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Review #1, by AdinaPuff You and I NOTHING!

6th June 2015:
Hi Kaitlyn!

Awe this was so heartbreaking. Al realizes his mistakes, but Lysander won't have any of it. I've never really read anything Al/Lysander, and certainly not them officially ending their relationship. That's so sad.

I love your characterization. I love how Al realizes his mistakes, how he's surprised by Lysander's sudden boldness. You show how the anger and hurt can bring out different sides of people. In Al's case, its him finally realizing the mistakes he's made and that he doesn't want everything to end. For Lysander, its him finally telling Al to stop, that he's had enough.

I hate breakups. They tear your heart to shreds. But I also love the emotion you showed through this scene, all the feels! It was perfectly written. Al was regretful, ashamed, sorry, and so in love. Lysander was hurt, fed up, brave, and so in love with Scorpius.

This was wonderfully written. I love it so much. Their story is definitely an interesting one that I'd definitely be up for learning more about.

Thanks for the swap!

- Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Hi Leigh,

I'm so glad that you chose to read this one. For whatever reason, it hasn't gotten much response.

Al/Lysander is definitely a more unique ship. I always see Scorpius/Albus or Lysander/Scorpius...so I really wanted to break from the normal.

I'm glad that the characterization works for you. I'm always worried when I write Next Gen that my version won't be believable.

Breaks up are indeed the worst. I really wanted this to convey that raw emotion they're both probably feeling at this point.

I'm so happy that you've enjoyed this.

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #2, by TearsIMustConceal You and I NOTHING!

8th May 2015:
Hi Kaitlin, Iím here with your review!!

The first thing that attracted me was that banner! I have to say, itís amazing! It really drew me in!

But anyway, onto the story!

It was absolutely amazing and I just loved everything about it! I didnít even notice that you didnít tell us who the narrator was until the very end because I was so engrossed.

I loved how from the very first sentence, I could feel the emotion and heartache even before the confrontation with Lysander! And then when the confrontation happened! I felt sorry for Albus yet I wanted to shout at him and tell him he was an idiot. You managed to convey their whole relationship in what, 1500 words which is a talent in itself and I feel as though I understand everything about them and what went wrong in their relationship. And although I knew Albus is in the wrong and he caused all the heartache, I sort of felt sorry for him that he was realising too late that Lysander was the one for him. It was his own fault but still, it must hurt a lot.

And I want to cheer for Lysander being the strong one! I love that although you can tell Lysander still feels something for Albus, he was strong enough to walk away from a relationship that was hurting him and held his resolve, not giving in, like he had previously.

I just absolutely loved this and I want to know more! I want to know about Lysander and Scorpius and them moving to Moscow. Is Scorpius a rebound for Lysander or does he truly care for him and feel loved in return! I want Lysander to have a happy ending!

Overall, this was an amazing story! Well done with this, especially as itís a challenge piece so I hope this does well!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki!

Thank you first for this review!

The banner is definitely lovely. It's one of my absolute favorites. It's so crisp and clean and it really fits the mood of the story.

I'm glad that you liked the story! I wanted the narrator to be anonymous until the very end just so people could kind of imagine who they thought it was.

The confrontation was a ton of fun to write. I really had to make myself feel some loathing towards Albus to try and write it.

In the end, I do feel a bit sorry for him for realizing Lysander is the one when it's too late, but I am certain that Lysander has been pushed to the point of no return.

I may eventually write a follow up of sorts, but I'm not sure when exactly. Maybe when the inspiration strikes I suppose.

Thanks again for reading! I'm really happy that you liked it!


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Review #3, by CassiePotter You and I NOTHING!

18th April 2015:
Hi Kaitlin! I'm here for our review swap!
I thought this was awesome. I love reading stories about the Scamanders, because everyone writes them do differently. I loved your take on him. I could feel how frustrated he was before he even physically entered the story. I also really enjoyed that this was told from Albus's POV. It's really interesting to read a character who has commitment issues finally realizing that he's found the one, particularly when that person doesn't love him back anymore. It breaks my heart a little, because in a way Albus set himself up for failure by breaking up with Lysander so many times before.
I thought this story was super intense and a really good read. Thanks for the swap!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie,

Thanks so much for swapping with me!

This was really my first time trying my hand at Next-Gen and I have to say it was pretty fun. I really enjoyed playing with the usual role of Albus and Lysander. I wanted to make it a bit different than the usual.

Commitment issues are definitely fun to play with. In this case, Albus has absolutely set himself up for failure here. He had a chance to treat Lysander right, more than one chance actually, but he blew it.

I'm glad you enjoyed this little story! Thanks again for reading!


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm You and I NOTHING!

10th April 2015:

I LOVE that you not only took one of my favorite next-gen characters, but you used a Sex and the City scene! Gah! This! I can't even gush about this enough, honestly! This is my favorite thing that I've read of yours so far. Honestly, this was just done spectacularly!

I also loved seeing this from the heart breaker's POV rather than the heart breakee's. The way that Albus just automatically assumed that Lysander would take him back and seemed genuinely shocked that he wouldn't this time. It was really interesting to see that. I've been on the other end before. The person who was burned for years and I know how satisfying it must had been for Lysander to finally say, no, we're finished.

I mean, there was a part of me that felt bad for Albus, because he was upset. But it was a case of too little, too late. If he really did love Lysander, he should have showed it sooner. He was kind of selfish in thinking that Lysander would just always be there to deal with his bs. Well, if anything, this would be a learning experience for him.

I can't tell you enough how much I loved this, Kaitlin! Just such a wonderful, amazing, beautiful job on this! Well done! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hi Meg!

So you are the very first person who's read this who actually knew the scene from Sex And The City that I was referencing! Wow! Your favorite of my stuff so far! I'm so excited! I honestly was worried that this was too short and didn't say enough, so it's a relief to hear that.

I had a lot of fun trying to write Albus as kind of a jerk. I've been through one of these type relationships myself, so I really wanted to imagine it from the other persons perspective (the jerk). I'm glad that translated well.

I agree that it is too little too late for Albus. If he really loved Lysander, they wouldn't be in this predicament.

Thank you so much for such a kind, happy review. It really made my day!


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Review #5, by Karou_Marauder You and I NOTHING!

4th April 2015:
For the Red vs Gold battle, TEAM RED!!

Throughout this whole story I could feel Lysander's anger. You showed that really well, with his body language and how he spoke. Albus must have hurt him so much and so often, and now he couldn't take it anymore...this was really well written.

You've characterised both of them really well, and I can see exactly what kind of people they are just from this one-shot. i think you incorporated the song into it brilliantly.

Another small thing is that you had Albus with red hair when he's usually shown as Harry's double. It's interesting, because I've never even thought of him like that! Not really a plot point, just a small little thing...

Anyway, I really loved this. Great story :)


Author's Response: Hi Karou!

Woohoo! Team Red!

I'm glad that Lysander's anger came across clearly! He is distraught, heartbroken, and determined to not keep getting played for a fool.

The song was honestly the hardest part of this for me because I don't really listen to this type of music, so it was really hard to draw inspiration from it. I had to listen to the song over and over again (which was tough), but finally it hit me!

I think Albus would still look like Harry. I imagine it being a very dark red and i imagine it being messy and windblown just like his fathers. I also picture him having bright green eyes.

Thanks for reviewing! Go team red!


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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap You and I NOTHING!

4th April 2015:


YOU AND I NOTHING! You donít get to do this to me anymore!Ē

GEESH. EASE UP THERE! Honestly as I read the entire thing I was getting super angry for Lysander. As if, man! Three years and countless of break-ups. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. I liked the tracking line because for the love of Merlin, I've been there before numerous times as well with the same person. It's like once you're happy they decide to come back into your life and say:


For a moment I thought this was going to turn out like the scene from Say Anything (i think that's what it is) and Al was going to stand outside the flat with some sort of musical contraption or use a spell to project his voice and tell him his true feelings, sans boom box.

What? I like romantic comedies.

The only downfall was this was too short for my liking. I am greedy and wanted to know more about their past relationship (WHY DID THEY BREAK UP ALL THE TIME) and why does he have commitment issues and WHERE DID SCORPIUS MALFOY COME FROM?

WHY MUST YOU LEAVE ME HANGING? Anywho, nice job. I root for Scorp/Lysander. Al, get it together.

Author's Response: Hey Deeds!

Team Red all the way!

I tell you what! I've been there and done that too. It is no fun at all. I could totally sympathize with Lysander's frustration!

I haven't seen that particular movie, but I understand what you're getting at. I toyed with the idea of having Albus do something to convince Lysander of his having changed, but I kind of liked it ending where it did.

I imagine the reason they broke up constantly was due to Albus' player ways. I think the repeated infidelity pushed Lysander so far away that he started looking for something completely different! Then he found Scorpius...and although Scorpius will never be Albus, he will be safe and steady.

I'm sorry for leaving you hanging. It's a bad habit of mine. I like one-shots!

Thanks for the review!


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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 You and I NOTHING!

29th March 2015:
Hi there Kaitlin!

I'm here for our review swap.

Wow. You've got a knack for darkness. I could feel the torment creeping into me while reading this. The anguish that I felt both for the narrator AND about him at the same time was palpable.

Things I loved:

1. I loved that you kept us in the dark about who the narrator was until the very end. I also loved that you gave a tiny little hint about it right before the reveal, so that my mind was scrambling and trying to categorize all the characters to figure out who it might be.

2. I loved that you made me want to SCREAM at Albus and tell him how selfish he was being. Clearly you depicted an entire history between this couple without having to delve into a long-winded story about them. Albus was greedy and ungrateful. Lysander gave and gave and gave. Albus just assumed that Lysander would always take him back. Every time I thought for just a moment that Albus was about to see the depth of what damage he had caused to his boyfriend, you pulled him right back into his self-absorbed, pitying, detestable character. At the same time, I couldn't help but feel a little bad for him. Ugh! Then I would get mad at myself because Albus doesn't deserve me to feel bad for him!!!

3. I loved that I could feel that Lysander still cared a bit for Albus - but he hated who he'd become because of their relationship. It was subtle, but there.

I did see a few typos - not really very many, but just a few misplaced commas and such.

I wanted to know more about these characters - I want to know what happens when Lysander goes to Moscow with Scorpius. I Scorpius just the rebound? Will Lysander finally get the love and respect that he clearly deserves?

I thought you did an excellent job with the prompts. I didn't think this story read like a challenge story. By that I mean that sometimes the writing is contrived and the characters are forced. I didn't feel any of that with this piece. Great job!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hey Beth!

Thank you for swapping with me!

1. I really wanted it to be a mystery who the narrator was because really if you don't know, it could be several different people.

2. I'm happy to hear that you liked my characterization of Albus. He was infuriating to write. I wanted just a very small part of him to pull some sympathy from the readers, but all in all angry was what I was going for.

3. You've hit the nail on the head with Lysander. There is very much still love there, but he just can't take being hurt anymore.

I am actually just about to go through and edit everything that I have posted so far, so I will keep my eyes peeled for the typos.

You have no idea what a compliment it is to me for you to say that this doesn't read like a challenge story. I try really hard to incorporate my prompts in a natural way because it drives me crazy when you can tell. I hate really forced or contrived stories to fit prompts.

Thanks for the review swap!


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Review #8, by UnluckyStar57 You and I NOTHING!

29th March 2015:
Here for our swap!

Oh wow, Albus/Lysander and Lysander/Scorpius. These are very interesting pairings, especially since the default is Albus/Scorpius.

The first three paragraphs set the scene really well. I loved the imagery of the blustery day and the wrinkling sheets in Albus's mind. It was clear that he was there for an unfortunate purpose, and it played out very unfortunately for him, indeed.

This version of Albus seems to be a self-serving, entitled person, so it made me chuckle when he thought of Scorpius as a "pasty white rich kid." Albus is very selfish, only going back to Lysander because he feels the need to be in a relationship again. The fact that they've broken up four times in three years causes me to assume this about Albus, because there's no way that it isn't the same old story, over and over again. And Albus might think he loves Lysander right now, but if they'd gotten back together, I fear that the cycle would repeat itself.

You did a really brilliant job of not glorifying what seemed to be an unhealthy relationship. Albus was clearly in the wrong, and he's going to have to live with that forever. Lysander is hurting even now, because Albus keeps coming back around. That is inherently destructive on both sides, and if it takes moving to Moscow, then Lysander has made a very good decision. I hope that Scorpius treats him better than Albus did.

This one-shot makes me want to know more about how Albus and Lysander started dating. Do you have any plans to write more about their relationship? Or even Lysander's relationship with Scorpius? I would love to read the stories if you write them. The way this was written has captivated me, and I want more!

I've never seen Sex and the City, but as a college student in my last few weeks of the semester, I'm always looking for another procrastination tool. I might check it out because of this story. :)

Really brilliant work with this!


Author's Response: Hey there!

Thanks for swapping with me!

I'm glad the imagery helped to paint the picture that Albus is there for an unfortunate purpose. I really wanted that to be immediately apparent.

Albus is absolutely, unequivocally wrong in this, so you are right, it's quite ironic of him to call Scorpius "a pasty, rich, white kid. He has hurt Lysander time and time again and now that he's about to loose him for good, he wants to try and woo him back.

As of right now, I don't have any immediate plans to write more about their relationship, but maybe somewhere in the future I will. I'm so glad that you liked the pairing and that the writing pulled you in.

In regards to Sex And The City, you should absolutely watch it! It's one of my favorite shows!


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Review #9, by Microwaved Marshmallow Peep You and I NOTHING!

28th March 2015:
peep peep

I'm just a lil' sugary, pink confection, looking for something to read while I sit in this ugly white microwave. Dang, it's pretty cold in here.

Cold like Lysander is being to Albus, I think. Of course, I can understand why Lysander is being cold. Albus really doesn't deserve him if he's going to be wishy-washy about their relationship. Oooh, his various misdeeds to Lysander make my gooey heart swell with anger!!

(Well, someone just turned the microwave on. Now I'm spinning. Wheee!)


Yeah, Albus/Lysander is a toxic relationship indeed. Eugghh. Still, I appreciate how you made me feel a bit of empathy and sympathy for Albus (yes, even Peeps have their relationship troubles. The good-looking purple one in the third row won't even glance my way!). He's made a lot of mistakes, and maybe he thinks that he isn't going to mess up this time, but it's too late. In this way, it makes him realize what he should've realized a LONG time ago--that Lysander was the greatest good he was ever gonna get. But alas. We never realize these things until it's too late...


Ehh, for instance, it seems that while I've been chirping away, the microwave's been melting my gooey insides. I think I'm about to explode! Tell the lovely Purple Peep that I love them!!

♥Microwaved Marshmallow Peep

*muffled explosion of angst and unrequited love*

Author's Response: Hello little Peep,

I'm so happy that you've stopped to review my story. I'm honoured that you chose to spend your final moments reviewing it.

Lysander is absolutely being cold towards Albus, but it is for good reason. Albus has treated him terribly in the past and is fed up with it.

I do feel a touch of sympathy for Albus because I think he's finally realizing what he's lost. He definitely should've realized a long time ago that Lysander was worth better treatment.

I'm so sorry that you've exploded! If I see the purple peep, I will make sure to pass along your love!

Thank you for this lovely, but heartbreaking review. Rest well my little friend!


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Review #10, by crestwood You and I NOTHING!

27th March 2015:
I'm supposed to be writing so I'll keep this quick.. but I can't resist a Lysander story. I think you know I'm a fan of your descriptions, as I kind of mention that every time I leave you a review, but again, I love them. I'm incredibly interested in the actual backstory of this. Like, the three years before because these characters clearly have a pretty volatile past. I wasn't expecting to see a little bit of Scorpius/Lysander here! More Scorpius/Lysander is always good!!

I love the argument here. I'm a fan of the characters like Albus, who assume they'll never see consequences for their actions, if only because seeing their significant other move on from them is a huge shock to them and lends itself to a lot of great drama. This is a sad story, but it's realistic. I wouldn't mind reading more about these characters. I'm surprised that this is your first Next-Gen! You did a good job with it! Awesome work :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much for this lovely review! I laughed when I realized it was a distraction from your own writing.

I love a good angst ridden argument as well, although I don't write them that often! In this case, Albus is definitely the type who doesn't think there will ever be consequences to his actions and Lysander is finally fed up with it.

Maybe at some point I will revisit these characters. Maybe I'll write a backstory. But for now, I'm pretty happy with it just being a little snippet of their lives. We'll see what type of inspiration hits though.

And I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you like the way I describe things. I work really hard to visualize everything and then try to describe what I'm seeing. I always worry that it won't translate into words.

Thanks again for stopping by to check this out! I really appreciate it!


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