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Reading Reviews for Infinitesimal
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Review #1, by bigblackdog Leo Minor

6th March 2016:
(hpff review-athon)

as i was reading this story i became very aware of my pulse- like i was drawn in so much by the language that it was affecting my pulse. this is so beautifully rendered.

i love the honesty of james' tone and the way he sees himself and describes his actions. i think my favorite part is the second night he sees regulus in the tower and how he describes unknowingly/knowingly asking regulus on a date. his deception toward lily and his good intentions toward regulus are both bared so honestly and totally that i feel completely conflicted.

i think it's amazing how well lily and sirius' characters shine through in this letter format. lily especially is so fully formed, it really feels as if this letter was written by her lover, because who else could know her so well, describe her so completely with just a few mentions? -- and yet, it's you behind it all! i'm just blown away.

the way you've written regulus too, is just stunning. it feels so perfect to write him with a physical condition- and not just any condition, but something which is both bloodline, and a blood defect. i absolutely adore your characterization of james as attracted to broken things. and regulus' fragility compared to sirius' robustness. you write them with opposite expressions but it still feels very much like they're bonded by the expression of the same pain.

and the end- my heart is just broken for everyone- for lily, sirius, regulus, and james. i think it's a testament to your skill that i don't feel like passing judgement on anyone, just sadness for everyone.

so hauntingly beautiful!


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Review #2, by Sydney Leo Minor

10th August 2015:
This was stunningly beautiful and heartbreaking

Author's Response: Hey there - thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Thank you so much - I'm so so glad you enjoyed it - this was such a wonderful surprise to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #3, by Fonzzx Leo Minor

25th July 2015:
I'm here for TEAM BRONZE of the review battle!

So when I first clicked onto this story, I was a little sceptical. In what universe would James and Regulus be together? I asked myself. But now I see.

I actually ended up really enjoying this one shot. Canononically (did I spell that right?) speaking, you can't deny how much James loves Lily, but you wrote that into the story as well! I also like how self aware James is of his own feelings. He never tries to deny them, which another character, such as Sirius, might.

I like that little tidbit that Professor Dumbledore had near the end. He just knows everything! And of course, in some ways what he did was worse, because he put Grindlewald in prison himself, whereas James didn't kill Regulus.

I think James is much like Harry, wanting to preserve something forever, which is why he wrote the letter. Harry of course, named his children after people who mattered to him.

Wow, I think this is my longest review ever. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts as much as I enjoyed reading your story!


Author's Response: Hey there, Fonzz! :) Thank you so much for dropping by! :)

Haha, no worries! I have to admit, they're a pairing I don't ship, but a pair of friends gave me the idea and encouraged me to do it, and so I just had to write it - and, in the end, it was surprisingly easy to do, despite my being a canon nut, usually :P

Yeah, it was really important to me when I started writing that I not ignore that - because James loving Lily is so big and so good that I didn't want to write it out or destroy it for the sake of something else; plus, imo, it made the story more interesting to tell. And yeah, there's something lovely about James' honesty as a character - I really liked writing him, actually, so I'm so glad you liked him! :)

So, fun story: that wasn't totally meant to be a reference to that, but it sort of turned out that way? :P OTP slipping in everywhere, not my fault... :P But yeah, he knows and understands so much - and yeah, in ways it is worse, definitely! :)

Yeah, I really loved the idea of it preserving that relationship, or giving it a kind of tangible reality now Regulus is dead, though I didn't really think of how that connects to Harry, so thanks for mentioning that! :D It's really cool! :)

Thank you so much - I'm so honoured to get your longest review yet! :D - it was such a lovely review to get, and I'm so glad you liked the story! :)

Aph xx

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Review #4, by jessicalorewrites Leo Minor

17th June 2015:
hey! jess here, reading and reviewing so that I can (finally lol) get the results out for the diversity challenge. the results should be out within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled over on the forums!

plot/written value:
this. this is the kind of thing I could read for days on end. I was surprised when I first clicked onto the chapter because I was neither expecting a second person pov nor for this to be a retrospective piece. as it is, though, is beautiful. it's bittersweet and plain old bitter at times, riddled with lost love and new love and love of all forms and regret felt in its deepest form. this whole thing is so poetic (I love poetic things). so anyway, yes, I really love that this is a letter to lily and I adore the way james explains things, going through a chronological list of his and regulus' time together and how it was never meant to happen but sometimes things just creep up on you. as a big jily shipper I appreciate how you didn't ignore james' love for lily or harry's existence. I love that you found a way to have james/regulus without excluding or invalidating the love between james/lily, either.

james is so james and I love that he has this massive, love-filled heart that he just can't help but want to share with everyone. this james is so james to me (am I even making sense, I'm delirious from how much I loved this okay so maybe not). the tidbits into the type of person he is alone and the type he is with regulus are sweet. and I really adore the fair light you portrayed regulus in, given that so many people either cast over him or (for some reason) write him as inherently evil. he's so much more than that, both in canon and out, and I think the way you wrote him as this haughty but delicate and fragile boy, was amazing.

I wish things hadn't been so constraint by societal norms. I wish there'd be another option for james and that he didn't have to tell this story with death hanging over them all. I thought your exploration of both regulus and james' sexuality was beautiful. it was never forced nor thought of as weird. they were just them and they loved each other, simply in all love's truest forms.

favourite line/bit:
I snorted out loud fo real "(which was a blessing; the idea of kissing sirius was really not nice at all, and being reminded of him then wouldn’t have helped)"
also, there was so much beautiful imagery in this I couldn't pick a serious line

- jess, xo

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Review #5, by Infinityx Leo Minor

14th May 2015:

I usually tend to prefer reading shorter chapters - not more than 3k words but you're one of the few for whom I make an exception because wow. Your writing is so gripping and mesmerising and i could just keep reading and reading without getting bored and my eyes transfixed on the page even for over 10k words and then be sad that it's over. I literally got chills and my entire body shuddered, that was so intense and beautiful.

It's been so long since I stopped by and I feel so stupid now 'cause your writing is just amazing and I was just reminded of all those times I pushed myself to improve my own and try to somehow reach this level. I was going to stop by L'optimisme since i've only read the first few chapters (and loved them) but this pairing caught my eye. I am so glad it did.

I absolutely love the theme that's going on here. There have been countless times when I've wondered why we're bound by norms and that feeling of only having to love one person. It's also made me question myself since love is something so uncontrollable and something so beautiful that to confine that ability of ours to one person just because of right or wrong is something that can be thought about for ages. Obviously, it comes down to a person's choice, but I've always felt that it's something that is still beyond people's reach and the actual magical, infinite nature of it can only be explored through characters and through writing. Anyway, I'm going on a completely different tangent here. I just meant to say that this really touched me for other reasons as well, and that's really amazing.

I love James' voice here. It's so pensive and reminiscent, a certain longing apparent in his voice, overlaid with tones of sadness and guilt. Every word here is so powerful, especially since he's writing this to Lily and every side of him is shown - so raw and emotional. You're writing is just so good here, the feelings are still echoing within me.

I love how they're both so hesitant in the beginning. Something is so strongly connecting them and drawing them together, but maybe because of them being in separate houses or having to be on opposite sides, they clearly hold back at first. And the way their relationship progresses is so beautiful, it almost seems ethereal with the way you've written it.

The way James describes Regulus is just beautiful. It's so poetic and that love he feels is so apparent in the words he uses. But for some reason, the magical feel of it all is also kind of sad because all this only actually happens within writing, while the real life is filled with angst and people who just don't care to even use proper words anymore. Again, I'm digressing. :P

You always said I had a penchant for broken things, for things I could save – an addiction to it, almost, a hero’s complex, in every way. I wanted to save him, Lily, I wanted to take him away from the world his family wanted to send him into – dark, dank and dangerous, filled with monsters which would make anyone’s blood run cold and set their limbs to trembling – and bring him somewhere warm and happy and innocent, where he didn't have to worry about honour and secrecy, the constant threat of shame and disinheritance.
THIS. It just struck such a deep chord. People seem to come together, become closer, and share a bond when there's some amount of suffering involved. When people open up to each other about the pain they've felt and the troubles they've faced, that seems to cause that kind of unbreakable bond between them. It's interesting how pain can cause such beauty and such love.

Dawn is coming here – it was only appropriate I wrote this for you at night, remembered him at night. In my life, you were the daylight, the person I could love then, openly and obviously, utterly unfettered by convention, by sides in a war, by secrets and truths we both hid. He was like the night, quiet and beautiful and wondrous in his own way, and I didn't love him any less than you, even if we had to be secret, had to be short and sweet and simple.

I would quote the entire story if I kept going, your writing is just gorgeous. And the end, when he keeps the letter on the mantelpiece I think my heart broke because Lily would probably never read it (unless she finds it while dusting or something but then again, she has magic, she doesn't need to move anything.)

Not knowing what happened after - whether Lily found it, whether it was destroyed - it just makes everything so much more sad, so much more beautiful. Interesting how there's so much beauty in sadness.

I am so, so glad I read this. I absolutely loved it.

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Review #6, by merlins beard Leo Minor

13th April 2015:
Hi. I'm here for our swap.

Wow, I certainly picked something tough to review.

I have to admit, I have never even considered this pairing before. I feel like I don't acknowledge Regzlus enough. He is a really interesting character to explore.

This letter James writes is really sweet and full of love and pain. I really like that the stars are so important to James' and Regulus' relationship. It makes everything seem calm and relaxing, even though James goes through so many new, exciting and possibly disastrous emotions in such a short time.
Regulus seems to know what he wants and be very sure about his way. I can really imagine the character you have created defying his parents by doing exactly what they ask of him. I'm really impressed by the characterization of Regulus.
Even though we see him through James' eyes, thus not getting to know him objectively, the traits you have given him really suit everything we already know about him from the books.

James is adressing Lily directly lots of times in the letter, and he shows how much he loves her as well. I think this is what makes me appreciate this story so much more than I would have otherwise. (I'm a little obsessed with James/Lily and I don't usually cope well with one of them being pared with someone else unless they end up with each other eventually)
The love James shows Lily just makes me see how GOOD James actually is. Yes, he might have gone behind his Girlfriends back to be with a guy, but that really isn't the point of the story (at least I think it isn't)
James just has so much love to give, it might just be enough for more than one person.

I would really love to read about how Lily finds the letter and reads it, but I can also imagine that Harry is the one who finds it years later, hidden in the house in Godric's Hollow.

Your writing is very descriptive, very detailed. I'm hoping that I can write stories as capturing and addictive some day. I'll keep working towards that goal, but it might take me a while to get to the level you're at.

I didn't expect to find something so beautiful and sad when I agreed to swap reviews with you.

I'm in awe at the moment, I don't know what else to say.

Thank you so much

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Review #7, by Daenerys Targaryen Leo Minor

12th April 2015:
Hello Laura

I am Daenyrus Stormblood of the House Targaryen, of the blood of old Valyria. And I am here because I have heard the people in my khalasar talk greatly of your stories, and as their khaleesi it is my duty to know what my khalasar likes and dislikes. And therefore I have found myself here, leaving you a comment about what I think of this story.

I have never heard of such a pairing before, but then again I have never heard much of your world at all (or Westeros, the kingdom I am trying to conquer, for that matter). I found it interesting, though, and I cannot say I have seen anything quite like it. It is unheard of for two men to be in relationship in our world, but I am happy to see such is accepted in yours. That is something I would like to make happen here, when I am, as I am meant to be, on the iron throne in Westeros.

I liked how you describe the relationship. It felt very real, and I loved that Regulus was not a replacement for Lily but something different. While I do believe a husband should be faithful, I suppose I can understand this... James, is it? side of the story as well. Rather than disliking him for the affair, I found myself stil liking him.

Unfortunately I cannot stay any longer. I have a kingdom to conquer, after all. But I am sure you will see my secret spy, a girl who often likes to stay around the forums. She uses a secret name, so the king will not find her, but I believe you will find her regardless. I have actually not heard from her in a while, so if you do meet her, would you let me know. She is my only way of knowing what is happening in Westeros.

Thank you for the beautiful story

Daenerys Targaryen

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw333 Leo Minor

7th April 2015:
God, Laura, everything you write is just so incredible and it's almost an impossible task to do justice to your writing in a review. I'm still going to give it a good go, though.

I've never seen this ship before, or read it, or even have it cross my mind, but you make it seem like an inevitability. The way you've aligned it with canon is perfect, so apologetic and melancholic. You have such a mastery of the lover's lamentation and this was beautifully pulled off. I loved the way you set up the contrast between Lily and Regulus, between day and night and warmth and cold, as two wholly separate but equal parallels. You managed to strike the perfect balance and illustrate what James says about never favouring one over the other.

I don't know what I pictured Regulus to be either, but it now seems impossible for him to be anyone but the cold, audacious and lonely boy you've created here. Your descriptions of him are stunning, and the imagery of the stars threaded throughout is gorgeous. I loved this line: At those times, I felt almost celestial myself, as though I could match him, glow for glow and glimmer for glimmer. Really, there are countless lines I could quote back at you.

This was such a masterpiece, as all your stories are - bittersweet and beautiful, ringing with a truth that makes it impossible to ignore. Thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: Hey Lisa - thank you so much for dropping by! :) This was a really random one-shot for me to write, haha, since usually things take a lot longer for me to write, so I'm so glad you like it!

(Though you really should stop flattering me so much! (And I really should learn how to do that little heart thing... :/))

I've never read it before, before writing this, tbh, but Sam requested it and the pairing was just... I dunno, but I could already think of ways to make a one-shot about them work, you know? Like it was surprisingly easy to do. I really, really wanted it to be in line with canon and at the same time as canon, but not like a previous thing or a replacement thing - I wanted it to be kinda equal, so that's kinda why that's such a big theme in this with Regulus and Lily :) Haha, a lot of those parallels come from physical descriptions of them, I can't lie - Lily is red and green and colourful, and Regulus is dark hair, pale skin. I did love writing them, though, and James' voice was great fun to do too! :)

Regulus... okay, I love Regulus as a character, I can't lie. He's just so tragic in general - and I liked kinda working off what we know about him and the kind of person who would clash with Sirius, who would perhaps develop out of Sirius leaving and all those problems, so yeah... and since he's a Black, I just had to include star references :P

Gah, thank you so so much for this! I really, really don't deserve half as many compliments, I'm sure - and I'm really honestly just glad you liked it! Thank you so much for the wonderful review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #9, by darkkid Leo Minor

26th March 2015:
I actually read this a few days ago (and read it again now) and I've been trying to put into words how absolutely amazing this story is. I don't think I've ever read something so sweet and so heartbreaking at the same time.

You're writing is so solid I felt like I was going through what James was going through!

I'd not once ever thought about James/Regulus being a ship, I actually scrunched my nose at is, but now... well I'll probably write my own J/R stories because WOAH. Holy inspiration right here.

WONDERFUL job on this. Everything about this was absolutely beautiful!

Author's Response: Hey there - thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Gah, thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked it! It's not the sort of pairing I usually write - I'm generally more of a canon girl, than AU (but it could have been canon, maybe? :P) - but this was for a couple of friends and it's their pairing, so this happened, and I actually loved writing it.

Yeah, it's pretty angsty, haha. It needed to be, though - I love James/Lily to totally write them out of the picture or pretend that they didn't happpen, and I liked the idea of a polyamory situation more, too. More opportunity for heartbreak! :P

I'm so so happy you liked this - especially if it wasn't something you thought much of before! This was such a lovely review to get - thank you so much for it! :)

Aph xx

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Review #10, by mymischiefmanaged Leo Minor

25th March 2015:
Oh wow...this is wonderful. I was intrigued about how you'd handle James/Regulus and I'll admit I was hoping you'd do it in a way that didn't mean he was cheating on Lily, but you've done it really really brilliantly.

Your Regulus is beautifully written. He seems so fragile and complicated but then James is so entranced by him so there's obviously more to him than James maybe realises? I can kind of picture him with his own quiet confidence, recognising that he's not had a fair deal in life and waiting for things to get better.

The whole relationship with James is flawless. You've made them very real, and their connection is really believable and also really admirable. I like that you've made it so different to what James has with Lily. He's not trying to replace Lily or looking for something he feels like he's not got with Lily - it's just something entirely separate and equally valuable.

So that brings me onto Lily...hmm. I suppose one of the most impressive things about this story is how likeable James is. I mean, he's essentially confessing to an affair, but somehow we feel sorry for him and can understand how he's ended up in his position? James is confused and distressed by his actions and you've managed to convey that he's actually just really unlucky that he's fallen in love with two such wonderful people at the same time. It's brilliant writing.

I like that the whole thing's addressed to Lily. He sees her as such an angel and is just as enchanted by her as he's always been, and it makes the whole thing more powerful. I also really like how he's sort of apologetic because he knows what he's done is bad to her, but he's not saying he regrets it or taking it back. I'm glad he's not saying it was a mistake - your Regulus clearly deserves better.

The brief glimpse of Sirius is brilliantly in character and very poignant. His intense grief morphing into anger is believable and heartbreaking and I'd love to see you write more of their friendship (not actually sure I've read your work before, so maybe you have written more of them?). You've got such a good handle on all of your characters.

Finally, your whole use of the constellations and infinity is beautiful. It could almost seem too poetic an image for James to be using in what is essentially his confession to his wife, but you tie it all together at the end. I love this idea that he's desperately trying to make their love infinite, and it's sad because we know that it didn't really work. James and Lily will go down in wizarding history as war heroes, and their love really is infinite - people will remember them because their son has made them unforgettable.

This is all round wonderful and I'm so glad to have found it. Thanks for the swap!

Emma xx

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Review #11, by dracodarlingxx Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
This was so perfect.
I just saw this on the list of Recently Added Stories, and I was so confused, like 'a James/Regulus?! What?! Is there a mistake?!'
So I read it. And I regret nothing.
It was BEAUTIFUL. In the best sense of the word, it was just so beautiful.
Whatever fic anyone is writing, it's absolutely undeniable that James loved Lily. And that's still so obvious in this oneshot; he just loved someone else as well. Someone so different so Lily that it was a completely different kind of love to that he felt for Lily.
And it was so JAMES, you know? Your writing never slipped from character; I never had a doubt that the letter was from James, from his POV, from the humour in his conversations with Regulus, to the affection he clearly feels for Lily, and the casual references to a shared history with Sirius.
It was so detailed and sweet and gentle and just so beautiful. Beautiful's really the only word to describe this oneshot that would do it any credit.

Author's Response: Hi there! :) Thank you so much for stopping by - it means so much!

Haha, no worries, I get it ;) It's a pretty rare ship, even more so because James/Lily is such a popular one. But yeah, no mistake!

Thank you so so much - I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah it was really important to me in this to avoid the whole 'James-doesn't-really-love-Lily' thing, because to me that takes away from the complexity of it, and the angst and tragedy of the relationship, you know? So yeah, I just sort of added him and Regulus into the mix and let it go ;)

I've actually never written James before this, so thank you so much! I'm so glad it worked - I'm not very good at humour, haha, so any of that is more incidental than anything else. Sirius just had to be included in it at some point, given the main characters, too, haha, especially his relationships with them.

Thank you so so much for the lovely review - it really honestly was amazing to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #12, by crestwood Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
Hi Laura. I couldn't possibly go anywhere other than here. I can't believe you wrote a Regulus/James. I posted that status asking for some and literally within a few days THIS IS JUST HERE WAITING FOR ME. I'm so grateful that I'm not the only person around here who finds this ship interesting.

The other one I read happened in the time before James and Lily got together, but this one seems to have happened during. Most writers would stray away from that because I know a lot of people really love James and Lily together, but I think this makes things maybe a touch more interesting. *hides from Jily shippers*

This is unbearably sad from the beginning because, of course, we know what happens to everyone. This can't end well for anybody, really. I really love the 'letter to Lily' format. I haven't read many of these, but that feels like a fresh take on things. As James pleads to Lily not to shred up the letter before finishing it, you're already giving us an idea of the gravity of it all before we even have really begun looking at anything that happened. That's such a clever device and I am so jealous that I didn't write this story myself.

Ah, it always starts with 'wanting to be friends.' You take the simplest things and make them so beautiful. Like, you don't just say 'I wasn't sure if he smiled or frowned.' You find a way to just say everything in the absolute best way humanly (or so you claim) possible.

Reg's first words in this story are perfect. That's exactly what I imagine him like. I picture Regulus as someone really, really similar to me and somehow I knew you'd write him as haughty and sarcastic. Such a Slytherin through and through, as he should be.

I can't stop being amazed by the way you wield words. I don't know how you manage to do this over and over. All of my reviews for you must sound the same because you're just constantly at such a high level. This may be my favorite thing you've ever written, though. Maybe. It's hard to tell because it's all so great.

The second James pulled himself up onto the parapet, I knew there was no going back. Of course, you know I love dialogue, but I must say, I love your minimalist approach to dialogue as well. You're so talented at making very few words be just as impactful as many. The inner thoughts and observations of James in this story are just as good as any conversation could be.

The way James unknowingly asked Regulus out just sent a shiver through my body. I can't imagine this being any better.

Wow, THIS. “Hey, Reg,” I nudged him gently. “Show me the stars. You’ll have to be patient, though – I’m hopeless.” Clearly, you are in the business of making my heart flutter. Your description of Regulus and their kiss and EVERYTHING is so good. You're so good.

The hemophilia and the heart murmur are unexpected but really cool to see in fic. You connect these little things directly into canon and give them such an impact and they just seem to fit.

The use of the title was excellent and I'm so happy that showed up. The letters and Sirius punching him!! I cannot believe this. SO GOOD. I suppose Sirius forgave him in the years following, considering that he didn't seem to hate him by the time he meets Harry. I can imagine that the initial shock would not make a person like Sirius feel anything nearing calm. Albus' understand was a good touch, considering who he is.

I almost finish this would have been written into canon. This gives an entire new fold to the tragic story of the Marauders. This was everything I could have hoped and I now find myself even more obsessed with the pairing than I was before. And I was quite obsessed. I couldn't have asked for a better story, really. You are just one of the greatest writers I have ever read. Amazing. Thank you for the swap.

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Review #13, by slytherinchica08 Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
Ok so I'm going to do this whole review as I go thing so be prepared for what will probably be a pretty long review!

First off, your opening, was just fantastic. It drew me in right away and really set the tone for the story. That first sentence was already so beautiful to me and just called out to me and I could already begin to feel my heartstrings being pulled.. man I'm in for a ride if you can already do that to me in the first sentence!

Oh my god, and then you hit me with the next part where I find out that he is saying this all to Lily, like really, can you hit me any harder? I can already feel tears coming to my eyes and this is just getting ridiculous. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm sick so thats messing with my emotions or something but really, must you do this to me?

Ok seriously, you need to stop this! That next paragraph where he talks about how Sirius, and Remus, and Peter are more his friends then Lily's no matter how much they love her and she loves them and the fact that their parents are dead. Like really, just keep hitting me in the feels why don't you. This is just getting absolutely crazy that you are already invoking these kind of emotions in before the story really even takes off, like what kind of sorcery is this?

Aw man, the fact that Lily knows Regulus and actually liked him and such really just makes this even more sad. Like I feel like its that much more of a slap in the face to her considering its not someone that she would really expect, but it was still someone that she knew and liked (relatively speaking).

And then I couldn't help but smile at the thought of James writing this letter to Lily and knowing that she will probably scream and cry and want to rip his shirts. It shows that he really does love her, and he knows her so deeply. And then the bit where he mentions his shirts and for her to not rip the cream one because it was his fathers is just, I don't know really, but there was something about it that brought a small smile to my lips at the thought of him saying this. It was also sad because this shirt is really about all that he has left of his father so of course he is going to want to keep it.

And then you hit me with the feels again, this one induced by the beautiful description! I loved how James really couldn't remember how this all began, because when things do start rather slowly, its hard to pinpoint that one moment that really set things in motion, rather its a bunch of small things that when combined together create this one massive thing that you cant help any more.

Oh my goodness this amazing description just continues. I am completely 100% sold on this story already and I am only just reaching the beginning of it all really. Only just getting to the mentions of the fluttering and watching, the fact that he is already wrapped around his finger much like a lock of hair. Gah why must you do this to me Aph, why?

I really enjoyed the first interaction that you showed us. It was so beautiful and wonderful and I could already feel myself emotionally involved and attached to the two which is saying something as I'm a huge fan of James/Lily. But the description was wonderful and so tantalizing to me it just drew me in and I just thought it was all beautiful. I didn't even want to break to writ this down, but I knew that I had to to really get my thoughts and emotions across.

You know, I really like that James seems to always be conscious of him. What he is doing, and kind of keeping an eye on him. I love that the second meeting is almost a bit of a repeat what with it being the same time and place as the last and then the opening is a bit of the same, it not being a good time for stargazing. Oh and then you tie it in to the Black family childhood, having been taught at an early age of the different constellations and where they were mapped at in the night sky.

Oh and then the bit about Regulus sort of dissecting James to a point that James felt like he didn't really have to say anything, that Regulus already knew everything about him. And then the fact that you tied it into the feeling James has when he gets in trouble and is in front of Dumbledore, it was a really smart move to write that, I feel like it really helps to ground things more into a canon sense.

I really love the bit you have about James mentioning that because he is in a relationship with Lily and loves Lily that he thought that that was all there really was to know about love and relationships. I feel like this is very much a true idea. A lot of people might not realize or really think about these other ways that relationships can be because a straight relationship is really all the people are presented with (though that is definitely expanding now).

Ok yep, you hit me so so many feels that I couldn't even stop reading to write down my thoughts. This was just so utterly beautiful and wonderful and it was just amazing. I loved the ending, how things still remained as they were, with James being with Lily and Regulus dead. The letters from Regulus were a beautiful touch and I like the Dumbledore still seemed to know what was going on, it was just really fitting. I felt bad that Sirius and James had ended up in a fight so to speak because of the letters Regulus had written and it was even worse that Lily had taken care of James and was there for him and told him that he could tell her what had happened because I'm sure that in that moment, he felt very much that he couldn't tell her why it had all happened. This was seriously a beautiful oneshot, and will definitely be going in my favorites. Oh and its also gotten the longest review that I have ever written so congratulations on that! Seriously, this probably one of my favorite things that I have read in quite some time! Great Job!


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Review #14, by marauder lady Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
Wow. This is a pairing that would never occur to me, but it's awesome- so wonderfully forbidden. I love the style of the writing, the honesty of it and the fact it's in first person make it really easy to empathise with James here, even though you know he's cheating on Lily. It's so poignant as well. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

I know - it's not a pairing I read very often, but when my friends suggested it to it, the plunny just arrived immediately and I loved the concept behind it. There's an innate tragedy to it which I adore, so I couldn't resist! ;) I've been really into first-person-confessional-type stories recently, too, so that kinda influenced this a lot, too.

Thank you so much for the lovely review - it was so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #15, by writeyourheartout Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:

First of all, thank you for the dedication! That was so sweet of you to include me in, too! You're so lovely. You know, when you're not torturing characters and breaking my heart. ;)

FAIR WARNING: I'm going to quote you A LOT. Cause your writing is so pretty. Your description in some places and your poignancy in others is just so brilliant that I just can't help but to relive it here.

I never was able to keep quiet for long, as you know well; my mum blames my dad for it and my dad blames my mum. In turn, they both blame Sirius, too. - HAHAHA I love that while this really was overall a very angsty, tragic story, you were still able to add in these wonderful moments of humor. It added a whole new level to the tale, lacing it through with some comedy so that we're emotionally up and down the whole time.

Unlike you, he wasn’t open, or friendly, or talkative; he was quiet and aloof and hardly ever deigned to acknowledge others around him. He wasn’t even rude – you remember, I’m sure, how unfailingly polite he was in prefects’ meetings – he was just… cold. - I love this description of Regulus. It is so spot on for me. In fact, all of your characterizations were brilliantly on point; from those we spend a lot of time with to those we only see in small glimpses; everyone felt to authentic.

Charmingly foolish, you called me once. You always did know me so well, even when you said you hated me. - Did I mention I was going to quote you a lot? LOL Forgive me. BUT SO MUCH YES HERE. Charmingly foolish - it's too true. I wrote a Jily fic once that essentially likened James to a charming mess. It's always so great to read stories where characters are written just as you see them, too. It makes it far too easy to become hopelessly attached, though. ♥

I have to say, I just love the slow build of their relationship, the complete unsureness of James, the skepticism of Regulus, both of which still pulls them toward one another without knowing quite why. It's so lovely.

Once a Gryffindor, though, and so I walked forwards again. - This line. This moment. So much yes. SO MUCH YES.

And then omggg. That stargazing date scene that immediately followed was sooo romantic! *dies* And what I love most about it was that it was romantic without feeling overdone or cheesy or any of the things I usually feel and dislike while reading romantic scenes! I don't even know how you did it, but it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

You always trusted me implicitly. Faith and kindness: your two best and most endearing qualities. I suppose in this I abused both, really. - UGH. I love that this story was in letter format for moments like these. His openness and honesty in this letter, regardless of how he kept the secret for so long in the first place, is just so perfectly touching sometimes. I really want to know what Lily thinks of all this; how she'd react to all of these truths.

The moment when Regulus shares his hemophilia and James shares his heart murmur... ugh, Laura. UGH. ♥ What a beautiful, touching moment.

I just adore this hero complex section, of James trying to almost justify why he thinks it started in the first place, because he wanted to fix or to save or to help Regulus. And this idea of both feeling that it was a good, kind thing to do for Regulus while also knowing it wasn't actually a nice thing to do to Lily, it makes me really feel for him and to understand how torn he was. And I love that when he asks if it was wrong, he doesn't say I don't think so, but rather I don't want to think so. Love it.

In my life, you were the daylight, the person I could love then, openly and obviously, utterly unfettered by convention, by sides in a war, by secrets and truths we both hid. He was like the night, quiet and beautiful and wondrous in his own way, and I didn’t love him any less than you, even if we had to be secret, had to be short and sweet and simple. - This. Is. Perfection. I can't even. Just yes. Everything here: yes. ♥


(You just had to throw a little wink to Albus/Gellert in, didn't you? hahaha I've never really gotten into their ship, to be honest, but that was a brilliant moment. I love that you struck upon their parallels to gut-punch us right in the feels. I also hate that you did it, too, though... cause FEELS. UGH.)


It's like... I feel bad for EVERYONE in this story! For James and for Regulus and for Lily and for Dumbledore and for Sirius and WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU THAT EVERYONE MUST SUFFER? (Don't worry, I mean that in a terribly good way. :-p)

The ending was perfect. From Sirius' reaction to Lily's naive comforting to the way you wrapped up the letter... Perfection. I don't even know what else to say about it. It was just so wonderful.

You are brilliant. This was incredible. And that is all.

Tanya ♥

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Review #16, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
I'm not crying. I'm not crying... I'm totally crying. Like, literally. I'm not even being dramatic. There are freaking tears in my eyes and I am so happy and so sad and... and... I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS.

The build up was perfect. The talks and the awkwardness and how Regulus just knows what's going to happen, but let's James get there on his own anyway. And the talk of the stars. I don't know how you managed to convey something that is often cliche and make it so genuinely perfect for them that the tears started just a little bit. BUT I LOVED IT.

Oh, where's the line... Here: “Hey, Reg,” I nudged him gently. “Show me the stars. You’ll have to be patient, though – I’m hopeless.” - SO FREAKING PERFECT. THE TEARS OFFICIALLY STARTED. ♥

They were always going to be tragic, secret. But the way you wrote it, I so wanted the happy ending I knew I couldn't have. They just needed to be together. I shared James' optimism for a time. I wonder if Regulus felt the same or if he just knew the outcome and didn't think about that.

And then he dies. I was not equipped to handle James crying or getting a letter of his own. I just wasn't. And then Sirius beats him up - that I expected, you did promise protective older brother. Still didn't like it so much. Just... poor James.

I love that it's written like a letter. That James is writing to Lily to tell her the truth. Understandable that he might not be able to say the words out loud, but letters are good. The whole truth can be written in a letter.

I honestly don't know what to do with life now that I'm at the end of this. There is no one but Regulus/James, who are just so perfect together but can't be. :(

Thank you so much for writing this! :D


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