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Reading Reviews for bad blood
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Review #1, by jordanlouise674 two; a dispute of quidditch

31st October 2015:
Just found this and love ot!!☺☺ will you be updating soon??:-)

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Review #2, by LastMinuteLuna one; prologue

5th June 2015:
Hello! Hello!

I'm LastMinuteLuna and I'm dropping by to leave you a review for the Pass It Along Challenge! I know. I know, I’m awfully late but they don't call me LastMinuteLuna for nothing!

But enough about me. Let's talk about your fabulous story!

This is a very intriguing concept! I've toyed with how muggles might take to their children having magical abilities, but I had never thought about the reverse. How would a magical family deal if their child was born a squib? I'm very curious to see what happens.

I also happened to be really freaked out by pregnancy. Not sure if you've ever seen the movie Alien, but I sort of imagine the baby bursting out of the stomach like the alien does in that movie...but back on tangent. I had also never given much thought to whether magical pregnancies would differ at all from muggle ones. The idea of there being magical interference from the baby is very unique, but seems to make sense.

I think you've got a great plot here and I'm very curious to read more! You may see me back again...although under my real name of course!

Uh oh! Time’s up. I have to run. I've got a few more reviews to leave before the results are announced! Thanks for such an intriguing story!


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Review #3, by Sparrow of the Ash Tree two; a dispute of quidditch

31st May 2015:
Hello *tweet*

I am very pleased to meet you! I may be but a poor sparrow, drab and dreary in comparison to some of my brighter cousins, but I do know how to warm a heart or put a smile on someone's face. With any luck, that is what I can do for you! ♥

I am amazed by the skill you show in this writing this story. I have only once read about Lily being a squib before, and she wasn't the main character, so this story really intrigued me. I think that you have the makings of a brilliant piece of fiction here.

I felt sorry for Ginny in the prologue, she must have been really worried to not mention it to the healer. It's an interesting concept though, that a baby would show signs of magic whilst still developing. I never thought of it like that before! It's an interesting idea. I suppose that could be problematic in practice, especially for muggles with a magical child. "I'd swear I put my glasses here just a moment ago..."

The prologue itself was short and sweet, enough to intrigue the reader and make them want more without feeling like a lot of words. Your descriptions were amazing. You did a fantastic job in showing how Ginny was feeling using body language, and as that is something I often struggle with, I saw your brilliant piece of writing and realised the standard that is achievable.

Your characterisation was really well done. Ginny and Hermione were wonderfully mature, but still with the same traits that we expect from them. Your take on Lily and Hugo was refreshing, and you could tell they were roughly seventeen: Hugo's gloves moment was a defining point of that for me, because he did reevaluate the situation and realise that he should get the cheaper pair rather than splurging like a child might. They seemed very realistically fleshed out, and Lily's frustration at not properly fitting in was clear. Already you have hinted at Lily wanting to change things in the worlds she is part of. I'm intrigued to find out more! And (may I twitter for a moment?) Deamus! ♥ ♥ ♥ Ah I love them.

I loved the way you casually slipped in little details about Lily, such as she needs glasses and is rather tall, without drawing lots of focus to it. It worked a lot better than simply describing her in one big chunk, and was more subtle too.

Although it was sad, I'm really glad that you referenced back to Lily not getting her letter. It worked as both a reminder that some people didn't know how to treat her, and as the defining moment in her life, the one that set her on a different course to the one she was expecting.

This was such an interesting read! I can't wait to read more :)

Sparrow of the Ash Tree
(aka, your very sorry spring secret santa)

Author's Response: hey there!

HMM I FEEL LIKE THIS IS A CLUE SINCE YOU'VE REVIEWED CHAPTER 2 AND NOT CHAPTER 1. maybe you just wanted to sum up your thoughts here rather tahn across both chapters oR MAYBE YOU'VE ALREADY REVIEWED CHAPTER 1 AND THEREFORE CAN'T DO IT AGAIN. -shifty eyes- I'm on to you, spring santa sparrow.

thank you for all your kind words! honestly, you are so lovely. I'm glad you like the lily and hugo I've built-- I wanted them to be sort of familiar and yet quite different to how they're usually portrayed. for instance, although a fair few headcanon hermione as being a poc I've not seen any (not that I've particularly been looking, but still, I read a lot of next gen) where rose and hugo are actually biracial. in this, though, they are (it's sort of vaguely alluded to in hermione's "dark hands" and hugo's "ginger afro").

thank you for your review! I don't mind it being 'late' &heart;

- jess, xo

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Review #4, by HeyMrsPotter two; a dispute of quidditch

29th May 2015:
Hi, Jessica! I absolutely adored reading the first chapter of this in our swap and was excited to see an update!

I loved this chapter as much as I loved the first. I thought you created the perfect Diagon Alley atmosphere, the descriptions were beautiful and you really conveyed the busy bustling and excited feel of the place and the people in it. I liked that it had a slight edge to it with being described from Lily's squib point of view.

And OMG Luna! ♥ I love Luna so much anyway but I love her even more now with her taking Lily to New Zealand, she would definitely be the best most understanding godmother ever! Also totally loved that you got Dean/Seamus in there :D

Basically, I just loved this. I'm really excited to learn even more about Lily's character and how she copes in the middle of the two worlds.

Great job, Jessica!

♥ Dee

Author's Response: hey!! aw why thank you it's lovely to see you back

this chapter is a shameless way for me to shoehorn all my favourite headcanons in ;) anD IT WON'T BE THE LAST TIME I DO THIS MWAHAHAH

thank you so much for the review! ♥ much love and butterfly kisses

- jess, xo

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Review #5, by krazyboutharryginny two; a dispute of quidditch

17th May 2015:
Hi Jess! Sorry it took me so long to get here. Real life is kicking my butt recently. I really enjoyed chapter 1 of this, though, and I thought it was such a cool concept, so here I finally am to continue reading.

I really love what you've done with Lily's character! I can actually relate to her a lot, especially at the part at the end about her marks. I have a lot of the same beliefs as her and... yeah! I can just really relate to her, and that really enhanced my enjoyment of this chapter.

Normally the Potter-Weasley clan is written as such a tight-knit bunch, so I was surprised to see that you didn't seem to quite be taking this in that direction. Lily didn't seem particularly fond of Hugo - although that may just have been her frustration with him talking? Then again, if I were in a situation like this, where I felt like such an outsider from my family, I might be more distant from them too. (And I also might just be misreading, lol)

I have one tiny little criticism, which is a really technical thing - isn't zero-to-sixty a pretty standard, if not slow, acceleration speed for a state-of-the-art racing broom? Harry's Firebolt did 0-to-150 in ten seconds (I went and looked it up, I didn't just know that off the top of my head omg). You might want to consider changing it?

Anyways, loved this chapter! I'm excited for more!


Author's Response: hi! it's great to see you back :D

aw thank you! I feel that lily's beliefs are very key to the kind of person she is. she's probably one of the strongest characters I've ever written. I'm glad you could relate! I see elements of myself in her too, but maybe super-sized. she's a little bit more of the type of girl I would WANT to be ;) (though not completely. she of course she still has her faults).

hmm the weasley clan and their relationships with lily are going to be rather funny in this if I'm honest. you definitely haven't misread the tension between lily and hugo -- they actually do get on okay, it was just the time and situation and lily's frustration. hugo is kind of a clueless type of guy and that can be infuriating for a girl like lily. you'll see over the coming chapters that she is exceptionally close with rose and teddy (as well as her other brothers).

OH MY GOSH KAYLA YOU ARE A LIFE-SAVER. I didn't even think about the nought-to-sixty bit being funny for a broom. I think I must've just been thinking of cars omg hahahah this is hilarious. "check out how slow my new broom is!!1!" hahahha I will 210% get that changed asap!! thank you so much

again, thank you for reading and reviewing it's awesome and means a lot ♥

- jess, xo

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Review #6, by looneylizzie two; a dispute of quidditch

16th May 2015:

I’m back for the next chapter!!

There are so many little details in this chapter that I absolutely adore.

Like the feeling Lily experienced when she didn’t get her Hogwarts letter, that it was both shocking and unsurprising at the same time. The little detail about Ginny fearing the prospect of it and it being so obvious for an 11 year old Lily to see just makes me sad. Part of me wishes Ginny would have pushed her own feelings aside in order to comfort her daughter during a really difficult moment.

Plus, I think that probably didn’t help Lily’s feelings on the matter. I’d imagine she’d feel like a complete disappointment to her parents given their reactions, and that’s a terrible place to be in - especially because it’s caused by something Lily has no control over! That can’t be healthy.

But I’m REALLY glad that she turned it into defiance. It totally makes sense. Of course she’d walk around daring someone to comment…she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t lay down and roll over in shame. Which can only lead to some interesting interactions for us readers!!

“It was no good to dwell on dreams, and so she did not.” - LOVE IT.

I don’t know much about the British school system, so it’ll be interesting to learn more about it because of this story!! I like how different Lily and Hugo’s situations are just because of the school system and what is expected in each society. I wonder what path Lily will end up taking?

Are you going to delve more into the political aspect of squib rights? ‘Cause that seems like something Lily would totally get into…maybe even as a career? She’s got the right kind of personality.

And of all the people in the family for Lily to really connect with (at least, as we know so far), I’m SO glad it’s Luna. She wouldn’t give a crap if Lily was magical or not. Luna cares about much more important things (yes, nargles included). I’m glad that’s rubbed off on Lily.

This is a great introduction into who Lily is! We really get a sense of her personality and how she handles the wizarding world as a Squib (or, 'non-magically abled’, which is a great nod to the political correctness we have today when addressing certain populations)

Anyway, LOVING this so far, and I can’t wait for more! (of course, I love it whenever I see an update to ANY of your stories.)

*Adds to Currently Reading List*


P.S. Sorry for the extremely long and rambly review. I can't help it.

Author's Response: HI HI HI

adfdgfkgjfg thanks!

I really hate writing about ginny like this tbh but I feel it's a necessary switch in characterisation. I wouldn't even call it a switch tbh, just a different ginny in a different situation :\ v difficult but I feel for her


oooh yes, you'll get to know more about the british school system! it is gonig to be a private boarding school she goes to which is obviously very different to public school but yea still very different from hogwarts


aw yes, I love luna! I feel her and my lily have a lot in common and I'm glad I could draw them together, especially as luna is so often neglected from influencing/interacting with the next gen lot. especially lily, who is NAMED AFTER HER C'MON

thank you for being so lovely and wonderful and one of my favourite reviewers EVER

i love you okay

- jess, xo

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Review #7, by looneylizzie one; prologue

16th May 2015:

So, since I LOVE Collision, and you mention that this is a companion piece to it, I just HAD to stop by and read it. :D

I know you've already got two chapters, but I thought I'd go ahead and review both!

This is an incredible prologue. You've captured my interest right off the bat, and I can't wait to hear from Lily. I think she's absolutely amazing in Collision, and am really excited to hear from her. Not many people write from a Squib's perspective, so it'll be interesting to see how you address it!

The way you've written Ginny and her concern (and terror) of the prospect that Lily might be a Squib is really interesting. It's almost like a mother might react to their child potentially being born with some kind of major disability. Which, while unexpected from a character like Ginny, makes sense. Especially since all Ginny has known is magic. How do you handle a child who doesn't have magical abilities if you can't even teach her how to do basic things without a wand? That's really hard, and understandably terrifying. I can't wait to see how Ginny handled it with Lily growing up.

Off to read the next chapter! This is great so far!

Author's Response: I call it a sort of companion piece to collision purely because the lily's in them are vastly similar :) so we'll have the same james and the same lily from that fic but not freya unfortunately as this is several years before the events of collision!

though still, background knowledge ;)

yes you get it! totally the kind of 'prejudice' I was trying to portray. she's very much like ron who although doesn't outwardly act in disgust towards anyone society tells him is 'lesser' he still does it unconsciously on numerous occasions. like his mention of his cousin the 'accountant' who is presumbed to be a squib. he's very dismissive of it and I get the feeling nobody in the family talks to the cousin :\

thank you for the reviewww I love your reviews!

- jess, xo

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Review #8, by Shadowkat two; a dispute of quidditch

12th May 2015:
Okay, here for chapter two of our agreed swap. It's an interesting start, and not what I was expecting Lily to be like at all, to be honest. But isn't that what makes time periods like next-gen great, we all have separate interpretations?

I noticed some parts thatwould read smoother without the she said before or after I didn't spot any glaring errors, so it seems like grammar and spell check has done you well in that aspect.

I'm actually planning on one day writing a squib story in the future for next gen, kinda like a cross between Harry Potter and the movie "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", at least that's what I think it was called. I find it ironic that wizards and witches never saw the potential of squibs and what they might bring to the table. I think it's very fun to explore that. Great job. *thumbs up*

Author's Response: totally agree! I love next gen most because each story is so vastly different and wonderful in their own way! there's a million and one directions to take next gen in, and I love them all (well, most of them haha)

I think I am going to go back and do a few quick edits with this so hopefully I can sort out the flow a teensy bit better than :)


thanks for the review swap!!

- jess, xo

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Review #9, by bittersweetflames two; a dispute of quidditch

11th May 2015:
WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! Anyway, here for our swap (part deux, ofc!). OK.. BACK to the review. :)

Your first two paragraphs was the most heart-breaking, heart-stopping of all. When you had an eleven year-old Lily wih her Aunt Hermione, there's something almost poetic about it. She was born of magic but does not have it and she is with her aunt who has it though she was not born of it. The circle of life! Mhm. Ok.

Then when we reached the part about the letters arriving. Oh dear. How utterly devastating is that? To see your cousin, the same age as you, getting a letter and knowing WITH COMPLETE CERTAINTY that you ARE NOT the same, it's akin to having everything in your life come crashing down. The poor girl. I felt for her certainly as deeply as her mother felt for her as well.

Then we fast forward six years, which is just so interesting! I am glad to see that there is a lot of change to her and her personality. I cannot imagine how HARD a journey it must have been for her to travel from utter devastation to an acceptance of an undeniable, yet heart wrenching, fact.

BTW, I agree with Lily. The whole fact about televisions and cameras IS ingenious. And it would DEFINITELY make things easier to watch shows and things. She learns and knows so much doesn't she? Like best of both worlds and all that. :) (and OMG, Lily is SO TALL. 5'11" DEAR ME. I LOVE that she's taller than Hugp. THAT'S HILARIOUS!! OK, moving on.)

And, OMG, Lily is RIGHT. The fact that there are no SQUIB (or, sorry, non-magically abled. Sometimes, political correctness drives me batty) is very wrong but she really strikes me as the perfect sort of person to fight for their rights -it's like their taboo, which is wrong because they certainly deserve a part in BOTH worlds or, really, in ANY world that they wish to belong to. And, also, I love that she can rationalize WHY she was the one who became a squib in her family rather than anyone else. There's something so smart about it. :)


You know what this entire chapter had me think? What would I feel if I were Lily. If I had been born a Squib, could I keep on living with Magic all around me? Could I act as comfortably there or in the Muggle world where I no doubt fit in but with the knowledge of things I cannot share with my peers? Throughout the chapter you managed to show this tug of war that Lily's life must be. But also, you showed how she has managed to be so beautifully unique through something that would have made most people feel defeated.

Well-written, you talented person. Thanks for the swap. :)



aw, I didn't think of it like that! I chose Hermione to take Lily shopping because she understands the Muggle world a lot more than Ginny (or even Harry, to an extent) does. Though she tries, Ginny falls short of a lot of the marks. It is kinda poetic now you mention it though ;) I'll just pretend it was intentional hehe.

lovely lily, oh how do I love her. she's so IN YOUR FACE and RAHRAHRAH about things she believes in. she's 60% activist 30% queer and 10% chic and she's the BESTEST.

my fave thing about her height is that she's referred to as "little lily" as first ayy also tall people need more representation in fic holla. I decided I wanted her to be tall even before I chose sophie turner as the fc. and THEN (because I was also being ultra lame and thought it would be HILARIOUS) I made hugo significantly smaller.

lily is really so smart. I think that's a lot of what I want to portray about her character. she's smart, but she's LIFE smart ya get me? she's not very book smart (mostly because she doesn't apply herself) but she just gets and understands so many things about the world, and ultimately that is more important. especially for the type of person that she is.


thank you for the loveliest loveliest review, you cutie ♥
I loved your pieces too!

- jess, xo

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Review #10, by bittersweetflames one; prologue

11th May 2015:
Hi, Jess darling. :D Here for our swap. Also, I've been so interested in this story for SUCH a long time. WORK, WHAT WORK? Must read. I'm so glad I have an excuse to do so. :)

First off, Jess! You write so BEAUTIFULLY. From the first paragraph describing Ginny was so perfect! There was something so perfect as you describe her and her pregnancy. I've never experienced pregnancy personally but that fact of it has always been so beautiful and, yes, poetic to me. You certainly wrote it in a way that did it great justice. Just SO beautiful, hun.

When you segued to the point where she's terrified, I was intrigued. WHY? Why would she be worried and terrified of her pregnancy or labour or her baby? While I imagine these are the sort of things that a carrying mother would feel, the tone of her worry struck a deeper chord, as though there was something else niggling at her… And with that you've got me intrigued.


Finally, we learn WHY she is so worried and terrified. SHE KNOWS. She knows that her child would be different and I can imagine it's not for SHAME but more because she knows how HARD her child's life would be. Had it been me I would not have been able to hold my tears.

I can also understand why she didn't tell the healer… Sometimes, voicing a worry, a concern can mean acknowledging that it exists. And while that is certainly wrong, sometimes we hope that by not voicing out our worries, they would just go away.

Of course, I am so very interested what will happen to this child in her life. breathtakingly beautiful chapter. :) Lovely to swap with you, dearie. :)


Author's Response: hello!


ahh I've never been pregnant either (thankfully, still a tad young for babies right now) so I'm glad you like it! I really tried to push over the discomfort of it all but also the beauty of new life, wrapped up all in one short little prologue.


of course yes omg ginny isn't outright ashamed so to speak, though she does harbour a few ingrained prejudices about squibs. like it's not so much she hates them or thinks they're beneath her, she's just been brought up to almost ignore them in a way? and then there she is about to have one of her own. I imagine it's terrifying, both for her and for knowing the difficulties lily will face in life.

adjfadgnh when my author intent is picked up on by readers I want to squeal and do a little happy dance because i'M SO GLAD IT WAS NOTICED. you're right, ginny withheld the info because she was completely, utterly terrified that if she said it out loud it would become a reality, one she had to work upon no less. and I mean of course she could've experienced no magical disturbance and lily could still have been a witch, so she was also holding on to that slight WHAT IF and the sliver of possibility.

thank you for the swap! ♥

- jess, xo

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Review #11, by Infinityx one; prologue

11th May 2015:
Hey Jess! Here for our swap!

I love the way there's such a contrast between the moods in the beginning of this chapter and then later on. It begins with such a beautiful description of the setting and it's such a lovely opening. And the anxiety sets in with all the pacing and the worrying. The transition is so smooth that when all those things occur, it's such a shock. and that makes it so powerful.

I love that you don't name the woman in this. Although, considering your story summary and the part about her having two kids already, I'm assuming it's Ginny. I feel like something major is going to happen, I really hope Lily will be okay!

It's so interesting that Ginny didn't say a thing to the Healer. I'd love to know more about her character here and the way she thinks.

This was a perfect prologue with just the right amount of information needed to create suspense without giving too much away. Great job, Jess! I'll be back to read on later. I'm already really interested in how this will progress. :)

Author's Response: hiya!

oh my gosh I never even realised I don't name ginny? that was actually entirely coincidental I THOUGHT I DID. lol but yeah it is 100% ginny oops.

maybe I'll do something more from ginny's pov at some point. we'll see!

thank you for the review :D

- jess, xo

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Review #12, by MargaretLane two; a dispute of quidditch

11th May 2015:
I'd forgotten I'd read the first chapter of this.

Really like the first couple of lines. Poor Lily.

And poor Hugo. It seems like he doesn't really know how to deal with the situation. I like the way Rose is trying to be the big cousin and reassure her.

You've written "she realise everything would change". I'm assuming it should be "realised".

You give us a sense of the various characters so naturally - the reference to Louis playing pranks and Rose trying to reassure Lily. Immediately, we can guess a little about the kind of people they are.

Sounds like Lily's summer was spent enjoying the best of both worlds. And hmm, Teddy seems a bit of a campaigner here, as he is in my series. I haven't seen anybody else portray him that way, but it seems to make sense, considering his father. He'd be what? About 27 at this point?

And oh! Lily and Hugo don't seem to get on here. I've come across a lot of versions in which they are best friends, so that surprised me. You seem to be avoiding a lot of the fanon here, which I like, as it's interesting to read different versions. It gets a bit monotonous when characters are portrayed in the same way in nearly every story.

I can see why she doesn't like him. He seems pretty dismissive of anything that doesn't interest him personally. You'd think he'd at least bother to remember the NAME of the game his cousin plays, especially when it's not like there's a great variety of sports his cousins are playing.

*cheers for Hermione telling Hugo to do something for others himself rather than just being "my mum does all that"*

Love the detail about having a day trip to New Zealand.

And I also like the fact that Luna's kids are so much younger. In a lot of fanfictions, it seems like everybody the same age has children at exactly the same time. I do understand why - it means less OCs to create from scratch - but in the real world, people have children at any age from about 15 or 16 to somewhere well into their forties. And Teddy is nearly 18 years younger than Harry, despite their fathers being the same age.

I really like the fact that Lily is clearly very intelligent and yet doesn't get the best grades. It makes her a specific character, rather than just a smart one or an underachiever.

I wonder if her dismissive attitude to exams will affect her negatively in the long run. While they don't prove intelligence and getting as stressed as some of her classmates appear to be is more likely to negatively affect their grades than anything else, the fact is that grades DO impact on your future. Not as much as teenagers often think they will, but enough that it's worth doing the best you can. And I already sort of get the impression that Lily will WANT to do something academic, if only because it is more likely to make people listen to her and allow her make a greater impact on the world.

She seems a bit like Hermione - smart, wanting to change the world and perhaps a little bossy and of the opinion she knows best in all circumstances. The big difference, of course, is her attitude to school and she also seems, in some ways, at least, to be less insecure. She doesn't seem to be so anxious to prove herself.

This story is actually a lot different than I expected. I expected it to be about her finding out she was a Squib and how she dealt with it, but instead, it seems like being a Squib is just part of her backstory and the story itself will involve a good deal more.

I think she is a very realistic and well-rounded character. She's more than just a token Squib and is interesting for more reasons than just because of that.

I would like to see more of her with her family and how her relationship with them is affected by her being a Squib. I'd also like to see what Albus, Rose and James and doing with their lives at this point. Especially since this story seems to be quite an original one, so their personalities and life paths may be a little different than the typical ones too.

Author's Response: hi!

ah yes you did, and I took your comments on board and did a little snazzy edit edit ;)

hugo is kind of thick-headed like his dad tbh. 'emotional range of a teaspoon' comes to mind. he just doesn't know what to do with himself when the activities don't include quidditch and his other faves. he's clueless to life, esp the muggle world. rose is of course much more active a member of it as she goes to campaigns and rallies with lily quite often

good typo pointer! will edit asap

oooh I haven't had the pleasure of reading much of your work yet but I am so here for campaigner!teddy so I think I might have to have a proper venture over when I get the time, I'm really intrigued! you're right - I can't be bothered to get the figures up right now but he's probably about 27-ish yup as lily is 17 and rose is 19

hmm I wouldn't necesserily say they don't get along but they're definitely not particularly close, no. lily isn't close to many of her cousins aside rose tbh purely because they're all rather clueless to the muggle world and her situation. she's a bit isolated, if I'm honest. hugo is very dismissive though yes and like I said above, entirely clueless. like other than quidditch the only other sports he's likely ever come across are football, perhaps rugby ?? netball isn't a hard game to understand. you'd think he'd take at least a little interest.. get the name right at any rate ;)


I'm pretty sure rowling said somewhere that luna didn't have children until MUCH later than the others, which is what I was sticking to here even though they're usually similar ages to the other next gen lot in fic. much more interesting to throw in a little older mama luna I feel! and wayyy more realistic.

OH YES lily will soon come to find that exams kind of are important even if she (and I) don't agree with the message of them. she'll soon learn she can't coast through life and she'll be much better off doing as well as she possibly can in her a-levels to give her a good boost for the next step in life.

ooh yes the story isn't going to be about her discovery as a squib. there'll be much moer and although 'squib' won't be background it will be constantly present as a fight for rights rather than an 'oh no I'm a squib welp better just accept it way'. it's going to be about changing the norms, rather than accepting them.

thank you for the input and lovely long review! again, very very helpful ♥ her relationship with ginny is going to be in the next, though unfortunately probably not al or james (though maybe, we'll see)

again, thanks!

- jess, xo

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Review #13, by HeyMrsPotter one; prologue

19th April 2015:
Hi, Jessica!

I thought this was a really beautifully written prologue. It sets a really good tone for the story and I'm already planning on favouriting this so I can follow the updates when you do get around to it.

I love how well you have the whole 'overdue pregnancy' vibe here from Ginny, with her impatience for the baby to arrive and the walking to try and bring labour on. My daughter was two weeks late so I totally get Ginny's frustration and can safely say you got it right.

The flashback to the appointment with the Healer was great. I think the idea of magical outburst during pregnancy is really believable in the magical world. My favourite part of that was Ginny's reaction. I definitely think she wouldn't want to tell the Healer that she hadn't experienced any of the magical side-effects, there's a sense of denial there but also a subtle hint of Ginny's stubbornness as if she thinks it will still happen for her.

Your descriptions of the cottage and the July weather were absolutely perfect, I could almost feel the heat myself.

This was such a good opening chapter, Jessica. I'm excited to see where you take this story. Thanks for the swap!

Dee :)

Author's Response: hey!

oh wow thank you ♥ that means a lot and makes me very very excited :D

I've never been pregnant myself but whenever I read up on these things the one thing I take away from there is how FRUSTRATING pregnancy is ;) glad to here I got it spot on though haha. of course, the heat doesn't help her discomfort AT ALL

with ginny in that moment its very much an "if I ignore it it'll go away" situation. sad, but unfortunately the reality of her situation

thank you for the read and review!

- jess, xo

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Review #14, by Lady Happy one; prologue

19th April 2015:
Hi Jessica *waves*

I'm Lady Happy. I have a friend over at the forums and she's seen you around there. She really wanted to come herself, but she very busy, I'm afraid. So I thought I should come by instead, and leave you a little review. So I'm here to do just that.

This was very sad, and I'm a happy lady so I don't really like being sad. But it was very sad, but also very well-written. I especially liked the description in the first part, when you describe the woman/Ginny. I think you really captured the heat. I've lived through some very warm summers myself, but it should be said that in my country a warm summer is like a winter in Australia. So I'm really not that used to the heat.

Anyway, I like that you added a new thing to the HP world. I've ever thought about whether or not you could tell you child would be a squib before it was born, but I really did believe in the way you wrote it. I felt sorry for Ginny, who thought it was something wrong with her.

In a way it actually seemed rather similar to what a lot of people think if they discover their child will have downs syndrom, and I think that is sad. But then again, I've never been in the situation, so I can't say how I would react. I would like to think I wouldn't care if my child had downs or not, just like I really hope Ginny won't care that Lily is not magical. But it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Anyway, a happy lady like myself can't stay around such a sad story for much longer. I live on happiness, you see, and without it I cease to exist. So I hope you can spread happiness around the forums, when you're there, cause that would make a happy lady very, very happy. And maybe you could say hi to my friend over there as well. She didn't want me to give you her name for safety reasons - I think some king is looking for her - but she told me to give you this:

Your clue:

I'm neither green nor silver
I'm neither red nor gold
Not the brightest of the bunch
Among the kindest is my home

Hope that will be of any help, and may you be very happy for the rest of your life!

Lots of Love

Lady Happy

Author's Response: OH gosh I'm so sorry I didn't read this properly the first time and I didn't know there was a clue!!! I feel like I've let everyone down now and feel super bad about replying to this a month too late :\

oh no lady happy please tell me I didn't make you sad or disappointed in me? :\\\

wow I think you're incredibly right, yes! I too have never been in a pregnancy situation so I can't comment on how I would feel either to discover my child was not "normal". still, I think I'd love them all the same ♥ GINNY does love lily, but you'll see their struggles.

I hope you get to go to a place of love and hope and happiness, lady happy! thrive in the happy! find a story filled with unfiltered JOY &hearts

thank you for such a lovely review and again, sorry for making you wait so long for a reply

- jess, xo

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Review #15, by krazyboutharryginny one; prologue

8th April 2015:
Jess! I have been SO excited for this fic :D I'm so glad you got the prologue up.
It makes me very nervous that Ginny didn't tell the doctor about the lack of magical disturbance. I hope that she loves Lily the same as her other children :(
Excited to see more of this!

Author's Response: HEYYA THANK YOU KAYLA

of COURSE ginny loves lily as much as the others

there are slight distinctions in their relatinoship though

which you will get to see

thank you for the review nhjfsljbfgfds ng

- jess, xo

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Review #16, by MargaretLane one; prologue

7th April 2015:
The description at the start reminds me rather of 1995, the hottest summer I ever lived through, and which is referred to at the beginning of Order of the Phoenix, which I guess is an indication of how well you have captured the heat of this month.

I find the last part rather interesting. I like when people add extra details about aspects of the wizarding world we don't know much about, such as pregnancy.

I do find the way they describe it a little unusual though. The Healer seems to explain what magical interference is after she's already confirmed that she's experienced it in the past. It might make more sense if they began by saying something like, "as you already have two children, I assume your Healers have told you that the vast majority of witches experience some degree of magical interference in pregnancy - vanishing buttons, levitating thimbles..." and then mention something about how it happens in all but about two percent of pregnancies in the wizarding world and almost all those children were born without magic, before asking if she's noticed any of those signs yet.

I think it is interesting that she's already so worried that she lies about it, even though the Healers have only asked if the signs have appeared yet, indicating there is still time for it to happen if it hasn't done so. I'm guessing it happened earlier in her previous pregnancies and that's why she's worried.

I also find it interesting that it worries her enough to make her lie. It sort of shows that even though she is from a pretty open-minded background, she still views people without magic as almost disabled, which is hardly surprising. If you always had magic and all your family could perform magic, the idea of trying to manage without it would probably seem like a disability.

Author's Response: hi!

ooh yes I was actually picturing the way rowling wrote the heat of '95 whilst I wrote this. weird, that you picked up on that haha

thank you for your comments on the way the last section was written! since then I took what you had to say on board and rewrote it slightly to be more eloquent and clear about the meaning, and so that it flowed better. so thanks for that! I gave you a shoutout for your help in the a/n of the editted chapter :)

yess ginny is so not a prejudiced person but I kind of imagine it a little like racial microaggressions? like she still says things which are said out of not knowing enough about the subject or just not thinking about what she's saying. it's not INTENTIONAL and it's largely to do with her background, but she grows out of it eventually and sees how narrow-minded she is eventually.

thank you for the incredibly helpful review!

- jess, xo

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