrote his thoughts in a way that rang quite believable. It also added dimension for me. I've tended to think of Dumbledore as being an "easy" mastermind because we don't ever see the plans as he's making them. But here, you pulled back the curtain, exposing HOW he arrives at his decisions - with both clarity of purpose, but also consideration of all angles, factors, and potential implications.

Excellently rendered!

Author's Response: I only thought about it when I got your MTA questions recently, but I guess I really do like writing missing moments. There are just so many gaps in canon that my mind runs away with trying to fill them.

Your comments about Dumbledore mean a lot to me. He is such a complicated character that I was very worried when writing this. Had it not been for a challenge, I don't think I would have tried writing him.

Thanks for another lovely review. =)

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Review #5, by Freda_and_Georgina Remember My Last

16th May 2015:
Hello! Saw you wrote for the Unsung Heroes challenge too and thought I'd check it out. I really liked that it was set as a missing moment; I always wondered how Dumbledore pulled strings and worked things out. I also wish you showed how he made sure Harry got a hearing first. So basically, I wish there was more to it!


Author's Response: Hi Freda. Thanks for stopping by. =)

I'm glad you liked my Dumbledore! I may write more of him in the future, since he's such an interesting character and I had fun writing this missing moment.

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by merlins beard Remember My Last

6th May 2015:

I really like what you came up with. It really didn't make much sense in the book when petunia got a howler from dumbledore. How would he know they were going to throw him out. I'm glad you explored that here.

I really liked this.


Author's Response: Hi Anja. *waves* Thanks for taking the time to read this. =) Like you, I wondered exactly how Dumbledore knew what he knew at the start of OotP. A challenge prompt I got seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks again! =)

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Review #7, by TreacleTart Remember My Last

5th May 2015:
Hey there!

After our review swap, I realized that you went on to review several more chapters of my story, so I thought I would swing by another one of yours and leave you a second review! :D

Missing moments are positively some of my favorite things to write. There is so much potential for filling in parts of the story that got skipped over. I thought this was a really interesting choice of moment. It's not an outwardly heroic act in the classical sense, but it does keep Harry safe, whether or not he realizes it.

I thought the way your characterized Dumbledore in this was pretty good. He felt very similar to the man we see in the series. He is very thoughtful, a bit vague, and deeply concerned by what is going on in the world.

My absolute favorite part about this was when Dumbledore was characterizing Cornelius Fudge. In just those few lines, I had a very clear sense of who Fudge was and how his bumbling foolishness could potentially cost the good side the war and put Harry's life in danger. I think Dumbledore is exactly right in his assessment and approach of the situation.

I thought this was a lovely one-shot! I really enjoyed reading it and getting a bit of insight into Dumbledore's thoughts and worries.

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi Kaitlin. It was so sweet of you to leave another review. I really was so interested in your story that I just *had* to see what happened next.

I actually haven't written many missing moments before, but I can see why you would enjoy writing them! When I was assigned Dumbledore, I figured that it would probably be most effective to show something from canon rather than making up one of my own. When Ellie mentioned understated things could be heroic, this just clicked in my head and suddenly I HAD to write it.

I'm glad you liked the part where Fudge was described. I have no idea where it came from (I was just typing and typing for Camp NaNo) but once it came out I had to leave it to leave some humour in here.

I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for the bonus review! =)

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Review #8, by oldershouldknowbetter Remember My Last

5th May 2015:
Hi there, here for a bit of BvB action.

I was scrolling down your page looking for something to catch my eye when I realised that I was beginning to recognise it somewhat, when I got to it, I remembered that you were the one who wrote the fantastic Pettigrew 'what if' one-shot. It was an insightful exploration of his character, so let's see how you do with Dumbledore in a 'missing moment'.

Quite well as it turns out.

There are many things to recommend fan fiction: the ability to play with characters we all know and love; what if scenarios; and continuing the story beyond the end of the source material. But one of the highlights must be the exploration of a 'missing moment' - something the reader knows must have happened, but, due to the exigencies of the narrative, the author couldnít delineate.

What you have done here gives us no great insight into the character of Dumbledore over what we already knew or suspected. No what you've done is to perfectly judge the moment and show us a Dumbledore who should be in the exact frame of mind/mental space that you've outlined. I personally couldn't imagine him acting any other way than you have written.

There is so much about this to like:-
- The tone of the portraits is just right, somewhere between sage elder and bored schoolkid with nothing better to do.
- The statesman like voice of Dumbledore.
- His fatherly concern for Harry, for Petunia even.
- That his howler draw is so little and so infrequently used.
- The way he shuts down the portraits from being too disrespectful.
- The way the last line, about making Harry angry, ties so neatly in with the books.

One thing I have to go into a bit more deeply is the way he is almost calmly resigned to losing his positions of power. It is so subtle and understated and contemplated with few regrets. He knows, as he says later to Harry, that power is his weakness - he would only have taken on those positions for the good that he could have done. Now that it is to be taken away from him, he will not fight for them back just for the sake of power. The way you portrayed this was perfect.

The highest praise that one can give a missing moment, and it is praise this story deserves, is that it becomes what actually happened in the minds of the reader and also to say that the original author couldn't have done better.

Author's Response: Hi Andrew! Like I posted on the forums, this review brightened up an otherwise rough day I was having yesterday so thank you so, so much for that.

All of your comments about the accuracy of how Dumbledore was acting in this story made me very happy. I was worried about tackling Dumbledore for a challenge since he is such a wonderful wise and complex character so hearing that you thought I did him justice was wonderful to hear.

The last paragraph of your review makes me so, so happy. I could not get the smile off my face when I read it and now I am grinning again.

Thank you so, so much. =)

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Review #9, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Remember My Last

2nd May 2015:
Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! Although rarely seen in the wild, I occasionally make an appearance on the HPFF Archive, but only when nobody is looking...

I love missing moments, and honestly have always wanted to find a story focusing on this moment, because it is such an interesting one where we learn so much about Petunia. So I'm very glad I discovered yours!

I love how Dumbledore found out about Harry's use of magic - it was such a quick reaction for him to send Petunia that letter, and I love how you explained it being a former headmaster's portrait snooping around in her other portrait who discovers it all and alerts Dumbledore. It was also great to see a bit into his mind and how he's worried about the situation with Cornelius Fudge and the war. I never did like Cornelius Fudge - he seems a slippery character to me. Besides, I hear he's got an army of Heliopaths, spirits of fire that gallop and burn everything. They're really quite a danger to the forest I live in.

Your writing of Dumbledore in this was superb - he's a tricky character to write but you managed it very well! This is just how I imagined Dumbledore would react - a lot of seriousness for the situation, but there are still a lot of quirky things in the scene, like him doing a crossword at first :p

I really enjoyed this story - wonderful job! But now, I must dash to meet the Loch Ness Monster for tea.

Author's Response: Hello Crumple-Horned Snorkack! I feel honoured to have you stop by so I can prove your existence in the future.

I'm glad you liked the story and felt like I did Dumbledore justice. I figured he had to have a way of knowing things and with an slew of well-respected people with portraits in his office, why not assume that several of them appear in other places? Perhaps even useful ones!

Thanks for such a sweet review. Enjoy tea with Nessie! =)

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Review #10, by Veritaserum27 Remember My Last

1st May 2015:
Hi hi!

I'm here for the BvB and...


This was really, really good. It is so simple and perfect and - you've just captured everything beautifully, here. You've done an excellent, excellent job with Dumbledore's characterization. I felt like I was reading directly from one of J.K.'s books - and I sincerely mean that. He was clever, decisive, astute and, just for a moment, a bit unsure (but only for a moment).

I LOVE missing moments stories! Some of them seem rather contrived, but this one was perfect. It explained the motivations of Dumbledore and was such a joy to read! The reasoning behind the four words was so perfectly explained and executed.

I loved the little details you put in (Ellen McKinnon - you're trying to kill me, aren't you?). The little drawer Dumbledore kept just for Howlers, and the fact that he knew what Harry's reaction would be - because above all, Dumbledore understood how incredibly human everyone was.

It was just perfect.

Great, great job with this. I'm so glad I picked this story!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth.

Reading this review made me grin like a bit of an idiot. I was so nervous to be given Dumbledore for a challenge because, well, he's Dumbledore so to hear that I did him justice and that it was book quality (seriously, wow) made my day.

I'm glad you picked up on some of the little things and you enjoyed reading this.

Thanks so much again! =)

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Review #11, by tangledconstellations Remember My Last

20th April 2015:
Hey there!

This was absolutely awesome! I'm all for 'missing moments' from canon, and filling in the gaps. This was really, really great - so thank you so much for sharing!

I love the way you've written Dumbledore here. Right from the start he is so in character. Of course he's doing a crossword in the Daily Prophet when he's not out saving the wizarding world, haha. And I love that he has all sorts of sources of perfectly honest and innocent intel, via the portraits. I imagine that he engages all of the portraits in conversation every now and again, which is why he has such a good rapport with them, hehe. I love that they all get so involved in the on-goings here - but that it is always Dumbledore that makes the final call.

Your writing is really nice to read here. It's concise yet it is still elegantly written and it flows really well. You have a touch of humour (as with the beginning) but this doesn't overshadow the severity of the situation at all. I love that Dumbledore just knows what to do - it's as though he acts on instinct. Maybe he did. I think he must just be a very trusting person, and here its really interesting to see him trusting in Petunia, even though they are so many miles apart at this point in time.

I really enjoyed reading this so thank you so much for sharing. I'm actually currently writing a short story collection with 'filling in the gaps' moments too, which is why I was so excited to read this and to see your take on events. This was great, really really great! ♥

You should definitely write Dumbledore more! :D

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for stopping by and giving this story a chance.

Your comment about of course he was doing a crossword made me laugh. I needed him to be doing something to pass the time and it just seemed so fitting for him, so I'm glad you thought it was like him.

Thank you for all the nice comments about Dumbledore. I was given him for a challenge and I was a bit nervous at first because, well, Dumbledore can be a bit intimidating so I'm glad you felt like I did him justice in here.

Thanks for the lovely review. =)

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Review #12, by FriendofMolly Remember My Last

17th April 2015:
Flower n Prongs,
A very interesting and probable take on Dumbledore's response to the Dementor attack. Though, I think we may have guessed as to what Albus alluded to in his howler, you came up with something that was in all probability the truth. So I must thank you for clearing that up.
PS Would it have caused that big of a problem if Albus had explained just why Harry had to spend time with Petunia, to at least Arthur and Molly?

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for taking the time to red and review. I am glad that you thought the actions & my Dumbledore were believable, since he is an intimidating character to write.

That is a good question about telling Arthur and Molly. I imagined that he felt like he would keep Harry and Petunia safest by telling people strictly on a need-to-know basis (since it seems like even Vernon didn't know). I could be wrong, but that was how I pictured it.

Thanks again! =)

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Review #13, by CassiePotter Remember My Last

17th April 2015:
I thought this was an amazing one-shot! You wrote Dumbledore wonderfully. I think he's one of the trickiest characters to get write, but you definitely captured his personality in this story. The dialogue with the portraits in his office was spot-on, as well. I really enjoyed getting to see this moment, since we see Petunia receiving the letter, but JKR doesn't tell us anything about Dumbledore writing it.
Nice job on this! I really enjoyed reading it!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie! =)

Thank you for taking the time to read and review this story. Your comments about my portrayal of Dumbledore and the other former headmasters & headmistresses has brightened my day. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks again! =)

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