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Reading Reviews for An Incident on Highway A939.
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Review #1, by Hogwarts Jaguar An Incident on Highway A939

23rd March 2015:

Friendly and infamous Hogwarts Jaguar here, ready to review your spectacularly sad story.

Aww, no, why you gotta give me the feels? I can enjoy a good car chase, but when it ends in sadness, I feel it right down to my broken feline heart. Rose Zeller is a very minor character, but you gave her a back story and a motive. Meeeooww! What a shame that she used her Auror experience for evil instead of good...

A friendly Jaguar is nothing like an evil Werewolf (and no relation either, no matter what Snape says), but I agree with you. Greyback is a bloodthirsty maniac and he should be locked up in the lupine asylum. The only things I kill for fun are powerful mother does, and only right before the Gryffindor-Slytherin peewee Quidditch match...

Anyway, you don't need to know the shenanigans I get up to at Hogwarts.

Lily Potter has a tough case to crack, so it's good that she's a top Werewolf Psychologist. Her background was really useful to set up the story before getting into Rose's tragedy.

This one-shot was--dare I say it?--pawsitively purfect, and such a thrilling read!

Oh, but I think someone's coming, and I have to go take a cat nap now. There's a reason why I'm infamous--no one knows who I am, hah!

I'm meee-owt!
xoxo Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: Thank you HJ! I'm very glad for your review. It was entertaining! I haven't had a review for a couple of years, but I haven't posted anything wholly new for a long while.

I'm happy you enjoyed 'A939' even though it is a sad tale. Greyback and his gang caused a lot of personal misery in the books, even more than Umbridge and Bellatrix I think.

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