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Reading Reviews for Chocolate and Vanilla
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Review #1, by weasleymama Friends

27th April 2015:
I like that Ron has moved on without some anguished moment, so many fics have one of them cheating on the other to split them. But the Leanne character is...a bit annoying. Knowing what we know about Molly, she would be the first one with Hermione when she wakes, if not Ginny. Not someone she doesn't know.

With previous suspicions confirmed...and now tri-fold...I'm a bit hesitant. I get Malfoy will have to change some to get Hermione, and vice versa if we're being honest. So while I think it's too much change for him all at once, if you're writing dramione, it's needed. But...Zabini and Pansy being even courteous to Hermione? I just can't buy it. It feels too forced and too much change too soon. Pansy was the selfish girl willing to turn in Harry in seconds to save herself from the war starting. Zabini stuck up and full of himself...neither were too focused on being Death eaters so the end of the war can't be the change in them. I get some things make the story flow better...but at some point it gets to just feel like change in the characters for no purpose. Personally, I'd turn Hermione a little meaner rather than turn 3 others too nice for belief.

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Review #2, by weasleymama Accidents

27th April 2015:
still on the fence here...i get the impression malfoy is just 'really nice now' and...it seems too soon. but only chapter 2 so could just be impressions, we'll find out.

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Review #3, by weasleymama Moving On

27th April 2015:
I don't think you need to apologise at all. it's a very good start to things. Better to establish than to rush. And I like that you've got her really dealing with problems and missing her parents, it's often brushed aside.

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Review #4, by Dramoine_3 Friends

24th April 2015:
:) that was very nice. I really enjoyed your story

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Review #5, by ArtsyTigs Friends

15th April 2015:
This is coming along nicely! Thank you for sharing!

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Review #6, by ArtsyTigs Moving On

8th April 2015:
Off to a great start! I am really liking it so far! Can't wait to read more! Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I just added a new chapter so it should be up in a few days! I appreciate the review!

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