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Reading Reviews for Stardust
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Mrs. Claus Stardust

31st July 2015:
Hello dear, Mrs. Claus here to spread last minute Christmas in July cheer! This has been such a nice vacation so far, getting out of the chilly north pole and seeing all of these lovely stories, sad and funny, while also poetic and painful. Yours, my dear, seems to fall into the later two.

So short, but so deep and meaningful and full. It's like poetry, and that fits so marvelously well here. What all Lavender went through must have been a very traumatizing experience, and I love how Parvati is talking right to her. Even after her own father had given up, she hadn't.

The imagery used was simply jaw dropping! My mouth hasn't hung open this much since my first ride in my husband's sleigh centuries ago! The flow of it and the emotions that it brought out...my dear, how do I even describe it? I don't think I can.

I'll have to come back next year and read the relating piece to this, though my friend on the forums might stop by sooner. Alas, I must be off. Still I have much to do and little time to do it! My friend reveal herself in a few hours. Until then!

Author's Response: Hi Mrs. Claus!

Thank you so much for choosing my story to visit!

I'm no poet, but Stardust was fun to write simply because of the experimentation that I got to do with my style. Lavender definitely went through a tough time, but Parvati is going to stick with her for as long as it takes. :)

Aww, thanks so much! I'm so glad that my imagery delighted you as much as a magical sleigh ride could!

Ahaha, you're so sweet for giving the HPFF-ers Christmas in July, dear. Have a safe trip back to the North Pole!


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Review #2, by Dojh167 Stardust

11th July 2015:
Kaitlin recommended this story to me, and I'm so glad. If I had known it was here, I would have been right on it, because I love reading Lavender/Parvati. Like really, I'm so excited. Okay.

You are missing a space between the third and fourth paragraphs. (There I go, being nitpicky right off the bat)

This description is amazing and beautiful and feelings: " There is a gap now between your mind and your body, one that may never be repaired. Some days, there is only oblivion. Nothing can bring you back from the void you create for yourself."

Oh, and then you keep writing amazingly beautiful words. I guess I can't quote them all.

Oh, but this one was so perfect!! "You are no half-thought, no accident of the universe. You lived like a comet and when you died, you died in as many cosmic colors as are in your name."

"violent violet," while a cool phrase, was a bit confusing to my brain, which thought it was the same word repeated.

This was just beautiful and heartbreaking and feelings. And now I have to go read Dark Energy for even MORE feelings.


Author's Response: Kaitlin recommended my story?! Omg, I feel so famous! Haha, thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad that you're on the Lav/Parv train too. :D

Whoops, thanks for pointing that out! I'll take care of it, no worries!

Oh, thank you so much! It always makes me feel so happy when people are so impressed and/or filled with feels about my words that they quote them to me in reviews. I wrote a lot of sad things in this one, though, which is a shame.

Awww, thanks! Yeah, "violent violet" looks a little weird on the page, but I like to say it to myself. It's kind of a tongue twister.

Thank you! I'll go and respond to that review now.


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Review #3, by ad astra Stardust

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Mallory, this is such a stunning piece of writing.

It's so different to what I've seen from you before but your experimentation has really paid off and you've done a stellar job with this one (that pun was not intentional, but let's pretend that it was). Lavender/Parvati are my weakness anyway, and then you add star imagery to the mix and congratulations, you have a guaranteed way to destroy me.

This is so gorgeous, so well thought out and brilliantly executed, and every line is absolutely stunning and poignant. Tears form in the fabric of space and time, creating paradoxes and half-truths. Your hands are no longer your hands alone; they are the hands of a victim, a patient, an invalid. I need a moment.

Everything you've done in this story works together to create something amazing - the second-person POV and the intimacy it creates in Lavender and Parvati's relationship, the way Parvati describes Lavender as something celestial and her insistence in seeing her that way despite how the war has broken her.

You were always meant to be a supernova and I was always meant to be a distant, weary traveler, ever pushing back against resistance to come home to you. This line, though. There are no words for it except that it's absolutely beautiful. This is a masterpiece of imagery and you should be very, very proud of it.

Author's Response: Lisa, you lovely thing! Thanks for the review(s)!!

This one is really really different, but I'm really glad I wrote it. Haha, Astronomy puns are always welcome, whether intentional or not. Lavender/Parvati have definitely become my weakness, especially after writing these stories. Sorry for destroying you, have a cookie? ♥

Thank you thank you thank you!! I never know what to say to such wonderful compliments, but ♥ it means a lot coming from you. Aww, sorry. :/ I don't think I knew how heartbreaking those lines were when I wrote them, but out of context I realize the implications. I wrote a sad thing. :/

Thank you! I didn't take too long to write it, but I think that writing under a time limit sort of pressurizes my style (like a diamond) and makes it sparkle a little brighter. Second person POV is actually one of my favorite POVs to write in because of the intimacy that you can have between the narrator and the object of the narrator's narration. So Parvati and Lavender worked quite well with it--even though their relationship is not working so well in this particular moment.

Thank you thank you again! That line kind of did upset me when I wrote it because of the way I imagined Parvati trying to reach out to Lavender but being met with resistance on Lavender's part. It's unfortunate for them that they had to go through this, but I imagine that they'll have a happy ending one day!


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Review #4, by Modern Muggle ♥ Stardust

31st May 2015:
Hidey-Ho Mallory!

I should probably change my name from Modern Muggle to Last Minute Muggle, eh? ;) Better late than never, they say! :p

My oh my this was a beautifully written one-shot. The use of astronomy to describe how broken and destroyed Lavender was emotionally and physically was exquisite. It gave the whole piece almost a poetic flow. And I loved the way this was written, speaking directly to Lavender. It made the entire thing that much more powerful.

This was jam-packed with emotion. Every sentence was just oozing with it and left me feeling incredibly sad and a bit uneasy. You really made me feel what Parvati was feeling. Sad, nostalgic, in love, drained, pained. Everything just came across so, so, so well.

I also have the headcanon that Lavender lived. Granted she would be terribly scarred, again both emotionally and physically, so this fit in with how I picture her after the battle very well.

I've noticed with this, and other things of yours that I've read, that your writing is very pretty. You use lots of beautiful words and imagery and makes for such an easy and pleasant reading experience. You very easily find yourself immersed in every last word on the page and that is a gorgeous gift to have!

Excellent job on this story! I really enjoyed reading it!! ♥

Much love,
♥ Modern Muggle

Author's Response: Hi again, Meg!

Stardust was actually my original foray into Astronomy metaphors and Parvati/Lavender feels. I didn't mean for the narrator to be Parvati, but it became clear to me as I wrote that she was painting a picture of Lavender through her eyes. Perhaps she was kind of saying these things in her head to Lavender as Lavender slept in St. Mungo's? I don't think that she would've said this stuff out loud, because it's very jumbled sometimes--kind of stream-of-consciousness like I wrote it. But sometimes thoughts can be more powerful than words.

I GOT ALL THE FEELS AS I WROTE IT. It was shameful, really. I really wanted to focus on showing that while Lavender was so broken, Parvati was breaking as well. You're right, she was so drained, but she persevered because she loved Lavender.

The Lavender Lives Club has gained another member! :D I'm glad that my portrayal of her agreed with yours.

Aww, that's so kind! Thank you! I love reading imagery, but I don't use enough of it in my novel (more focused on dialogue, whoops). This story was a good excuse to use no dialogue and just spin words. It was fun, and I'm so incredibly happy to know that you liked it too. ♥

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Stardust

16th April 2015:
Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, who has crept out of hiding in the boreal forest where I can normally be found (or, rather, not found) in order to read this magnificent story and leave you a review.

This is seriously just lovely! First of all, I am in complete agreement that Lavender did not die in the battle at Hogwarts. But based on that short scene she had in the battle, she'd have gone through some serious things afterwards no matter what. And I love how you wrote her here. The words and metaphors you use are simply beautiful and paint this grand tragedy, without getting bogged down in specifics; day to day life is small, but the emotions and long-term progression of things are big, and that's what the focus is on. It's kind of like a painting done with huge, sweeping, powerful brush strokes, instead of little detailed ones.

(There's a fact unknown to most: the Snorkack is fond of art! Indeed, I have my own art gallery in this forest, in which all the paintings are affixed to tree trunks. Most of them were painted by my talented BFF, Bigfoot.)

But back to the topic, I really loved the celestial theme of this story - it was very powerful and makes the issues Lavender is facing seem as heavy and life-changing as they are. The ship was perfect, too - it's not that common to see Lavender/Parvati and this was a beautiful, though heartbreaking, interpretation.

Incredible story, thank you for sharing! And now I must depart, for I hear that the Lovegoods are out searching for me. Last week they found Bigfoot's art gallery, so I fear they are onto my trail now...

Author's Response: Snorky! How nice of you to drop by!

Yay, another being to join my Lavender Never Dies Club! She definitely had trouble both physically and mentally afterwards, though, so she didn't get off easy. I like metaphors, but I've always shied away from them before this story. It was definitely all about the long term--thanks for pointing that out! With my other stories, I get bogged down in day to day minutiae, but here I was more concerned with painting a huge picture, yes!

Snorky, you are the most artsy being I know. I'm so happy to hear that you're BFFs with Bigfoot! Tell him I said hello.

Celestial themes are fun! I thought that the vastness of the universe was a good thing to contextualize Lavender and Parvati's situation with. The issues they faced were quite heavy and life-changing, and it just reminded me of the heaviness of all of space and time. This ship is one of my current faves, so I'm glad that so many people enjoy it as well!

Uh oh, those sneaky Lovegoods! Flee, beautiful Snorky!


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Review #6, by The Mischievous Easter Flitterby Stardust

15th April 2015:
Hey there~

so I'm just fluttering by in a gentle Spring breeze to let you know that this one-shot was, well... utterly beautiful! This was so poetic and so gracefully written (I know a lot about graceful, you see) and it was an absolute pleasure to read.

This is such a flawless homage to a really nice couple - one I haven't really explored before. You captured the sort of gentle turbulence of their relationship here, and I would love to see you write them again! There's something really ethereal, really not-quite-concrete about this one-shot, and I love that you've interwoven the astronomy references and the sense of the 'great unknown' within it too. It puts an individual slant on their relationship, conjuring all sorts of images of fate and togetherness between the two. And yet this was so heartwrenching as well! I love the comparisons to the stars, dying and coming alive and dying - it makes me think of a life-cycle that we can't quite get our heads around as humans. It makes the subject that much more special.

It was just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

*swoops away*

~ The Mischievous Easter Flitterby xxx

Author's Response: Oh my, a lovely Flitterby!

Ah, you give such beautiful compliments! I'm blushing! I love Lavender/Parvati, and I'm a firm believer in the fact that Lavender lived through the Battle. There was definitely a lot of turbulence that followed though, because Lavender really suffered with her injuries and PTSD. I actually did write a companion piece to this one, wink wink. :)

The Astronomy references came from the class that I took in the spring semester, and I was grateful that they did. This is the first piece that I've really tried to do metaphorical things with, and I'm quite proud of it. :) You have a great point about the "great unknown"--thanks for pointing that out!

But despite all the difficulties, I think they're fated to be together, don't you? It's written in the stars, after all.

Thanks, Flitterby! You rock!


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Review #7, by Not married Stardust

11th April 2015:
Hi Mallory.

I'm Not Married, and I'm here to review your story. I've seen you around the forums and figured it was about time I came by and read something of yours. So here I am.

I agree with you that Lavender didn't die. In my head she always survived, but she did have a hard time dealing with what happened to her afterwards. And I like how you describe that here, through the eyes of someone who loves her.

I'm not married myself, but I do think they could possibly be some day in the future. I'm a firm believer in marriage, and think it should last forever. And since I can't seem to find someone to marry myself, I, Not Married, live through the happiness other people find. Therefore Lavender and Parvati need to be very happy in order for me to live happily ever after.

Anyway, I like Parvati's voice. I can almost feel her love for Lavender, and it makes my unmarried heart very happy to see her love somone so deeply. Wish I had that kind of love *sigh*

I'll unfortunately have to go now. I'm following Cedric Diggory in hopes of making him agree to marry me. So far all I've gotten is a restraining order. Oh well, he'll come around!

See you around the forums, Mallory.


Not Married

Author's Response: Hi Not Married! I'm not married, either, but that's not my name.

(Also, you are SO SWEET for giving all of those anon reviews to all those people) ♥

Lavender lives forever, yes? But she did have a hard time; it wasn't like she just recovered instantly and was okay. I really wanted to explore that part of her life, which was tragic and sad, but also a very eye-opening experience for me.

Yes, I believe in marriage too! And Lav and Parvati are DEFINITELY tying the knot one day--probably many many years later because Lavender is so very sick right now. There's a happy ending to their story somewhere.

Thank you! Parvati is actually my favorite here, because she's so compassionate and the metaphors...! Like, I didn't know I could write a character that was this compassionate, and it makes me happy to see how loyal and loving she is as far as Lavender is concerned.

Good luck with Cedric. I hope you catch him--Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, but they're also particularly good finds (as far as relationships go, haha).

Thanks again, you wonderful person, you@!

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Review #8, by BookDinosaur Stardust

10th April 2015:

Also, I agree with you about Lavender not having died. She didn't die, so that fanfic authors could put her through mental torment on her way back to health...

...or that might be just me. :P You are far kinder to her!

I love Lavender after the Battle (as you already know, oops) and reading about her in this was just - so, so amazing. You are so amazing. And you wrote Parvati/Lavender! I have so many feels for this ship, be it Brotp or OTP, because they were such good friends and they could be more, you know? They COULD HAVE BEEN.

Trying to stay coherent, here. I've already backspaced on four paragraph starters because I'm honestly not sure what to say in the face of your amazing authorness.

I adored the way you linked everything back to the stars and space and the cosmos - just because it's such an interesting thing to link to Lavender, you know, but for this story it fit so well. The way you used stars and black holes to get the point of Lavender's mental and emotional state across to the reader; it actually really does fit well, especially if you compare her mental absences to "spacing out" and yeah that was just such an amazing comparison to draw!

Oh my DAYS, though, your prose in this. Your description. This was so, so amazing, and everything flowed so beautifully. Every word had it's own place, you know? Everything fit so perfectly, and I am both in awe and envious of your skillz. Your descriptions of space are so perfect, and the way they link back to Lavender have me in awe. This quote - "You lived like a comet and when you died, you died in as many cosmic colors as are in your name. And now you exist in a state of your own design, a mottled, destroyed supernova burning out at a toxic rate." Just, how?

I love love love your characterisations of the two of them - Parvati and Lavender, Parvati so patient with her waiting, so supportive and loving - and I absolutely love the way you've written her love - and Lavender, Lavender who doesn't want to be touched any more, who doesn't want to be loved and who gave up her dreams of starting a family - it's just all so perfect.

As you said, this is different from what you've written before, but it's definitely a good different, and I'm so glad that you're experimenting with your style because it made this and this is amazing.

Thank you for writing this, Mallory! ♥


Author's Response: Another review from you, another late answer from me. Maybe one day I'll catch up? :)

Lavender is definitely not dead. Otherwise, I'm in deep denial if she is, and I'm definitely not in denial, nope! Lavender and Parvati are a great ship in any capacity--be it friends or lovers, but I like them as lovers (especially in this context). All the pain and anguish? Yes please, although I feel terrible about being so mean to them.

You are far too kind, seriously. ♥

Astronomy was definitely good for turning my brain into a metaphor factory, that's for sure. :P I actually thought of the metaphors before I thought of Lavender/Parvati to go with it, but once I got the idea of their relationship and personalities being contextualized in a space kind of way, I was sold. Thank you!

♥ Description is something that I always, always fear of not putting in enough, so I am so glad that this story allowed me to be really descriptive without worrying about dialogue or anything. Haha, I don't know, the words just flowed out or something once I had the idea. This is one of those rare things, I think. Thank you thank you!!

Parvati is so great to me, because of her loyalty and incredible dedication to Lavender. I think that even if they weren't lovers, Parvati would stick by her side in this difficult time. Lavender has so many issues after the war, and I do think that she would consider herself unlovable, just because that's the way she feels about herself as her body doesn't feel or look the way it used to, and her brain is completely messed up from the traumatic things she went through.

I should definitely experiment with my style more often, because I actually really love this story. Thank you so very much for yet another fabulous review!


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Review #9, by patronus_charm Stardust

3rd April 2015:
Hey there Mallory! First of all, ofherogherg you wrote this ship! ♥ I adore it so much but there are never enough stories about the two of them so whoo for you adding to the collection!

Secondly, I agree that Lavender didnít die for two reasons. Firstly, JK never said she definitely did and her word is final in regards to deaths, and secondly writing post-war Lavender is really interesting and so much fun so she has to live.

Your description in this was all so goerfperg ♥ It was just so beautiful with all the analogies to space and the stars and it really blew me away. I thought this was really feeling for the pairing because I guess they are abstract in a way, and a little hard to understand at first because no romantic feelings between the two were suggested in the books, which is why the description you used was so fitting for the pair of them.

I adored this: ĎOf being a creator goddess in your own right, spawning children of stardust, with eyes like galaxies.í It was just so pretty!

Parvati was wonderful in this too because you could sense how much she loved Lavender and how much she was cheering her along for every step of the way and it really made my heart warm as it was just so adorable. I think another thing I liked about it was that you managed to show that Parvati had this accepting nature and no matter what happened to Lavender she would always be there for her and I really liked that aspect of it.

Ending it on I love you was really excellent as it sort of gave it a bam, and the way you included and made it feel like a side note in a good way mind, because her description already confirmed how much she felt for Lavender so this felt like it was just for clarity. It was almost lightened the story in a way too, and left the reader feeling positive and hopeful for the future.

Excellent story, Mallory! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana!!! Sooo happy you enjoyed my interpretation of this ship! Seriously, someone should form a support group about this pairing, arrggghhh..

YES LAVENDER IS SO INTERESTING AND SHE NEVER DIES. She just recovers from her ordeal and lives happily ever after with Parvati (with a few angsty moments and complications, of course).

Thank you! I really am afraid of space, but I admire it and my brain does metaphors sometimes. There really were no romantic implications about them in the books, but HAH, fandom wants what it wants! And so I wrote about them in the context of space, and I guess you're right, they are a bit abstract. Thanks for pointing that out!

♥ I love that you adored that. I can't believe I wrote something so coherent, actually. :)

Parvati is bae because she is so loyal and dedicated to Lavender. She really wants Lav to get better, and she can't even comprehend the struggle. But she's going to be there for every step, even when things are hard.

Yes, I tried to end this on a hopeful note! Glad that it worked. The companion to this, Dark Energy, is not quite as happy at the end, but there is still so much love and feeling between these two. Excuse me while I go and cry about it some more...

Thanks again for your lovely review!


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Review #10, by Beeezie Stardust

2nd April 2015:
Hey! Here for BvB! :)

I agree that Lavender didnít die! Especially since wounded!Lavender is so interesting to write about.

I loved this. Iíve been having a lot of Lavender/Parvati feels, too, and you did a wonderful job with them. This was short, but I felt like you did an amazing job at capturing the anger and frustration Lavender was feeling - and it makes sense that sheíd be feeling that way!

But what really did it for me was Parvati. In some ways, her description of Lavenderís pain was so visceral that it almost overpowered her - or outshone her, I guess, to be more in keeping with the tone of the piece. For me, that was actually a really nice touch - in a relationship where one person is going through what Lavender is, intensity in their partner can often turn counter-productive pretty quickly. I got a strong, comforting sense of Parvatiís consistency and presence throughout Lavenderís struggles, and I loved it.

And your prose - oh, your prose is brilliant. I loved the way you used descriptions of the stars and black holes to illustrate Lavenderís emotional state, both because it was beautifully haunting on the face of it and because it really helped to get across the enormity of what she was going through - and how daunting it must have seemed to Parvati at times.

This was lovely. Iím really glad I read it.

Author's Response: Hi Branwen!

So glad you agree with me! When the thought of Lavender/Parvati first occurred to me, I was like, "Of course she didn't die! That's so stupid, people can't just die when you need them for stories!" Let's make a club for people with Lavender/Parvati feels. :P

As I've never actually had an experience that even comes CLOSE to what Lav went through, I had to challenge myself to think about pain in a different way. I knew that Lavender would struggle with her self-image and have a terrible, terrible time with rehab and PTSD, but I didn't know how to express those until I really sat down and made myself think about it from a new perspective. I'm happy that you thought I did well with it!

Parvati is one of my faves. She was definitely so worried about Lavender, and although she may not have experienced the physical pain that Lavender felt, she definitely went through a whole mess of mental pain while watching Lavender's recovery process. And she's so loyal and consistent like you said, and in my head, she never ever leaves Lavender. ♥

Awww, stop. I'm blushing! Thank you so very much. The star metaphors were from Astronomy class--that's really the only explanation for them--but they seemed to be really fitting for this situation. The universe is enormous, and when your universe is trapped within a person who is in pain, it's more vast than can be imagined.

Thank you again for your lovely review!


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Review #11, by origami_lion Stardust

31st March 2015:
Hey I'm a sucker for anything to do with space so you had me at hello with this one. Your descriptions of the celestial bodies were really beautiful and the whole thing was so poetic. I liked the analogy of death with a black hole. Made me think about how when someone dies it doesn't just leave an empty space, it sucks you into it.
The only thing I would say is, and this may have been on purpose, but I wasn't really clear on what the actual situation with Lavender is. Like, is she supposed to be dead in this? It might be a bit too vague.
Other than that this was great. You said this was different from anything you've written before but I think you should do it again because you're really good at this style.

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for your review! It was totally unexpected and you're so sweet for reading and reviewing!!

Space is actually one of my greatest fears. I'm scared of outer space, though I have no reason to be. So, being the genius that I am, I took an Astronomy class at college this spring. What it left me with was an even greater fear of space, but also an appreciation for it, which is why there are all of these metaphors running rampant through Stardust and its companion, Dark Energy.

Thank you so much! I like metaphors, but I've never written SO MANY all at once like this. Yeah, death is hard to describe, but black holes seemed a fitting comparison. I like your point about how it sucks you in like a black hole. Hadn't thought about that.

Ah yes! Sorry for the vagueness. No, Lavender is actually not dead. She's in St. Mungo's after the war, still struggling with PTSD and trauma from her injuries. Parvati is very concerned for her, and thus looks on and mourns the fact that her best friend/true love, who was once so vibrant, is now only a shell.

Thank you again! I actually wrote a companion piece to this, called Dark Energy, which is from Lavender's perspective. If you want to check it out. :D

Thank you a thousand times for the great review!


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Review #12, by TreacleTart Stardust

30th March 2015:
Hi there!

I'm here for our review swap!

This entire chapter reads like poetry to me or maybe a love letter from the olden days. The descriptions that you used in it were so beautiful and they glide so smoothly.

I really like the idea of a broken Lavender because if she survived the Battle Of Hogwarts, she was certainly terribly scarred up afterwards. I could imagine that she would struggle with self image and possibly PTSD, so the idea of her not wanting to be touched or loved seems quite real.

The way you've characterized Parvati is touching. She's patient and kind to this damaged girl who she sincerely loves. If only words could mend wounds. If that were the case, Lavender would be better in a few days tops.

I did notice that your style was completely different in this than anything else of yours I read, but it works well. It didn't come across as contrived or forced.

And lastly...I can't believe how much you said in so few words! 678 words including the authors note and yet I still feel like I read a complete story! Excellent job of maximizing the meaning of your words!

Another enjoyable read! Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi again! Now that I'm responding to your March reviews, I'm thinking that I should swap with you more often. I love your feedback! ♥

Aww, thank you so, so much! I tell people (when they ask, that is) that I write prosaic poetry and poetic prose. That means that I kind of stink at writing poems, but I can sometimes turn a phrase in a narrative if I need to. I'm very happy that it read smoothly to you!

Lavender definitely did not have an easy life after the Battle (and I refuse to believe in the possibility of her death. Just, no.). I wasn't about to write a Lav with a shopping addiction and a boy-crazy streak, because things change and that isn't who she is anymore. Her struggle is something that I tried to treat very carefully, and it is my belief that she would've had PTSD after the Battle. And the no-touching and no-loving and self-image issues are just icing on the cake. It's all bad, and she's dealing with it all the time.

Parvati is a goddess. I love her. I wish that her words could heal Lavender too, but alas... However, thank you for that! The star metaphors were all derived from my Astronomy course, and I couldn't NOT use them with this pairing. I would like to think that Parvati has metaphorical tendencies. :)

Totally different style, yes! But I'm very relieved and happy to know that you didn't find it contrived. I need to explore this suddenly-descriptive, flowy side of my writing!

I do enjoy saying lots of things, but it's always better to use fewer words. This wasn't for the Every Word Counts Challenge, but I really wanted to try and make every word count, you know?

Thank you thank you thank you again!


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