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Reading Reviews for My Lily Flower
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Review #1, by Secret Cupid 1

14th February 2016:
Hi again Lea!! I am back again to spread some more love here! :)

This was an interesting story. I have read many stories which reveal Lily's feelings after Snape calls her Mudblood but this is the first I've come across where the feelings of three different characters have been included. Their reactions on exactly the same scenarios made the effect even more special. Though I'm a hardcore James/Lily shipper and Remus/Lily is something I don't read often, I enjoyed this story immensely. :D

Snape's part is the most heartbreaking. Yes, he did a big mistake and I don't really like Snape much anyway but you made me feel bad about him. The part about the quilt literally broke my heart. :'(

Lily's part is really realistic! The part that touched me the most was that she could see Snape breaking down but ran away thinking about herself for the first time. Then, she finds comforts in Remus. She surely needs someone to share her grief with. Lily tears away and burns the same photograph which Snape adds a caption to. Oh, the feels again!

Oh! The caption appears in the corner of the photo in Lily's album. Snape's and Lily's albums are magically connected? That's a great idea!

Remus is so sweet here. He can easily see how Snape is more hurt than Lily is. Remus and Lily have a secret signal to meet in the library? Had they been dating in secret for sometime before the incidence?

The only thing which felt odd to me was Remus saying that Lily is more important than James. Sure he wants to comfort the sad girl but James and his other friends have done a lot for him as well. Other than that the story was absolutely lovely! I'm glad I got to read this!

With lots of love
Your Secret Cupid

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback!

Lea xx

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Review #2, by Frankie05 1

28th June 2015:

Here for House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

I have never thought to put Remus and Lily together. You made me like them!

I find this very interesting to see it written in first person from three different perspectives. Each one, having their own input on the current situation. Snape noticing Remus not taunting with his friends, Lily noticing an Angry James, and Remus doing something so subtle only he and Lily understand. I think this story is good representation of how there are so many sides to one story, so many thoughts to one sentence, so many reactions to one moment. I especially liked how you ended each view point with "my Lily Flower" although, if my now boyfriend had calledme that after I just threw away a picture that had the same thing my ex-best friend called me, I'd be a little freaked out, but that's just my opinion. Altogether what a wonderful story. I truly enjoyed how emotional all three of the characters were, and I think your descriptions of them and their versions were on point. I applaud you.


Author's Response: Hi Frankie,

I had never read a Remus/Lily story before I wrote this, but I have since searched up a few more of them and enjoyed reading a couple of them.

Haha, I see what you mean there with Remus being a little creepy the way he said that. I didn't think of that when I wrote, I guess because Remus didn't see the image and I just never looked at it that way.


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Review #3, by TidalDragon 1

27th June 2015:
I'm back!

I think this is my favorite of your stories so far, even though it has Remus/Lily. What struck me about it was the careful way you matched each segment of each POV to its corresponding one in the other POVs. It's obvious that you took care to make that matching happen and I think it adds a lot to the structure and impact of the story, especially given that the paragraphs are fairly short.

Cutting back to Remus/Lily for a moment, I will note that while it's not my cup of tea, I definitely see the potential there between that duo. What I think MAY have been a little much here was the statement by Remus that Lily was more important to him than James. For me, it strikes me as fairly OOC as even if Remus and Lily are close friends, James has unquestionably done much more for him per canon and I think they have a much closer (if very different) connection than Remus and Lily would even if in a relationship. Truthfully, given how Sirius exposed Remus re: the Snape incident, I would think James would probably be Remus's best friend and it seems unlikely that he'd truly place Lily (as a seemingly new girlfriend) above him. If he's "just saying it" I think it's a lie that doesn't need to be told because the story's fine without it.

At any rate, I thought you did a great job as well with the pain that the Snape and Lily experience and its differences and the vicarious pain and concern that Remus shows in the aftermath of the incident. The pain, truly, is the tie that binds the POVs and makes the story, when told that way, greater than the sum of its parts.

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Author's Response: I wrote this story in one sitting late at night and didn't edit the storyline, so what you see here is exactly what came out when I wrote it.

I do agree with you that it seems as though Remus is just throwing away James' friendships for Lily when James has always bee there for him. When I wrote it I was thinking of it being that in that moment, right then and there, he would rather be with Lily than James, as Lily's need for attention and company was greater than James'. He wasn't just saying to make her feel better, but he didn't mean it she was always more important than James. However, reading it again I can see how it may have been taken that way, so I might have a go at tidying that bit up.

I'm glad you enjoyed the multiple POVs in the story and thought they worked well, as it is something I haven't really done much of before or since.


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