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Reading Reviews for Under the Radar
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Review #1, by messenger of love The Burrow

1st May 2017:
The struggle of checking my Favorite Stories list every couple of minutes has been an arduous one - it's been a lot of minutes - but the wait is always worth it with your stories. I haven't read a single one I haven't liked! This one especially, as T/V is my favorite HP pairing, and you write it so well, with an original, non-generic take on it. Regardless of how long the wait is for the next update, I'll be there!

P.S. I don't suppose once you finish your book you'll make the title known? Your writing is actually the kind I would want to go to a book store and pay to read, and I would really love to know what exactly I'll be asking the cashier for. Keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage The Pitch

8th April 2017:
Hiya! Here for CTF #5!

I must say that your story had me in stitches pretty early on already, because, honestly, a parrot got the blame for a prank? Now I totally need to know how that happened, really, because it can't be nothing short of hilarious. I also love the fact that everyone just gets the blame but the Puffs, and that Teddy is totally using his ability to get others in trouble, even if they might just deserve it. Seems like a cunning thing to do and I think he definitely gets that from Remus to be honest.
But I also loved the obvious nods to Tonks, with the clumsiness and how his metamorphmaging just takes such a great amount to control still regardless. Very nicely done.
I think you gave a huge amount of depth to Teddy and it's nice to read, because it makes him very interesting to read. The fact that he seems to be feeling his parents' precense is also a very nice touch to add and it made my heart break and swell a bit at the same time.
I also love how you wrote Finn because it shows a clear friendship from the get-go, and it's nice to see how that hasn't changed after all those years and only got them to have a stronger bond. Really nicely done and I will be coming back for this at a later point in time!

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Review #3, by BellaLestrange87 The Pitch

8th April 2017:
Hello! Here for CTF!

I love the little bits of Hufflepuff daily life you've added here and there. Hufflepuff seems to be a really underwritten-about house (what are words?), unfortunately. Also, the idea of Percy Weasley getting drunk and being arrested - for THAT - was very entertaining, and I imagine that your version of Percy is very different from the novels.

I find it very entertaining that the Hufflepuffs are cunning and clever enough to be able to outwit the entire school and have everyone except themselves be blamed for their pranks. I wonder if anybody in any of the other houses ever caught on about what the Puffs were doing...

“Hate it?” I said. It was the Firebolt Three Million and Some Change or something. This line made me laugh. I love how apathetic your MC is towards Quidditch.

How she and Finn become friends is extremely realistic and I'm glad you've made it rather lowkey instead of something grand. "Do you want to be friends?" "Okay" is my experience of making friends as a little kid (yeah I know they're 11 but still...).

When I accidentally got Hufflepuff one hundred points by saving a girl who fell off a tower, but I was only there because I was about to plant an illegal flower beside the castle and see how long it took Madam Abbott to notice. I got a hero badge from the Headmaster. - This is absolutely hilarious. I'd love to know more about this incident - illegal flowers are a thing?

I wonder if the teachers get annoyed with the Hufflepuff team, featuring everybody. Do they all have to buy robes or do they just swap with people approximately their size?

I really love your description of the Hufflepuff common room; everything seems very comely and warm and inviting. Also, YES FOR GIVING YOUR CHARACTERS DESKS. I can't remember if it was in the books but it wasn't in the movies and I found it annoying - WHERE DO YOU DO WORK? On your bed would be a mess with inkstands and such.

I love the contrast in generations, from the Marauders and Fred and George, who were expert prankers, to this generation, featuring Gryffindors and Slytherins who have no idea what they're doing. The irony in Teddy's sentence here - Why they’d think that, I didn’t know. - made me laugh. A Hufflepuff, pranking people? Definitely not after three quarters of a chapter of recounting hilarious pranks committed by Hufflepuffs!

The ending of this chapter was really good, and so was the setup for next chapter. I can definitely tell there's something more serious than "typical prank" occurring here.

I really enjoyed this and I'll be back for chapter 2 some time after CTF ends!


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Review #4, by Sal Before

1st April 2017:
Oh my god its 4 am and i just read this entire story. you've got me obsessed with victoire and teddy! Please update, I'm dying to know how it ends!

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Review #5, by aragorn007 Before

23rd March 2017:
Addicted to this story since reading the first chapter. Just finished the 12th and can't wait for updates! Please don't take too long :)

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Review #6, by michaelasaurus The Playing Field

9th February 2017:
oh man, pretend relationships never work! and by that i mean they can't keep it pretend everyone gets too many feelings and then they angst about it because 'oh no they dont feel the same they're just pretending' and the other one is doing the exact same thing and it always ends in someone yelling 'I CANT BE YOUR PRETEND BOYFRIEND ANYMORE' 'its not pretend for me anymore' then shocked silence from the other and then they just launch themself at the other and eat their face.
it happens every time
and i LOVE it every dang time

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Review #7, by michaelasaurus The Meeting

9th February 2017:
there is no struggle that a good snuggle can not make better.

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Review #8, by michaelasaurus The Party

9th February 2017:
Nooo!!! not the disco pumpkin!!

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Review #9, by michaelasaurus The Disco Pumpkin

9th February 2017:
I agree, I also want the disco pumpkin in every chapter.
Every chapter of every story. All of them.


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Review #10, by Rach Before

8th February 2017:
I just discovered this story and I'm hooked! I cannot wait for the next chapter!

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Review #11, by michaelasaurus The Pitch

8th February 2017:
AHHH (roar)
I was so excited when I (finally) logged back in to HPFF (after 4 or 5 or 6 years IDK) to see that you had more stories and were still updating! Hide and Seek and BTQC were some of my all time favourite fics (I think i left comments on every chapter) to read because they were SO FUN and I thought 'hey maybe i'll go re-read them' and you had MORE.
I'm super stoked to see you writing about Hufflepuff because hot dang am I ever a proud Hufflepuff myself!
I'm excited to read on!! :)

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Review #12, by Diana Hanson Before

7th January 2017:
I keep checking this story and hate that you are not updating. Its a great story!

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Review #13, by Dianainga Before

23rd October 2016:
When will you update this story? I really miss it!

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Review #14, by ruby_slippers Before

16th August 2016:
I LOVE THIS STORY!! So much! I love that the main characters are hufflepuff and how different that makes it to your other stories. Love love love it - so much love!
Hope your editing is going well!

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Review #15, by madness Before

15th August 2016:
This book is so so good.

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Review #16, by onestop_hpfan18 The Pitch

13th August 2016:
I like this a lot. Teddy's voice in this is brilliant and snarky. I love a good humor story and I can already tell this is going to be loads of fun. I also like that Teddy and Victoire aren't gaga over each other at the start of this... you've written them as having their own lives at Hogwarts in separate houses. And Teddy even has a crush on some other girl, too. Shows that their relationship/feelings are going to come out of no where, hopefully slowly. Great first chapter :) Also, love that hufflepuff is being spotlighted and that Teddy took after his mum and joined her old house.

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Review #17, by Hellli Before

13th August 2016:
Oh man, I've been refreshing this story since I saw the update in your twitter. And it was worth it, soo worth it. I wish Teddy and Vic would just smush their faces together and stop being angsty and hateful towards each other.
But at least they talked!

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Review #18, by guilty_pleasures The Two Phases

1st August 2016:
I have missed this story so much! Oh Teddy. I feel like everything that happens between him and Vic is hugely due to omitted info. Of course she needs power. She needs quiddich - her career - that pesky thing Ted hasnt got sorted out! That said, I'm a little too happy he managed to take it away again. Maybe its good his scheme turned bad! 1. Really does teach Vic a lesson and 2. Brings him down to earth. Its not only idiot griffindors that play out poorly thought out revenge schemes!

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Review #19, by The Melodramatic The Two Phases

25th July 2016:
These chapters are never long enough. I don't need to tell you how much I love this story. Thanks for pressing on, even though you arguably have more important things to do.

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Review #20, by WriteThisLife The Two Phases

25th July 2016:
TEDDY. NO!!! Ugh but this was such a great chapter, as usual :) I just want Vic and Teddy together, dammit! XD Great work!!

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Review #21, by AIP Alexander The Two Phases

25th July 2016:
You have no idea how long i've been waiting for this chapter! And it came out on my Birthday!! I can imagine you've been swamped with your fiction novel lately, so i just wanted to thank you for taking your spare time to work on these stories. I love the idea of being able to immerse myself into the fictional world of HP and no story captivates me the way yours do. I also can't wait for you to release your novel; after years of following your fanfics it's only fair that I read it as well! Take care!

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Review #22, by tedtoirexx The Two Phases

25th July 2016:
*cries* hard to imagine how tedtoire is going to work out after this :( great chapter though, literally cannot wait to see how it goes!

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Review #23, by RupertsPheonix The Date

23rd May 2016:
This is fantastic. I love Teddy, and I love but am so mad at Victoire right now. I also love the love triangle (rectangle? hexagon?) you've written. It's got so many facets and it's more than just entertaining - it's intriguing. Can't wait for another chapter! -Kate/RP

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Review #24, by Rubidium The Date

8th May 2016:

I have been reading through your page, and I love everything that catches my eye here!
Okay, really, I spent the day just binge-reading your stuff. I love how you give your characters so much life, and just make them seem like they could jump out of my screen and greet me.
You're an AMAZING author.
I'm horrible at critique, but just keep up the good work!!!


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Review #25, by aivilien The Date

1st May 2016:
this is so good. I've never found teddy x victoire story like this. they always the same lovey-dovey, but your story is different. I like Teddy here and the idea of Hufflepuff being undercover is great! and Victoire, I just couldn't believe here yet I love her character, she's surprising. Though, I'm looking forward for Hufflepuff plan and the things between Ellie and Slytherin.

Thank you for such a good story, I'm not good at reviewing but I hope you update soon.

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