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Reading Reviews for pectus draconis
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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn dragonfire.

6th March 2017:
Hello! Thought I'd drop in to review this piece for the Nargles 2017 :)

Well, wow. This is a very entrancingly-written piece. I love your elegant use of language, which is reminiscent of early 20th century work :)

I love the clever use of the Hogwarts crest to link to Draco's chosen name, and also how the name reference theme continues through this one-shot.

Draco's discomfort in his own skin is brilliantly described, as is the development of his character throughout the piece.

Oh, and the tension between Draco and Harry! Such clever use of canon plot from which to weave a love story between these two :) I love that the ending is left open.

What I'm really curious to know - what name was he given before he called himself Draco?

Great piece of writing - well done :)

Brax X

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Review #2, by Flower n Prongs dragonfire.

5th March 2017:
Hi ad astra. (Sorry, I don't know what you prefer to be called!) Dropping by on a Nargles rec.

Was this story really not much more than 2000 words? It seems impossible that you were able to fit so much emotion, so much angst and drama and change into such a short piece. And yet, you did in a way that seemed almost effortless. There was so much in here that it may have read densely, but I actually found it so easy and fast to get through. That part honestly surprised me.

I do have to admit, I don't think I have ever read a Drarry before, or at leat not recently. It always seemed to be an odd ship to me, but you made it work so well. The way they talked about it to each other at the end in the years after the war - light and dark, good and evil, and the unspoken Gryffindor vs. Slytherin and Boy-Who-Lived vs. Death Eater - somehow helped it all. They were opposites, yes, but there was a pull between them. They both always knew where the other was, what he was up to, and seemed to suspect and blame each other all the time. That sort of focus on each other could easily turn into kissing, since the passion was clearly there (even if it was typically focused on hate).

I appreciate the way you portrayed Lucius Malfoy in this. He did a lot of bad things, that is undeniable, but he did care for his son. Him looking down on and sneering at people who mentioned him having a daughter was so in character. Of course he would turn it on people, making them feel bad for forgetting his child so they would be worried of his reaction rather than thinking he was trying to turn things around.

Very well done. Good luck with the Nargles!

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Review #3, by PixiePaige dragonfire.

2nd January 2016:
I liked the first chapter of your other Drarry story so I thought I would read this one too. I like the tension you write between Draco and Harry. It makes it seem very real that they would love and hate each other at the same time.


Author's Response: thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by Slytherin Secret Snowflake dragonfire.

11th December 2015:
Mmmm... and I'm back again.

There are so many lines in this story that I loved, I just cannot name them all! You got into Draco's head so well, so pin-point and dead on, I was floored. I mean, things like... "careful cultivation of his image and reputation" and of his arrogance... "they could pry out of his cold dead hands." Just that alone says so much of his character; his strength in stubbornness. "Insults considered compliments" - awesome.

Having body guards and knowing, but not telling them that "the damage wouldn't be physical." That blew me away! Seriously. Precisely Draco, such an extreme, but subtle point to make (if that makes any sense at all).

The entire paragraph that said he... "loved and hated Harry for the same reason... ending with "a murder was to be condemned, not committed." Loved that whole thing.

And this... "he realises in a hail of curses that it has never been just about being a man, but being a good one, and this is worth fighting for." Amazing!

And I loved this one too... "sees the mask go down in a flash of green light that no member of the Order would ever cast." That line might be obvious to some, but to read it lends the picture and the meaning. It is so true, but poetically written.

I loved that Draco called out Harry about being obsessed. Rings so true. He seemed to watch him like a hawk and then was sorry about slicing him to near death.

What practically knocked me to the floor was the line about it being "worth dying" just to hear what Harry would say... and it being another reason to hate Snape. Can I say that floored me and left my jaw dropping. There is so much true weight to your words, I am chilled.

"Harry could not look at him without seeing him near-dead on the floor, and nothing scared Harry Potter so completely as his own capacity for evil. He found his refuge in the arms of Ginny Weasley, and Draco returned to the cabinet." There is so much to this! First, not being able to look at him after what he did and then yes, yes... he would fear his own evil. And then, you break my heart in knowing that Harry has Ginny and Draco has a cabinet. Gosh, shatter our dark hearts, will you?

The sharing a drink to peace is fitting. They are not friends and will not be. A truce is all that there would ever be.

I love the heaviness, the weight of this story, the intensity, the realistic portrayal of their characters and their end. No fluff here and I love that fact and appreciate it very much. I hope more of your stories are like this... deep and meaningful.

Congratulations and Bravo!

Your Slytherin Secret Snowflake

P.S. I loved that Draco came up with his name! And in my head, Lucius's reason for support lies somewhere in the deep-rooted desire to have a son. You didn't write this, of course, but in my head this would make the most sense to me... just of what I understand of his father's character. Okay, I'll stop now. ;)

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Review #5, by Panthere dragonfire.

7th August 2015:
This is the first time I've ever read a HP fanfic, but by God, this is brilliant. Beyond brilliant.

Author's Response: wow, thank you so much! that's such high praise!

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Review #6, by crestwood dragonfire.

28th June 2015:
Lisa. I know I tell you that every story is perfect and wonderful and everything, but it's true every time, so idk???

I love this search for a name, however short it is. That's a motif that I will never tire of. And the insistence that bravery (and kindness) are virtues only valued by those that don't have anything else to offer the world is very, very Draco. That is possibly the most Draco thing that I've ever read.

This story in particular is giving me chills. 'His classmates could pry that out of his cold, dead hands.' I love the way your mind works so much. I don't think that is news, but I'll say it regardless. Side note: you write Slytherin characters better than anyone. I'd say it's the most difficult house to pin down in the dynamic way that you do, but you repeatedly manage.

I love the respect Draco commands from the Slytherin students. I love the way Lucius supported Draco. You so seamlessly tied this to canon, as if it wasn't even difficult.

What a glorious inferno. I almost want to lift that line and turn it into a story. But I feel like I've exhausted all of my 'read this because it relates to Lisa' points :P

I adore how simply you stated this 'Harry didnít move. Draco kissed him.' A lot of people would be shocked by that, but obviously I've thought far too long about the passion shared by these two to ever be taken off guard by any sort of affection between them.

The theme of dark and light here was used so well because you totally contradicted the overt naivete of dividing people into those neat little categories and gave the story such a wonderful feeling of closure. This is beautiful.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #7, by darkkid dragonfire.

28th June 2015:
I'm not a Drarry shipper (though my tumblr might say otherwise sometimes) but I am ODDLY fascinated by the pair (perhaps... that makes me a shipper of some sort, but I won't admit to it!) :P

So I have to tell you, coming into this I was very wary. I'm not a Drarry fan, I've never even read a Drarry fic, but here I am.

And I am amazed. And I am... ashamed that I didn't embrace this ship sooner (I don't SHIP them but I appreciate them, okay?) [I'm totally not in denial]

I absolutely adore the beginning of this. Draco is exactly as I expect him to be, and you described him so well. I feel so awful for him, sixteen, alone and confused and looking for just a small ray of light in all the darkness surrounding him.

I like how Draco describes his relationship with Harry as cat and mouse. A game. A hidden treasure of sorts. It really sets the tone for what happens next!

I really loved the exchange at the end between the two. How it was so much more than good and evil keeping them apart. And they can part as friends. or maybe acquaintances instead. They don't feel like friends, but they feel like more than a simple acquaintance. It's so tragic but okay, knowing that they appeared to find peace with each other. Despite everything!

SO glad I read this! I might have to go on a search for more Drarry.

-raisha Slytherin House Cup 2015

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Review #8, by bittersweetflames dragonfire.

28th June 2015:
Oh, Lisa. Lisa, Lisa. A moment of silence, please, for how beautiful this story was. IS. He is a transgender but it is not something that you trumpet about but, more, it seems so natural. It actually really fits, when you think about it. His parents have always been so proud of him, valuing him above everything else - they would give him this. And, in that, they are parents worth of acclaim. Then you add in Harry. I've never been a Drarry fan but, oh Lisa, you have converted me. There's just something so painfully poetically beautiful about them that 1) means I start using random adverbs and 2) makes me have all these feels all over my person. It's really really beautiful. The way you've used dragons, Draco's thoughts during battle, as they were kissing. The way he thinks about Harry. I wish, so much, that they wcould be together in the end but the fact that they're not yet they manage to find closure and seemingly end up as friends (or, really, at peace) is the perfect conclusion. Really enjoyed this one. Thank you.

House Cup 2015 - Ravenclaw

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Review #9, by jessicalorewrites dragonfire.

18th June 2015:
hey! jess here, reading and reviewing so that I can (finally lol) get the results out for the diversity challenge. the results should be out within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled over on the forums!

plot/written value:
okay I really do adore this it flowed so well and covered the adolescent years of draco so well. from discovering he is trans to going to hogwarts and having the slytherins keep his secret to being in the clutches of voldemort and discovering what he truly feels for harry. the drarry moments had to be my favourite by far. they felt so raw and honest and the tone of it all tied in well here. there's some vague kind of sense of emptiness--or even disattatchment--which I think you've utilised so well in this whether you meant to or not.

ahh draco my love ♥ I've developed the strongest draco feelings recently I can't get enough of him I want to read about him at every and any oppertunity. I love what you did with him here, never straying from the kind of boy he is in canon from harry's pov but also shedding some light on the side of him which regrets what happened and the side of him that knew there was never any choice in what he did. lucius is a surprising man in this. I guess because of how prejudice we know he is about blood purity I wrongfully presumed he would be transphobic too, but his reaction to draco being trans and how he deals with everything in the aftermath is... heartwarming. we still see the strongly arrogant and aloof man come through in how he makes snape do an unbreakable vow before providing draco with the potions he needs, and in how his answer is always "no, we've never had a daughter". Idk I just really love this lucius!! yay for not being a complete evilman ♥

okay the entire hpff community knows how great you are with having diversity in your fic and this was no exception. I liked the reasons why draco chose his name; it tied in well with the beginning and end lines, though I'm sure you meant to do that. him being trans is less so a massive issue in this and moreso just a side-conflict, which I enjoy since yo he's dealing with THE DARK LORD AKA VOLDEMORT RIGHT NOW and that should be anyone's biggest conflict in this context. plus he has a great support network of slytherins it seems &heart; the drarry worked so well. even though the interactions didn't happen in canon I can actually seeing them having happened?? and draco's feelings for harry bring this whole new dimension into why he 'switched' sides, persecuted against the death eaters, etc.

favourite line/bit:
"he was too clever and harry too noble and they would crash and burn, yes, but what a glorious inferno it would be when they did."

- jess, xo

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Review #10, by alicia and anne dragonfire.

13th March 2015:
Oo I do love a good Drarry, and a transgender one at that! The excitement is ten-fold now!

Oh wow! I loved those first two lines! It's set up the one shot to be awesome! Which it totally will be because you are the one writing it (And you're totally awesome if you didn't know) :P

You are utterly fantastic with descriptions! And I love how you've written everyone's reactions, how Lucius is denying ever having a daughter, how Crabbe and Goyle are there to protect him, how the other Slytherin's kept his secret. They are truly amazing. I really and truly love that.

I have so many feelings towards Draco, I want to protect him from the others, I want to commend him for being so strong and so sure of himself and oh so brave!

There are so many lines in this that I absolutely love! One of my favourites by far has to be "He was too clever and Harry too noble and they would crash and burn, yes, but what a glorious inferno it would be when they did"

Of course they kissed! They needed to kiss! All of that tension between them!

Aw as much as I wish the ending could have been them together, I did love how it did end, how they've both come to a peace about what happened and what they know about each other.

Such a fanstastic Drarry! I really want more haha, I may have to request one from you. :P

Keep up the fabulous work!

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Review #11, by CassiePotter dragonfire.

13th March 2015:
Hello! I saw your link to this over on the forums and wanted to come check it out!
I hardly ever read Draco/Harry, but I really liked this! I thought it was a really fascinating take on both characters. Draco's yearning to be a good man was really clear in this, particularly towards the end when he finally realizes that for himself.
One choice you made that I found really interesting was that Draco's parents accepted that he was transgender. I would have thought that they'd be much less understanding, but I liked that they weren't.
This was a really great story, and unlike anything I've read here before. I really enjoyed it!
Cassie :)

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Review #12, by TheHeirOfSlytherin dragonfire.

13th March 2015:

Oh, my God. This was amazing. And brilliant. And however many other words you can think of to describe it. I wonder what his name was before, and I'm glad he was the one to pick Draco. It's just so fitting for him, something he'd do.

And I love how quick Lucius was to support him and help build his reputation. You can doubt him as a good man, but you can't really doubt him as a father. That he loves Draco anyway.

Drarry! They totally happened. Totally. And I can so imagine them happening as you wrote it. I love how it follows canon and Harry can't look at him after the bathroom scene, even though that also makes me sad. He just can't go back to Ginny now. It's Drarry time.

Seriously. I loved this so much. :D


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