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Reading Reviews for Map Makers
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by bigblackdog Map Makers

14th June 2015:
i love how you envisioned they made the map- your descriptions are really believable. it was a lot of fun reading about how truly dedicated they are to trouble making.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review! =) It was fun to write about young Marauders, developing their trouble making skills for the future and it is good to hear you enjoyed reading it as well.

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Review #2, by Shadowkat Map Makers

15th May 2015:
I want to see! We knew it was there, but never EXACTLY where it came out at. Darn you, leaving us not knowing. *huffs*

I did spot some typeos, like at one point where you put of instead of off.

I always wondered how long that would have taken. Hogwarts is huge, and if even Dumbledore didn't know everything, that seems like a gigantic feet for a small group of students. I love them even more for that.

There were a few spots you could work on cutting out unnecessary words do it runs smoother, but other than that, well done.

Author's Response: Haha I know, how evil not showing where it went! I'm thinking I'll cover it at some point, since I'm a huge Marauder fan, so I'll let you know if I ever reveal where it went.

I totally agree about the scale of Hogwarts making it difficult to say what was there. I mean, there were doors that only appeared on Tuesdays so that has to show how hard it would be to figure the entire thing out.

Thanks for the tips! I'll look it over again when I get the chance. Thanks again! =)

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Review #3, by CassiePotter Map Makers

29th April 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
I really enjoyed this! I always think it's interesting to read different takes on how the Marauders came up with the idea to make the map, and how they figured out what to call it. I liked that you actually showed them in the process of exploring the castle and figuring the exact location of all the rooms and secret passages.
I thought it was a really nice choice on your part to have Remus and James out exploring together. I feel like James and Sirius are always paired up, so I liked that you went in a different direction with that. I thought their characters were spot on, and I loved the way they interacted with each other.
This was a really great story! Thanks for the review swap!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie. *waves*

I'm glad you enjoyed this. I totally had the same thought process you did regarding James and Sirius always being paired together when I wrote this with Remus and James (and, by default, made Sirius & Peter the other exploring pair). I'm glad you thought I did the Marauders justice in this.

Thanks again! =)

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Review #4, by chinaglaze Map Makers

21st April 2015:
Hi there, here from the BvB review battle.

This is a great concept, I love the idea of exploring how the marauders map came into being. Your detail is terrific without being overwhelming and you have created a good atmosphere and given some solid characterisations. I got a real feel for the dynamics within the Marauders group.

There are one or two small errors I noticed in the writing;

‘It was only after they past a pair of suits of armour’ that should be ‘passed’

‘I found that shortcut behind the tapestry with all hippogriff on it last time’ - there a word missing in that phrase?

‘…at the beginning of the year to kick of the year…’ - I suppose it should be ‘off’ in there, not ‘of’, but the sentence is a bit repetitive.

'Sirius’s eyes and glinted with excitement', that probably should be ‘had’

Here, where the paragraph begins 'Tonight,” Remus said in a tone that…' you use the word 'tomorrow' in three consecutive paragraphs; it’s that repetition again!

So this is a great story and I enjoyed reading it. I think there is room to tighten the technical side of the writing up a bit.

Author's Response: Hi chinaglaze!

Thanks for pointing out those mistakes, I can't believe I let so many things get by me when I went over this. *is embarassed* I have already changed the things you pointed out and the new chapter is in the queue. Thanks for taking the time to type them all individually, rather than just saying "there are a few errors that could be changed" and leaving me to hope I found them all.

I'm glad that, despite the errors, you enjoyed the concept and the dynamics between the characters.

Thanks again! =)

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Review #5, by Claire Evergreen Map Makers

20th April 2015:
Hey! Here for the BvB Battle!

I haven't read The Shadows Within, but if it is anything like this, I'll definitely have to check it out!

I love love love the characterization here. James is pretty much one of my favorite characters ever and I love how you wrote him here! You can really tell that he's young, but he still has those traits that we would recognize in an older James. He's smart and adventurous and has an obvious loyalty to his friends. The way that he was disappointed that they hadn't found anything yet and how he wanted to jump right in explore the passageway fit perfectly to what we know about him and worked really well to show his age.

Remus was perfect as well and I love how you include him sneaking around with James. So many times people write him as never getting into any trouble with the others, which is so false. I like how he's the one to go with James all the time and you still threw in him being the "smart" one in way with the comments about the classrooms and waiting to explore the passage.

This is such a cute one-shot and really fits in with how these characters actually act! I'll have to check out The Shadows Within because I'm already in love with your characterization! Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Claire! Thanks for stopping by for the BvB review battle.

This is about four years before The Shadows Within and, as you must have noticed, had a lack of OCs so it can stand alone. (Although their is a Claire in TSW!)

I'm happy to hear that you liked how James & Remus were portrayed in this, since they are a few years younger than we even saw in Snape's Worst Memory. And yes to Remus not being a goody-two-shoes... I always thought he may be more considerate than the others and less likely to get caught, but he couldn't have been friends with the others if he wasn't willing to pull pranks and break the rules.

Thanks for such a sweet review. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. =)

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Review #6, by Felpata Lupin Map Makers

19th April 2015:
Hello Rhaenyra (or Flower n Prongs, or Babbity... How do I have to call you? Do you have a real name, too? I could go with that one, if you please...)

I wanted to give you a proper thank you for your support on "1981" and for the amazing review you left as Babbity on "The Lark and the Nightingale".
So, since I saw this story was a bit lonely, and since (as you well know) I love the Marauders, I decided to stop by here!

This was a really cute and funny little story!
James and Remus are both so much in character. That little exchange at the beginning about “people always patrolling the areas they’re exploring” is very representative of it. I can totally see James getting annoyed at Remus’ logic! 

I liked your version of how the idea for the map came up. James and Sirius arguing over hiding spots’ locations is once again very in character. And very typical of Remus coming up with the map idea. And of Peter feeling discouraged but the hugeness of the project.

I found the ending very cute. They’re clearly so willing to go esplore, but they decide to wait for their friends to be with them. It’s a simple thing, but it gives the perspective of their loyalty and friendship bond.

Very pleasant reading, I’m happy I stopped by!

Author's Response: Hi Chiara!

I suppose I do have quite a few names between my pen name, my username on the forums, and Babbitty Rabbitty for the review activity! Don't worry, I will answer to any of them!

It was very sweet of you to stop by because I reviewed you. I'm glad that you chose to give this Marauder fic some love, since I know you are also very invested in the characters and their development as people. =)

I'm glad you liked the characterizations. I wanted to keep them fairly similar to what we have seen from them when they are older, but they were still only 12 here so I had to make them a little bit goofier. And you are so right about the friendship bond. I think them waiting does relate to their big-picture friendship.

Thanks again for the lovely review! =)

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