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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The Storm

27th August 2015:
OMG! The only thing keeping my heart from breaking right now is knowing that this is a novella, and there's more to come, which means Louis can't be dead! :O

This is such a Cliffie! Why do you do this to me Kyle?! I'm going to need more of this ASAP, please!!

I really loved your description of Louis' character, and once again, you had me feeling like I was on that boat with him - you are SO TALENTED! I mean I could almost feel that saltwater splashing on my face!

I'm so curious as to what caused this storm, and what's going to happen next! Update soon please!

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Review #2, by Beeezie The Storm

20th July 2015:
I am a sucker for time travel, and I'm scanning active Puff pages for things to review - so here I am!

There was a lot about this fic that I found really interesting. It's usually a straight guy being portrayed as kind of promiscuous, and it was fun to see that turned on its head! I particularly like the idea that most guys were open to experimenting - there can be a stigma against that sort of thing among men in particular, and while I know that it's often good to use the wizarding world to discuss RL issues... yeah, sometimes I also just engage in wishful thinking because I want to think about a world in which sexual orientation isn't something that's seem as a problem, just as a fact. It's nice to find other stories that do that, too. And to find a story that does that while throwing the main character into a crazy time warping storm in the first chapter... awesome.

That said, there were a couple things about this that I thought seemed a little unrealistic. For example, the line about Louis only going as far as people were comfortable - I think I get what you're saying there (that a lot of people were just experimenting, right?), but the way it's presented kind of sticks out to me because that should be the absolute bare minimum for being a decent human being. It also seemed like you switched between past/present tense and first/third person POV a few times, which you should be careful with. Overall, though, this has a really interesting premise, and I'm excited to see where you take it!

Ravenclaw - House Cup 2015

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Review #3, by alicia and anne The Storm

27th May 2015:
Oooo my second Louis request! This has got to be a sign for me to write the next chapter of mine. *hides from it*

I'm excited already and I've only read the summary and title! THE EXCITEMENT IS SO STRONG!!

I absolutely adore that Louis sails. That he is basically a sailor! . my mind is now picturing him in a cute sailors outfit, looking adorable!!

I am so envious that he has a boat that he can go out in and just chill and be in the sun! SO JEALOUS! Do you think he'll take us with him? :P

Oh Louis! You little minx! Sleeping around and the such! I LOVE IT! *Cough* I bet he totally hooked up with someone called Horatio *cough*

Do you have a boat? Is that why you are so detailed in your descriptions of it? That's brilliant!

Louis should have bee a pirate! He woul make such an awesome one!

Aw! James and Oliver! *squeals*

Oh no! This storm isn't going to be good at all! Eeek!



Such a delightful first chapter... you know, almost drowning and his boat being destroyed aside. I had a great time reading this! Even if Louis didn't... what with him almost drowning.

Anyways!! I demand an update! :P Please :D

Author's Response: Tammi! Thanks so much!
I love having Louis sailing, and I bet he does have a special sailor suit for when he wants a little fun ;)
I wish I had a boat. if I did I would defiantly sail the world.
How could I not include James and Oliver, I have to have James and Oliver.
I have the first part written, but I've hit a bump so I'm trying to finish up some challenges then it is the top of my list :) but what I have written is already fun.
Thanks again Tammi!

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Review #4, by The Basilisk The Storm

25th May 2015:
Out of the pipess and into, ah, the Mediterranean.

Hello Kyle. Guesss who?


Absolutely splendid language here: "gentle sswellss of the Meditteranean." You have set a lovely scene right from the beginning as you set the norm right before you change Louiss's life forever. Marvellousss.

How, I wonder? Did he meet a Bassilissk?

You have, after all, described this young man to be quite the deliciouss looking piece of meat.

May I eat him?

No? Well, that's a proper shame.

I could possibly wait until he finds this nice young lad he'll be looking for? That makes more food--er--lads for me.

Louis is quite the predator, though, is he not? What. With his scheming to ready find a lad and use his apartment while visiting his cousin, Jamess? This makes me almost respect him. Though, Papa Salazar was never very keen on having respect for mere food.

There iss this most interest effect you produce--it is called momentary confussion--when you describe Louis's copulatory habits in one paragraph, then procceeed to mention his wand for the very first time of the story in the ssuccessive paragraph.

It is no wonder that Louis preferss--maybe even requiress--time away from his excesssively-numbered family. Constant comparisons to others with intermittent inquiries about romantic partnerships do not make for very happy people.

As you have described Louis to be, working around his sailboat, it gave vivid images of a natural flow of his actions. His passion for sailing, then, is evident. Well done there, Kyle.

Sso now things go bad. You know, seeing as I am here, you could let me eat him. He'd die much less painfully.

Sstill no? Oh well.

With the same sskill an mastery of words you built up the calm scene in the opening of the story, you build up a scene of proper chaos. Pathetic fallacy, I believe the literary term is. That's not to say you are pathetic in any way, you are not, humans are just weird and horrible at naming things in my experience.

That aside, you inspire heart-thudding with thiss thunderstorm as you have written it--just the requisite amount of description and with fabulous wording.

Fasscinating that it should be magical. That begs the question, what is the cause of this? Is it a who? If so, how and why? What will happen to Louis? Are you sure I cannot eat him? Where will he end up? Many deliciouss questions and I am eager to get to solving. Alass, you force me to be patient, for the next chapter has yet to come into light.

That was a proper cliffhanger. Good show, Kyle. Good ssshow.

Until another time.

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Review #5, by SilentConfession The Storm

6th May 2015:
What an ending! I reckon this isn't the end of Louis, but he is going on a completely different journey than what he is used to. It makes me want to continue reading just to know how this weird storm came about and what will happen to Louis next! I think the acknowledgement at the end about wishing his family would forgive him struck me the most. I wonder if this will come into play as the story continues. Will he try to go back to them- or not. It also shows something really nice about his character. It makes him seem human and recognizable.

The description of his sailing was also really great. It helped get a person in the mood for the story and feel how much the sea affected Louis. It shows his free spirit and need for adventure. I liked that a lot and it really just made me want to go sailing as well! The description of it also set the premise of the story well too and i'm hoping this continues to play a part in his character.

Nice job at setting the tone and premise of this story.

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Review #6, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack The Storm

3rd May 2015:
Greetings Kyle! I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, a most elusive dweller of the northern boreal forest who takes great pride in the art of camouflage with the trees, but today I have ventured out into the archive and found your story. It should also be known that the Snorkack is quite fond of time-travel and historical fics.

What an eventful first chapter! Given that my daily routine involves nothing but hiding from humans, camouflaging with trees, and hiding from more humans, this seemed like a positively exhausting day for Louis.

I did love the description of him sailing though, relaxing as he drifts down the Mediterranean coastline. I went sailing once but my friend the Loch Ness Monster tried to overturn my boat. Perhaps she is at it again? I'll have to phone Nessie and see if she's branched out into other bodies of water, and if so, maybe I can convince her to stop messing with Louis' holiday.

That is a scary storm though! I hope Louis makes it out okay! But based on the summary I know that even more exciting things lie ahead, and I can't wait. What an exciting chapter! I am curious about what happens next. But for now, I'm headed over to visit dear old Nessie and see if she's up to some shenanigans over in the Mediterranean.

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The Storm

9th April 2015:

This is so cool! I love Louis, he's my kind of Louis. Except the sailing part, my Louis only wishes he was cool enough to sail. :D

JAMES AND OLIVER!!! I loved the mention freaking much! ♥

Oooh, that's a nasty storm. So curious as to who - or what - created it. I'm so excited. Even with Louis potentially drowning. I cannot wait to see where this goes. :D

I shall be on the lookout for more!


Author's Response: Sam!
I'm glad you liked it!
Yeah. I don't think my Louis will like the ocean as much after this.
I'm glad you liked the mention. I love those two. The only hint I will give you now is that it was a who. And it's a who you will not suspect.
Thanks again Sam!

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