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Reading Reviews for The Rules Of Law
33 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Jules Black Rock

10th November 2016:
Please write more! It's really good!!

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Review #2, by blackzero Black Rock

27th October 2016:
Good going. thanks for such a wonderful story

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Review #3, by blackzero Puddingshire

27th October 2016:
Good way to introduce Freddy and that too other being working at Joke Shop.

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Review #4, by blackzero Diagon

27th October 2016:
Well it's good to see James doesn't have aby daddy issues. I think Octavia likes Harry Potter despite being a Slytherin as hero

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Review #5, by blackzero Hogsmeade

27th October 2016:
That Pygmy Puff dialogue was hilarious. Suspense and comedy in one package.

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Review #6, by blackzero Knightsbridge

27th October 2016:
Investigative stories are rare on hpff .The premise is splendid .Octavia's characterization is refreshing.

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Review #7, by HPFantasticks Black Rock

24th October 2016:
great characters and a good plot!!! I long for more!
thank you for writing this and please, go on!

Author's Response: Hello! So happy to hear you like the sorry! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and don't worry the next chapter isn't too far away.. thanks again x

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Review #8, by Toocoolforschool Black Rock

22nd October 2016:
Hey, this fic is great. I look forward to faster updates!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I'm really trying hard to fit in more time for writing so hopefully the next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #9, by Lyla Black Rock

18th October 2016:
Everything about this book is perfect.

Author's Response: Oh wow thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it x

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Review #10, by beka_wotter Black Rock

18th October 2016:
I really am in love with this story!! The characters are just so likeable (except for the ones who aren't meant to be like Orin) and I just love all the friendships!! Please update soon!

Author's Response: I am SO a happy to hear this!! To hear that people like your characters is the best feeling, so thank you! The friendships are coming along and it's amazing to hear you like them also, they are such an important part of this story. Thanks for the lovely review, I will try my best to update soon! x

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Review #11, by AccioTeddyLupin Black Rock

17th October 2016:
It's getting juicy! Can't wait for the next chapter.

xx Sammi

Author's Response: It is it is!! Stay tuned for the next chapter...
And thanks so much for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #12, by Daylight Puddingshire

22nd September 2016:
This is so good!! I seriously love James and Octavia, and the plot's developing so nicely, I cannot wait for the next update!

Author's Response: oh thank you SO much! Honestly just makes me so happy to hear people are liking the story and characters. I'm working on the next chapter right now, it should be up real soon! x

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Review #13, by Diya Puddingshire

10th September 2016:
Hey, I just started reading this and I love it! It's one of those rare stories where James' characterisation is spot on. And Olivia is awesome, I live her snark and sarcasm. Great job. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for this review! I'm super happy you like James' character and that you love Octavia too! thanks so much for taking the time to review, I'm working on the next chapter as we speak so it should be up quite soon! xx

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Review #14, by newbie Puddingshire

2nd September 2016:
love, love, love this story!

Author's Response: thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so happy to hear that!!

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Review #15, by beka_wotter Puddingshire

26th August 2016:
This story is SO GOOD!! I love how Nott and Potter act together (I so ship them), Jesse is hilarious and Pax is just kinda cute bless, I hope Rei does relax because I can see her being cool as well! I'm really intrigued by the storyline because it has some mystery and isn't all fluffy but so far there's been a lot of lighthearted moments and I do really like those so I hope they don't disappear. I can't wait for the next chapter!! x

Author's Response: THANK YOU! It really is just so amazing to hear that people are liking my story and, more importantly, liking the characters!
I'm so excited to continue building James and Octavias friendship/partnership and it's so encouraging to hear that people are liking the way that they are together. Jesse is a one of a kind and just so close to my heart, as is Pax of course.
Don't worry too much about Rei, hopefully in the next few chapters we will see some MAJOR character development which excites me more than it probably should.
I love that you're liking the mystery in the story and I promise the lighthearted moments aren't going anywhere- they are my favourite bits to write.
I hope you continue to like the story and hopefully I will put up the next chapter much sooner than last time. Your review really means a lot so thank you! x

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Review #16, by WJune Puddingshire

25th August 2016:
I have been eagerly awaiting this chapter, it is ridiculous how excited I was to see an update.
I am really enjoying the dynamic between Octavia and James, I like how neither act in an unrealistic way - the gooey romantics who can't function in each others presence type.
The main reason this story is one of my favourites is the lack of character cliché . The Nott family aren't totally evil Slytherins who can't stand each other and James isn't a professional Quidditch player and womanizer.
Another reason is simply writing quality, I am not distracted by errors or overly complicated sentences.
I hope you update more regularly, although solely for selfish reasons as I am looking forward to reading future installments.

Author's Response: Oh wow! To hear that you were excited to see an update has literally made my day, that makes me so happy!! I'm glad you're liking James and Octavia! I'm trying my best to make it a realistic sort of friendship, they bicker and argue but they are genuinely coming to care for one another.
Also it makes me so happy to hear that my characters aren't too much of a cliche! I can't tell you how excited I am to delve deeper into the Nott family, because I just think there is so much potential there beyond the classic pure blood evil slytherin thing.
I really would like to update this story a lot more regularly, and am going to try my absolute best to fit it in around uni/work.
Thank you so much for this lovely review, it really encourages me to write so much more! x

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Review #17, by AccioTeddyLupin Puddingshire

25th August 2016:
Love it!! Can't wait for the next chapter, as always.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm hoping to post the next chapter much sooner than my last update, so thank you for sticking around x

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Review #18, by rover_bond007 Diagon

18th May 2016:
Loving this story so far. Your characterisation is brilliant, and I really like Octavia and James. It's also really interesting to have a story set in Magical Law - their offices sound amazing! I can't wait to see how it develops, and how they work with or around the aurors. I really hope you write another chapter soon :D

Author's Response: First of all I am SO sorry about the ridiculously late reply, life has been crazy atm with finals. But thank you so so much for the review it really does mean a lot!

I'm so happy to hear you like the story and find the magical law setting interesting! Im trying my best to make it seem that way.

I've started working in the next chapter and do plan on updating hopefully very soon, I hope you keep reading even though I suck at updating.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment, you're the best :))

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Review #19, by sweaterweather21 Diagon

3rd April 2016:
Ugh I adore the way you write the banter between James and Octavia. Their quips are so entertaining to read. This chapter, I especially liked the bit where Octavia is teasing James about being able to read his mind and he replies, “I can guarantee that you aren’t.” The sexual tension, omg :) However, I also like how the moment is countered with Octavia’s shame at being like one of those Hogwarts girls who memorized his schedule. Very true to character on both counts.

The bit about the fan clubs was funny as well – “Undress Me Jesse” is particularly catchy! Crazy how James never noticed girls organizing weekly to talk about him, but probably a good thing – it definitely would’ve went to his head, and I don’t think his ego needs any more inflating.

What a serious note to end on! Another body, and the plot keeps thickening. I have absolutely no hunches as to what’s going on, so I’ll just end the review with a plea to you to update soon :) Awesome chapter, as usual.

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Review #20, by sweaterweather21 Hogsmeade

3rd April 2016:
After Octavia’s description of Jesse’s concert last chapter, I was excited to finally read some banter between them this chapter and you didn’t disappoint.

Again, I adored the interaction between Octavia and James! The bit about actually standing too close to an electric socket was funny, and I liked how you described the dichotomy between his words (comparing her to a pygmy puff) and his gentlemanly actions (opening the door). I feel like that little encounter sums up their relationship excellently :)

Very clever line here: Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it sure as hell didn’t kill the snake.

Oh, and I must say I figured out the Ilvermorny business from last chapter – I forgot I was reading on April Fool’s Day! Sorry for the confusion, haha.

And so the plot begins! Can’t wait to read some more twists & turns throughout the story.

Author's Response: So happy to hear you like Jesse, he's a sweetheart and a character I really want to develop further in the story as he plays a huge role in Octavia's life.

Dichotomous is THE perfect word to describe James' behaviour towards Octavia, I'm so glad you picked up on it!

I promise I will be updating this story sometime in the, hopefully, very near future and I really hope you continue reading and giving me these amazing reviews because they honestly make my day!

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Review #21, by sweaterweather21 Knightsbridge

31st March 2016:
Only one chapter in and I’m already in love with this story!

First of all, you have a very clever style of writing that makes this fic easy and entertaining to read. Octavia’s tone (and subsequently, her personality & sense of humor) shine through her words and descriptions, which can be pretty funny. Some of my favorite quips from Octavia were:
- “I’m genuinely concerned that he’ll become immune to healing spells sooner or later.”
- “If I didn’t know Jesse and his love for breasts, I would have mistaken it for something more. Ted might have, to be honest.”
- “Rei practically orgasms over the fact Creswell knows her name.”

Side note: I’m curious as to why James, Octavia, and Pax attending Ilvermorny together as opposed to Hogwarts? I’ll admit I had to google ‘Ilvermorny’ before finding out it’s the North American magic school according to J.K., so now I’m curious why they all attended a school in the states, especially because they’re all now working in England?

I though the bit about the muggle “sender” was funny as well. Makes sense that Octavia, a witch, doesn’t know what that job means, especially since I bet quite a few Americans have no clue either!

You’ve probably gotten this before, but I adore all the How To Get Away With Murder vibes in this story. Shonda Rimes is an absolute genius when it comes to writing engrossing TV shows, so I can’t wait to see what direction this story takes. I also liked the nod to the show in the title of one of Elma Cresswell’s books.

I noticed a couple of grammatical errors, but nothing that really takes away from how much I enjoyed the beginning of this story. For example, “Brilliant turnout, you’re friends band has quite the fan base by the looks of things.” should be “Brilliant turnout, your friend’s band has quite the fan base by the looks of things."

However, my favorite aspect of this story is how you encapsulate the tensions between the different characters, especially Octavia and James. Their conversation on their way to Cresswell’s office about Tiberius Lennox was an excellent example of this. James’s subtle comments (“Sleepover?”) combined with Octavia’s inner monologue (she doesn’t want to swoon, OK?) create such tension, and it’s phenomenal to read.

Oh, and it ends on a cliffhanger! In that case, I definitely have to keep reading :)

Author's Response: Wow, these reviews have made me so so so happy!! I apologise for the shocking amount of time it's taken me to reply, but really thank you so much!

I'm so happy you like Octavia, characters (especially female ones) can be really difficult to write and its so great to hear feedback that says people actually like your characters!

I've never heard of Ivermony either and I actually had to check my story to see when I had written that and why!! I was so confused!, but then apparently it was just an April Fools thing ?

It's good to hear that you like the relationship between Octavia and James, I really wanted to establish them as kind of friends first, but unfortunately it's a relationship that is only going to become increasingly confusing!

Really thank you so much for this review, you're amazing to write such supportive and also constructive things! I'm trying really hard to update ASAP, I hope you'll continue to read :)

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Review #22, by o, its me. Knightsbridge

19th March 2016:
I'm OBSESSED with this book. So well written!!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the terrible reply, but thank you SO much, that really means a lot to hear that you're liking the story so far!!

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Review #23, by Mice Diagon

9th March 2016:
Your concept is amazing. I love the whole idea based on How to get away with murder! Also, I love your portrayal of James. It's so different from the stereotypical quidditch player/auror route I always read. Also, Octavia is an amazing character! I love her witty and the banter between her and James.

Hopping you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you are liking the story and especially the characters, I'm trying hard not to turn James into the stereotypical character so it's great to hear feedback that you're liking him :)
I really appreciate you reading and reviewing and even though I suck at updates, I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #24, by Black Mirror Hogsmeade

20th January 2016:
Love it! Reminds me of a different version of How to get away with Murder, but still original.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad to hear you love it!! And the basic idea for the story was actually based on How to get away with murder hahaha

Thanks for the review, when I FINALLY submit the next chapter to the queue I hope that you will keep reading x

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Review #25, by NoMaj Hogsmeade

8th January 2016:
I absolutely love this story and hope you decide to continue it! It's unique and HILARIOUS. I'm looking forward to learning more about Octavia and James - both of their characters are being developed well. :)

Author's Response: first of all, thank you SO much for leaving a review! I'm so glad you like the story and the characters so far. For a while I thought I was finished with this story but I've just found a whole new spark of inspiration and I'm so excited about continuing with Octavia's story so I hope you keep reading and enjoying xx

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