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Reading Reviews for misguided ghosts
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Review #1, by jessicalorewrites vidi.

19th June 2015:
hey! jess here, reading and reviewing so that I can (finally lol) get the results out for the diversity challenge. the results should be out within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled over on the forums!

plot/written value:
ahh, I'm so happy rose finally finished writing her essay/pamphlet and that she finally got to where she wants to be. I can't even imagine the insane amount of research went into learning about all these mental disorders. I've studied psychology myself in some small capacity (looking primarily at schizophrenia) and its almost sort of endless with the amount of research there is and the issues surrounding diagnosis and treatment. my favourite moments in this chapter were rose's interviews: both with lysander and with james. they were informative, thought-provoking and really sensitively handled. I like how they revealed more about each of the men as well, along with more about rose and her unrequited scorpius feels :\ (yes. I'm very upset that neither scorose or scorbus are ~loved up~ in this)

I love the depth that you brought out in rose, lysander and james within this chapter. first off you took rose and her relationship with scorpius and delved into that more and the reasons behind why she fell for him. I can totally understand why she feels so bitter about lysander and the pains of having to see his and scorpius' domesticity--I imagine that to be more than a little painful. and then exploring lysander's eating disorder and james' anxiety and a little about his life as a model/quidditch player were really interesting to read.

again, I'm so here for where you've taken this story so far with all that rose is striving for and all that I'm sure she'll change within the field of mental health. there's a great multitude of issues touched on here and I think it's great that you're showing ANYONE can suffer from any number of mental illnesses--a famed war hero can struggle with ptsd, a model can have generalised anxiety, etc. it's great that you cover so much both in broad terms and in depth ♥

favourite line/bit:
I just really like this bit "with one last look around the little flat, rose darted out of the door, filling her lungs with the scent of, well, anything but lysander. anything but the domesticity that she had always yearned for."

- jess, xo

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Review #2, by jessicalorewrites veni.

19th June 2015:
hey! jess here, reading and reviewing so that I can (finally lol) get the results out for the diversity challenge. the results should be out within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled over on the forums!

plot/written value:
obviously like I said in one of my other reviews I haven't read much of the ylyl series buT PANSY PARKINSON TRIED TO KIDNAP ALBUS FOR MONEY??? I shouldn't find this as hilarious as I do. anyway onto the ACTUAL story and not this little line that distracted me: once again, this was brilliantly done. I'm glad I decided to read 'goodbye good friend' before this because if not I wouldn't have understood the willow thing and it's relation to rose's motivation. speaking of, I think both that motivation and the motivation of ron's addiction were really well thought out. I'm super sad to hear that willow's death was a suicide :\ after reading ggf I was sort of hoping that it was a murder or accident simply to cure my heartbreak but still, the suicide works well within the realms of the story.

I've always thought that ron would be the one of the trio who suffered the most. I don't know why per se just that I get the feeling he's the type to bottle things up? even moreso than harry sometimes. bottle the serious stuff up at any rate. it's sad that it ended in him being an alcoholic and recluse here but that's the way life works sometimes :\ I hope rose can help him figure things out, being the pro-active and head-strong girl she seems to be!

wow the issues you're addressing here with mental health in the wizarding world are so on point--I've often wondered about how these things are dealth with amongst wizards and the result is heartbreaking. that they think mental illnesses can't be helped because they're not physical ailments is horrid. I dread to think of the people already up in that ward! comfortable, sure, but not recovering. I think you're drawing some real attention to mental health in this and I just know it's going to be brilliantly done ♥

favourite line/bit:
"the wizarding world is too small."
"say it again for the folks in the back."

- jess, xo

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Review #3, by maryhead vidi.

21st May 2015:
Hi Joey! I was just going round HPFF, enjoying the last minutes of my "Harry Potter time", when I said to myself: "why don't we get to Joey's profile and review something for him?"... So here I am, with a couple of months of delay, but hey... Better late than never!

I am really enjoying this story so far, as I do with all of your works after all. I've read this after the one-shot about Willow's death, and both of them touched highly emotional subjects that occupy special places in my heart.

Being a medical student, I often happen to think about delicate issues like death or mental illness, and the more I approach the final year, the more I realise that I am fairly alone in my musings. My "colleagues" are, for the most part, too submerged in the competitive, study-for-the-marks side of our faculty, and do not pay attention to the fact that, sooner or later, they will have to face a patient on his/her deathbed or with a mental illness. They do not think about it, they consider the few lessons we have about patient communication and psychology as a waste of time and then, when reality finally strikes them, they react poorly, to use an euphemism. They say the wrong things to the dying patient, they snap at the woman or man with mental health issues. They do not think, and they should. They should be more like Rose, they should look at things like that with less superficiality and fear, allow themselves to feel empathy and start fighting for the well-being of the person, which should be the golden rule of any good doctor.

I know this story is mainly about mental illnesses and the daily struggle of dealing with them, but for me this is also a story about how to be a good doctor, so thank you.

I hope Rose manages to win her battle...considering the titles of the chapters, I highly suspect victory is just around the corner :P


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Review #4, by StarlightAsteria vidi.

17th April 2015:
Hi Joey!

As always, your writing is exceptional, characters well developed and everything. I'll try and make this as coherent as possible, as I'm aware that I have a bit of tendency to ramble.

First off, I really like your chapter titles; they fit really well with Rose's fierce, combative nature. (And the mental image of Rose as Caesar is a memorable one as well - as I've said before, my mind works really strangely!) But you also make her vulnerable, with her relationship, or lack thereof, with Scorpius. It's not overdone, it's not overblown, which is the easy trap to fall into, and it's a really good way of showing her complexity. Yeah, as you've probably guessed, I really like your take on Rose.

And Ron, well I can completely picture him being that way (which is really sad, I know, but I really have a bit of a thing about people not coming out of wars unscathed, because that's simply not realistic.) So basically, well done. And bringing up PTSD is such a good thing as well, because often mental illness is stigmatised, and it really shouldn't be, especially those like PTSD because there's often a whole victim thing as well - and people should stop seeing themselves as victims, because it isn't their fault. And I just want to say that I admire your bravery in writing about it so openly - that's not something I'd have the courage to write about like that because of a recent personal experience.

I really enjoyed reading this!

Celi xxx

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Review #5, by The Autumn Emperor veni.

30th March 2015:
Hello Joseph!

Firstly, may I commend you on your choice of chapter titles? I do appreciate seeing the famous words of my esteemed predecessor Caesar on such a magnificent story as this!

This is such an intriguing concept, I must say. Mental illness in the wizarding world is not something I see addressed very often, and young Rose seems a bold and altruistic character. What house is she in, by the way? I would be most interested to find out.

I do enjoy the interactions between your characters in this chapter. You have a talent for dialogue, and it conveys a lot about the relationships within the Potter-Weasley family in particular. Your characterisation of Ron is also something quite unique. PTSD, I assume? Very realistic, very believable - and yet, not often explored. Kudos to you for doing so.

Must dash - I have an empire to survey, after all, and time waits for no one.

The Autumn Emperor

Author's Response: YOU SNEAKY EMPEROR, YOU! still can't believe you snuck under my nose and had me fooled. For the record, I totally knew it was you deep down.

The chapter titles happened because I was planning the story in my head and thinking about the events of the story and was like 'she totally came saw and conquered that's what happened here.' so, they're kind of literal.

Mental illness is never addressed enough in fic for my liking, so I decided if I wanted it done right, I should do it myself. Rose is such a Claw.

dialogue is totally my jam. i hope i'm up for the dobby even though i'd lose to you. pretty sure even i wouldn't prefer my own dialogue to yours. it's still my jam though.

Ron with PTSD was the very first idea I had that turned into this fic. I was just thinking about how /someone/ had to be affected by the war and somehow it seemed like it'd definitely be him more than anyone else.

Thank you for the review, 'Emperor'!

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Review #6, by TreacleTart vidi.

28th March 2015:
Hello there my dear!

So I finally made it to chapter 2! I was really excited to see Rose start delving into the research phase of this process. I could imagine that there would be so much for her to learn about!

I thought the way you introduced the different disorders was quite good, particularly in Lysander. To me, that particular section really stood out from the rest of the chapter. It was definitely the most detailed and well-explained portion of the story. The way Lysander explained how he came to be the way he is was very understandable and relatable. I do have to say that I was very hopeful for him at the end because he was so aware of what was going on and his triggers. I hope that Rose can help him find peace with it all.

James' section was a bit more brief, but I liked your description of his anxiety. I think most people tend to occasionally blow something out of proportion, but the idea of having to deal with it on a daily basis seems quite daunting. Having witnessed a full-fledged panic attack once before, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It was terrifying just to see.

I was so happy to see Hermione and Ron being more open about their issues. PTSD takes a lot of time and patience to deal with, but better communication is definitely a step in a healthier direction. It must be very rewarding for Rose to see the change that she's inspired!

I did want to offer a very small amount of constructive criticism as there was one small section that seemed a bit off to me. The part where you talk about Rose not being jealous of Albus' relationship and then it flows into how much she's into Scorpius. I don't know why, but it seemed a bit jarring to me...maybe because it felt a bit random. I didn't really understand why that thought about the jealousy would've occurred to her right then.

All in all, another really good chapter! It makes me very happy to see you write about different psychological disorders because it's a subject that desperately needs to be talked about! Great work! I can't wait to see what the next chapter brings!


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Review #7, by MargaretLane vidi.

27th March 2015:
I really like the suggestion that she TALK to some people. There's a certain amount that the jargon of medical texts can't tell you. The theory is important, of course, but I don't think it really tells you what it actually FEELS like to experience a mental illness, or any experience for that matter.

One slight criticism I'd have is that this story seems to be rushing a little. It may be because I haven't read the rest of the universe and you are having to "catch us up", so to speak, but it seems like an awful lot happened quite quickly in the first chapter. And again, it seems to move very quickly from one interview to the next. The conversation with Lysander felt a little rushed. I'd expect them to chat a little and not stick so closely to the facts the whole time.

I'm wondering why people would expect Rose to feel resentment around Al and Destiny. It doesn't sound like she's recently experienced heartbreak or anything. Maybe she's just got a lot of very old-fashioned friends who can't imagine anybody being happily single.

I REALLY like the idea of Fred being a professional photographer. I always like it when we see characters in jobs other than Auror, Healer, working in a Ministry department or Quidditch player. Not that there's anything WRONG with any of those jobs, but it's nice to see other things as well.

And I like the way the apparent lack of career opportunities contributed to Lysander's eating disorder.

In your early twenties, it really seems like you need to sort out your life NOW; it's only later that you realise there was plenty of time.

I like the way James and Rose get chatting at the beginning and take a few moments to realise what they should be doing; it's realistic.

Interviewing people you know well must be difficult, because it'd feel weird to be formal about it. And people might feel more awkward about sharing personal stuff with somebody they KNOW.

Coincidentally, I've just posted a chapter to a collab account in which a character is interviewed, originally about their lycanthropy, as the character doing the interviews is trying to improve services for those bitten, but later in the chapter, the issue of post traumatic stress arises.

And I think "Post Traumatic" should be two words.

I really like the fact you chose James as the one to suffer an anxiety disorder. He's often portrayed as very confident, so showing him as experiencing that disorder shows it's not always people who are shy or quiet.

I also like the way his suicide attempt is off-limits in the discussion. These things can't be easy to talk about and it'd seem unrealistic if everybody she spoke to was completely open about their experiences. Some people would probably be, but some would surely have difficulty discussing certain things.

And I REALLY like the distinction between pamphlet and essay. I think Destiny is right. An essay sounds academic, as if it's something for professionals only, whereas a pamphlet sounds like something for general information.

I like the title. It not only fits, but it's also sort of catchy and laid back, which again emphasises its accessibility to lay people.

Author's Response: Hello again!

I'm a bit of an activist in real life and some of the things I've learned doing that have bled into this story. One of the most important things has always been to talk to people who have first hand experience. So, if I'm speaking out for women, I should always try to center the experiences and voices of women because they almost certainly know things that I do not, regardless of how many books I've read on the topic. And that's sort of the origins of my plans to have Rose talk to people. She happened to know plenty of people who she could talk to, as it happened.

I can see where you're coming from about the rushing. I think it may spring from the fact that I am quite literally rushing to finish writing it before Camp NaNo. I may go back and smooth things out a bit in some areas when I'm done with the final chapter. I'll be able to pinpoint exact places to focus on now that you've mentioned them.

I always hated the assumption that all single people are unsatisfied with being single. I kind of ranted about it extensively in my other Rose story. Although, I do see that expectation pretty often. Rose in this story is generally fine with being single among couples though, even if she holds affection for Scorpius. I wanted her to feel conflicted about that, but not conflicted about being single in general. I hope that came across.

I agree that there's nothing wrong with those jobs, but I do like to venture outside of them. Speaking of, Lysander owns an apothecary. I might add that into this chapter when I go back to edit.

I know that feeling helpless can contribute to eating disorders and I related that to the idea of those "core" Wizarding careers. Drifting about after finishing school can trigger a lot of things that weren't apparent before, especially if you had a relatively easy time in school.

I'm not yet in my twenties, but I can relate to that perceived running out of time quite well.

Oh wow, you wrote something that touched on PTSD following being bitten? That sounds really interesting. I assume you mean your collab account with Leonore? I'll try to find that and see what you did there.

I was really uncertain about the spelling because I kept finding it spelled both ways online--occasionally on the same sites, so I just chose one at random. I'm still not sure of the official, agreed upon spelling.

I like to have James struggling, honestly. That sounds sort of sadistic, but I think the way he's so consistently written might actually give more weight when he is written slightly differently. I wanted him to seem like a fun, outgoing person who happens to have an anxiety disorder, rather than someone who succumbs fully to it. (although that does happen, and there is a place for those characters)

The suicide attempt was kept completely secret until a couple of months before the events of this chapter, so it has yet to be completely unpacked by them all emotionally. I thought it'd be unrealistic to have him ready to share that with the entire world in that context.

I know that, when it comes to the public, wording can be key and reading an essay and flipping through a pamphlet just conjure up different mental images. And I thought Al and Destiny would realize that a little more readily than the academic minded Rose.

This is written for the banner challenge, so the title wasn't chosen by me at all. At first, I almost gave the banner back because I couldn't decide how to make this story idea fit with this title. But, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed it might fit in with the title of the pamphlet. Glad you liked it! Seems better than calling it. "Mental Health Resource 1" or something.

Thank you so much for your reviews! They're clearly very thought-provoking, considering how I got carried away with this response. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.

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Review #8, by MargaretLane veni.

27th March 2015:
I can easily imagine Ron being the least well equipped to deal with the effects of the war, now that you mention it. Hermione seems like a phenomenally strong person and Harry...well, Harry went through a fair amount in his childhood and had less expectation of stability than the others. I know that doesn't necessarily mean more emotional stability, but from what we saw in the books, he coped pretty well with nearly 10 years of abuse and neglect, so there is some evidence of his resilience. And in Deathly Hallows, Ron seemed the most inclined to go to pieces.

Hermione's comment about how a lot of people came out of the war "a bit shaken" is such an understatement, but rather typical of her, I think.

And I like the indications that Rose is hampered in raising her concerns by the knowledge she DOESN'T really know what her parents' generation went through.

I love the way you are addressing the apparent lack of help for mental health issues in the wizarding world - when you think about it, it's actually pretty horrifying that in Order of the Phoenix, the society was split between those who believed Harry was telling the truth and those who thought it hilarious or annoying that he was supposedly having a breakdown. Not one person seemed to think it concerning if a boy orphaned as a toddler started apparently hallucinating after witnessing a schoolmate's death and/or fantasising about that death happening in a more meaningful way than in a stupid school contest.

And James is also suffering mental health difficulties. Poor guy.

"He shrugged," should have a capital "h" and the part before it about the jail sentence Pansy got should have a full stop at the end, not a comma, as the shrugging is a separate sentence from the dialogue.

LOVE the part about Albus's girlfriend punching his abductor. So often it seems to be the guy protecting his girlfriend, so it's nice to see a girl doing the protective bit.

The last line is pretty intriguing. I wonder what she plans to do.

Author's Response: Oh wow, hi! This is such an awesome surprise!

It's funny that you went through the exact same thought process I went through when I first had this idea. I decided that I wanted to write a Healer story centered on mental health because I have not read a story like that before and I was trying to decide which of the Trio would be most likely to suffer from PTSD. Ron seemed to be someone who might struggle with it more severely than the other two, certainly.

It's a relief you thought that line was typical of her. I was nervous to write her because I usually don't venture into writing major canon characters.

I definitely thought that it would be possible that the younger generation wouldn't know all of the intimate details of the things that happened back then. Especially since both of Ron's parents were in the Order during the first war and he did not seem to have a real idea of what happened in that time.

Yes, I always thought it was strange that they dismissed his apparent delusions as something to mock him for. I assumed that showing up in front of your entire school with your dead classmate in your hands shouting that the man who murdered your parents is alive would be cause for concern more than anything.

Thank you for those corrections! I went at this without a beta, so there may be a few little things like that I missed.

I purposely had Destiny do the saving because I'm not a huge fan of the whole damsel in distress trope. I try to at least be equal opportunity about those sorts of things.

Thank you so much for this review. I was so excited to get on and see this!

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Review #9, by Unicorn_Charm vidi.

27th March 2015:
Hey Joseph!!

THIS IS MY 300TH REVIEW!!! *Confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling* And I couldn't imagine a better story to leave it on! ♥

I am so proud of Rose for taking an initiative like this and doing so much research. She is so passionate about changing things in the wizarding world and it's so wonderful to see. :) Side note; Al and Destiny are freaking adorable! Meg wants more!! :p

Um... What?? Rose has a thing for Scorpius?? Did I totally miss that in the description when I read the first chapter? Or did you add that before this chapter? Now I'm all sad face for Rose. :(

I have a lot of respect for Lysander to be able to talk about his disorder so easily. I know that it took me a long time, after I got better, to really open up and talk about it with people. All of that hit a little close to home for me. The unemployment, not having a stable group of friends, knowing you're better than what's out there. Lysander might be the character I relate to the most in you universe here.

Aww poor Rose! I want to hug her! :(

I love how supportive her friends/relatives are being with this. I know it's not easy to open up about anxiety or any other disorder and her loved ones are being amazing about this. I wonder if getting back into Quidditch would help James. He's clearly not doing to well being a Model, and it seems like he does miss it.

Oh that scene with Hermione and Rose! I'm nearly crying! Just that line about Ron feeling that it's time for the world to know, it really choked me up. I'm so glad that they're at least trying to be proactive about his condition and it seems to be heading in a positive direction!

Holy Joseph! I love the explanation for Misguided Ghosts! You're brilliant!

Your Author's Note is a prime example of why I tell you what an amazing person you are. For you to open yourself up to anyone who reads this to message you if they're experiencing any of these issues... I don't even have words. You're just a wonderful person.

This was such a great chapter! And it's a wonderful story in a fantastic universe! I really cannot wait to read more and more and more and more!!

So much love,
Meg ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Hi Meg! Actually responding to this in a timely manner because I've decided that I'm holding my unanswered reviews beneath 80 for now :P

So honored to receive your 300th! You've actually left SO many reviews considering how long you've been here.

Rose is the consummate researcher. I love this girl so much. She's all "Hey, I have no idea what I'm doing?? I'll just read every book I CAN FIND."

On the topic of Albus and Destiny: I love them as well and very much wish I could write about them infinitely. I'm not sure if I'll write them as main characters again though...but they will show up in my camp nano novel as minor characters, if that makes things better.

I did add that before this chapter because I changed this story to a 'Rose/Scorpius' and didn't want flamers coming here angry because they didn't get a real Scorose. It is quite sad that she chose him of all people to like so much. I didn't plan for this to happen, but while I was writing it, it just did. And then I thought back to 'goodbye good friend' and I realized it was true all along and I simply didn't know yet.

Yeah, Lysander is able to talk about his disorder a lot more freely at this point than before, largely thanks to Scorpius. It hit quite close for me as well. While writing the conversation, I began to realize I was kind of talking about myself and had to stop and take a long look at myself. That's why I randomly came into the group chat saying that because I had literally just realized. It was difficult, but I think it's better for it, as a piece of writing. I'm so glad you relate to Lysander because he's incredibly strong and resilient and that's definitely someone to identify with.

I didn't think that Rose would have so many personal conflicts in this story, but again, they just happened. I ended up feeling really sorry for her at some points in this chapter too.

James' story was another that was directly out of my own life. I struggle with several anxiety disorders and obviously I'm using this story as a means to vent quite a bit. Before 'goodbye good friend' I didn't know he had an anxiety disorder because apparently my characters do the deciding here. Originally, all I knew about him was 'bisexual model.' I'm tempted to write a 'James getting back into Quidditch' fic but I promised myself I would finish this era of the YLYL universe with this story. I've got way too many ideas as it is. (but maybe one day)

I was kind of nervous to write Hermione, because of my general aversion to writing major canon characters, but it's actually been great. I'm glad that you thought that conversation was emotional because it certainly was meant to feel like a turning point.

When I first got the banner, I was like, misguided ghosts?? how am i gonna turn a healer fic into a story called misguided ghosts?? but then i was like OMG i've totally got it. So, now it's the title of her pamphlet

Being affected by these things up close and personally, I really feel the need to extend my hand in friendship to anyone who may stumble upon this. It'd be one thing if I was going at this stuff academically, but I'm literally spilling my heart out into this story and I just want to let other people know that they can do the same to me, even if they aren't a writer. I know exactly how hard it is to have no one to talk to. So, yeah, I'm not sure if I'm an amazing person, but I like to think I'm a decent human being.

I am so glad you've been liking the universe so far! Even though this ends this era of it, we've still got Al and Destiny's daughter's story, the Kaleidoscope Love spin-off and a few other possible projects in the Hogwarts Era. Hopefully some of those interest you!! I feel so bad about not writing these characters anymore. Thank you so much for taking an interest in this story and, in a broader sense, this universe and my writing and just thank you for everything you are awesome. ♥

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Review #10, by adluvshp veni.

23rd March 2015:
Hey! Here for our review swap!

I think this is a very interesting story! I love your plot idea of Rose wanting to do something about treating mental illnesses in the wizarding world. After the war, it is especially very important. The idea of Ron wasting away like this is quite sad but quite plausible at the same time. It makes sense that Rose would think about this after seeing this problem at home.

I like your portrayal of Rose and Albus, as well as the brief introduction of her friends. This all seems a very normal atmosphere and I like that it is not over-the-top. Your inclusion of LGBT characters and relationships is also done nicely.

There was a small part that I did not understand - the suicide case thing. I think it'd be nice to add a brief backstory to that the way you did with the Parkinson case (mentioning that she tried to kidnap Al). If you provided some kind of backstory about who Willow was and what James had to do with it (I didn't get that conversation), it'd make a little more sense. Maybe it's just me who didn't understand though, so if you think it's okay, you can ignore this little bit of CC =)

Apart from that, I really liked reading this. It is a strong start to your story and I loved the note it ended on, with Rose deciding to do something about the mental health illness thing herself. Your descriptions are good and your narrative is smooth. I didn't see any grammar errors either.

Good job =)


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Review #11, by Aphoride veni.

22nd March 2015:
Hey Joey! :) Stopping by for our review swap again, haha. And so the endless cycle of reviewing continues :P

Can I just say first off that I love so many elements you have in this? I love Healer!Rose, and gay!James II (if I'm honest, I prefer James II being gay and not like James I than anything else... it's just, gah, I can never resist subverting stereotypes in that way, and if most people make Al gay, then imma have me a gay/bi!James instead :P), and of course Scorp/Lysander! ;)

Anyway, moving on from that... stuff, haha, I love the way you've written Rose in this. She's just so so good. I love how she's so affected by what's happened to Ron and Willow and how she's so passionate, really, about the idea of helping, but at the same time realistic and knows it's going to be difficult to get approval for it and so get people at St Mungo's involved - but then, she's so strong at the end when she decides she's going to do it on her own. She's just such a great mix of Ron and Hermione in this, in a way which makes her totally herself, and I love it! :)

Plus, I totally agree with her about the situation - it's ridiculous! Mental health and all that jazz is one of those things which is so fascinating to think about in terms of the wizarding world and their approach, because there are so many different ways to take it. Would they be about the same, better or worse? What kind of treatments would they give? Would they even know about the same kinds of illnesses/understand them in the same way? So I'm so so excited to see you tackling this, and I love how you've taken it down the less sympathetic route - her boss sounds so rude and condescending! His opinions sound all very Death Eater-ish tbh, haha.

On that note, I love how you've had Ron struggle with it. Ron has always been, imo, the most mentally 'weak', for lack of a better word, of the three of them - the most easily influenced by things which prey on his weaknesses, the one with perhaps the traits which can lead most easily to things like ptsd, depression and anxiety, and so on. It's incredibly sad to think of, but it's a really heart-breakingly realistic portrayal of him.

(Character-wise, I don't think I need to tell you I love your Scorp and Lys and Al and Destiny? They're all awesome and you know it :P)

Your writing in this is so great, too! I know I keep saying this, but really, it's true each time, I can't help it! :P I love how you described Ron and the issues he faced and how life worked in their house - not talking about it, Hermione's brave face, almost, and so on. It was such a beautiful, real description of it, and so thoughtful, too, which I loved! As always, your dialogue is brilliant - so smooth and good and casual and ugh, I'm so jealous!

This is such a good start - I love it to pieces, and, well, I think I'm going to have to favourite this so I don't miss updates... you're making me expand my favourites page more than I'm used to you know. It's entirely your fault! ;)

(Also, I'm really, really hoping this is three chapters long in total and the chapter names will be veni vidi vici - just coz that would be awesome :P)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi Laura!! We really do so many swaps :P

I've been building up to this for a really long time. I was slyly introducing characters and plot points through one-shots for months leading up to this story. Hopefully this works as sort of a culmination of (this era of) this universe. I love bi!James here. He's incredibly fun to write, although he doesn't show up much.

I've had a really clear picture of this Rose long before I actually wrote her. Passionate is definitely a word you can use to describe her. Writing her has been such a treat.

I've made the Wizarding world about as bad about mental health as possible here honestly. And Healer Adams is a really straightforward, horrible villain. He's kind of Healer!Umbridge in that sense. I probably haven't hated any of my characters as much as him.

I certainly thought that Ron would be the most likely to have issues following the war. I think it was the way the locket affected him that made me decide to have it be him. I didn't plan to start this story as sad as I did, but that's just what I started writing when I sat down and typed.

I have way too much fun with my Scorpius/Lysander/Al/Destiny quartet. I'm not sure I ever want to stop writing them.

I'm glad the writing worked here! Especially the dialogue, because I pride myself on that :P I write dialogue so quickly compared to the rest. I just need an idea of the conversation and then I just go wherever it takes me.

I am so flattered that you favorited! ♥ Also, it totally is three chapters titled veni vidi vici. And it's thematically significant!!

Thank you for this wonderful review :)

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Review #12, by TreacleTart veni.

21st March 2015:
Hello there!

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get here for our review swap! Let me profusely apologize. Unfortunately, work disasters, quidditch, and exhaustion got in the way.

Now on to your story! So I actually read the one-shot that preceded this, I believe. The one where everyone finds out that Willow is dead, but are unsure of whether it's suicide or not. This touches on that bit, but if you hadn't read the other one, I don't feel like you would be too affected, except maybe not getting the reference to Willow and James' suicide attempts.

I wanted to tell you that I am so beyond happy to see someone write about PTSD, but in a realistic way. Often times it either comes off as far too over wrought or like it's no big deal and the character is being too dramatic. You have found just the right in between. I really hope you will continue writing about it because it's such an important subject!

The way Hermione avoids the subject and Rose seems to want to confront the problem is well done as well. It's typical for someone close to a person with PTSD to enable a lot of the bad behavior..in this case Hermione.

I feel bad that Rose got shot down about her request for mental health services. I would think that even in the magical world they would be very important! I hope she keeps fighting for it and maybe can improve the system in the end! I would think that particularly after a war, there would be a high demand for psychological care, but it does seem like the magical world is always a step behind on these types of issues...which is depressing since the muggle one isn't doing all that much better.

Thank you for another spectacular read! It's always an enjoyable review swap when I'm swapping with you!


Author's Response: Hi Kaitlin!

It's okay, I understand things getting in the way! This site is only one part of our lives, even though it feels like more sometimes.

You did read that one-shot! That's the most relevant to this one due to it being most recent chronologically, but there's actually a lot of one-shots that connect in to this that introduce some of the characters here. But luckily you didn't feel like you were missing anything by not having read all of them! Some of the references were there just as little treats for people who've read some of my other stuff, but not essential.

PTSD plays a huge role in this story, as it's the catalyst for everything that happens. Today when I saw your post and read about secondary PTSD, I realized that I've been writing something very similar to that without knowing it. I certainly have made sure that it's affected not only Ron, but those around him as well. I'm so relieved that you found my portrayal realistic. I try to be respectful and as I don't have the disorder myself, I was treading lighter than times when I am writing about something that I have.

Rose doesn't use the word PTSD yet because she doesn't know of it as of now, but she definitely understands that something is wrong. I wrote Hermione (and technically Rose before the start of this story) as enablers because I know how common that is for those whose loved ones suffer. Rose kind of got shocked into doing something because of all of this talk of suicide. I didn't plan it that way, but the more I thought about it, the more that made sense on some level.

I know that the Muggle world isn't excellent when it comes to PTSD. The fact that this story is set quite a bit in future gives me some leeway with wishful thinking at least. I'm hoping that by the time 2029 comes around we'll have something better as far as treatment goes than we do now. But, the wizarding world is very behind as is. I hope you like where I take the rest of the story!

Thank you so much for this incredible review and thank you for the swap :)

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Review #13, by BellaLestrange87 veni.

20th March 2015:
Hi Joey! I'm here for our review swap! I'm sorry for taking a while!

I really like your portrayal of Ron here. It's something I've never seen before, but then again all the Next-Gen fics that I tend to read focus on the Next-Gen kids. All the fics that I've seen (just the summaries, not the actual fic itself, I have to admit) that depict the Trio dealing with the effects of the Second Wizarding War involve PTSD, not alcoholism.


I think it's very realistic how Ron's alcoholism is a topic that everyone seems keen to skirt around and avoid talking about. I have relatives who are alcoholics, and we don't talk about it either, we just leave the room when they get going.

I love how determined Rose is to help her father, even if this Healer Adams (gr) wants to be a gigantic [bad word]. He seems to be the worst kind of boss: dismissive of new ideas, let's-keep-the-status-quo-even-though-it-sucks, you're junior and therefore you're assumed to have no skills whatsoever, etc. I'm working myself up here. I hope he gets fired or embarrassed or at least proven wrong over the course of the story, because denying Rose's idea of helping people with mental health issues simply because "muggle science is behind wizardry" is stupid.

This quote made me laugh really hard - James and Fred could find a cute guy in a post apocalyptic wasteland with their eyes blindfolded. Reminds me of some people I know.

I really liked the poetry reading scene. That, again, is not something I've seen - Albus reading poetry, although a bookish Albus seems to be common - and the bantering between everybody. Scorpius and Lysander are really cute together, and I like how supportive Albus and Destiny are of Rose when she tells them her idea. I really want to know more about Willow and what happened there.

In your Author's Note, you said that you tried to make this understandable without having read any of the other stories taking place in this universe. I haven't read any of them (but I'm going to) and this was very understandable (and enjoyable!). Whenever the next chapter is posted, I will be sure to review it.


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Review #14, by EnigmaticEyes16 veni.

19th March 2015:
Hi! I am finally here for our review swap!

This seems like an interesting start to a story. I really like the idea of wizards addressing mental issues, I don't think it's something they should simply write off. I like how you give Rose a reason to want this change made, not just her father and his alcoholicism and reclusiveness, but her friend who committed suicide as well. And did James try to kill himself, too? I was a little confused about that bit. You'd think after the war they would have attempted to put more effort into helping people overcome the backlashes that can occur after a traumatic experience like that. But maybe they were too focused on reforming the ministry and changing the way people think about muggle-borns and muggles, and to give rights to werewolves and centaurs and other magical beings.

I wish Rose had put up more of a fight though, instead of just letting him dismiss her like that. I wish she had stood her ground and not run away crying. At least she's still determined to change things though, I'm very curious to see what her next move will be.

I also liked your little incites into your other stories, like Scorpius and Lysander, Albus' poetry reading, and Rose's Senior Healer. I wish I knew more about Willow though, and James and Freddie.

Anyway, great start so far! I may have to come back to see where this story goes in future chapters.


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Review #15, by Unicorn_Charm veni.

19th March 2015:
Hey Joseph!! :D

I become more and more in awe of you with every story your write. I hope you know just how unbelievably talented you are, Joseph. And if you don't, I'm going to make it my life's mission to beat that into your head. I don't think I would be able to do this. To be able to take all of these stories, make them all so different and unique, yet have them fit together and be connected the way yours are. It's just... gah! jsajiofhhogw! Please accept these random assortment of letters in place of actual words to describe how awesome you are, since no words to describe your awesomeness accurately have been invented yet.

I really think you hit the nail on the head with Ron. I feel like he would be the one who would have the most trouble adjusting after the war. He was just never as emotionally adjusted as Harry or Hermione. I am kind of mad at Hermione for not addressing Ron's issue, though. It just makes me sad to see Ron such a mess and Hermione kind of defeated by it. :( Rose seems like she's just about finished with ignoring it. I wonder if she'll confront her father, or get him help?

I agree with her. I'm surprised that there isn't any kind of mental health or addiction treatment centers, professionals or anything like that for wizards. They're still human above all else. Hopefully she will start something like that. And I loved Albus' line when she wasn't sure about it because she's only a Junior Healer hahaha.

Um wow. Talk about a lot of seriousness right there! First of all, I kind of figured that was what happened to Willow, which is just horribly sad. Then the thing with Pansy! What?!?! Please tell me that you're writing that at some point!! *glares sternly until Joseph begins feeling guitly and writes that story* Here's a well placed, "It would mean so much to me if you did." ;) And then James... Ugh the amount of feels is unreal!

Hahaha yeah, most people hear, "Poetry Reading," and suddenly have hundreds of things that just have to get done, so they can't make it. Aww but that was so cute with Destiny! How she was so intently listening to him! *melts*

“How much do you want to bet that they’re pretending to be really into poetry right now?” Albus laughed.

Lysander shook his head. “Aw, come on. No one’s gonna bet against those odds.”
:D :D Too, too funny!

Oh my god! I love the way you described Healer Adams! That he hated things like children and jokes hahaha! That really does let you know, right off the bat, that this guy is a real... well - you can fill in whatever word you'd like, that I'm not allowed to leave in a review. ;)

Ok. Him immediately dismissing treating mental illness really irked me. I've already decided that I hate him. "They either go away or they don't." No! That is not true, mean healer-man! Grrr! Well I'm glad that at least this exchange seemed to push Rose to want to take matters into her own hands, as you put it. I hope she does!

Ok, now he comes more gushing from me! ;)

I adore you and your writing. You just have this gift for writing these sensitive topics, but not begin preachy about anything, or disrespectful to those who may have suffered or dealt with any of them. Your stories are just real, because the characters, their situations or their illnesses or whatever the case may be are real issues. Everything is just very relatable. Like I said in the beginning of this review, I'm in complete awe of you, Joseph. You're truly incredible. And not even just your writing, you as a person. Remember that, and tell yourself that every day. Because it's totally true! ♥ ♥

I can't wait to read more, and more, and more, and more!!

So much love,

Author's Response: Hi Meg! This review was just so amazing that I wanted to respond immediately. (also, 76 unanswered is actually ridiculous and I need to work on that)

You are going to make me cry. You always push me to write better and better and go beyond what I would normally. Even if you were the only person who ever read any of my stories, it'd be totally worth it.

I know it seems that Hermione is pretty defeated at this point, but I think she's honestly just tired. Things have been like this for so long that they've almost become the norm for her. She means well, but she's kind of an enabler. Which is massively common for family members of the mentally ill. I imagine that Ron's pride would case him to avoid conversations about his own struggles and Hermione loves him so much that she decides not to talk about it to keep him 'comfortable' even though that hurts him in the long run.

As far as I could tell from canon, they do have a mental ward, but we only saw very extreme cases (Lockhart, the Longbottoms) and nothing that seemed immediately treatable. Of course, that could have been right around the corner, but if it already existed, then I'd have no story. I thought that Harry probably could have used a therapist after his childhood of being locked in a cupboard and nearly starved and the absence of even the suggestion of one gave me the idea for this story.

The Willow stuff is always kind of hard to write, but it causes quite a few ripples in this story. I'm not sure if the events of this story would have happened without it, actually. I wrote the Pansy story a while ago--called 12 Hours. It's kind of campy and full of action-y fun. It started as a joke but it was fun writing an over the top thriller.

Destiny's a writer herself, (novels, rather than poetry) so she quite likes it. Also, she likes everything Al does.

Lysander is always one for a good one-liner--he usually gets those lines.

A lot of the time, my stories don't have real, singular villains to drive the conflict. I typically deal with gray areas and misunderstandings, but Healer Adams is just the grumpiest old man that is the undisputed worst. I'm starting to really hate him myself.

Thank you so much, you're so kind! I really appreciate everything about this review. I want to read it over and over. The next chapter should be in the queue sometime this weekend, so I won't leave everyone hanging like I do with WUR. Thank you so much for the swap :)

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Review #16, by Red_headed_juliet veni.

19th March 2015:
This is going to be heartbreaking, isn't it? I"M GOING TO LOVE IT!

As far as your AN, I haven't read any other one shots before this, and I seem to understand the family dynamic and everything well enough, so no need to worry there.

I think that tackling mental illness in the wizarding world is a very original idea. Obviously, ptsd, depression, and alcoholism are things that people need help with and don't always get. Using Ron, a relatable, likable character we all knew as young will only add to the idea that it can happen to anyone, and is a very good idea.

My father is a recovered alcoholic that has been diagnosed with a mild form of schzophrenia, so I definitely already feel emotionally connected with Rose.

I'm so excited to see how this story develops and the things that you implement in order to bring mental health care out of the dark ages for these characters.

I think my favorite line was 'You're Rose *bleeping* Weasley' literally lol'd. Not the figurative lol, but like the hubs was giving me the googly eyes lol. +]

Thank you so much for this swap, I'll definitely be coming by to check on this.

Until next time!

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Review #17, by TheHeirOfSlytherin veni.

19th March 2015:
You just go straight in there with the sensitive topics. I click and bam, Ron has a (very reasonable and probably correct) drinking problem. I love it, which is probably a very weird thing to say, but it's real life and that's what I love about your stories. So yeah, I love the issues you've put in this story - heck, this first chapter - and I look forward to seeing how they are overcome or worked through.

I hope Ron is or will be okay, though. He is awesome.

Rose could totally help with the hospital idea, I hope. It's a good one.

So much has happened in such a small part. A friend is dead, James is involved I think. Did I get that right? And Albus was held at random... or almost. By Pansy Parkinson of all people. She's still trying to mess with things, I see. Only getting five years for messing with a Potter? She must be lucky.

Albus/Destiny sound so sweet together. The way she sits and watches him perform.

I can't decide who I love more - Hugo/Lysander or Scorpius/Lysander. It must be Lysander. He's so cool. :D

James and Fred. They make me smile and I haven't even seen much of them yet.

Oooh, I do not like Healer Adams. He sounds like such a douche. As a superior, I imagine he has the right to not take matters further if they don't have merit, but as a healer he should at least listen to others for ways to help patients. I'd be angry, too.

Rose can totally take things into her own hands. I look forward to seeing how she handles everything.

Can't wait for the next chapter!


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Review #18, by Rita Skeeter veni.

18th March 2015:
Why hello there my dear!

I'm Rita Skeeter. You may know me from such publications as The Daily Prophet, The Life and Times of Albus Dumbledore, and a few others that I can't quite keep track of. Really, there's so many that sometimes I just forget!

You may be wondering why I'm here on this errr...computer thing, but I've found them quite helpful in digging up dir..I mean looking up information on my latest subjects. Especially since that meddling Hermione Granger found out about me being an illegal animagus.

Funny that I should come across this particular article because I was just about to write a new book on the ever famous "Golden Trio". I thought I might call it, It's All In My Head:The Golden Trio's Struggle to cope. The information you've provided here will be quite useful, particularly the part about his alcoholism.

Rose's quest to implement treatment for mental issues at St.Mungo's is helpless. Healer Adams is a stern man if I've ever met one and he's not very fond of listening to advice from others. He's quite convicted that he's right in all things, which I always odd since it's his job to take suggestions.

While reading this, ideas for a second book crossed my mind. Maybe something like, The Next Generation: Spoiled Famous Rich Kids or Misunderstood? I could include the fact that James and Fred seem to be so promiscuous. I'm sure that would sell some copies!

Now because you've given me so much to write about, I'd like to share a bit of gossip with you. There was a dual purpose to me stopping here. I'm running a bit of a contest. You see, things aren't always as they seem. If you can guess who my alter ego on the forums is, I will donate E50 in your honor to the HPFF fundraiser. You better hurry though because others have received similar offers and there can only be one winner. You may share your clues with others, since each person has received a different clue, but whoever figures out who I am first wins! You have until March 30th.

Oh and I suppose I should leave you one clue so you can start some digging of your own. Unlike Rita, every one of my one-shots features a different character and/or pairing. No two are alike.

Since I particularly like the subject that you're writing about and how deftly you've handled it, I'm leaving you a second clue. I have first hand experience with PTSD, particularly in war veterans.

Best of Luck!

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