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Reading Reviews for Out of the Shadows
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Jessie75775 Out of the Shadows

8th November 2016:
God, I cannot express how much I love this fic.

Pansy is so often portrayed as a clingy girl on Draco with a spiteful personality. I love how you show the there is in fact more to Pansy Parkinson.

Ron and Pansy Parkinson are a very difficult pairing to try. A cold sneering girl with Death Eater ties and one of the men who'd saved them all from destruction. They are polar opposites.

Also, the way you showed Draco actually caring for Pansy, actually being good friends, is a wonderful relief from the entire 'I never cared for that brainless bimbo who sickeningly thought she would marry me' from Draco.

I was mildly surprised at Hermione and Draco's relationship though now I think it was important to Pansy's character development.

All in all, this was a very well written fic, especially with the Ron and Pansy pairing, and NOT making Pansy some misunderstood girl who helped in the war or entirely changing Ron's charater.

Author's Response: Hey,

I have to admit I was guilty of dismissing Pansy as another vapid girl before I was told to write this pairing. Once I delved into her character, though - God, I was so wrong! There is so much potential with Pansy Parkinson! To write her off as a shallow clingy trophy wife is such an injustice and I'm so glad this challenge opened my eyes to the truth.

Ron and Pansy were an unbelievably hard pair to write. I'm a Romione shipper so to pair him off with anyone else, much less Pansy, felt like I was betraying myself, but I hope I did okay?

I loved writing Pansy and Draco's friendship in this. To be honest, I never really understood why everyone writes off Draco as someone who doesn't care for Pansy, especially since we see that he does in HBP. There was clearly something there, you know?

Dramione, I felt, was a necessary component to force Pansy and Ron together before he was assigned to her. This way, they had a link that couldn't be broken, no matter what they tried to do. And yes, it was quite important in shaping Pansy since it was probably what prevented her from actually marrying Draco.

Thank you for reading this fic and taking the time to review! It meant a lot :)

Plums xo

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Review #2, by Misty_Rey Out of the Shadows

27th September 2015:
To say I was intrigued was an understatement. Ron/Pansy stories are tough. Personally, I've always felt I could never pull them off eventhough I've attempted a Harry/Pansy. What's tricky is how to even get Ron and Pansy to interact in a believable context while still keeping it interesting. What you achieved here was quite brilliant.

I love murder mysteries with a passion. The summary hinted at it but the first part of Pansy and Ron at the ball didn't seem to indicate that this would be a murder mystery. If anything, it more set the stage for Ron and Pansy to meet. From there, I could get on board with their pairing. Ron especially really shone here. He felt like the Ron I knew from the books and that isn't an easy feat. I thought you had paired Hermione with Harry but I gasped out loud when Ron said she was with Draco. It was so flippant, I was curious as to why Ron and Hermione didn't work out.

Amidst all the chaos, Pansy really served well as a main character that wasn't swept up and swallowed by what was happening around her. I got a better sense of her as the story progressed, she progressed along with it. She was villainous, or appeared to be anyway but you gave her enough humanity that didn't make me outright despise her. She's a broken toy that wanted to be fixed.

They worked as a pairing, weirdly enough. The romance didn't feel rushed or forced and I could believe Pansy could fall for Ron. He seems so strong and sturdy and made her feel safe. You really did well in conveying their initial animosity, slowly change it to reluctant friends and then eventually dissolve into affection.

Eventhough the romance was heavier, I really loved everything about the murder mystery. The victims, the methods, the perpetrator, the motive. It was honestly riveting and edge-of-my-seat suspenseful.

I think what was a little jarring was the ending, them reuniting. I'm glad it happened, don't get me wrong. For the most part, I really liked it. What tripped me slightly was the way Ron was professing his love for Pansy. I never imagined him to be so eloquent and romantic. It wasn't the whole exchange. The beginning and the end felt like stuff he would say, awkward and rough especially when he was recalling all their little moments together. Around the middle of it is where I got confused. But when I went back up and saw this was based on the song, it suddenly made sense. (by the way, I'd recommend listening to Ryan Adams' cover of How You Get The Girl. It fits the mood of this story much better than Taylor Swift's)

The challenge prompts you were given were tough but I really do believe you crafted a full, rich story with an engaging plot and complex characters out of it.


Author's Response: Hey!

Before I was assigned Ron/Pansy, I didn't even know the pairing existed so I definitely had a lot of work to do! You're completely right: the trick is in finding a way to put them in a context that's somehow plausible to the reader.

Furthermore, RON IS SO DIFFICULT TO WRITE. Only because I honestly adore him and didn't want to destroy his character in my portrayal. I fought very hard to make him stay true to the Ron we all know and love albeit one that's matured. I totally get what you mean about the ending. The thing was that I'd included so much Ron/Pansy that I needed to get more of the song in.

Writing this one shot made me understand Pansy much more. She's so often portrayed as that villain or the annoying side character that people forget that there must be something that makes her tick.

Ha ha, I love murder mysteries too, but writing one is terrifying! I'm afraid that I'm not talented enough to properly explore the genre which is why this focused more heavily on the romance.

Ron isn't crazy about the Draco/Hermione pairing mainly because he's had time to adjust to it. He doesn't necessarily like it, but as a friend, he's been forced to accept that he'll have to push it aside for Hermione. As for why he's so flippant, it's just because he wants to be spiteful, really. He never liked Pansy and I imagine it was quite well known how much she adored Draco so he wanted to see her reaction.

Thanks for the wonderful review! It made my day. :)

Plums xo

(P.S. Going to go check out that cover right away)

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Review #3, by iridescent Out of the Shadows

24th July 2015:
hi! i'm here for the review swap!

can i just start out saying your descriptions are absolutely beautiful. the beginning of the story opens out so posh in a way, so elegant. it's so easy to envision in my head and the words that you use are just simply exquisite beyond belief.

(and how you mentioned the dramione almost made me ship them as well over the course of the story )

I love how we get to see another side of pansy, instead of just the shrieking girl who was infatuated with Draco. I found it the slightest bit unusual in how they both were polite to each other during their conversation, but you really did make it work, what with Pansy's somewhat lofty attitude and Ron's slightly heavier and more rough way of speaking and communicating.

This line really stood out to me: "They always met each other in the shadows." I'm not exactly certain why, but it really did seem like they were grudgingly talking to each other, didn't want to meet each other, yet were somehow pulled together. And somehow, Pansy's always felt like the shadows, being quite a sneaky person. And Ron, well he seems more of a light kind of guy, and the fact that he's going over to the shadows meant a lot in a way.

(More dramione cuteness oh my god you're almost making me ship them and i don't like it much)

When Ron and Pansy talk about sacrificing friends, well that's when i first started to see the connection between the two. In a way, you've really drawn the line of how both of them were ready to sacrifice each other's friends for their side- that's something they both have in common, however much they'd like to deny it.

I love the way you've shown Pansy falling in love with Ron! You can really see how she cares for him, and it seems to be such a realization for her- and when she does actually realize it, well then, it's just described so beautifully. And when she tells Draco, well it seems like her obsession with him is gone, and now the two are just friends- she's in love with Ron now.

And then the break-up. Oh, the break up. We all knew it was coming, yet when it arrived, it was a complete surprise to me in some way. And when Draco comforts her somewhat- well that was relieving, to know that Pansy had someone. And when Draco catches her, well it was really very good of him to tell ron- that's the sign of a true friend.

And oh ho how the story ended! I absolutely loved the ending, and the last line stood out to me so so much- "She falls out of the shadows and into his arms. Forever. It reminded me of that first line, and the comparison that I made- that Pansy is the shadows, and Ron is the light and that instead of Ron going into the shadows, she's going to step out of them. It just was so metaphoric!

This was such a sweet story, and although I don't ship Ron/Pansy, this story was so exquisite and beautiful and practically made me ship them. Just so so amazing!
-ellie ☾

Author's Response: Hey,

I'm going to quickly answer this before heading over to your page to review your work.

Anyways, thank you. I spent so long on this one shot, especially on the opening description because I really wanted to get a proper look into the pureblood way of life so I'm glad that you liked the descriptions.

I suppose it's a bit strange on Ron's part that he's being polite. Pansy is doing it for a very simple reason: she was outcast of society and she'll do anything to remain at the top, meaning that she'll be polite to the top dogs (aka the Golden Trio). Ron's just...matured?

The purpose of one of the challenges was to show another side to Pansy. I felt that she had a LOT to explore in this sense - all that JKR provides is that whiny girl with no sense of loyalty, but we see all the way through HP that she's loyal to Draco at the very least. So I thought she'd be a great person to choose.

Wow, you've written so much, I don't know what to say. I'd like to think that Pansy would stay with Draco even if she wasn't in love with him anymore, simply because she'd understand him in a way. And he's willing to move past his utter hatred for Ron for that (and because of Hermione, of course).

Thank you for the review swap!

Dirigible_Plums xo

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Review #4, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Out of the Shadows

5th May 2015:
Greetings, I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack and while I normally live far away in the northern forest where I hide from humans, today I have ventured out and discovered the internet in order to read this story!

I really, really enjoyed this piece. The greatest thing about it was that each section surprised me - I didn't expect the murders, or how surprisingly well Ron and Pansy worked together, or Draco being so gravely injured, or the attacker being Padma. So I must say very well done on being unpredictable and keeping me totally engaged in the story. It's especially impressive because Snorkacks have the power of telepathy (this is how we know when humans are coming and we know to creep back into the forest to avoid them) so the fact that you surprised me is quite a credit to you.

Anyway, I loved all the different facets of the story and I thought it was really important how you went into the worst aftermath of the war by people who were out for revenge. It's a dark but sadly believable outcome, that some people would just be too torn up after the war that they'd lash out at who'd been causing all the violence for previous years.

I also appreciated how you gave Pansy such a personality, because she is rather one-sided in the books and her POV makes her seem so much more human. This section was brilliant: “You were ready to sacrifice my friends to Voldemort.” -- where I am reminded of one of the main reasons I disliked Pansy so much, and then: “You were ready to sacrifice mine.” -- BRILLIANT. How can I hate her after that? Seeing this through her eyes is so refreshing. She may be a coward and unkind and not believe that Crumple-Horned Snorkacks exist, but she has a fair point there. The war was just as scary for her side as for Harry's.

Your characterisation of Ron was spot on, too! I loved him and Pansy together, which I didn't expect, and I was so glad when they reunited in the end and stopped hiding. Personally I cannot understand why they chose to stop hiding, as hiding is so fun - particularly in the forest! - but I suppose there are some human things I will never understand.

Wonderful story! I am so glad I stopped by. But my telepathic waves detect a human approaching so I'm dashing back into the woods to hide with my friend Bigfoot.

Author's Response: Sorry I've taken so long to reply. Real Life is unfortunately very busy at the moment and I couldn't sneak away from it until now. You mustn't think I'm rude - in fact, I feel honoured that you've ventured out of your home to review.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. OOTS was definitely a challenging piece to write because Ron and Pansy are such a strange couple. But yay, it worked! And it's great that I kept you on your toes too haha.

Yes, I think it was important that it was essentially one of the 'good' guys that was behind all of the murders. It blurred the lines between the two definite sides and really brought home how the war affected people.

I AM SO GLAD YOU NOTICED THAT LINE. That was the part I was most looking forward to writing because it just made Pansy so much more real.

Ron is literally the scariest person to write. Ever.

Thank you for stopping by!

Dirigible_Plums xo

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Out of the Shadows

7th April 2015:
Hi there!

So I'm here to review this story for my Not So Evil Villain Challenge! Let me start by telling you that I despise Pansy Parkinson, so I can't wait to see you make her come across as someone I can feel sympathy for. I'm not sure if it's possible!

The start of this is beautiful. The way you describe the ball, the gowns, and the etiquette is exquisite. I can really picture it well.

Ok. I might have a freak out moment here! You included my guilty pleasure in this. I not-so-secretly love a good Dramione!

It's interesting to see Ron make conversation with Pansy, particularly polite conversation. All we ever see of her in the book is this horrible, shrill character, so it's nice to see her being normal.

I enjoyed the idea of someone running around causing harm to the Death Eater children. I always love a good revenge mystery. I wonder who it is.

Awww. Ron and Pansy are falling for each other. I absolutely LOVE that it's taking time for that to happen. I feel like I am literally experiencing that change in them. Even though it's a one-shot, the progression from hate to love doesn't seem rushed at all. Great job.

Then comes the inevitable break up. I had a bad feeling this was coming. Poor Pansy. She seems so genuinely distraught. I think she must've actually really loved Ron quite deeply. The self-harm is terrifying in the wizarding world because as you point out in the story, Pansy can cut herself and then heal it instantly and then do it again.

I'm so glad Draco found Pansy and helped her. I'm also happy that he went after Ron. That's what good friends are supposed to do. Besides, it causes Ron to come back, which in the end is all I want for Pansy. I want her to have that storybook romance after all she's been through.

The only suggestion I might make is in regards to your author's note. You might consider adding a trigger warning for the self-harm, just in case someone wanders across it who happens to be sensitive to that issue.

Thank you for entering into my challenge and for writing such a lovely piece! You did a great job with your prompts!


(I will be announcing the results by blog post in a day or two, so keep your eyes open for it.)

Author's Response: Hi!

Don't worry, Pansy isn't exactly a favourite of mine either. It was interesting to explore her character in depth though. All we see of her in the books is an annoying girl with a pug face. There's no way that that's all there is to her.

Ron and Pansy isn't a conventional ship which is why it needed to take time to build up. I'm glad that it came across in that way because there was no way that they'd hit it off straight away. There's too much history.

Dramione needed to be there. End of discussion ;)

About the A/N, I was actually planning to do that, but I completely forgot. I will put a note in somewhere just to be safe. Thanks for the reminder (and the review)!

Dirigible_Plums xo

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Review #6, by Ohpl Out of the Shadows

30th March 2015:
Beautifully written. I enjoyed your story very much. I would love to see what happens after they come out to the world.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

Dirigible_Plums xo

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