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Reading Reviews for Dark Enough To See The Stars
20 Reviews Found

Review #1, by merlins beard Night Of Reckoning

21st May 2015:
This is an amazing discovery in a very well-constructed story.
I love, love, LOVE what you have come up with.

It's so great what they find, and I'm glad Scorpius didn't touch the 'sun'. I'm convinced now that you know more about astronomy than most people. Did you research all that? Is it a hobby of yours? Or do you even work in the field?

I loved the description of the old classroom. It must have been very innovative once.

It was really sad that Salazar Slytherin wasn't buried with the others, but I understand why. He really was a bit of an idiot, wasn't he?

It's great that you bring up the rose plant again, and that Scorpius offers one to professor Sprout, too. It will be nice for all of them to have something to remember that special night by.

I'm hoping to get to read a new chapter soon.


Author's Response: Arrgh! I did it again! *bangs head on keyboard* I neglected to change the story status from WIP to Completed upon posting the final chapter, thus deceiving my readers into believing that there was more to come. I have fixed it now, and beg your pardon humbly for getting your hopes up and then not delivering. My daughter says I should write a sequel, or an historic prequel, and she gave me various examples of what those extra stories could be.

As for Scorpius' reaching out to touch the "sun", that's the one impulsive thing he did in this story, and Professor hauled him up short, to his surprise. Guess he didn't know quite as much as he thought he did, after all.

I am charmed by your observation that the old classroom "must have been very innovative once." I had not thought about it like that, and obviously neither had Scorpius or Rose, as shown by their reaction to the idea of learning celestial mechanics in it, and their comparison between the old classroom and the one they were familiar with. But you are absolutely right--when it was built, it was state-of-the-art, and the builders were probably quite proud of it.

Salazar is a hard person to figure out, and there have been so many stories that try to enlighten us about his character, motivations, backstory, etc. But given that he left, I figured that he didn't have formal contact with the school and the other Founders after that point. Did anyone even try to find his grave at the time that the new tower was built? Who knows.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing all of this six-chapter story. I appreciate your comments very much.


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Review #2, by merlins beard The Dark Past

21st May 2015:
Hmmm I wonder what the chamber is for.

It's good that the Professors let Rose and Scorpius come. That staircase is really something Hogwarts would have hidden away somewhere.

One thing that's confusing me a little is that 10 steps are not actually that much, yet it takes Scorpius a while to get down there, and he can barely hear the Professors who are max. 30 steps away from him. Wouldn't he be able to hear them clearly, if not see them (because you said the staircase wasn't straight)

How does that work?

I love that Scorpius is so eager to lern. Sure, it stems from a need to prove himself, but I still think finding new knowledge exciting is a very good quality.


Author's Response: You are right than ten steps are not much, but I was supposing that the three women might have been farther back than that. Scorpius suggested ten steps to them, but that was after he had gone ten steps himself and had a rhythm down pat. As each of the women takes the first tentative steps into the hole, going very slowly at first, the person ahead would have descended several steps, so that in the end they were probably more spread out. And the two teenagers, going first, probably went a little faster than the two elderly professors. I know that I myself am a lot more creaky now, at my advanced age :) than I was when I was a teenager!

So when they reached the end of the narrow staircase, I had Scorpius waiting a couple of minutes before the last of his followers finally emerged.

I too love that Scorpius is eager to learn, such as wanting to learn the heavy-duty repairing charm that would be used to repair the damage to the tower later. He sees all this knowledge as potentially useful, but, as you suspect, he also enjoys just learning for learning's sake. That's because he is so intelligent.

Again, thank you for reading and reviewing.


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Review #3, by merlins beard The Dark Gate

21st May 2015:
Oh wow this was an interesting chapter. I haven't thought about meteor hits much. It's kind of fascinating how small the damage is, considering a rock just fell through the entire atmosphere and landed righr on Hogwarts' Astronomy tower. What are the chances of that happening?

Oh a new secret passage. I'm as curious as Scorpius is as to where it might go, but I agree that it sounds nuch too dangerous in the blackness of a new moon night.

They should indeed inform the headmistress. How could anyone not be woken up by the meteor hit? I guess Hogwarts is special like that. There must be amazing protective spells on yhe castle.


Author's Response: I think that the amount of damage was small, as you say, because the meteorite hit just the edge of the tower. If it had hit smack in the side of the tower, about halfway up, it would have caused more damage, even disrupted the main staircase to an extent that the four people might have had difficulty getting down! (Never thought about that before now.)

Of course Hogwarts castle has stood for about a thousand years with no previous record, so far as I know, of a meteor strike. The chances are very slim, but not zero, since they gotta fall somewhere, and one place is as good as another.

I would say that you are right about the good protective spells on the castle. But it is my head canon that the forces of nature such as a meteorite (or a hurricane, see my story "The Hogwarts Storm") can overpower the mere magic of mere wizards and witches. The "Protego!" spell protected them from the flying debris, but I don't know if it would have been able to repel a direct hit on them.

Scorpius' behavior in this chapter is pretty calculated; he always thinks about the consequences of his actions and tries to maximize his chances for success--thus not descending the staircase until the light of day. Do you suppose a Gryffindor would have rushed down the stairs immediately?

Thank you so much for continuing to read and review.


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Review #4, by merlins beard Look To The Stars

21st May 2015:
Ohmygod... I didn't expect that.
This started out so romantic and sweet. What's happened to that?

I love how much Scorpius knows about the stars!! I love looking at the stars myself, but sadly, I don't have much time for it (plus I live in the city, so I can't see much from where I am)

The shooting stars sound really nice F first. How could a Meteor heading toward the earth escape the eyes of hundreds of scientists? Aren't they usually pretty consistent in speed and direction??

I hope everyone is ok, I'm glad professor Sinistra reacted in time.


Author's Response: Well, it's still romantic and sweet, but one of the things that build and cement mutual love is shared significant experiences. They will love each other more after seeing how each other responds to this situation.

I hear your regret about living in the city, where the trees and buildings obscure the sky near the horizon, and the light pollution blots out all the smaller stars. That's a bummer.

As for whether scientists would have detected this meteor, I would say probably not. The ones they look out for are the really big stuff, asteroids, ones that could wipe out a whole city or a large section of the globe, like the one that fell on the Yucatan 65 million years ago. The ones the size of a fist or two fists together cause dents on parked cars, or punch small holes in people's roofs. The one that hit the edge of the Astronomy Tower may have measured two or three feet, I'm guessing. But it gets its destructive force from the speed that it has upon impact. Still, it's pretty uncommon for one that big to reach earth, I'd say, based on the usual sizes of meteorites found lying on the snowfields of Antarctica.

Yes, Professor Sinistra shows her quality here, while the youngsters just stand there dumbfounded!

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)


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Review #5, by merlins beard To Bloom For Thee

21st May 2015:
Hi again.

I like the rose a lot! Scorpius probably doesn't realize but I think he actually makes Neville happy because he has taken an interest in the plant and spent time on picking it out and having it sent. Thats so great!

Hmmm, so Rose is sceptical? I understand that. I wouldn't be easily persuaded to abandon my studies/sleep in the middle of the night, in the middle of exams to go look at stars that don't even mean anything to me.
Scorpius presented his case well, though. He managed to convince Rose that it meant something to him, so she agreed to come.

There might be more to the whole thing than we know yet, so I'm curious where this story goes.


Author's Response: And Hi to you also.

You are right about Neville. Even if he perceives that Scorpius is laying it on a little thick, his basic good nature makes him happy to play along and help Scorpius in whatever Scorpius needs. He probably suspects that Scorpius is not telling him everything, but he welcomes the opportunity to take Scorpius' request seriously and maybe teach him a little something in the process.

As for Rose, I could see her agreeing to go, partly to please him and partly as an expectedly-brief diversion from the grind of studying at the end of the year.

So Scorpius thinks he has everything under control, everything going precisely according to plan. Ha! When did that ever happen?

Thank you again for continuing to read and to leave a review for each chapter!


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Review #6, by merlins beard Dark Enough To See The Stars

21st May 2015:
Hey there!

This has been on my reading list for the last few weeks and I'm really happy to finally have time for it.

I really enjoyed the first chapter. True to Slytherin form, Scorpius is definitely up to something, sneaking around and manipulating people to get to his goal faster. I believe this goal is something good, though, so it's allright.

I like that you start off with Rose and Scorpius already dating, like it's just something that would inevitably happen at some point.

Neville would always be up for helping his students plot some kind of mischief. All the Hogwarts teachers are far too fun-loving to refuse if their students ask for help (thinking back to OOTP and the piece of swamp that was left there as a memorial for Fred and George Weasley)

I love how much information there is on the stars and how Scorpius seems genuinely interested, despite also needing it for his plan.
Do you have anything to do with astronomy or did you just research everything that's in here?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hi, Anja!

I am flattered that you had my story on your reading list, and at this time of year it is probably difficult for many people to find time for non-crucial activities like enjoying a new story.

I tried to write Scorpius (this is the first time I have written him) with the qualities of a Slytherin (ambition, urge to get what he wants, planning ahead) without the negative image of Slytherins (thugs, criminals, unethical). But he is still his family's son--intelligent, complex, self-confident.

I know that Scorpius/Rose is not a canon ship, but it has been a fanon ship for so long that it is, as you say, inevitable, and in my mind quite suitable. I would like to think that by 2024 much of the inter-house antagonism had been broken down.

As you see, I have put Scorpius' interest in astronomy (as a hobby) into my head canon. Lots of people in real life have astronomy as a fascinating hobby, so it makes sense. I myself am not an astronomer by trade (sigh, wouldn't that be nice?) but it has been a hobby since my childhood.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #7, by Infinityx Night Of Reckoning

10th May 2015:

Vicki why haven't more people R&Red this? You are a GENIUS. I never thought this place could be a mausoleum and everything just connects so perfectly. Wow.

OK, I'm going to get my thoughts in order now. So, it was really intriguing that they found that small room seemingly meant as a celestial sphere classroom. I KNEW there must be something more to it but I didn't expect THIS.

Just imagine finding something like this after it being hidden for so long! It's a treasure trove and you feel so privileged to have seen it. I'm still kind of overwhelmed by this. And the way you've written this makes me feel like I was there with them, and this is just such a huge moment. :O

I am SO glad i read this fic. It is BRILLIANT and I'm going to go around the forums showering you with praise. There wasn't a single word that I skipped and not a moment of boredom. I was hooked onto every character on the page. Just wow. ♥


Author's Response: Erin, your praise leaves me speechless. I am so glad that this story succeeded so well for you.

The professors play a big role in the story, and you can see why I was glad they did not go down the stairs immediately; Professor Sprout needed to be there too. At the end Scorpius is proud of himself for having been such a big part of it, and yet humbled to realize how much the Professors know and how much he himself has yet to learn.

When I write stories that wander rather far afield of the era described in the seven books, I always like to bring them firmly back to canon at some point, so that they are not just floating around in the ether, but become a part of the basic structure.

Thank you so much for your faithful reading and reviewing. It is greatly appreciated. ♥


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Review #8, by Infinityx The Dark Past

10th May 2015:
Vicki - you are incredible at descriptions. I could so clearly imagine the narrow staircase, and them having to walk down with their wands between their teeth. This has really got me holding my breath for what comes next, it's insane.

This started off as a simple, romantic tale with a lot of beautiful information about stars, and now it's become an adventure, all within five chapters! That's really amazing!

I have a feeling that what they find is going to be something completely unexpected and it's giving me chills. I love the originality in your plot and you've written this beautifully. I'm going to read on now, I can't bear the suspense.

Author's Response: Hi Erin. I have always been inspired by JRR Tolkien's descriptions, which are so precise that one can easily envision the terrain and the architecture of his settings. This staircase is modeled on my own basement stairs, down which I also once fell, headfirst, with the same outcome as what Scorpius recalls. Now every time I go down to the basement, which is frequent, I think of Scorpius.

This story was originally my final exam for a Romance Writing class on another site, which is why it starts out as a simple romantic tale, but love needs a reason to exist, such as significant shared experiences that reveal the character of the person you love and make you respect and admire them. So that's the kind of love story that I want to write.

The long trip down the stairs, with the opportunity to see Scorpius' misgivings, uncertainties, even fears, reveals what is beneath his confident, self-assured facade, but also his inner strength. He is still very young, as the story shows at many points, but he has much potential.

Thank you so much for continuing to read and review! :)


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Review #9, by Infinityx The Dark Gate

10th May 2015:
Hello agaaain. :D

So, this was quite a short chapter but it got my pulse racing. I just imagined a huge hole going down from the Astronomy tower - the way I picture it in my head at least. Wow. It's such a spectacular, scary sight. I'm so glad none of them got hurt.

Hahah, and to think no one would have heard this. People at Hogwarts are so not light sleepers, are they? :P

Oh my, a secret staircase! I can't wait to know where it leads. It's interesting that Scorpius didn't want to explore it immediately. I mean, someone like Harry would want to go there immediately but Scorpius is more cool and rational. No wonder he's not a Gryffindor. :P

The only suggestion I have is to maybe linger a bit more on each of the sections here. Compared to the previous chapter, this seems a bit rushed so maybe you could focus on explaining each part a bit more to even it out. :)

Otherwise, this was great! I'm going on to the next chapter now!

Author's Response: And Hello to you too. When I was writing the story, of course I envisioned the scenes in my head, and it's nice to know that the description was sufficient that a reader can envision them also. It would be such a surreal experience to be in the middle of this situation, one's mind would be in a whirl. Makes you appreciate a good "Protego!" charm, doesn't it?

My first instinct when writing the story was to have the characters go down the staircase immediately, but I realized that it just wouldn't work, because that's not what they would do in real life. If they were alone, some students (Gryffindors) would have gone down, but since the Professor was there, they absolutely had to inform the Headmistress of what had happened. And it turned out better for the whole story that they did so. I also don't think that Scorpius would have gone down right away--it was pitch black out and he was unnerved by what he had just been through. He was sufficiently cool and calculating to see that self-control would serve him better in the long run.

Thanks for the constructive suggestion. I will read this chapter again, as if through your eyes, and see if there are sections that look as if they could use some further development. :)

Thank you so much for continuing to review!


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Review #10, by Infinityx Look To The Stars

10th May 2015:
I'm baack.

Wow. I have goosebumps and my mind is just blank from suspense and my fingers are kind of numb. Until the very end this was so enthralling with the descriptions of the constellation and the stars, and Sinistra's quizzing and everything. As a part 'Claw, this was just such an amazing chapter and there wasn't a single word I didn't enjoy. I love stargazing myself and the way you've written this makes me feel like going onto the roof now. :')

I love the way you've written Sinistra in this. I really want to be taught by her, she's so amazing. And I'm so glad she was so warm towards Scorpius in the end.

Ah, a touch of philosophy as well. I'm totally hooked onto this story!

And my gosh, that end of the chapter! :o I thought it was weird that they were seeing so many meteors but I didn't expect THAT! If Sinistra hadn't cast a shield charm so quickly they'd all be done for! Okay, the suspense is killing me, I need to read on.

Author's Response: Hi Erin. I so glad that you thought that the astronomy component was enthralling. It has to be in the story because that's what the story is about, but I worried that non-astronomy-buffs might find it tedious or preachy. I too have been a stargazer since my earliest youth, and I sometimes see little astronomical mistakes in stories, such as a new moon being seen overhead in the dark of night. JKR made a humdinger of a mistake in Book Five during Harry's O.W.L. Astronomy exam. Luckily the internet now provides instant access to things like the phases of the moon in June of 2024.

I'm not sure about the flood of meteors that I put into this story on a night in early June, since the date is not congruent with the usual annual meteor showers. Maybe it was the one-time break-up of a large meteorite that was fragmented by the force of the earth's gravitational field. ???

During this night of one-on-one tutorial by Professor Sinistra, Scorpius is seeing her in a new light. And I was really glad that he was able to come up with some philosophical insights to justify the whole trip to the tower. Pretty clever of him--he can think on his feet!

Thank you so much for this review. :)


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Review #11, by Infinityx To Bloom For Thee

10th May 2015:
Hi again! :D

Oh damn, looks like my guess was wrong. I thought he was planning to propose to Rose but I guess that was a stupid thought considering that you mentioned that Neville was supposed to keep it safe in the greenhouse. Silly me. But I love the idea of getting her a rose plant! The way you've described it is so vivid and i can clearly imagine what it looks like.

I LOVE the play on names here. You've certainly done your research for this fic (or you already knew all this stuff) but I'm impressed at the amount of details you've given. It's really amazing!

I'm so happy Rose agreed to this. Scorpius was asking for a lot considering it was NEWTS time, but i'm sure it'll be worth it! :D

I absolutely love the kind of reminiscent tone that is adopted in the end. Scorpius is quite a deep person and I adore him in this. Hahah, and the way he's enjoying the thought of his parents thinking of him as insane was such a nice way to end this chapter!

Loved this. On to the next! :)

Author's Response: Hi Erin. I really appreciate your writing a review for each of the chapters. That's a lot of work on your part. You are not the only person whose preliminary guess was that Scorpius was planning to propose to Rose, but I see them as considering themselves much too young to be taking that step. As a Slytherin, Scorpius has plans for his future and is more like young people of today, who do not plan to marry as early as their parents did.

I sometimes mention Guernsey in my fics because I have visited my relatives there, but there is also a fair amount of internet research to give the stories the ring of authenticity. And it makes sense that Scorpius would eventually question why his parents had given him a name with such potentially bad connotations, though his initial impulse had not been to explore the matter so fully, until it became clear that he needed Professor Sinistra's help.

We know almost nothing of Scorpius from canon, but we do know about his family, so we can easily guess that he is very intelligent and a deep thinker, so it is satisfying to develop him in that direction.

Thank you so much for your kind words.


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Review #12, by Infinityx Dark Enough To See The Stars

10th May 2015:
Hi again, Vicki! C'est moi, I'm back. :D

Ooh, this is interesting. A package for Scorpius delivered to Neville. And he goes to Sinistra for a favor. You know, this is the first time I've read a fic in which a student involves the teachers in helping out with something. I have a suspicion that this is not just to look at the constellation, especially since Rose is his girlfriend. It's something more than that, and if I'm right, then I can see why he wants the package to be kept safely with Neville.

Your take on Scorpius is really interesting here. I love how he's not this mean person like his father or grandfather, but he still has those qualities of being able to talk in a particular way to get what he wants. Your portrayal of his character such that it opposes the stereotypical image of Slytherin while he still retains the qualities of a Slytherin is so great! :)

Ooh, I love Sinistra's (your) description of the constellation. The passion is so clear in the way she talks. I can't wait to see what happens next! See you again on chapter 2! :D

Author's Response: Hi again, Erin. I'm glad that you're reading this story because it's one I feel good about, though it doesn't get lots of reads, probably because it is longer.

I like including the teachers (more than just Dumbledore and Snape) in stories because, being older, they are bound to be complex and interesting characters with much knowledge and experience. It is easy to be entranced by a handsome or pretty face, even when there is nothing much behind it, but the teachers have seen and done so much in their lives that they are like treasure chests waiting to be opened. And this is something that Scorpius discovers during the course of this story.

I see the Malfoy family as being on a continuum of decency: Lucius did a lot of bad things, Draco had personality flaws as a boy but was mainly the victim of terrible circumstances, and Scorpius has emerged from the shadows of the past but still exhibits his family traits (which are not intrinsically bad, they are just his traits, but they could be used for good or for evil).

I am intrigued by your observation "his character...opposes the stereotypical image of Slytherin while he still retains the qualities of a Slytherin". This is an important distinction. The stereotypical image of a Slytherin might be self-serving jerks who don't hesitate to do unethical and even criminal deeds. This is the image we are chiefly presented with as we focus on the era of the rise and fall of Tom Riddle. But the qualities of a Slytherin are something different: ambition, drive, a craving to be in a leadership role, a dispassionate appraisal of what is needed to achieve one's goal, an eye constantly on the future. When I was first Sorted into Slytherin, I was shocked and dismayed, seeing only the negative image, but over the years I have learned to recognize the qualities and have concluded that the Sorting Hat made the right decision for me. And those qualities will help Scorpius to go far.

Thank you so much for your review. :)


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Review #13, by fwoopersong8 Night Of Reckoning

3rd April 2015:
Well, you certainly surprised me with the graves. I think it's a shame that Slytherin's grave wasn't down there, although I totally understand why. Scorpius and Rose will have this as a bonding memory for the rest of their lives. I think that's wonderful. :)
I have to admit, I'm surprised nothing came of the plant. As you probably realized by now (given that I yakked about the plant in almost every review on this story), I'm an ardent rule follower, afraid to defy regulations because of the dire consequences sure to follow. :) From the beginning of this story, you had me with unexpected plot twists like the meteor and the stairwell.
One final criticism: I don't think Professor Sprout would have had a camera.
But to avoid ending on a negative note, I just want you to know that you are one of my favorite authors on this site.
Never stop writing! :D

Author's Response: Hi, fwoopersong8. I hope you thought that it all tied together in the end. It's better, I think, if the readers cannot accurately predict how a story is going to turn out. Surprises are good.

As for the plant, Scorpius got away with it this time (propagating the patented rose) because he wasn't advertising them or selling them, or bragging about it on the internet, so he would never come to the attention of the authorities. And he never meant to propagate the rose when he first made the purchase; it just sorta developed.

Since Colin Creevey had a camera while he was at Hogwarts, and wizarding families had photographs of their families and the wizarding magazines and newspapers printed photographs, even though these were all photographs that moved, I assumed that cameras were not unusual within the wizarding community, and so it would not be unusual for Professor Sprout to want to photograph the damage.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, all the way to the end. I hope you were entertained.


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Review #14, by scorose The Dark Past

2nd April 2015:
Hey read your story its interesting and nice. Just the part where Scorpius seems to take make decisions and the professors agree to him sounds a bit ridiculous as we all know hot strict the professors used to be.
But over all I loved the story!!

Author's Response: Hi, Scorose. Thanks for reading and leaving a review. I'm glad that you loved the story. Yes, his relationship with the professors does sound a little atypical, compared to their expected relationship with the average student, but there are mitigating factors.

Since the year is 2024 (Scorpius was 11 years old in 2017, as seen in the epilogue, and now he's eighteen, so it's 2024), things may have loosened up a little since the olden days.

Scorpius is by nature a charming guy. (I modeled him after some young men I have known in my lifetime who were remarkably poised and at ease when in the company of older people; one of them was going to be a doctor, and I'll bet he had a fabulous bedside manner.) He has also learned from his family how to manipulate people without their necessarily realizing it.

He specifically tries to foster a spirit that they are all equals in this adventure of exploration and discovery, as opposed to the unequal hierarchy of teacher and student that prevails in a usual classroom setting, and he realizes that he is pushing the boundaries a little by being almost "cheeky", but hopes he will get away with it.

He specifically mollifies the professors by deferring to them in small points, taking care to give credit where credit is due, to lessen the perception of his being overbearing. All of this is calculated behavior on his part. And yet, when decisions are being made, he doesn't hesitate or hang back; he speaks up, which demonstrates leadership qualities and invites the others to go along with him. He knows this. (Interesting fact: when a jury retires to the jury room at the end of a court trial, to begin their deliberations, the first person to speak is the one most likely to be elected as jury foreman by his/her fellow jurors. People naturally acquiesce to a force that seems stronger than they are and which seems to know where it is going.)

Scorpius is assisted by the fact that these professors are female. Women tend to have a more collaborative style of group problem-solving, whereas men have a more hierarchical style. If the professors had been male, decisions may have been made more according to who had the highest status in the group rather than by who had the best ideas.

He also, as the only adult male in this group, has the advantage of being physically imposing; he is doubtless taller than the women, probably more solidly built and muscular, and the taller, stronger person in a group has an advantage in being seen as a leader. (More likely to get hired or promoted, more likely to be perceived as a leader.)

All of these points are reasons why Scorpius is such fun to write. We can all take a lesson by observing his behavior (as he has been taking lessons all his life by observing other people's behavior.) I'll bet you are a fan of his also, from your penname. Hopefully Chapter 6 will be validated soon and you will enjoy it just as much! Thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #15, by fwoopersong8 The Dark Gate

30th March 2015:
Honestly, I have to say I expected a little more from this chapter. You spent a lot of time with them exploring the rocks, and about halfway through I started to get confused. I'm not really sure where this is going at the moment, which may be your intention, but I would have liked some more clues as to what will happen next and/or another cliffhanger.
That said, you certainly have me wondering what will happen next! I'm as interested as Scorpius to find out exactly where/when they are. And unlike him, I have doubts about what they will find when they go down the stairs -- either stairs.
Don't stop writing!

Author's Response: Hi, fwoopersong8. Like you, I have been checking my author page every couple of hours since I put Chapter 5 into the queue. It has been 42 hours now, and I guess I was hoping that it would be one of those wonderful periods when the validators were getting chapters validated in an hour or two, but of course it cannot be that way all the time :) Be assured that the moment I see Chapter 5 on my author page, Chapter 6 (the last chapter) will go into the queue.
When I first envisioned this story, I saw them going down the stairs right away, but that was, alas, not logical, and I finally faced the fact that they had to do it this way. But there were rewards, plot-wise, in doing it this way, so I saw that it was all turning out for the best. No, it is not as cliffhangerish as Chapter 3 was, but it's sort of a cliffhanger--what's down there? And why? Hopefully, you'll soon find out. Thank you for reading faithfully and reviewing frequently.


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Review #16, by fwoopersong8 Look To The Stars

27th March 2015:
Wow! I was expecting something exciting to happen by the end of the chapter, but I didn't expect a meteor to hit them. I hope all parties involved are okay.
On a less serious note, you really seem to know a lot about astronomy. Do you make a hobby of it? Sometimes I wish I knew more about stars, but I've never made time.
Back to the story: after all this time building up, you left us with a cliffhanger?? Seriously?? How dare you employ such a well-played element of literature? ;) I'm really looking forward to the next chapter now. Never stop writing!

Author's Response: Hi, fwoopersong8. I'm glad that this chapter satisfied your expectation for some kind of action. Actually, meteorite strikes are not that uncommon, and they gotta land somewhere, so one place is as good as another, right? There are descriptions on the internet of what a meteorite strike looks like; that's where I got my imagery.
Yes, astronomy is a hobby of mine. When I was a very little girl, just learning to read, two of my first books (that my parents gave to me) were "Worlds In The Sky" and "A Dipper Full Of Stars".
As for the cliffhanger, there needs to be some reason for people to keep reading the next chapter, and the next. It's so sad when readers quit reading a story partway through because they don't realize (and the author hasn't told them) that something neat and exciting is coming up.
Sorry about not getting Chapter 4 up as quickly as I had hoped--ran afoul of the validators because of one word, so it was necessary to change the rating and send Chapter 4 back to the tail end of the queue again. But now that the super-exciting Quidditch match between Slytherin and Ravenclaw is over, the validators may again be doing their work briskly.
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.


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Review #17, by killjoy Look To The Stars

25th March 2015:
Ok, wasn't expecting a meteorite crashing into them.

Author's Response: I'm glad you weren't expecting it. Other reviewers have been making guesses as to where the story is headed, and I wouldn't want to write a story where people could predict what was going to happen.


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Review #18, by Hogwarts Jaguar To Bloom For Thee

24th March 2015:

It's me again, back with some paw-some compliments for you!

Con-cat-ulations for updating your story so quickly! I am impressed, and I hope you can continue your quick turn-around. :)

My whiskers were a-twitching as the gift for Rose was being revealed. Somehow, it doesn't shock me too much that Scorpius got his Rose a rose plant, but I like the deeper meow-ning (meaning) that the plant has, being named Antares and all. Except--*achoo!*--roses make me sneeze, so I don't want to think about them too much.

Scorpius is certainly going to great lengths to give his sweetheart a sur-purr-ise. It makes me think that he's got something up his sleeve other than just a peek at the stars and a flowery gift. Purrhaps he's going to... propose?!

Who knows? I don't. I'm just a cuddly jaguar.

I love that Scorpius is starting to think about Astronomy as something other than a meta-fur-ical way to show his girlfriend how much he loves her. Purrhaps Astronomy will figure more into his life later on!

Purrfect job on this chapter!

Meow at you again soon!
♥Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: Hi, HJ. Thank you for reading and commenting on my second chapter. I am glad that you are enjoying it. Actually, the entire story is already written, so the speed of posting the chapters depends on the speed of the validators. As for what will unfold in the upcoming chapters, you'll have to wait and see.

Like Scorpius, I also am a fan of astronomy, so this story was fun to write. Want to hear something funny? In OotP, Chapter 31, Harry has his O.W.L.s practical exam in Astronomy and sees the planet Venus and the constellation Orion between 11 p.m. and midnight overhead in June 1996. But Orion is not visible at night in June, and Venus is never visible around midnight. (I don't think that even wizards can change the position of the stars and planets.) Someday I will write to Scholastic Press or Bloomsbury and mention that. So I hope Astronomy does figure into Scorpius' life later on, even if only as an enjoyable hobby.

I will be looking for your meows!


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Review #19, by fwoopersong8 To Bloom For Thee

24th March 2015:
I'm looking forward to reading the next installments of this story! I have a feeling something is going to come of propagating this plant. Always, always consider the instructions...
I'm surprised that Scorpius bought a Muggle plant instead of a wizarding one. Is there a reason for this? Or will we find out as we read on?
I like the leisurely, playful tone of these first two chapters. However, I'm excited to see the action. I also find Scorpius's character development interesting. I liked his semi-manipulative talk in the first chapter, and how we see the difference between that style and the way he talks to Rose in this one. Good job making him likable but still Slytherin. I do have one critique on Rose's character development, and that is that she seems a little too playful to me. Phrases like "all a-twitter" make me feel as if she's somehow putting it on. But that's only an opinion. I was surprised that she didn't remember much about Astronomy, because Hermione's her mom, but that's also just me. (Do other people assume Rose is really smart like that? I always did, but I never thought to ask anyone else. Maybe it's just me in my confined little author's bubble.) :)
Finally, I'm interested in the many details you included in this story, and I can't wait to see whether or not they crop up again...hint hint. :) Never stop writing!

Author's Response: Hi, fwoopersong8. Thanks for reading my story and writing a review.

As to why Scorpius bought a plant from Guernsey, they do have a wide selection of high quality plants in their extensive greenhouses there, and I envision the Malfoys as being sufficiently worldly-wise that they could safely take advantage of whatever luxuries the Muggle world had to offer. I see them as less provincial than many ordinary wizarding families.

As you observed, the first two chapters are a set-up for the rest of the story, establishing the nature of Scorpius as I envision him (there are so many Scorpius stories, each author having his or her own vision of him), but the whiz-bang action will appear before the third chapter ends, I promise.

It was interesting that you noted that Rose seemed in some ways different from her mother. As the chapters unfold, you will see how she is and is not like Hermione. But in my life I have seen children who, while being as smart as their parents, have very different personalities and interests. The Weasley family is a prime example of that.

I see that you have a Scorpius story in the archives also. I will have to read it and see what you did with him. I hope it's a happy story because I like Scorpius and wish him well, so I feel sad when I read angsty stories about him.

Happy spring!


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Review #20, by Hogwarts Jaguar Dark Enough To See The Stars

23rd March 2015:

Infamous Hogwarts Jaguar here to cover your story with a-meow-sing comments and compliments!

I must say, this story seems like it's the cat's whiskers! Scorpius is such a responsible young man, and so diplomatic! Methinks he would make a very good cat. *purrr*

Something that really makes me purrr is the purrfection of this chapter! It flows so well, and everything is so logical and in order! As a large jungle cat living in the Defense Against the Dark Arts office, I can appreciate good story construction.

Professor Sinistra is, naturally, suspicious of what Scorpius might get up to with Rose so late at night...Thankfully, his reasoning mollifies her while justifying his purrpose. There's potential for grrreat character exploration in this story, and I can see it happening already!

What is in the package that Professor Longbottom received? There's a mystery afoot, and it isn't just because I tripped over my own lovable paws again.

♥Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: Hello, Hogwarts Jaguar. (I did not know that Hogwarts had a jaguar, but the idea is delightful.) Thank you for your kindness in writing a review for my story, and for your complimentary remarks. This story is one of the later ones that I wrote, and while they are all dear to my heart, I think that this one turned out well (all six chapters), and it shows how my skill has improved since I first started writing, thanks to textbooks and classes in writing.

Scorpius, in my conception of him, is a lot of fun to write. He reminds me (and is modeled on) various young men I have known in my lifetime who seemed to have a natural poise and ease beyond their years. JKR tells us very little about him, but since we know about his family, one can extrapolate concerning the values and skills he would have learned at home, but also speculate on how his father's wartime experiences might have changed the family's values or approach to life.

I appreciate your saying that Scorpius would make a good cat, but I have kept him firmly in the House of Snakes, being a member of that House myself.

It is also true that we do not know a lot about Professor Sinistra, but she and the other scarcely-known professors represent great opportunity for character creation without our resorting to inventing original characters. Being older myself, I like to write about the older but lesser-known members of canon.

Thanks again for this lovely review, Jaguar. I am hoping you enjoy the upcoming chapters also.


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