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Reading Reviews for The Story of Us
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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16 The Story of Us.

19th April 2015:
Hi! I'm here for the Slytherin Review Exchange! Warning you now, I ramble on quite a bit and it's all very random.

And first I'm just going to say, I love this one-shot! The only thing you could really do to make this better is to put more Draco/Hermione action in, because I love Draco (lol), and I'd love to see that relationship build up from their first meeting.

But back to the review! First off, I love how you give us little snippets into different moments throughout Hermione's life, although I wish I knew how much time has passed between each one, to really see where they are in their lives. But it's nice to see her go from being a happy bride on her wedding day with all her friends and family around her, to a workaholic fighting with her husband because she's not ready for kids (P.S. that's totally how I feel about kids, it's one thing to watch them for a bit but you always have to give them back. You can't do that with your own kids). So, honestly, I think she made the right decision there. Besides, what if she HAD had kids and then Ron cheated on her because she was always so wrapped up in them? THAT would be so much worse than what he did. Even though what he did was still pretty terrible. If he didn't want to be with her anymore, he should have found a way to confront her and told her so. Not get caught and let the Prophet and other tabloids do it for her.

Sidenote: It was really heartbreaking when Hermione said she still had the nightmares when he wasn't there. And the fact that he heard this and did nothing to comfort her just to me shows that his heart's not really in this relationship.

I like that Ginny and Harry still include Hermione though and that she makes the effort to come to George's engagement party. Even if she isn't with Ron, this family has always been a big part of her life and I'm glad she braves seeing them even though she knows he'll be there.

I love the scene with Neville! That was a fresh surprise. I was trying to figure out how this was supposed to turn into a Dramione and I honestly could not see Ginny hooking her up with Draco... but I love Neville. And I'm excited she's agreed to teach at Hogwarts. I think she'd be great at that since she is the brightest witch of her age.

And Ron! I can't believe he would ambush her at a party and tell her he loves her and misses her only to be interrupted by his date, who he then gets engaged to! That's just low, so low, and rude, and Ronald should know better! It almost seems like he's that person who always has to have a backup lover (I couldn't think of a better way to put it), so that he never ends up alone, and at the same time, is never really putting his heart on the line because the only person he really cares about is himself. What was he going to do if Hermione had said yes and then they walked out to join the party and THEn met Chelsea?

And Hermione left after breaking up with Ron? Where did she go? What did she do? And Draco left England, too? Where did he go? Where did they go, Cassie? There's so many untouched possibilities in this story.

Although at least Hermione found out from Ginny and not from the Prophet this time about Ron's engagement, even though that note could have given a little bit more warning maybe. Although I can't believe she actually went to the wedding, considering she hates Ron and doesn't even know Chelsea. But it's nice that she no longer feels like an outsider.

I LOVE THE SCENES WITH DRACO. I still wish there were more. Because these two, as much as I want them to be together, need a lot of explaining to be believable. Not that they're not, but I wish you'd gone a bit more in depth. Even though I get that even at the end, this was still about her feelings about Ron and how she finally managed to move past him to open her heart to someone else. But I still think you should write a sequel or something about how Draco and Hermione really got together. And leave nothing out. Just a suggestion, lol.

I also loved the bit about the watch and how he wore it on their date even though he has no idea she's the one who gave it to him! And she just let that go! And didn't tell him it was her! I see her telling him eventually though in my head.

Again though, this was a really great one-shot and I very much enjoyed reading it! But I'm gonna cut off now because this review is probably three times longer than I originally intended... yep, yep it is. Sorry, not sorry?


Author's Response: Nix,

you're so sweet! I love your review. I will definitely think about doing a sequel - I was afraid to write much more details in the scene because it was already such a LONG story - it's longer than the short story I just finished! I just felt very motivated writing the song. But. I will start plotting an idea for a sequel ;) You might get some messages from me as I write it.

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Review #2, by Umbridge's Kitten Plate on the loose. The Story of Us.

8th April 2015:
"Only because you can't bloody well have sex with your work desk." Oh Ron, why did you go there??? You're blind git that can't see that your own wife has PTSD. Can I throttle him? I'm going to throttle him. But in true Hermione fashion, she keeps her head up, and trudges on through the muck that was her relationship with Ronald.
The Story of Us coupled with the prose is nothing short of wondrous. The lyrics help set the tension, but the story takes it further into the depths of heartbreak and drama. Hermione isn't the only one effected by this failed relationship. Her friends and family tip toe around it, while trying to bring Hermione back from the brink. Do yourself a favor and read it!

Author's Response: *evil laughter*

I'm a beautiful person with a great vocabulary and imagination ;)

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Review #3, by bittersweetflames The Story of Us.

6th April 2015:
Ok, CassieLassie... I am here to review this fic. It's sort of redundant, really, because you saw all my comments when I beta'd it. BUT THAT'S NO PROBLEM BECAUSE I LOVE THIS STORY and I LOVE PLOTTING with you. GOD, stop your capslock, Carla.
Ok, stopping.

Anyway, this fic was so PERFECT for the song (or the song perfect for the fic, whatever floats your boat) and you did all the scenes so well. (I so proud)
So, the fact that you managed to show a gorgeous timeline of Hermione's life. I felt sorry for her, I rooted for her; I was mad for her and I felt so glad for when she got to a better point.
You write such perfect characterizations -- Neville, Harry, Draco and even the bad!Ron is good. (I know how much you hate Ron)

But, yes, this story might be long but it's totally worth it. :D WRITE MORE DRAMIONE.
I love you, bae.


Author's Response: I LAUaRJALKVJER YOU.

That said love and I got excited.


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Review #4, by Minion of the Easter Bunny The Story of Us.

6th April 2015:
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Oh no, not again! *sigh* I really aught to do better at this whole delivering Easter eggs buisness. This is the second time I've been caught. But if I offer you a chocolate bunny, then you'll just pretend that you never saw me, right? I'm glad.

May I say how amazing your story was. Your characterisation was brilliant, and very naturalistic. Sometimes with a Draco/Hermione parting then it seems a little rushed, but not in yours! Nothing felt too forced.

I liked the cute moments with Harry and Hermione, they were so sibling-y and sweet. And baby James was adorable. I'm really glad Hermione had her friends even when she didn't have Ron. And Draco has changed for the better, I think.

I do love a good songfic. The song really worked with the story line, and now I shall be humming it as I continue on my rounds. Great job!

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, Easter Bunny! Thank you for the sweet review and sorry for the delayed response

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