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Reading Reviews for Touché
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Review #1, by Jayna Touché

12th April 2015:
Absolutely adorable! I loved this and felt it matched their character's very well. The idea was an interesting one and it was definetly different from a lot of the stuff I've seen. Lastly, the ending was perfect and I don't have any suggestions.


Author's Response: Haha thanks! Much appreciated :D

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Review #2, by Minion of the Easter Bunny Touché

12th April 2015:
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Oops! I've been caught again. I seem to be making a habit of this. You know, this is my first week on the job, and so far I don't seem to be doing a very good job. It's just... Stories! They keep distracting me.

I think you're rather new around here, aren't you? You smell a bit like springtime, that all. Ooh, have you checked out the forums yet? They are an excellent place to make new friends. If you have then I do apologise. I've been so busy that I've had no time to do anything else!

Your story was lovely. I do like Jily stories. They are the peanut butter and jam to my sandwich. And it was hilarious the way they talked to each other after the accident. You are very good at writing dialogue! I had to grin when Lily admitted to pretending to be James's girlfriend. They were rather adorable together.

I loved the way you began the fic, it was brilliant. I'm afraid I'll have to be off now, but it was very nice to meet you! Here, have an Easter egg on me 0 . Byee

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Author's Response: Wow! It's not every day a bunny comments on your fic! Thanks a lot for your feedback :D

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 Touché

11th April 2015:
Yes, hello, I am here for the Modern Muggle AU Jily genre.

Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am that you came on HPFF and published this story. I am a big fan of Modern Muggle AUs because of Tumblr, and I also write them. It's a very underappreciated niche on HPFF, so as I said, I am SUPER PUMPED that you've joined me in my quest to make it more well-known! (Not that you knew you were joining me in a so-called 'quest,' but let's pretend, right?)

Okay, well, now to give you an actual review:

I super love this. 100%. I can absolutely picture James being the dumb twenty-something who gets on the nerves of everyone because he's trying to take ironic pictures in London. Brilliant characterization there! I can tell that James isn't exactly a tourist in this story, but he doesn't seem to be originally from London. Where is he from?

Lily!! My fave, my queen, et cetera. She was perfect. Her panic about James fit really well with the Lily I know from canon and my own headcanons; she's a cool character, but she does tend to freak out sometimes. And it's so cute that she cares so much about James's wellbeing that she would invite him to dinner to make up for his injuries. Of course, there might be ulterior motives in play... :D

The slightly-angry-ish banter between them while James was in the hospital was spot-on. Kudos for that! AND OMG FAKE BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND!!! I don't know what it is about that particular trope that gets me, but it gets me every time.

So, to summarize this slightly-wacky review, I am super psyched that you published this, and I love it to pieces. Please write more of them, and if you're interested, we can form a Modern Muggle Jily AU alliance! :D


P.S. I love your penname.

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for your review! I've been writing fanfiction for ages but this is the first jily fic I've tried and it's lovely to get such a fantastic response!
Yes, you're completely right about James, I haven't decided where he's from originally (Surrey maybe?) but has recently moved to London so I'm glad you caught onto that!
Also I did a stalk of your account and OH MY GOD YOU ARE AMAZING. Aesthetic Alterations is absolutely brilliant, I love how you write so so much.
I would love to form a Modern Muggle Jily AU alliance!! Let's do this *high fives* we can cry over how perfect they would be in 2015.
P.S I like your penname too!

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