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Review #1, by Mackie chandler Chapter 8

12th February 2016:
What a precious story - I hope you keep writing this

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I actually do have the whole story written out, but it takes a while getting it all posted!

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Review #2, by Hogwarts Jaguar Chapter 5

25th March 2015:

Oh man. My heart! How can I deal with these feels?!

Hiss-tory is not on Christianity's side. There are a lot of controversies that have to do with the misinterpretation of the Bible and how people use God's Word to give power to themselves at the expense of power. However, this is not the case in this story. Narcissa has rediscovered Christianity's underlying principle: it's all about love, really. Love that doesn't envy, hate, exploit. Love that is patient and kind, which is exactly the opposite of how Draco was at the beginning of this chapter.

It's really cool that you decided to manifest these Christian principles in Luna, who is the character with the most faith of anyone in the HP series, almost. She's purr-trayed as kind of "out there," but she knows her stuff. She is strong in her convictions, and she is exactly the person that Draco needs in his life amidst all the chaos.

What a cat-astrophe it might have been, had Draco let his feral instincts take over. I mean, I'm a feline, but I appreciate civility and respect. He was caught up in the moment, but Luna brought him back down from the scary tree he'd been climbing. (My meta-furs are not as good as yours, but you get the point.) If a relationship between the two continues to progrress, I hope that he continues to respect Luna's wishes. Also, she has a very valid point: She's a prisoner and he's her captor. No relationship should be based on that dynamic.

Purry good job on this story so far! I might be prowling around to see if you update soon!

I'm meee-oowwt for now!
♥Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: Absolutely! It is about love. And anything that claims to be Christian, but doesn't hold up to that standard, just proves that it isn't about Christianity at all...
Thank you, again! :)

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Review #3, by Hogwarts Jaguar Chapter 4

25th March 2015:

I ship the ship. Oh, I do, and cats are totally afraid of water, but I will get on that ship before it leaves the dock. Oh yes.

Luna is so, so sweet, and I love the return of the light meta-furs. It's so interesting that Draco is struggling with faith in his family's actions while beginning to trust Luna, who is the antithesis of all that. I think you wrote it purr-fectly, and Draco's doubts are very relevant in this situation.

If I were a house cat, I would be making muffins on the floor because this chapter has filled me with more warm fuzzies. This story really is the cat's meow.

♥Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: Thank you! As you say, she really is the antithesis to them in a lot of ways. It's part of the reason that I think they work so well together, actually...

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Review #4, by Hogwarts Jaguar Chapter 3

25th March 2015:

Told you I'd be back soon!

Well, if this just wasn't the most paw-some and meta-fur-ical chapter yet! I loved the symbolism in the dream--I can certainly appreciate a good cat nap--and the images that you tied in were vivid and purry relevant.

Dream-Luna definitely knows something Draco doesn't. The Him that she is referring to, based on the peaceful symbolism of the doves and the royal purple color of the violets, is likely God, which I think is really cool. I myself believe that I am my own god, because I am a Noble Cat, but Christianity is rife with beautiful symbolism, which you have employed excellently.

Hah! Draco should have expected a lion in the cathedral! Us cats are purry ubiquitous, and if that lion is a representation of God, then the symbolism is spot-on. He may not realize it yet, but Draco is in the position of the lion--he could be very dangerous to Luna, the little lamb, but I have a feeling that the lion and the lamb will be getting along very well. Who said cats weren't sweet creatures?

I got fuzzy feelings in my heart when Draco and Luna talked and Draco cast his cleaning spells. He obviously cares about her, purrhaps as more than an acquaintance. I certainly hope that this relationship isn't due to Stockholm Syndrome, but I feel that, what with all the symbolism, there's not much danger of that.

Ah, sometimes grrreat writing makes me wax poetical. Thanks for the meta-furs!

♥Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the symbolism! It's so nice to know that it makes sense to someone. :)
I think that Luna's probably too secure in herself to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. ;)

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Review #5, by Hogwarts Jaguar Chapter 2

25th March 2015:

Me again, your friendly Hogwarts Jaguar, back again for the same purr-pose as before. :)

When you put it into purrspective that Draco and Luna are only a year apart, and she's spending her time in a cellar, it's really heartbreaking. If I could cry, my jaguar eyes would be glazed over with tears. And Draco's sudden realization about keeping Ollivander and Luna fed is purry interesting because it shows that he's actually thinking about someone other than himself. For a character that was purr-trayed as a self-centered jerk for most of the series, it says a lot that he's changing as a character. I like it! (P.S. Sorry for all the purr-ing. Good writing makes me a happy cat!)

The fact that Draco is quite fur-ious about the treatment of Luna and Ollivander fur-thers his character development even more. I know that it's no way to compensate for all of the harm that the Death Eaters have done to them, but Transfiguring the sacks into blankets and getting some soap is the first step in offering a gesture of goodwill to them.

Will Luna fur-give Draco? I'll just have to stick around and see fur myself! (Also, to escape from their purr-dicament, they might escape to Pigfarts. If they have a rocketship. Cuz it's on Mars.)

This story is like a tantalizingly elusive piece of yarn for my kitty senses. Excuse me while I go read the rest of it.

Meow at you soon!
♥Hogwarts Jaguar

Author's Response: Thank you!
He certainly was a jerk for most of the series! But he has a very vulnerable side that we see in the last two books. He's great at being a petty, nasty little bully, but not really very good at being Death-Eater-grade EVIL-evil. :D

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Review #6, by Hogwarts Jaguar Chapter 1

25th March 2015:

Just your friendly neighborhood infamous Hogwarts Jaguar here to talk about how this story makes me purrr!

Draco and Luna are two characters that could have an interesting dynamic, considering that she spent a very long time in his cellar. And right now, with his bad cat-titude, things don't look very good for their friendship (and possible relationship?!). Meow.

The phrase "litany of confusion" warms my little kitty heart. That is some claw-some litter-ature right there. And it extends the meta-furr-ical implications of the church imagery that occurs when Draco enters the chapel. To think about the interaction between the British Wizarding World and the Christian religion is purry (very) interesting because I haven't seen it done a whole lot. Purrhaps Luna, with her bright smile and kind heart, will teach Draco a thing or two about escaping from his demons.

His hesitation to shield the candlelight is very well-done. It shows how much one encounter with Luna has made him reconsider his insidious actions.

Pawsitively won-fur-ful first chapter! Hopefully I can sneak back into the Defense Against the Dark Arts office to read the next! But right now, most of my students are late for class (and I'll have to ignore that, because I'm the latest).

I'm meee-owwt!
♥Hogwarts Jaguar

(Any and all weird references are taken from a play called A Very Potter Sequel. Pawsitively no harm was intended in the writing of this review. *purrr*)

Author's Response: Thank you for your reviews! They made me laugh. :)
Putting 'Harry Potter' and Christianity together is not something that is usually done, but I believe it's valid. There are actually quite a few Christian references in canon; for example, the inscriptions on James and Lily's, and Kendra and Ariana Dumbledore's graves are direct quotes from the Bible.
I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter!

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Review #7, by tangledconstellations Chapter 2

19th March 2015:

I'm reviewing for the HPFF fundraiser again :)

This chapter was absolutely gorgeous and added so much more to the one you've already posted. You've managed to create such a lovely, gentle tone here, perhaps because of Luna's calming effect, so much so that Draco's attempts to be offish and sharp are foolish and fail. It seems just right that he can't maintain his hostility when faced with her.

There are a couple of moments where in your narrative you falter and seem to ask the reader something, like here: 'and she sounds – wondering?' I thought this worked really well as it really puts the reader in Draco's shoes, how suddenly who he is and who he's trying to be crumbles slightly. Like he's forgotten his lines, what to do next. It's really effective and really lovely.

The magnetism between the two of them is incredible, too. I've never read a Draco/Luna story, and have always been a little unsure as to how exactly they'd work together. But I can see here, so clearly, how exactly they would work together. Luna absolutely neutralises Draco and gives him the comfort and the kindness that he so desperately needs and craves. And, because it's what he needs he's sort of unintentionally giving her the time to observe him and for her to see the good in someone and for it to be really valued. The way you've written them, the timing of this chapter, is pretty much flawless. It's such a pleasure to read, honestly. The way the two of them are coming together here, how Draco's fascinated by Luna's non judgmental eyes, it's really special.

I've really enjoyed reading this so far and I can't wait until you update :)

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! I like the way you put it, that it's as though he's forgotten his lines. It's absolutely right: he's spent his whole life building up this facade of being the perfect pure-blood, acting his lines to perfection. But then underneath he's so vulnerable and afraid, and he can't do all the awful things that are expected of him.
Yes, she does 'neutralise' him. :) I think they fit each others' personalities so well, not because they're the same, but because they're different.

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Review #8, by tangledconstellations Chapter 1

19th March 2015:

I'm reviewing in support of the HPFF fundraiser :)

This was such a beautiful opening to your short story. Draco during the second war is so interesting and you've managed to delve into his mind in this first chapter, to try and untangle his mess of mixed feelings, of family loyalty, of hatred, fear and of curiosity, the one that Luna instilled in him. It was gorgeous to read. The images you've conjured up are beautiful. The final one, of the candle flickering in the breeze that he can't quite protect - that one was my favourite.

I really loved the way he sees Luna too, the fact that he knows her when he first sees her but he's trying so hard not to suggest that he might care about her a little, because after all she's just a student like him and her being there would remind him of who he's been the previous six years at Hogwarts. I liked that you focused on her eyes. I could pictre them so clearly, so wide in the darkness. I liked that they were grey - a sort of non committal colour, and that you didn't go too over the top when describing them. I think it would have been out of character for Draco to think too much about her eyes, but just enough for them to affect him. It gave me the impression that he was paranoid of her judging him, though of course I don't think Luna would do that. But that alone just heightens the state of mind that Draco is in here, feeling as though maybe he is doing wrong after all.

Narcissa going to the chapel is such a intriguing thing to mention, too. She's such a strong woman - obviously she can't speak out against all that is going on around her because she's had a hand in it too, but it's clear that she regrets some of it. I love that you've included this element to the story, and I also love that it's his mother that Draco follows after, as though she is the one giving him some sort of moral guidance, not his father, like it was earlier on in the books.

This was a really wonderful start and it was lovely to read. Thank you for sharing this!

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really wanted to take it slowly, keep it realistic, and I'm so glad it worked for you. :)

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Review #9, by Flower n Prongs Chapter 1

17th March 2015:
This is a nice glimpse into one of the big missing moments in Deathly Hallows: what happened in the cellar of the Malfoy Manor before Harry, Ron, and Hermione got there? We know Ollivander was gone for more than a year and that Luna was there for a few months, so there is so much potential. I was glad to see that somebody decided to write about.

The first thing I have to say was that your characterizations of Draco and Luna in the first section really drew me in. I think you wrote them both very well. You showed that Draco was trying to feign confidence and do what his parents told him to do, but that when it came time to actually follow through with it all he couldn't do it. I really like the fact that you made Luna notice this, since she is such a perceptive character (despite her strange beliefs at times).

I loved the line that Draco wished "that he was as brave as crazy Luna Lovegood." It really seemed to get into his mindset.

The series of Malfoy ancestors sneering lightened up what was otherwise a rather dark passage.

This definitely has the potential to be expanded to cover the rest of Luna's time in captivity if you were so inclined.

Also, welcome to HPFF!

- Rhaenyra
(for the HPFF fundraising review challenge [the goal is to review new authors/people you don't recognize from the forums, don't worry about whether or not you've donated!])

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review in such detail! You made me very happy. :) I'm really glad you thought the characterisation worked.
This is actually only the first chapter of a completed story. :) I have eleven more chapters written, plus an epilogue.
And thank you for the kind welcome! I'm very new here, and still learning the ropes of the site. :)

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Review #10, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Chapter 1

16th March 2015:
(This review is in support of the HPFF Fundraiser)

She rises to her feet, quite slowly, and faces him, and her face has that look of ethereal calm again. The dreamy eyes drift up to a corner above Draco’s head, and she suddenly smiles, a soft smile that is aeons away from the murky cellar.

She smiles like light.

Oh Luna! She really is light, isn't she? I thought you captured the scene between Luna and Draco perfectly. I have to be honest Luna/Draco is a guilty pleasure of mine and I know this wasn't in a romantic setting or anything leading towards romance but it gave me goosebumps.

Draco was a coward but he was also conflicted and didn't know what was right from wrong or real or fake, good or bad. I wish he would have just sat down and listened to himself and in the end I think that's what he did because it all became too much. He just wanted to be a kid or a teenager. He needed someone to take care of him.

So I believe he would have went to a chapel. And I don't see him as a religious person but I believed the scene and I really liked it. We should have more of those faith based parts in fan fiction. Wonderful job.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reading and writing such a long review! I'm so glad you thought it worked.
I love Draco/Luna, they're my OTP. :) There is a romance coming with them, though! I just wanted to take it slow and keep it realistic. The next chapter will be coming as soon as it's moderated! :)

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