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Reading Reviews for Nine Months
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Review #1, by potterfan310 September 22nd

19th August 2017:

Annnd I'm back. Last chapter, but I hope there will be more?

I am so, so glad Arya told someone, and I know her and Lily aren't exactly friends right now but I hope they will come to be eventually.

Aww the little tidbit about Sirius being up early, breaks my heart a little. But on the other hand its cute that Arya has rememebr that little snippet even if he told her a long time ago.

Haha of course James would pick up on the fact Arya is now friends with Lily.

It's no wonder that Arya is confused about what to do an I mean I kinda guessed that she would have kept the baby anyway from the story's title. But still I like that she didn't rue out any of the options, and that when she mentioned it to Remus he seemed shocked by the one she might well have chosen.

Arya definitely needs to tell Sirius, especially now she's made this decision. Fingers crossed there will be an update, I'm looking forward to seeing where this will as it's slightly different from the normal teen prgenacy fics I read (usually set in the next gen era) so it will interesting to see how things pan out being that its marauders era and of course all the you-know-who stuff eventually and Harry's birth.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #2, by potterfan310 September 21st

22nd July 2017:
Hi :)

Haha, I am sure Sirius' feelings are slowly coming through, I mean they are friends so he does care about her in a way just not the way Arya does. But fingers crossed he will come to his senses. Plus he's bribing Lily to check she's okay, so thats a good sign.

Oh bless Arya thinking she was gonna be expelled. Since she is staying it'll be interesting to see where you go with things/her schooling the further she gets in her pregnancy.

Good old McGonagall, 'have a biscuit' I'm glad she was calm and collected, as Arya isn't really thinking straaight right now for a number of reasons, but who can blame her.


But Sirius, he so obviously cares about Arya even though he refuses to show it unless it's just the two of them. He's going to hvae to find out eventually, sooner rather than later and I think he definitely be freaked out at first but I think maybe he will be there for Arya and the baby, it might just take him a while.

Aww I'm glad she told Lily, it doesn't appear Arya has many girl friends, as I said before I hope these two eventually become proper friends as I think Arya will definitely benefit from it!! Lily is gonna be the reason of calm I think.


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Review #3, by potterfan310 September 20th

22nd July 2017:
I'm back again :)

Bless Arya, morning sickness cannot be fun although I'm a little surprised she has twigged on the whole 'missed period' but that's just my opinion since I would class that as a first sign of knowing somethings off usually.

I'm really hoping that Arya and Lily will eventually become closer as friends. Especially if things ever progress with Sirius and Arya, and then eventually Lily and James. It'll be nice for her to have a girl friend.

Hmm do I detect that a certain Mr Lupin may possibly like Arya in a more than friends way? Then again he may just be being friendly, in that case I hope he and Arya can be friends.

Also is Sirius jealous of Remus' offer to walk Arya, hehe someones feelings are coming out!!

"Arya and I aren'tÖ you know, together anyway. I donít care." Oh SIrius, the fact you've said you don't care in almost a huff is definitely a sign you do care!!!

Oooh judging by her conversation with Madame Pomfrey I'm guessing Arya now knows she's with child. I think her reaction is spot on, especially given her age and that it was most certainly unexpected.

AH, oh Arya, you've dropped yourself right in and Remus knows. Eeek, this is going to be very interesting indeed. Off to the next chapter to see whats happens!!


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Review #4, by potterfan310 September 8th

17th July 2017:
Back again :)

Oh Arya, I feel for you girl. Sirius defintiely seems like a commitmentphobe and certainly does not want to label them as anything more than friends. I feel like Arya is going to have her work cut out with Sirius as well as the baby.

I can think of a work which sums Sirius up very well, but I can't say it so I shall just think it! But he seems to be the type. I mean he cares for Arya (he sent Lily up to check on her in a way) but at the same time he can't see how much it hurts her, just like in the scene in the common room.

By showing her the map Sirius is opening up more, but still I'm mad at him for how he treated Arya early. The walk was a good idea, not just at 1am and possibly getting caught lol. I'm glad they kinda patched things up but Sirius has a long way to go yet before Arya forgives him I think.

Feels like payback, Arya being sick on his shoes, ha good on you girl. I like the small little signs of pregnancy creeping in, the tiredness and sickness. But is it not still a bit early for the sickness?

Off to the next chapter, just hope Sirius starts to treat her better!


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Review #5, by potterfan310 September 4th

6th July 2017:
Me again!

I like Arya like a bad boy, aka Sirius Black, I mean who wouldn't have a crush on let alone just only be 'friends' with him. Can't exactly say that if I was Arya in that posistion I wouldn't give in to Sirius' charms, because I 100% would, oops.

Ha I love the teasing from the boys about Sirius doing homework, also the fact that it's on human transformations made me giggle because of course the three of them are all animagus/werewolf in Lupin's case. Was that intentional, because I like it :)

At the moment it's definitely a bit more one-sided as in terms of feelings from Arya, I think Sirius will get there in the end (or at least I hope so) an he onvisouly cares for her a lot but I think that he's a bit afraid of labels/commitment. He was just a tad bit defensive when James remarked on it.

Love, love your dynamic between Arya and Sirius so far, maybe it's because I can relate to it a way, but the way you write them as well is effortless. That last little paragraph, all the feels I hope Sirius comes to his senses before the pregnancy comes into the mix, but then I feel like that will throw everything into the mix again.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #6, by potterfan310 September 1st

1st July 2017:

I love pregnancy fics, and this has been sat in my favourites for ages and I could of sworn I had read it but obviously not. But I'm here now! I love how you've gone for Marauders era, I don't normally read them but since it's a pregnancy one I thought I'd give it a go, it's definitely not going to be easy for Arya indeed.

I like how you've avoided one of the biggest cliche's where it's just a drunken night. I think it's definitely more original and I love that they know each other/are kinda friends with benefits, it didn't really seem implied they were together so that's what I'm going with :)

"taring her down with his puppy-dog eyes and blinking slowly, a pout still playing on his lips," I love this description of Sirius and also puppy dog eyes made me laugh, bet he's got them down to a tee ha!

Sirius and Arya's banter is pefect, you can most definitely see that there's a spark there between them. Of course Sirius wouldn't be able to resist pulling a prank, I can think of a few people I know who would do the same XD

I love the little glimpse of Arya's home life, it'll be interesting to see how everything will play out with Sirius/her eventual pregnancy as well as the war of course. I can 100% agree with the last line, you can't deny your heart. So there are definitely some sort of feelings there on Arya's part, or at least growing feelings so it'll be interesting to see how that winds it way into her and Sirius' friendship/parenthood.

My only little brit pick is that Arya says, 'mom' rather than,'mum'.

Off to chapter 2! :)


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Review #7, by bigblackdog September 4th

30th November 2015:
hey there! (back again for the nov review exchange!)

i like your characterization of sirius. you're doing a wonderful job of balancing his hot and cold temperament with arya- for all his jerky behavior like stealing her alarm clock and pulling her into a broom closet, he also carries her books and helps her with her homework.

and there's this:
Sirius lounged at one end of the couch and Arya laid back across the cushions, resting her feet in his lap. His fingers slowly traced the outline of the veins in her foot. The silence was broken by the faint crackling of the fire. If this wasnít love, she didnít know what was.
^ squeee! that just makes me melt.

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Review #8, by Elise September 1st

30th November 2015:
Hello! Here for the slytherin nov review exchange!

First, I'm so intrigued by the way you introduce this story. Who is crying? Why is the boat named Clark? And what does it have to do with the rest of the chapter? It's great that I have so many questions! You've created a nice contrast between the more playful narrative of the marauders with the much more ominous intro.

Another thing I like about this chapter is how well you've incorporated so many elements of the Marauders! You've touched on the war, James and Lily,and developed a relationship between arya and Sirius! It's a well rounded picture of what their time and I really appreciate that.


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Review #9, by TreacleTart September 8th

6th August 2015:
Hello again!

I'm back for the chapter that I owe you from our review swap!

So we've hit the point in which it starts to become apparent to the reader that Arya is pregnant. She's weak, has less energy than usual, wants to sleep all day, and is puking for no reason. I wonder how long it will take her to figure it out...and then how long it will take her to tell Sirius.

The only little bit of concrit that I have about how you've presented these symptoms is that it's a bit early for her to be having morning sickness. Usually, morning sickness doesn't kick in until at least the first month, which means she would've missed a period by now and been alerted to the possibility of pregnancy. I mean it's fanfic, so it's not like you really have to go into all that. Just a thought that I had while reading this.

Anyway, Arya's interactions with Sirius make me really uncomfortable. She allows him to treat her incredibly bad and then chastizes herself for being upset about it. I want to shake her and make her see the truth. Sirius doesn't want to be seen during daylight hours with her, he doesn't want to call her his girlfriend. He only wants her late at night or when it's convenient for him. He's basically using her to get his rocks off and she's too blinded by her own feelings to see it. That's really a shame because it most likely means that she'll get hurt.

This was another solid chapter and I'm interested to see what happens next and if she figures a few things out in the next chapter or not.

Good job.


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Review #10, by TreacleTart September 4th

29th July 2015:
Hello my dear!

Here for our review swap!

Wow. Arya really does have something special with Sirius. He really does seem to care for her. Maybe I feel slightly better about them than I did in the last chapter. I still stand by the idea that they are definitely not ready to be parents though. They're just so young for all of that responsibility, plus there's a war going on.

Again, I thought you did a really good job of capturing the dynamic of the Marauders. The comments that each of them make feels really authentic to who they are. I could especially imagine Peter in the background giggling at James' and Sirius' snarky comments.

Your writing in this has been very fluid so far. The sentences all run smoothly and I didn't notice anything that seemed out of place. Your word choice is good and I didn't find anything that stood out. I also didn't notice any typos or errors, so good work on that.

I'm gone for the day, but this evening I'll definitely be back for the next chapter or two. Good job!


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Review #11, by merlins beard September 22nd

29th July 2015:
Hey again.

You had me worried there for a minute... I'm glad she's having the baby. She has a lot of time to take care of everything else. And by the time she gives birth most of the school year will have passed. I'm sure there will be a way for her to finish school and have the baby.

Sirius' reaction is tough to predict. I imagine there's two possible scenarios and I'm not sure which one you're going to take.
I think he can either be much more responsible than anyone would expect of Sirius Black and - after reacting badly in a moment of initial shock - will actually end up being happy about it, or he can freak out completely and not want anything to do with Arya anymore, and then Remus steps in until Sirius comes to his senses.

I'm hoping it's the first option!

Arya is able to go on with her life now, she can finally stop crying and leave her bed again. I think that's a big step in the right direction. It's probably going to drive her nuts in the following months not to know where the guys go once a month.

This has been a little different than the other teen pregnancy stories that I have read so far, and I'm really interested in what happens next. I'm going to put this on my reading list now.

Thanks so much for the swap, it was fun!


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Review #12, by merlins beard September 21st

29th July 2015:
Hello again,

I'm so glad Arya told Lily about it. Sometimes talking to people you're not that close to can be so much better than talking to your friends. And also, Arya seems to not have many girl-friends, and that's a situation in which every girl needs one of those I think.

It won't be long until Arya will have to tell Sirius. It concerns him too, after all.

It's great that Professor McGonagall reacts so calmly and understands Arya's worries. Adults usually find a way to help teenagers if at all possible. I didn't think Arya would be expelled, but I was kind of relieved anyway when McGonagall told her she could stay. And she's right to tell Arya to go to Madame Pomfrey for advice.

I hope she doesn't get rid of the baby, but I don't think she will (the strey title is kind of a hint that she won't)

See you on the next chapter.


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Review #13, by merlins beard September 20th

29th July 2015:
Hey, yup I'm still here, sorry I'm so slow. Things keep coming up.

Hmm this is an interesting development. And I don't mean the pregnancy, because I was kind of expecting that... I'm talking about Remus and Arya becoming closer... I wonder what's going on with that.

I'm glad that Arya knows what's wrong now, it's really good that she had Madame Pomfrey do a check up. I imagine it's quite a bit for her to wrap her head around... it's just so unplanned. And she hasn't even thought about her parents' reacrions or Sirius', or the other students'.

I'm sorry the reviews are all so short, but I just have to keep reading. It's actually really hard to stop for the reviews at all.


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Review #14, by merlins beard September 8th

29th July 2015:
Wow, confronting Sirius didn't go as planned. That must be really hard for Arya.

I love the bonding between her and Lily. And Arya gives really good advice here, and helps James at the same time. That's brilliant!

Naw, Sirius has been worried about Arya. That's sweet (even though I'm still mad at him for the way he treated Arya earlier.

I think talking a walk is a nice way to spend time together, but I'm not sure 1 a.m. is such a great time for that...

I guess that might be the so-called morning sickness setting in?

I'm on my way to the next chapter now. I can't wait.


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Review #15, by merlins beard September 4th

29th July 2015:
Hey, it's me again.

I'm noticing a pattern here, of Arya letting Sirius do whatever he wants. I'm not sure if that's such a good idea. Maybe he'd noticice how much he cared about her if he COULDN'T get her for once...

I like the funny approach here - Sirius doing homework... and the fact that Remus and James notice it as something he never does... how dis he pass 6 years of magical education this way?

Oh James, how can you not see that annoying Lily isn't going to get you anywhere? Try being a gentleman instead.

I don't know what Arya is getting herself into here, agreeing to hwlp James with his Lily-problem, but I'm guessing it can't be good.

I'm really liking this so far, I'm off to the next chapter.

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Review #16, by merlins beard September 1st

28th July 2015:
Hey, I'm here for our swap.

I'll just start out with this chapter tonight and then continue on with the other chapters tomorrow if that's allright for you (since it's almost midnight and I have to get up early).

This is a pretty basic chapter, mostly for setting the scene. I like thr characters you created and that you already had them develop a bit in such a short time.

I really like how concerned Arya is for her parents. It also shows that the war is already really bad.

Stealing Alarm clocks really isn't the brightest idea, but I'm glad everything still turned out ok.

I really enjoyed this start and I think it's great that you're going to try to make this as realistic as possible.
I can't wait for more (and I promise my reviews will become more detailed in the next chapter)

Thanks for the swap


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Review #17, by TreacleTart September 1st

28th July 2015:
Hey there!

Here for our review swap!

This was an interesting start here. I know that you've mentioned that this was about teenage pregnancy, so I'm assuming that this is sort of the set up for Arya to get pregnant.

I have to say, I'm pretty sketched out about the idea of her and Sirius having a child together. Neither of them seems either mature enough or emotionally prepared for the ramifications of pregnancy, especially while dealing with it at school. But I'm guessing that's sort of the point since you mention dealing with teenage pregnancy in a realistic manner.

As for the dynamic between the Marauders and everyone, I thought you did a great job with that. They all seemed to be pretty much who they were in cannon. You've really nailed the different voices. I had a good chuckle at several of the different comments, particularly Lily's indignation at James becoming a Head Boy. That felt very true to cannon.

I do have to say that I'm really curious to see how you handle the pregnancy aspect of it. I imagine that it will be quite a challenge to write it without starting to verge towards cliches...and the reality of pregnancy isn't always glamorous or pretty.

As far as the technical aspect of your writing goes, I thought everything seemed smooth. I didn't really notice any typos or awkward sentences, so great job on that!

Your off to an intriguing start!


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Review #18, by Rumpelstiltskin September 20th

22nd July 2015:

Oh yes, all of those flu-like symptoms... luckily they always slip my mind when I think back to pregnancy. Ugh.

Requests her presence, does he? On top of that, he seems to be getting a bit jealous... Hopefully he figures out his stuff soon, because he's going to have a lot more stuff to figure out after.

I do feel a bit for Remus, though, poor guys is only trying to help (though Sirius' unspoken feelings are starting to become more obvious because of this).

I'd enjoy making Sirius squirm like that, too. Remus just gets shuffled into the mixture, but it is nice to see that Arya and Remus are getting to know each other better :).

Yup, I do believe that you've nailed the reaction for the discovery of an unforseen child, or a surprise, as I like to call it.

Oops, now Remus knows...awkward, indeed.

Oh! Now I have to see what happens next! So, what happens next? You're totally planning on updating this soon, right?

Great job, can't wait 'til next time!


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Review #19, by Rumpelstiltskin September 8th

22nd July 2015:
Hello, hello!

Aha, my rambling bits of estimated insight are unravelling nicely ;). I can't blame Arya for being angry, I would've been livid as well! It's obvious that Sirius isn't ready for a commitment, but I think he's running out of time to 'grow up' as he pleases.

Oh, I remember when I was pregnant I was *so* tired. I swear, I felt as though I had narcolepsy! That off feeling won't be going away for a while, I'm afraid! I haven't read a pregnancy story -- teenage or otherwise -- since before the baby, so I'm feeling particularly emphathetic towards your character. I feel especially bad about the teenage aspect of it, that must be even more difficult, what with hormones going haywire at is it.

Anyway...(have I mentioned that I have a bad habit of rambling?). I really enjoyed Arya interacting with Lily. While I love the boys, I do love it when female characters interact with other female characters because they tend to bring out more of each others personalities.

Aw, he must really like her if he's showing her the map ;). I'd still be a bit annoyed if I were her, too, but at least he's *trying* to make it better, right? Right?


That is true, it's not just Sirius' secret to keep or divulge as he pleases, the map does belong to the others as well.

Oh dear...well, that's a mood killer. Oh boy, they have no idea... The anticipation is killing me!

Good job!


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Review #20, by Rumpelstiltskin September 4th

22nd July 2015:
Hello again!

Ah, poor Arya, subjected to a moldy broom closet. Sirius' 'argument' for staying was pretty convincing, though, what with the kisses and the smiles ;). I can see how that would be difficult not to give in to.

Aha, she's got him doing her homework, does she ;)? The other boys' teasing does hold some merit, but she's 'not his girlfriend'. Ah, that makes me laugh. I'm not sure how James expects Arya to have some influence over Lily, but I suppose we'll see if she can work her magic. Tying this into canon, Arya could very well be the reason that Lily changes her mind about James, anyway.

Oh, Arya, I'm rooting for you. It seems that Sirius is more hesitant about the actual label of becoming a couple -- possibly because he feels like that will close doors of opportunity. As far as actions go, however, he's already in the relationship that he denies. Guess she'll have to shake him up a bit, yeah? Well, with the theme of pregnancy looming over their unsuspecting heads, I suppose a shaking-up will happen, won't it?

Another great chapter, thanks!


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Review #21, by Rumpelstiltskin September 1st

22nd July 2015:
I stumbled across this as I was looking for some pleasure-reading; beware a rambling Rumpel review.

This was fun so far! I can see Sirius being an uber pain, bothering the poor girl when she's trying to pack and steeling her alarm. Arya is going to have her hands full, that's for sure.

I really loved the interactions with her mother, too, before leaving for King's Cross. I think it was very admirable of her to think about not pursuing the rest of her education in order to try to protect her mother in the wake of the war.

From what I've seen of the Marauders, I enjoyed their characterization, and thank you for giving Peter a role. I swear, the amount of stories I've read where Peter doesn't participate during a Marauder-era story... so, again, thank you!

I think Arya and Sirius are sweet together. I love how Sirius teases her and, although it annoys her, she still has developed *feelings*.

As far as creating realistic teenage characters, I've think you've done a great job (and I know that struggle; teenage characters can be difficult to work with). I'm excited to see how you handle the teenage pregnacny aspect!

Great job!


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Review #22, by CaramelDiamant September 1st

28th June 2015:
Hello Raisha,

I'm so glad the HC points me in different directions, otherwise I maybe wouldn't have stumbled over your sweet story! :)

You know, ever since reading 'Delicate' I just can't get enough of teenage pregnancy (*hides shamefully in a corner*) and I love your story so far! It's a really interesting concept to have it set in the Marauder's era, because opens up so many possibilities. For example, I loved that Arya's parents are Muggles and that she's concerned about how the war could effect them. And of course, pairing Sirius with a muggleborn always holds the potential for drama. Gahhh, you already set so many plunnies free in my head! ;)

I'm glad you didn't remove Peter from your story, because I've seen lots of fics which just erased him but I always feel he can be portrayed/ used in so many different ways. When he said 'You face is all red' I laughed so hard because it's just a mean and dumb thing to say, something that fits his character very well ;)

I really hope your story will continue in the humerous style with the odd angsty, drama-filled episode you've achieved to write out in this first chapter!

House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff

Author's Response: I'm so glad you stopped by! Thank you for the kind review! I'm also a fan of pregnancy (miracle of life and all I suppose!)

I feel bad because I haven't involved him in the plot as much as I should have, but I can't just ignore him. He was their friend so he has to be there. In a way I've kind of incorporated him into the comic relief friend. It works for him I think!

Thanks you so VERY MUCH for this! Good luck to you puffs by the way!

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Review #23, by Anon x September 1st

3rd June 2015:
I really like this but the only off putting thing is arya saying 'mom' uess she's American in this fic it would be mum and even then living in the UK she would say mum anyone just a tip x

Author's Response: Thanks for you input! I am American so I didn't know!

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Review #24, by Hailey September 8th

2nd June 2015:
Oh my gosh this is really good!! You should update it, I love it! It's well written and just yea, it's good!!!

Author's Response: I will definitely be updating soon! Thank you very much!

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Review #25, by looneylizzie September 1st

15th May 2015:
Well hello there!!

Okay, teen pregnancy fics are my guilty pleasure. I just can't get enough of them!

So naturally I had to read this.

I have to mention as well, I've never read a teen pregnancy fic from the marauder's era before! I don't think there are many, so that makes this quite different from what I've already seen before (although, I don't read many marauder era fics to begin with).

You've got an excellent start so far! Your writing is phenomenal, and the dialogue is even better. I love the banter between Arya and Sirius. They've clearly got a connection there, and she seems like she meshes well with him. She's not too uptight about stuff, even though she's upset about the alarm clock, she doesn't throw a hissy fit and force him to agree to leave her belongings alone. She doesn't even yell! I think if Sirius dated a girl who yelled all the time about every single little thing, he'd get tired of it very fast.

It'll be extremely interesting to see how this goes, and I'm very curious as to how you've worked the first war into all of this. I think it'll be even scarier to be a pregnant teenager when a war is going on, AND the baby's father is fighting against his own family. Yikes.

Anyway, keep writing, and I look forward to more!!

Author's Response: Awh I'm so glad you stopped by! Since this review I've posted not one but TWO chapters so yay!

I have a thing for pregnancy fics too, I don't know why!

Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad you liked it! I hope you continue reading!

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