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Reading Reviews for Permenant Slumber
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Review #1, by The Summer Snake This is Gospel

26th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

So, this was a very interesting piece of writing. I loved how you provided a missing moment of sorts - your own spin on Hermione's thoughts during her petrified state.

It sounds pretty bad, especially the bit about floating forever in darkness - I'm glad she didn't have to endure it forever. It was very realistic that despite her state, Hermione attempted to remember the details about pipes and telling Harry and mud bloods - and how she finally found her solution that the Basilisk had petrified her.

Her thoughts, their direction and flow, all came together nicely and you portrayed it very well. Your descriptions were strong and the writing style complemented the tone of the one-shot. Great job!

Now, being a snake belonging to the family of reptilian creatures myself, you'd think I am like The Basilisk but I'm not. The Basilisk is my like my distant cousin that I don't like - just an unfortunate species that is related to me and I'm terribly sad that it harmed the lives of so many lovely people. You see, I am a summer snake and I spread cheer.

*showers confetti and flowers* So here, have a nice summer! Once again, great writing!

Now I'll be off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

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Review #2, by MargaretLane This is Gospel

18th March 2015:
I LOVE the use of short sentences in this. It fits well with her struggle to remember and with the way we know that she has been attacked. It is a reminder that she is struggling to maintain a connection with the outside world and is only able to do so for short periods.

I never thought of Hermione being able to think while petrified, but it is quite possible she could, and TERRIFYING. It must be so frightening to be still partially lucid, but unable to move or communicate. Especially when she just has these bits of memories and knows it's important she remembers them, but isn't sure why.

I love the way she remembers the luminous green, but not what it is of.

And I like the way Draco is tied in her mind to the incident, both because of his gloating and how they had previously suspected him.

And of course the chances of the Basilisk killing somebody were very high. Really, the odds of people surviving were quite low and in most cases, were just lucky coincidences.

She must feel so helpless.

For the HPFF Fundraiser.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing, it means alot, especially as this is one of my personal favourites of everything that I've written :)

I have to admit that before I started writing, I tried to research what happens to Basilisk victims but it didn't come up with anything other than descriptions so I wrote it like this.

My favourite part of writing this was making her slowly piece together the clues and work out what had happened to her using that logic we all know and love her for :)

I agree that it must be quite scary being able to think and remember (for short periods of time) but not be able to see, hear or move. She would have felt frustrated, panicked and probably very confused.

Thanks again for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by InkStainedFingers This is Gospel

18th March 2015:
(This review is in support of the HPFF fundraiser)

I think this is the first song-fic I've read (or certainly the first one featuring Hermione) but I really enjoyed it! I clicked on it because of the intriguing title 'Permenant Slumber', and your story summary - I think asking a questoion in the story summary is a great way to interest a reader.

I think it is a really interesting idea to focus on Hermione's thoughts when she was lying petrified in the Hospital Wing in her second year - it is definitely something that I've never seen in a fic before, and I think you did it really well. I always find it hard to get a story which is all internal monologue with no dialogue or action in it, but you certainly made a lovely balance of Hermione's thoughts as she tries to work out what has happened and the song lyrics. Of course, we don't know exactly what happens to the Basilisk's victims after they are petrified, but this would be a very believable idea for what might happen. I liked how Hermione slowly figured out what had happened to her. I think you captured the logic and reasoning that she would apply to the problem very well. I can definitely see Hermione trying not to panic and trying to focus on the important information. I think you give a sense of her helplessness and worry at the situation really well.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: Hi, I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that the title and summary intrigued you so much, I got a bit stuck for what to write in the summary so it wasn't like a genius plot to lure people to my story, it was just all I could think of :P

The idea just kind of struck me while I was listening to the song, well actually the original idea was to write about Ron when Draco poisoned him but I thought the permanent slumber thing was more in line with Hermione being petrified.

When I first got the idea I have to admit I tried to research what happens to basilisk victims but it only came up with descriptions so I decided to be creative with it.

Thanks so much for your super positive review :)

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap This is Gospel

17th March 2015:
(This review is in support of the HPFF Fundraiser)

This was a nice surprise! I donít read too many Hermione center fics or song fics actually because I rarely know the songs. That makes me feel old. All well!

Anywho. I firmly believe Hermione would have been focused on Harry and trying to warn him when she was petrified. I mean, thatís who she was going to before it happened once she figured it out. Sheís such a smart witch to think of writing it down in case something happened to her. It would have been heartbreaking if someone had indeed died. Imagine if Hermione had died? That would have changed the entire dynamic of the books I think. Ginnyís death would have been just as catastrophic as well.

This was a great short piece and got me to think of an event that I usually brush aside. Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Hi, I'd just like to say that I'm totally with you on the Song-fic thing, I find it so annoying when I find a Song-fic that looks really good but it's a song I don't know so I feel really stupid reading it!

I know right, typical Hermione, focusing on other people when she's just been petrified.

And I agree that the death of Hermione or Ginny would have completely changed the books, in third year, everything would have to be different, they couldn't use a time-turner because Hermione isn't there to be given one! Everything would have changed!

Thanks for the review! :)

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