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Reading Reviews for Counselling with Callaghan.
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Review #1, by fwoopersong8 Lydia Blackburn.

11th April 2015:
Are you a psychologist? Back when I first started thinking more seriously about fanfiction, I did a little research on this topic (it was very minimal). Even though I've never taken any psych classes, I'm really interested in the subject and enjoy reading pretty much anything about it. (Although I suppose you could argue that any story concerning humans is psychology.)
Anyway, this was really interesting, and had me hooked until the end. Are the other one-shots in this series going to be about lycanthropy, or other forms of PTSD?
I did find a few typos. About halfway through the story, you called Lydia a he instead of a she. Also, I found the sentence "Have you ever found that loud noises say, or people approaching you unexpectedly, make you jump, when somebody else mightn't?" hard to understand. You might want to consider rewording it to make it flow better.
Overall, great job! Never stop writing. :)

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Lydia Blackburn.

26th March 2015:
Oh! This is interesting! a story about reliving experiences by lycanthropy and it's effects. This is going to make me so sad, I can already tell.

It's a good idea for him to do this, and I'm all for it if it's going to help people and stop them suffering prejudices. But, I feel so bad for them for reliving their memories. :(

He really had to sit through a meeting about the protection of sheep? When they were meant to be talking about protection from Death Eaters? Hahaha why?! Why the sheep?! Hahaha Oh wow! Haha I can't stop laughing.

I want to hug Lydia, her being so upset makes me upset and makes me want to protect her from those that are trying to make her feel bad. They way that she talks, it's so obvious how much this pains her, and I hope that some good can come out of this talk to make things easier for people who suffer like Lydia. There needs to be a lot more awareness.

I like this Neil! He's doing such great work and he's a good guy!

I really enjoyed reading this, you really captured the things that Lydia was going through very well, and I think that your portrayed her PTSD perfectly. It flowed so well and it seemed so real, you must have done quite a bit of research into this, and it shows with how much thought you've put into it.

Keep up the fabulous work! And I would love to see more of this, to see where the research goes after the talk and if he manages to achieve better circumstances for sufferers.

Author's Response: Neil Callaghan is lovely. He's a character from our other collaborative fic, "The British Question," and we got so fond of him, we decided he needed his own story, and that some of the characters from our individual stories would benefit from meeting him. We're writing "The British Question" completely collaboratively, right down to editing each other's sentences as we write, at times, but in this one, we are each writing separate chapters and this one was mine (MargaretLane's).

The argument about sheep comes from chapter four of "The British Question" and yeah, we were both in hysterics writing it. Callaghan is simplifying it a bit here. Basically, there is something of an east-west divide in Ireland, with the west being poorer and more rural, so there are a couple of members of the Ministry from the west who feel the west is being overlooked and this one guy started complaining that the Fianna only cares about the urban areas and the Fianna representative started insulting the west, saying it was only inhabited by sheep anyway, and didn't need much protection - he just generally insults everybody - and it degenerated into a long argument.

Callaghan is being polite by calling Burke "outspoken". "Belligerent" might be nearer to the mark, or just "a bully".

Lydia is a character from my next generation and you're not the first reviewer to mention wanting to hug her (Leo: EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO HUG HER IS CLEARLY EVIL). She's been through a lot that's only hinted at here, including the events that caused the scarring on her face, a campaign to get her fired and a certain degree of alienation from her family, so she is struggling a little.

And it can't be easy, teaching while suffering PTSD symptoms, as she really wouldn't want to have a flashback or an anxiety attack in front of her students.

I did do a little research on PTSD, but a lot of it fit with how she was already acting anyway. My next gen series is currently about 70 chapters long and I have a separate one-shot about Lydia as a teenager, so yeah, I know a lot about her.

Really glad you liked this, especially since it's somewhat out of context here and there are a lot of things referenced, without being explained.

This story is going to be basically a collection of one-shots, so continuing chapters might not exactly follow on or have much to do with lycanthropy. He has other issues he's interested in too.

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